Talk nerdy to me...
This is my go to podcast for long drives. I am a science nerd and I love the entertaining, humorous, and pithy conversations about all things science and sort of science. It is great when you can learn about newly discovered parasites, the feasibility of super hero powers, and the history of beer all in one place. The hosts are awesome and the tone makes you wish that you really could just be hanging out at a bar with all these super cool and nerdy people. Speaking of bars, I just had a Deschutes Marionberry & Lavender Sour Ale and it was crisp, unique, and delicious.
This podcast is fantastic. It encourages the listener to explore scientific topics and challenges them to learn exciting new concepts every day. Ryan is a great host bringing talented guests on the show, never a dull moment. Science education is more important than ever, this podcast nails it.
Science Is Fun
Steel City Celtic
I love the personalities on the show, fun topics, good listening. Tons of back episodes. This is a great Podcast for sure!
Great Podcast!!!
Debbie’s iTunes
I love listening to your podcast at work. Especially the variety of topics. As a kid, our family did many outdoor activities such as fossil and arrowhead hunting. In college, I took a PaleoBiology class that I absolutely loved. Living in the Chicago area, we were able to do a class field trip to the Thornton Quarry to hunt for fossils. I have also had the chance to also go hunting to the Mason Creek fossil beds. Finding a Tully Monster fossil is my Holy Grail. Keep doing a great job!
Just started
I just started from the beginning and I’m about 18 episodes in. The first few were slow and didn’t really hold my attention but something kept me listening and it started picking up. I now listen on a daily basis, they talk about interesting topics in science and I feel I learn something new every time I tune in.
So much fun!
I started listening to this podcast a little over a year ago. I skip around episodes to try to catch up. I have a crazy long commute, and this podcast has made my commute something to look forward to. I enjoy the chemistry between the hosts and the laughs. I’ve learned a great deal about paleontology, an area that I was super excited about as a kid (I’m now a teacher in the South Bronx). I also appreciate how much I’ve learned about other podcasts, and science connected websites, etc. through this podcast. More recently, Skype a Scientist has been something I learned about through this podcast and have been sharing like crazy in my education community. So thank you! Keep this up!!!
My own opinion
Amusing at first but the arrogance displayed by the host became quite annoying to listen to after the 150th show in. Maybe It’s part of the shows character but during these times, it’s certainly turned me off enough to unfollow the podcast. Good luck!
Great Show
I’ve been listening to this show for years and it’s alway been great for some lighthearted science talk. The various discussions about the hosts experiences in graduate school was a great, honest source of information when I was first considering it myself (I’m now in the 3rd year of my PhD in mechanical engineering). Keep up the good work! Also - if you’re looking for a good local brewery in the DC area (I think 1 or 2 of you are there) check out DC Brau sometime. They have some nice brews.
A great way to learn while I work!
I have never been into podcasts, but after getting an internship this summer that left me with a lot of time to my thoughts, I decided to give them a try. This was the first podcast I tried out and I have been listening ever since. I’m still trying to catch up, but I have truly enjoyed the variety of topics this show has to offer. As an aspiring environmental scientist, this has been a great source of new information on everything from natural sciences to even great book recommendations. Thank you guys for everything you do! Tiffany S
Declining quality and focus
I used to really like this show. The 'scienceish' content has steadily declined while the self indulgent, irrelevant banter has increased. I now FF through the drivel, or just delete the episode and listen to one of the many focused science podcasts. Please get your acts together before you hit 2 stars.
My favorite podcast
This is my favorite podcast that I listen to. I’m a person that is interested in science but I don’t have any college degrees yet. They explain what seem like complex scientific principles in ways that I can understand. Y’all have definitely encouraged me to look into science more and enjoy it more.
