Good Fences
Published January 29, 2020
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    #2182 At Heartlight… our residential counseling center for troubled teens… one of my jobs is to repair the horse fences. I need to ensure that the boundaries are strong. Hi, I’m Mark Gregston… with Parenting Today’s Teens. These sensitive… and sometimes stubborn… creatures need to know where they can go, and where they can’t. If a horse breaks any part of a fence, I fix it. When they constantly push on the fence to the point it becomes weak… I reinforce it with stronger wood. Well, personal boundaries are like good fences… they offer protection and help define what’s good. Establishing …and constantly reinforcing… strong boundaries with your teen will insure that even if they push their limits, they won’t get lost, or tread into unknown and dangerous territory. So mom … dad … keep buildin’ and protecting those fences! Some day …your kids will thank you.
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