How Do You Say This in Korean? (27 August 2013)
Published August 27, 2013
12 min
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    How do you say “What did you do today?” in Korean?

    = 오늘 뭐 했어요? [o-neul mwo hae-sseo-yo?]

    How do you say “How can I help you?”in Korean?

    = 무엇을 도와 드릴까요? [mu-eo-seul do-wa deu-ril-kka-yo?]

    How do you say “Make a wish!” in Korean?

    = 소원 빌어요! [so-won bi-reo-yo!]

    How do you say “Welcome come to China.” in Korean?

    = 중국에 오신 것을 환영합니다. [jung-gu-ge o-sin geo-seul hwa-nyeong-ham-ni-da.]

    How do you say “To make a long story short..” in Korean?

    = 한 마디로 말해서 [han ma-di-ro ma-rae-seo]

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