Great Show, Hasn’t Aged All That Well
I love “Science... sort of”... sort of. The show began as a couple of recent or current students in the advanced sciences talking about science and things that are sort of science. Their variety of subjects and commitment to being accurate and having fun is admirable and very well done. Recently, the show has changed a bit. Which is entirely expected, I don’t expect the show to stay the same. People change and their work and product will change as a result. Ryan, the lovable, talkative, fun man that he is went from avoiding political discussion to slipping his opinions into the show over time. Occasionally aggressive, which is uncharacteristic of the show’s now sole-returning host. I don’t mind at all when the politics are relevant or central to the argument of the discussion, but when irrelevant to the matter at hand, they can be distracting at best. The show is great, it is, and I’ll still be listening, but returning to the policy of avoiding politics when irrelevant would help the shows recently declining quality (imo).
This show makes me wish I did not drop my bio Major
hpi pgd
I found your show while working my current job as a gas line inspector, now I listen to this show all day long. I spend all day outside, and although I may not be immersed in complex ecosystems, or doing lab work, I still feel like I am back doing field study’s with my ecology lab. I now plan to go back to school, and finish my degree. Thank you for making this show, and presenting information in a detailed, yes easily digestible manner.
Very meaningful show with a few idiosyncrasies
This show has made me feel less alone in dark moments, and often makes me laugh in a way that’s not socially acceptable while wearing headphones and working in a lab. However, I have to withhold one star because, Ryan, you’re constantly interrupting people! I get that you put a ton of work into the show but, dude, stop interrupting everyone! I just listened to the most recent episode, which at this point was 293 - Libations and Liquefaction, and there were at least three egregious instances of this. Maybe I’m more aware of it as a woman in science but augh, you’re killing me, man. That’s all. Love the show, please keep making it.
The Music, etc
I have listened to every podcast and it amazes me how often the songs reflect the topic discussed. If you pay attention and listen to the words of the song you will hear how it relates to the topic. This must take additional time when editing the podcast. Besides the wonderful content the only thing I want to know is Bev’s background. She was not really introduced on the fossil hunting episode. I love the push for the emergency preparedness kits. I have been thru many natural disasters and it helps greatly to be prepared. My family laughs at me because if they need something I quite often have it. Wonderful show - keep up the good work. Love, Mom
Great company for long lab sessions and car rides
I’ve been listening to Ryan and the Paleopals for a few years now as they are my go-to lab work and travel podcast. As a PhD student in environment chemistry I enjoy expanding my horizons and learning more about fields I am quite unfamiliar with especially while crunching through a few hours of tedious lab work. I also enjoy the books/papers/talks they promote, such as Soonish! Thanks for all your hard work!
Makes you feel like a real scientist
The hosts bring real, down-to-earth science into every podcast. You almost feel like you are one of them, a graduate student working on a thesis to push the boundaries of science in some small way.
Hits all the buttons
I’m nearly through the entire backlog of episodes(264/292) and each one is a joy. If you like a little drinking mixed with science and the awkward laugh in the middle of a public space then you can’t go wrong with this podcast.
No sort of needed
This is a solid show that gives you what it claims to. Things that are science, things that are sort of science and things that wish they were science. It, as anything should has grown over time and is a delight to look forward to seeing in your feed. Thanks to Ryan and the gang, now, in the past and in the future. Keep up the good science casting.
Science can look scary but here are your guides
They do a great job to explain the science by easing you into the jargon. They cover a wide range of topics but they do have their specialities. I have been listening since episode 1 and it's like being at happy hour with SCIENCE!
Fun but nerdy. Some of the hosts are better than others but they are doing great things for science communication.
Fabulous show in an area not my specialty!
I am a physical ecologist and graduate student. I enjoy the humorous and interesting discussions had on the show. It is great to hear about an area I am not as well versed in and discussions and clarifications such as the taxa in the “Three Wolf Moon” episode. I must disagree with some other comments, I enjoy the somewhat rambling and improvised style and non-embellished nature of the show. Finally, I appreciate that the hosts and many of the guests are willing to state their opinions / the reality of social and political hot button issues. Great show. Keep up the good work!
