Celebrating the Little Victories
Published September 6, 2019
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    #2079 Most of us wish that the positive transformation of our teens would happen overnight. But that’s not the way it works! Hi, I’m Mark Gregston … with Parenting Today’s Teens. It’s easy to become so overwhelmed by the major problems with our teens’ behavior … that we fail to recognize progress. The key is to be patient … and celebrate the little victories. Now, progress doesn’t mean “problem solved.” Rather, it’s a steady trend toward improvement. If your child was screaming at you every day … and now only yells at you every other day … hey, that’s progress! If your child finishes some of his homework … when he previously did none … that’s progress, too! Remember, turnarounds rarely happen overnight. So make sure to applaud every step in the right direction … even the baby steps.
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