Amazing topics related to food and history!
I came upon A Taste of the Past by accident and have never looked back!! I learn something ( many things!!) every episode of this podcast! It’s my favorite one! From Sugar to salt to peanuts and seeds to cookbooks and women’s rights...all kinds of tidbits and history! I’m thankful that this podcasts opens my eyes to so many things about the history of food!
Fascinating top, wrong host
I love this topic so much but I just can’t listen to the host fumble and stammer through the material. There were a few episodes that I pushed through because the guest was great. Please, someone revamp this podcast format.
New episodes?
This hasn't updated since mid March; is the podcast finished putting out new shows?
Much better than its 4 Star rating
Mr. Zelig
Unique approach to a cooking podcast...combining history and cooking. The host is charming and asks questions to the guests that you’d ask. Enjoy!
Highly recommended for foodies who want to understand more. The style is very laidback and enjoyable to listen to. History and interesting stories and FOOOD
Overly western centric
Why do so many of the ethnic cuisine deep dives involve white “experts” on a particular subject rather then native practitioners? (Eg Chinese street food). They speak English and don’t need outsiders to bring the light. Linda loves to hear herself speak.
Food from a historical perspective
Eating in
Great podcast that blends food and history. I love to listen while baking. Linda has on great guests and while her off-the-cuff banter can be awkward at times, she does her research on the guest's subject and asks great questions, making each episode fly by enjoyably with a lot of info and clear joy of the subject.
I wanted so much to love this but it is incredibly badly edited. The team needs to take the temperature on where podcasts are currently at and update their format and approach. The phone interviews are awkward and the sound quality is terrible. They let guests fumble on, basically saying nothing and the host also stumbles around a lot. Subject matter is amazing, wish I could stand listening to it. Cringe.
Poor production but interesting content
The sound quality of this podcast is very inconsistent and the interviewer doesn’t seem very experienced despite apparently having hosted the podcast for years. But the guests are wonderful and interesting and I always learn something. Plus, with a lot of episodes, this has become my go-to podcast for getting to sleep
Could be so great
This podcast has so many interesting guests, but many of the conversations don’t get very far past a shallow overview of the book.
One of my staples for several years now!
Genna Klein
I've gone back through the archives and have listened to every episode, resulting in my learning so much about foods of the world! Linda is an excellent interviewer - curious and knowledgable and enthusiastic about food. My favorite episode was the foods of Iran - I probably listened to it three times since I rewound it so many times to listen to the dish descriptions. Cheers!
Perfect Work Day Treat
I thoroughly enjoy listening to Linda interview her guests on a wide range of topics. The sprinkling of history throughout each episode is delightful! The breadth of food history covered ensures I am always learning and there is always something I want to listen to next. I Love listening and learning to this podcast!
Food and History - what could be bad?
Many very very interesting topics - it took me a little while to appreciate Linda Pelaccio, but I sure do now. Really recommended as cultural history
I wanted to like it, but...
The review of A-Z Southern is just too excruciating. The host continually says things like "Now, MOST people consider this type of food to be inedible, but nooooot the Southerners!" and her guest is left to gracefully deflect her not-remotely-veiled insults to his work and his heritage by reminding her than most southern culinary traditions are borrowed from all parts of the world. Pretty classless. If she can't be professional about a huge swath of the country, how can I expect anything more from the rest of the podcast. No thanks.
Could be so much better
This is a good example of a show in which it’s not the guest who shines but the host tries to be the star. Very poor questions, a lot of fillers, sometimes she states a point to which the guest doesn’t know what to say. Given how interesting this topic is, she hardly ever gets many ahas for the listener.
Relaxing and Informative Listen!
Jacqueline Raposo
Love this podcast. Feel like I can always relax into listening, and trust Linda’s expertise to take me along on an interesting and informative journey. Love love love it.
Really good...and then---not so good....
Some episodes are fascinating and then some are boring or annoying or have poor production values like BG noise or static. The interviewer,Linda has a few quirks, umming and sounding bored with answers that she could get control over. There is music played during the break that varies in each episode, and it would be nice to know what it is.
Let your guest tell the story
The host is a really mediocre interviewer.
Boring, where is the information?