Nerdy, but Great
I have to say, when I first started listening to this podcast, I wasn’t too crazy about it. Though I consider myself a geek, I just thought it was a bit TOO geeky. However, after listening to a few episodes, I changed my opinion and decided I really loved it. In short, like the beers and other beverages the hosts like to talk about, this podcast is an acquired taste. Listen to a few episodes before you decide whether you like it.
Science from the eohippus’s mouth
I love this podcast! Ryan does a great job of corralling interesting co-hosts into even more interesting conversations. I myself am a biologist and particularly enjoy those and the paleontology episodes. However I consistently find myself listening to and enjoying the episodes outside my field. If you are not a professional scientist fear not, everyone on the podcast does a good job of simplifying their work without dumbing it down. I recommend this podcast to anyone remotely interested in science, sort of science and things that wish they were science.
Much needed dose of Science
While I’m working in the lab, I’m usually listening to music or trivia, but I’ve missed learning science things! This podcast was an excellent find, I’ve been telling all my coworkers to give it a listen (but to start from the newer stuff to get a taste and then work back). While Ryan may be the king of “Um, Actually” corrections, I love the casual conversation between hosts and guests and how the scientific names/words are used. Truly drew me in and I’m happy to be a patron of this fine show. Thank y’all for filling my days both in the lab and on my way home with Science... Sort of.
Hard to rate - Still good, but a shadow of its former self
This show is fantastic. And considering it by itself, for the past year or 2, would probably rate at 4.5 stars. Good varied science. But the magic that made it great early on has been lost. Segments like odd man out, trailer trash talk, and the way I felt a part of their crowd has faded, and it’s become 2 or so hosts talking to a scientist. Still good, but flair lost. Rating it at 3 stars because of how great it was, and while still good, no longer feels unique in the science podcast space.
I find this podcast awesome to listen to when I'm doing homework. Ryan is hilarious!
Absolutely a Must Listen
Started listening to episode 1 in early January this year. Caught up by the end of April. The show has grown and evolved over the years in such a good way, I recommend this podcast to everyone! Note: If you’re going to start at the beginning, don’t get too excited to play along with the Hollywood Stock Exchange. I was, then learned that they ended that segment :( Maybe the next show on BMN?
Serious science and other
Philippe S
The science is great, the "would be science' at the same level and the "wish to be science" is not to be missed as it is as great as the other two
So glad I found this!!
The P.O.P.E. (The Princess Of Practically Everything)
I just found this podcast about 4 months ago. I am addicted! I love these guys/gals! I wish I’d found them in 2010!!! The upside is I can binge listen. Listening in retrospect also lets me look up current status of things they talked about several years ago. Probably my favorite podcast thus far. Can’t wait to get caught up. I only have roughly 200 episode to go!
My brother, my brother and me if they were scientists
I have been listening to this podcast for over 3 years. It is always entertaining and brings me back to the days when my dad would bring over all his field herp friends. Good times. How about a show on the great cat debate? Environmentalists have been trying to convince cat owners to keep their pets inside for the sake of birds, reptiles, small mammals and because of the diseases they give to wildlife. Letting cats outside is also dangerous for cats. Maybe you could get environmentalists (the guys at Urban Wildlife Podcast) and a feline veteranarian. These discussions don't include the harm to the cats and ways to get them aclimated to inside living.
This podcast is great!!!
tryc as nice
This is a humorous, wonderful podcast that keeps me from ripping my hair out while working on the more boring parts of my research! I love hearing about topics from the other branches of science and I definitely feel more informed about important topics after listening to this podcast. Keep up the great job!
A whole episode about pterosaurs?!?!
Sort of... Just enough science, nonsense and tasty beverages so that I feel like I’m at the bar hanging with my geo colleagues.
Hilariously educational!
I only recently found this podcast and started from episode 1. I instantly loved it and am now over 30 episodes in and still going. They do a great job of explaining the complex subjects in a way that can be reasoned out and even delve into the wackier side of things. I don’t know what the future episodes hold in store but I’ll find out soon. Thanks y’all and keep science in your... everything.
