Episode 184: Vegetarian Flavors
Published October 9, 2014
38 min
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    This week on A Taste of the Past, host Linda Pelaccio welcomes Karen Page, author of many books but most recently The Vegetarian Flavor Bible, to talk all about eating vegetarian. With the popularity of cutting out meat in the past decade, Karen Page brings some great dishes to light in the new book. Notably, Karen and her author/photographer husband, Andrew Dornenburg, became vegetarians in 2012. Talking to Linda about the history of vegetarianism, Karen mentions that in the United States, this style of eating actually had religious roots prior to being hailed as a healthy way of living. After the break, Linda and Karen discuss the varying reasons why people choose to change their diets in such a way as well as Karens reason for becoming a vegetarian. This program was brought to you by Whole Foods Market. Why do these flavor combinations we know as classics come to be? Its because people started playing with the ingredients that they had locally. [6:05] Vegetables are being embraced by chefs of all stripes [17:48] People always say how do you get your protein and I say, well, I eat plants. Plants have protein! [31:18] --Karen Page on A Taste of the Past
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