So much talk, so little information. Leave in all the ahhh's and pauses and speak in generalities. Leave out any hard facts about the topic covered and you have this podcast.
Take a weekly journey through food history, and shed unwanted pounds!
Eating In Translation
Granted, I manage to shed those pounds because A Taste of the Past is my regular workout companion at the gym. Each new episode (and the hundreds of older episodes, too!) provides a mellow balance to an otherwise intense 30 minutes on the elliptical machine. Often the guests inspire me to redouble my own food explorations -- which, of course, brings me back to the gym, and to another episode. It's a virtuous circle of the best sort.
The topics are interesting, but often the quality of the guest's audio is so poor that it's too difficult to understand. The host is the major problem with this podcast. She is SO pompous and elitist, and dismissive of anything that isn't up to her standard. "I just won't buy an olive oil that's under $12." Well, good for you. She also can't seem to get her thoughts out without insufferable amounts of uh-ing and tangential comments. Many times I have yelled at my phone, "Spit out what you're trying to say, lady!" Take some communication classes.
Great Information
This is a great podcast for anyone interested in the connection bewtween food and history. Even if you're not a history buff, you'll find some of the topics really fascinating. I listened to the episode about how the military has influenced our food. It was crazy to learn about those connections. Good stuff.
What's happening???
UPDATE: 10-7-16 Something screwey is going on - every time I update my podcasts, this one starts downloading ALL of your previous episodes. ALL of them! I finally had to delete the podcast from my line-up. I hope this issue gets resolved soon! I downloaded a few episodes to try it out and found it to be quite interesting and invormative.
The host just can't let the guests finish their sentences, can she? Who cares about your opinions? I'm here to hear what the experts have to say. Stop effing interrupting them! Worst podcast host ever.
Wish I liked it
Titty Boobowitz
I think the content of this podcast isn't bad, but I can't listen to it past the horrible little theme song. It's the worst theme song for a media thing, it's like they got together and purposefully searched for the most irritating song, and they play it throughout the episode. It's unbearable.
A Perfect Marriage of Past and Present
What happens when you combine voracious historical curiosity, a beautiful voice, and a lot of good food? A Taste of the Past is what happens. Linda Pelaccio is a brilliant host and her way with words is lovely to listen to. Her guests are always knowledgeable and engaging. A Taste of the Past is a great way to learn a lot in a short time while having a lot of fun.
History of potato chips, turkey—apples
who knew history lessons could be so much fun—I love this show, learn something new every episode
Very interesting
I just discovered this podcast. I am thoroughly enjoying this. It is so fun to listen to and Linda is so knowledgeable on the topics. Asks great questions and keeps the conversation on task and interesting. I love to cook but I didn't realize how much I would enjoy "learning" the history of food!! Thank you!!
Absolutely Wonderful
I discovered this podcast about 6 days ago, and it has quickly become my favorite. Interestingly enough, I've never been a fan of history surrounding any subject, but there is something about this podcast that captivates me. The amount of knowledge gained after just one episode is astounding! When I'm not listening, I'm thinking about something I've learned from it. There is so much quality content. My only critique is that sometimes the host, Linda, cuts her guests off or talks over them right when they are saying something important. She doesn't do this every time but enough for it to disrupt the show. I've loved almost every expert she's brought on thus far, and I really enjoy hearing their thoughts. i would appreciate it if she would let them finish their entire point before jumping in. Other than that, it's a fantastic show!
Relax a little, learn a lot
I love this podcast. Linda's voice is pleasant and the sound quality is fine. She and her guests draw me in to every podcast even when I think I might not be interested in the subject. My only complaint...please bring back the original intro music. It set the tone for the whole show and I really miss it. Otherwise, this show is perfect and I look forward to every episode.
An audible treat.
An episode about food traditions and norms during the era of Downton Abbey? It drew me in, I admit. I love knowing there are people out there as fascinated by food history as I am. Linda picks great topics and super knowledgeable guests. The show answers food questions I didn't know I had and provides handy dinner party facts.
Perfect Combination
This podcast is just what I was looking for. It mixes my love of history with the appreciation of cuisine. The commentator (Linda) is a great/knowledgeable interviewer and her guests are insightful and entertaining. I'm so glad I found this! Subscribe-you won't be disappointed.
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