October 18, 2019
Known as the “W56”, a group of alleged extraterrestrials made their presence clear to over one hundred people in Italy in the late 1950s. Carrying out their plans for humanity in huge clandestine underground bases, many of the contactees found themselves dragged into a whirlwind of confusion as a war between two alien races roared... Read more »
October 11, 2019
Venturing into the remote jungles of the Amazon, a small group of friends seek out the secret of a fabled hallucinogenic substance yet they something ever more surreal and reality shattering. Ancient aliens utilising organic technology and interstellar machines to spread their knowledge into the darkness of the human soul. Then for Plus+ members we... Read more »
October 4, 2019
Struck down with a mystery illness, David was on the brink of death with seemingly no hope. That’s however where Scarlett comes in. On this episode we discuss the story of a couple who’s shared death experience turned their lives completely upside down. We then hear some disturbing banned Chinese ghost stories from antiquity before... Read more »
September 27, 2019
The idea that dinosaurs still roam isolated locations around the world is preposterous to most of us. However, could there be some metaphysical mechanism that allows them to appear in our modern world? On this episode we discuss reports from people who claim to have interacted with the living prehistoric “serpents”. Then in our Plus+... Read more »
September 20, 2019
What kinds of people see UFOs? Could there be a specific attribute that makes one person able to experience unexplained phenomena while blocking another from it? On this episode we discuss the “UFO Syndrome” and hear the life long paranormal experiences of some of the most well-know UFO contactees. We also take a look at... Read more »
September 13, 2019
The remote viewing classic “Penetration” written by renowned Psi researcher Ingo Swann has just been re-released with a long lost chapter. On this episode we discuss the outrageous content of the missing chapter and ponder the possibility that Ingo may have stumbled across an alien civilisation on Mars. Then for our Plus+ Members we hear... Read more »
September 6, 2019
John Keel’s pioneering research into The Mothman phenomenon was decades ahead of its time, yet sadly few understood the importance his book “The Mothman Prophecies” when it was first launched. On this episode of Mysterious Universe we take a look at the latest book from the excellent researcher Brent Raynes who uncovers the continuing mysteries... Read more »
August 30, 2019
Much of the modern information relating to the “out of body experience” has been distorted over the years and anyone suddenly finding themselves out of their body may find it hard to navigate such a mind blowing shift in perspective. On this episode we discuss some of the cutting edge techniques used to achieve an... Read more »
August 23, 2019
While the importance of national security can never be understated it can at times be used as an excuse to commit terrible acts. On this episode we discuss the mental breakdown of Paul Bennewitz after be becomes embroiled in one of the most incredible cover ups ever conducted. From crashed UFOs to secret underground bases,... Read more »
August 16, 2019
An astronomer has no business believing in UFOs but sometimes they have no choice. Especially when the phenomenon so blatantly shows itself. This is exactly what happened to Marian Rudnyk on a fateful day in January of 2017. The former NASA astronomer and planetary scientist joins us on this episode to tell us about his... Read more »
August 9, 2019
Since the early 1960s groundbreaking research has been made into the claims of children recalling past lives. After decades of research, Dr. James Matlock believes he has come up with a data based theory to explain reincarnation and its associated phenomena. From “soul hijackings” to unwanted spirit guests, nothing is taboo on this episode of... Read more »
August 2, 2019
Though commonly seen as a disability, autism may convey a sufferer with latent human psychic abilities such as telepathy, precognition and remote viewing. On this episode of Mysterious Universe we take a look some extraordinary cases of paranormal abilities in children and adults with autism and discover why some claim they here with a special... Read more »
July 27, 2019
As much as humanity thinks it understands the nature of the universe the reality is quite the opposite. On this episode of Mysterious Universe we discuss rifts in space-time and how they might be connected with coincidence, past life memories and many other paranormal phenomena. For our Plus+ members we continue the discussion and take... Read more »
July 19, 2019
Linda Godfrey has been chasing monsters for over twenty five years and despite her great efforts the mystery remains as elusive as the beings that terrify witnesses all over the world. On this episode of Mysterious Universe we discuss Linda’s great new book and hear stories of “flying dogmen kings”. Then in our Plus+ extension... Read more »
July 12, 2019
To know where you are going, you’ve got to know where you’ve come from. On this episode of Mysterious Universe we discuss the new revolution in archaeology and the technology that is yielding some of humanity’s deepest secrets and lost knowledge. We also take a look at a macabre 19th century time saving machine before... Read more »
July 5, 2019
Strange aquatic cryptids showing up in Lake Michigan open this new season of Mysterious Universe. We take a look at some strange mega-lizard sightings before discussing a controversial theory that suggests dragons may at some point have been real living creatures. Then in our Plus+ extension we continue with scaly encounters and learn of the... Read more »
June 21, 2019
Join us on the last episode of Mysterious Universe for this season as we discuss the latest research of Steven and Evan Strong. Confrontations and conundrums are abound as we talk about a new possible alien skull dug up in a remote part of Australia, learn of the wisdom of the “Nebasaurs” and hear how... Read more »
June 14, 2019
Does a layer of unknown energy overlay our reality? On this episode we discuss the electromagnetic anomalies of Big Thicket and its associated unexplained activity. Then in our Plus+ extension we travel back in time to a small island off the coast of Malaysia to experience the horror of the Berbalang. Sponsors Family Ghosts –... Read more »
June 7, 2019
In 1963 three miners were entombed in a mine collapse in the small town of Sheppton, Pennsylvania. Despite the tragedy of the situations something truly extraordinary happened in that dark mine allowing the men to see into another reality. On this episode of Mysterious Universe we hear of their incredible story and about the strange... Read more »
May 31, 2019
Obsessive compulsive disorder can be a distressing and debilitating illness, with conventional treatments often failing to fully alleviate the symptoms. On this episode of Mysterious Universe we discuss a controversial theory that OCD is actually the result of a possessing spirit and we hear the stories of suffers who have experienced terrible events because of... Read more »
May 25, 2019
Could humans be able to summon their own rescue entity with enough distress? On this episode we take a look at the more obscure and unusual side of the “Third Man Factor”; including a case of a man who is saved by an unknown entity from the jaws of death only to become haunted by... Read more »
May 17, 2019
MKUltra cat listening bugs, bat bombs, mummification time warps, and when the US tried to create der Transvestitenführer. On this episode of Mysterious Universe we discuss some of the most outrageous failed cold-war technology programs before diving into cases of phantom aircraft and contagious curses in our Plus+ extension. Sponsors BioLite – Products that change... Read more »
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