Dear Duncan,
I like fancy restaurants where I devour endangered species. I am a vegan on certain days and I love kombucha, washed down with hot yoga. I want to have celiac disease, like all my wife’s friends who don’t have jobs or men. I am woke. I ingest pharmaceutical speed. I am a conscientious objector. I don’t vote. I love Patagonia garments and REI water bottles. I have never been on a hike or camping. I protect Mother Nature and the outdoors, my bumper stickers say as much. Free Tibet...that’s in Texas, right? 🕯 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
#362 - Susan Marrufo
Amazingly connecting discussion! “Ya gotta show up!!!”
My new favorite podcast!
This podcast combines two of my favorite things: metaphysics (including psychedelics, quantum physics, deep conversations) – and humor. Thanks so much Duncan for making even the way you present your ads fun to listen to! I feel inspired and joyful each time I listen.
Supreme Podcast of this Realm
Big head da dome doctor
This is the best podcast for the growth of your soul.
I love the dtfh
I’m patiently waiting for his next collaboration with Joe Rogan though!
Duncan Trussell Family Hour melted my brain
I am not always fully prepared to enter the DTFH universe. But even when I’m not I persevere and I am better for it.
Yes, but that again.
Keeps me waiting
So much better than most things out there, Duncan says all the things I think. His guests are wise and if you follow these ways of thought you’ll find peace and be entertained!
The best podcast in the world?
It’s definitely up there for me. Duncan inspires me to be myself and let me inner spiritual weirdo out. I love how HIMSELF dancan is, and it’s just one of the 100 reasons I love this show. Keep em coming!!
Duncan Trussell is my Shaman💜
He saved me from myself.
in general
i had not up to this point been aware of him. i just listened to his 3-yr old interview with tom rhodes. insightful about the upcoming political situation is an understatement. i am a fan. good on you, duncan.... good on you.
A true light
So much gratitude and respect for what this human does 💕✨
All I can say is thank you
For you.
Drink Duncan’s milk
Download this if you hear about Duncan milking one self to make human cheese
Plant singing
Yooooooo what if they hooked up the device to some magic mushrooms that haven’t been dried yet??
Funny but
Hi Duncan I like your sense of humor, half the time your guests are good and have insights worth listening to...on the other hand around half of your guests come across as self absorbed and not very articulate with over use of “like” and “f-ing” Q: why is f-ing the preferred adjective for adding emphasis and making things superlative? It’s wearing
Ads are too long
Oh my god I’m having a feeling
The Drunken Tussle Farting Hour is a psychedelic, mystical adventure that will expand your consciousness while simultaneously making you giggle and miss your mother. I found this podcast after doing mushrooms and watching all the JRE episodes featuring Duncan and the DTFH has done as much for me or more than meeting the council of surprised but friendly interdimensional beings that entered my reality through my apartment ceiling. 10/10 would not recommend to my worst enemies.
Lama Duncan
Lotus of Great Bliss
Duncan is Alan Watts, Terrence McKenna, Guru Rinpoche, Karmapa, and Martin Short rolled into one cherried carolina reaper joint of bliss and phantasmagoria and represents the best reality has to offer. The world is better off due to his parents banging 🙏
All time favorite podcast
Pouya is Jesus 2k19
Duncan is a really intelligent person with loving views and a hilarious sense of humor. The selection of guests is top tier and there’s never a dull moment. Even the ads crack me up! Duncan is the man, enough said.
Love the spirituality
greg bersey
Awesome podcast life changing <3
Dis Dat Raw Dogg!
Dam dur dis poocast es ral furkong sweet todd kept me up late last nought just crackling wit me buddy gabe smurkin dubes and zurping out. Lud dis cast more den even my sweet guuitar. Shout out to mur homie gabe dough! Danken does!
Almost as good as taking actual psychedelics
I can't possibly pick a favorite episode (although any episode with Duncan and Joe Rogan is sublime). I am late to finding this podcast and only ventured here after finding Harmontown. I have spent hours of every day listenng to the back catalog and it is a frolicking good time. Duncan is profoundly funny, flawed, compassionate, and always interesting.
Cosmic Awesomeness
Shanny Holmes
Duncan and this podcast = real deal radical. Can’t get enough 🙏
Used to be great
Was one of my favorites but ever since he sold out to patreon he’s had worse guests gotten to spiritual not saying spiritual is bad but used to be a silly goose and more than often does skyped guests loses the connection to any guests.
Loovin it
Episode #350 was hands down a must listen for the entire world. Love all the guests and content :)
I love Duncan’s depth of soul!