As a scientist stuck in a world of..well just stuck in today’s world, this show is so incredibly refreshing to listen to. Solid host, solid guests, and I come away learning a fun fact from every episode. Thank you for making me look forward to taking long drives.
One of the first pods I listened to and still listening
Love these guys! Ive been listening to Science... sort of for years, and seen them grow and change. It's a nice combo of fun, smart, witty, and science-y hosts interviewing smart, science-y, and fun guests. talking about science, well sort of.
It's like hanging out with friends!
Aleesa S
This podcast is a wonderful combination of science and 'sort of', and is a great demonstration of how scientists are real people too! As a (cell/molecular) Biology PhD student, it's a great way to expand my own knowledge while also feeling like I just spent time bullsh*tting with friends - even when it's 10pm and I'm still in lab...
Great podcast!
I have my roots in Wildlife Ecology spending my time as an undergraduate at Peru State College studying the parasites of the fishes of Big Thicket Preserve in SE Texas. I now work as a research lab tech focusing on transgenic mouse models. Love that the show often focuses on field work and population dynamics while working on my in vivo experiments. BTW I double majored in Wildlife Ecology and Biology, but it only counts as one degree (eh em Ryan) Will be starting a Masters (which may evolve into a PhD) in cancer research probably in the next year or so, wish me luck! Keep up the good work! Kyle from Omaha NE - University of Nebraska Medical Center
Fun with science!
So much science fun! Great variety of guests and topics. I really dig how real you guys are about informing important topics. From understanding the importance of proper science writing to interviewing science enthusiasts like comic book authors. Keep up the great work!
Great Podcast
I recently found this podcast and I’m so glad that I did. I really enjoy the topics that are presented as well as the dialogue in every episode. I have already learned a great deal of new information from several different fields of research. Great!
I enjoy this pod cast
Maybe enjoy is not strong enough. I would say I love it but I do not know if that is strong enough either. I guess I will go with I want to get my PHD in this pod cast.
Science made understandable
Despite touching on hard topics, the hosts and guests manage to explain hard science topic that even a non-scientist like me can understand.
For science
Nd power
Hey Paleo Team, As a marine biogeochemist, I highly recommend this podcast. Fill you “free time” with scientific lighthearted discussions of anything and everything. Whoo go team!
Praise Science
I love love love this show. They do a wonderful job of presenting sciencey topics in a digestible and comical way. I always recommend this show to everyone I know. Also Charlie has a super sexy voice, so his episodes are my favorite.
I found this during finals- help!
I started listening to podcasts about a year ago and ever since then I’ve been looking for a great science podcast to satisfy all of my curiosity. I recently found this podcast the week of finals and needless to say I’m not getting anything done (help). This is a great show for anyone who wants to increase their knowledge about how the world works, procrastinate studying for finals, have great conversation starters, or in my case all three.
Waaay too much time wasting
Caliban's Tongue
EDIT!! The Science is interesting, but an atrocious amount of time spent on pointless banter and digressions. Easy 4 stars if the cast focuses.
This is one of the best podcasts I’ve listened to in a while.They talk about incredibly interesting topics while joking around and drinking great beer! Highly recommend subscribing and learn about how awesome science is!!!
Favorite science podcast
By far my favorite science podcast. Entertaining, relaxed and infomative.
One of the Best Podcasts Out There!
One of the podcasts I've been listening to for years and I still anxiously await each new episode now that I'm caught up with their impressive backlog. With every episode I always learn a few new things and I *always* laugh out loud once or twice. Easily the best science-based podcast available!
Have fun and learn something too
By education I am a scientist (geologist) but by career I veered off into policy and planning. I thoroughly enjoy these podcasts for the varied topics they cover. Each week I learn something new and sometimes it's even about sciencey things. Sometimes beer and sometimes comics. And often things I would have never figured would be interesting - coyote scat, anyone? So, listen and enjoy!
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