Frontline is still the most superb journalism on TV... or podcast
An extraordinarily well done audio version of the best investigative journalism on television.
Podcasts don’t play
Jessia sayyyyys
Supreme Revenge and Mueller Report give me an error when I try to play them.
I love this!
This works very well with my schedule! I don’t like missing Frontline and I rarely have time to “watch”. Thank you.
True Journalism!
Hussein Obama
Thank God for Frontline! In the era of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Popular Culture News, Frontline remains true to its roots and provides the viewer and listener with the desperately needed food for the brain! Will Lyman is also an institution on this show.
A Great Choice to Get Your Frontline Fix
It’s the awesome Frontline movies you know and love, but audio-only. Many shows work as well or better in this format. A+, glad PBS is giving viewers/listeners this audio-only option.
Solid journalistic coverage
Thank you for keeping the American people (who take the time to listen) properly informed!
Absolutely fantastic reporting
Adam Alf
Frontline does some of the best in-depth reporting on the planet. I’d love to see full-interview content here in audio form (for instance the complete two-hour interview with Masha Gessen). Podcasts are much move convenient than YouTube or browser-based streams. Keep up the great work guys; invaluable!
Stop with the sirens!!!!
Great shows but why use a siren as filler every time you need background noise filler? I’m always turning it down while driving to check around me. Extremely annoying.
Trump’s showdown
Deplorable me 99
The coordinated begins!
Thanks for making frontline in this format
I’m so glad they replay the tv show in podcast form—I more often than not listen rather than watch. There is so much content and substance, I walk away having learned something even without any visuals. The topic selection is uniformly important and relevant to our current moment.
Well Balanced
Excellent reporting!
Liberal leaning
New Mexico Gal
Clearly leans to the left rather than providing a balanced view.
Love this show just wish there were more.
Best documentary podcast
I had been waiting for this type of podcast
The Best
Simply the best news program around... as it has been for a while.... thank goodness it’s available as a podcast!
One of my favorite shows
I have been a great viewer of frontline for many years
This is great trustworthy reliable information! We want More!
I love frontline.
Anthony Atchley
I would love to have more podcasts about the Middle East and Facing sadam, Facing bin-laden and Facing putan
I have been waiting for this!!
As a long time Frontline listener on PBS, I was immediately drawn to this podcast! I was not disappointed. The show carries the same informative integrity that it always has. It is a new favorite!!
Exceptionalism And Journalism Redefined
The best shows to watch and hear in this whole wide world. Vice which took this concept and is making billions now owes a lot to the PBS and shows like frontline. Forever indebted to PBS for keeping me informed and not dumbing me down.
Great content- not produced for a pod cast
I hope the team at Frontline will take the time to produce this content for the podcast audience. I have tried to listen to several episodes, but I can't get through a single one because you cannot get the full impact of the stories without seeing what the viewer would see on TV. In fact it's frustrating and distracting to listen to.
The choice 2016
Sì pò
I really enjoy frontline.... but after listening to The Choice 2016 I have been very disappointed with the journalism. I am no trump fan and know he is no saint and expected to hear that from here. The disappointment came from the Hillary aspect of this episode. She had scandal after scandal and the episode never went into detail Of water gate,Benghazi, her miss use of classified information and others. I new frontline was not a 100% un biased but this episode sure proved they have an agenda. For that reason 1 star.
Deep analysis instead of snapshots
Thank you for doing this. Love the way you explain in depth complexity of things rather than providing just snapshots! This gives people more understanding of the world we live in.
Great show, weird music
If you can get past the horror film soundtrack, you'll get a lot out of this one.
Perfect for No TV Households
I got rid of TV so this is perfect for me! Frontline does thorough, objective, compelling investigative work on a variety of significant topics. One of the best.
Need new episodes. Seems like it takes 6 months to get a new episode.
Love it!
I've always enjoyed these Frontline documentaries. I would much rather watch it, but I enjoy listening to the podcasts at work
Frontline Audio
Please provide audio from all Frontline episodes! The video program is so visually interesting: I find that listening to it sometime after watching it gives me a chance to process all the great info again. It's good listening and the "audio subtitles" are cool. Thanks! JV
Shanta Shanta!!!
Superb production. Very compelling.
Thanks for making it an audio podcast!
Best of the Best
Reporter at heart
Once I discovered the Frontline audio podcasts, I was hooked. The variety of subjects all end up captivating my attention. It's tough to find "real" investigative journalism these days, but Frontline is journalism at its best.
I often don't have the time to watch, so this is a great alternative. More Please!
Informative and well produced.
frontline reviews
One of the most compeling fact based programs on television. Atleast we hope it is not biased, though few thing in 'news' these days aren't biased.
Wrong information on audio podcast
Love the podcast in general! Only gripe I have, which to me is a big oversight, is some wrong information. On the podcast "Secret History of ISIS" the voiceover lady who gives background on the different people talking says Michael Scheuer is from the FBI when in reality he's from the CIA. The captions in the video documentary on the Frontline website has it correctly, but the audio version of the documentary on the podcast has it wrong. Thought I'd point that out. Beyond that, I love Frontline.
Mountain Fan
No new episodes since February!!?? More please....
Hunting the nightmare bacteria
John-Menlo Park
First, Thank you for the podcasts. I’m a big fan of Frontline!! If you could post more Frontline podcast that would be great. Thanks again!!
For the show
Thank you
Informative , educational ,and brilliant
Thank you
This show is outstanding in all areas. I love that the audio version is available for my commute and while doing chores around the house. Keep up the good work and keep the new episodes coming!
Great Stuff
One of my favorite podcasts out there. I love listening to it on long road trips. I would love to see part two of the United States of Secrets added. In fact, as many new ones as possible would be great!!
The best there is
These podcast's are the best I have experienced (and I've tried a few). They are thought provoking, enlightening, and important. This is not thoughtless entertainment or trendy pseudo science. This is significant and timely information
Thank you for providing these in audio format. I really like the topics and I feel so much more informed after listening.
B. Spinoza
Very high quality podcast.
I’ve been watching Frontline for years, and have always admired the amount of research and care that is taken to produce each episode. I can count on coming away feeling more informed about an issue, and I always have questions at the end. At 25 years old, I can honestly say that this is one of the best programs I’ve seen on television, and I only wish more people in my city would watch it. Martin Smith is a terrific investigative journalist, and the talented Will Lyman gives captivating narration comparable to David Attenborough on Planet Earth. Thank you PBS.
Nick Name 1957
Need more INPUT!!!
It's great
It's great!
I love the audiocast but...
Jodie J
It drives me crazy that you do not announce the year the episode was aired, only the day and month.
Keep up the great work! I enjoy listening to these podcasts.
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