Pure joy planet
This is such a funny podcast! I’m always cracking up in between getting a huge dose of enlightenment! My faves so far are episode 351 with Noah Lampert (game changer!) and there was a super esoteric one #302 with Jason Louv. Keep Going Duncan! And I’d love To have you on The Pure Joy Podcast some time!
dildo fuckr
Sooo good it’s amazing. I can’t believe it’s not butter. Great job. Two thumbs up.
Extremely highly recommended
I literally love Duncan man
The almighty Duncan Trussell
This podcast has helped me out so much in the past and present. Duncan is a truly authentic individual and I love that. He tells it how it is and doesn’t try to sugarcoat anything. We are all imperfect and Duncan does a great job at showing what it means to be a human. With all our flaws and talents. Thanks Duncan. Much love
He’s the friend you need
Discovered Duncan though Harmontown. His laugh is intoxicating and his theories and musing help me relax and not take everything so seriously.
This podcasts makes my life a better
charizaard fire lizard
This podcast makes my life a better (less lonely) place. It makes me laugh, think, and grow.
Get to the point
He drones on forever taking too long to get to the guests.
Returning often.
Joey Rags
Discovered this podcast because I was wanting to know more about Ron Rege jr and was immediately struck by this guys humor, humanity and colorful descriptions. Then kept finding this Podcast when searching other subjects of interest. Now I’m hooked. Might be my favorite podcast now. Thank you.
Duncan is God
vincente john B
Duncan is a starchild among us who was sent to scramble the waking brain inhibiting our consciousness to perpetuate the evolution of the human psyche into a realm previously imperceivable to our species collectively.
ariel azazel
I have been a satisfied listener to Duncan's serious nonsense for years and years. His show brings light to the tension in spiritually minded 21st century almost robots but stillpumping blood humans. Thank you for representing! Your affirmative attitude and not always knowing gives me hope in our shared future.
New favorite podcast 🙌🏽
This podcast is so uniquely amazing. Although I don’t necessarily agree or believe every guest’s viewpoint or message it’s really interesting to hear the conversations and look at things from a different perspective. So worth the listen
tune in
Love this podcast!
Gotta check out the Chris Ryan episodes! They’re great :)
Honest and amazing :)
Love Duncan Trussell. He is sweet and honest about himself and others and is positive and loving and amazing. Kisses and Hugs.
Duncan is my BFF I’ve not yet met. He’s the real deal, the bees’ knees, the cat’s meow.. I sometimes miss him, but he’s always just a click away. It’s a beautiful thing; a divine muse, a radiant boom of light that just appears when you could most use it... he completes me. He compells light from the great beyond and has conversations with transient beings and brings a rainbow to every day—every day! Even Tuesdays in February in New England when all else is objectively wrong and terrible! He makes one laugh out loud and experience transcendental states on the reg. The #DTFH is the wheel that makes the world go round. CHECK IT OUT!!!!
Duncan is god
He’s without a doubt my favorite person to listen to. A true natural word-smith with outstanding thoughts.
Duncan is God.
Crystallll N
Favorite podcast of all time.
I absolutely love this podcast. I am thrilled to listen to this every time, because it never disappoints. I’m at least in tears once each show from laughter 😂
Love this podcast
Floyd's flyer
It’s so unconventional and such a breath of fresh air!
Morphieus Protocol
Ricky Sticks
Hare Krishna mother friggers, just want to say that Duncan is an amazing orator and spreader of positivity, kindness and joy and this podcast is a conduit for his loveliness...whether he appears on Skeptic Tank, The Church of What’s Happening Now or the JRE, I always finish the podcast with a smile the DTFH is no different expect for one great difference DUNCAN IS IN EVERY EPISODE!!! Tune in if you want a positive perspective
deadman flats on Myspace check it out please!
Love this show! Love ya Duncan! Definitely subscribe to this show if you enjoy great comedy and if you’ve ever been high enough to realize that Barack Obama’s first name is little more than the caw of a parrot? Well, then, you’d like this show...we guarantee it.
Love Duncan
He is a perfect combination of spiritual medicine, comedy and information.
Farting into a wormhole
His moist words chime from his face-sphincter through the digital ether into my earbuds, firmly entrenched in my ears like Twiddlebugs among marigolds as I walk each morning..... each man-breast flopping and heaving in the summer heat......I think “man I love this podcast” and then I think, “one ought never anger a girl with cauliflower ear.”
Kyle kingsbury
This was my absolute favorite. Dildo Christ!
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