Quest for Purpose
Published September 30, 2019
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    #2095 How do you handle those inevitable moments when your teen begins to doubt?  Hi, I’m Mark Gregston … with Parenting Today’s Teens.  From her earliest days, you convince your little girl that she can accomplish anything.  Opportunities are limitless.  And the world is her oyster.  But as kids move from childhood to adolescence, they naturally become introspective and insecure.  And sometimes her private thoughts get a little dark, like … “Why am I here?  And what’s my purpose?” So if your teen starts posing these daunting life questions … don’t panic!  This search for meaning is one of the most empowering stages your teenager will ever go through.  Help her uncover her talents, strengths, and passions … as she embarks on a lifelong quest for purpose.  Self-confidence rarely comes without a season of self-doubt.  Mom, dad … don’t rescue your daughter.  Instead, help her through it.
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