What’s the name of the song played at the end of Rachel Maddow’s episode?
Vet trips with the cats
Love your standup, acting, and podcasting. I’m a bit behind on episodes, so I’m listening to you talk about taking your cat, Monkey, in to the vet... As a cat owner and veterinarian, I recommend trying Gabapentin. It’s been proven recently to help calm and slightly sedate aggressive, scared, or anxious cats prior to clinic trips. Worth talking to your vet about to reduce stress for both you and the cats! Wishing you the best in your career, keep up the good work!
I don’t wanna be funny anymore. 🕯 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
Marc Maron is a horrible interviewer.... And yet, he has done this so long that he gets great guests. Fast forward 20 minutes (save yourself from marc maron personal vomit - which nobody cares about. Interviews are okay... if Marc doedsn’tinterupt (marc always interrupts) . Cut out the last ten minutes when Marc plays guitar.... he likes to play guitar for some reason (he's ot bad..... i just don’t care) it's not awful.... but it's not great. The only reason he is on the top ten list is because he has done it for so long (because his stand up career died) Pick and choose from the celebrities you want to hear. Marc, himself, is LAME and boring to hear.
Funny stuff
The guests are great, but I’d love more of just Marc!!!
Mary Lou
leon Zuma
How can you NOT go into ... deeply her ability to remember Everything??!?!? Love you , Noel Leon
Maron’s the best
Love the podcast! You haven’t read emails in a while...I like it when you do that!
I find the Gaffigan’s inspirational. I felt like Marc could not relate to Jeannie at some points during this interview, but as usual a very good interview. Jeannie is very forthright and honest.
Wonderful podcast
Thoughtful, intelligent, compassionate interviews. Excellent.
❤️Best interview ever with J Gaggilan
Boomer lives
Great interviews. And since I know Marc only reads the negative reviews... f*~k those guys dude. They don’t get it. This would be a great place to interject a guitar solo.
Good show
.genuinely being sincere
I hope your cat gains some weight. Catch you on the flip side :)
Once great, many interviews are tedious and boring
Used to love this show, it was one of my original subscribed podcasts and the interviews were almost always gripping and revelatory. The past few years I realized I was listening out of habit. Many guests now are promoting a project and obviously not interested in discussing anything revealing. It’s tedious and boring to listen to rich people talk in a carefully edited and scrubbed manner about their lives. Marc is often more interesting, open, and revealing than his guests, I’d rather just listen to him talk about his own life for an hour. Sadly unsubscribed; the end of an era.
Enjoyable for sure.
While I enjoyed the podcast , it was a little gross how he tied in some seemingly “deep” thoughts on issues with the world and making a change to ones life to a hair loss/growth ad. He lost some respectability on that one. Just wanted to get that out there.
Always like Marc as a standup, especially in the late 90s/2000s. But he sounds unpolished, doesn’t do any research/preparation for his guests and worst of all, isn’t much of a listener. He’s more like waiting to speak. After listening to Conan’s podcast, hard to listen to Maron. Conan is funnier and knows how to interview.
Negative reviewers are in the wrong
I have only listened to a few episodes, but it’s clear that Marc is an absolute pro. A legend to listen to and always keeps the momentum and the feels flowing. A lot of the guests stories (as well as Marc’s) have inspired me, and the insight they give into success in the world of creative pursuits is invaluable. It’s also really entertaining. From a right-winger perspective even, I love this man
5 Stars to Bruce Dern
I’ve listened to this podcast for years. During some of the talks (Bruce Dern) M. M. just needs to learn the art of listening more closely; understand that a witty comment can sometimes act as a hindrance, and when not to cut a discussion short.
So, so great!!!
Love Marc’s honesty & guitar-playing skills! I also think he’s an amazing interviewer. So intelligent & so real!
Rambling and interruptions
I feel like I know more about Marc than I do his guests. The first part of the show is him talking and talking about nothing important. Then he interrupts his guests to talk about himself. He goes back and forth during the interview and it often seems like he hasn’t researched the individuals he is talking to. The entire show is awkward and his guests seem uncomfortable at times. It is all made worse by his annoying guitar playing that doesn’t seem to have a purpose. Ugh!...
Basic 101
Bill Kenton Alexander
1. Never talk about yourself. 2. Please leave out the guitar stuff.
Hates his comic book loving fans
NPR Light
Its like listening to my dad talk to his neighbor in his garage. Maron failed early and often.
Stop interrupting guests
Otherwise love Patricia Clarkson
Thank You, Marc
Your podcast is a gift twice a week rain or shine! By the way, l am ever hopeful that there will be a Donald Fagen interview!
Worth far more than the hour of your time
Aside from being a favorite comic, he’s one of the most insightful and attentive interviewers ever. He could get a palace guard to tell their life story. He’ll pull these questions out of the air which make you think he’s waited years to ask them, and knowing the guests he gets he probably has every now and then. There’s a reason this guy got a living president to talk to him in his garage.
Great stand-up, greater human
My brain broke
My brain broke because I could not stop hyper focusing on Marc and Betty taking turns saying the word “Vestibule”.... For the love of all things holy stop saying “Monster” and “Vestibule”.. Great episode! They seem familiar and comfortable with each other.
Betty Gilpin
Fat shame a nine year old? I can live with that! Kick a beagle in the face? How dare you!
Say VESTIBULE One More Time‼️ 😖🙄🤯
“Betty Gilpin & Marc” [You] are admittedly a very good episode. Nonetheless, go vestibule yourself!!!
Marc’s podcast is wonderfully entertaining. The guests are diverse and interesting. That said, I’d rather have a botched colonoscopy than listen to David Shields. What a pompous individual! Blech!
Amazing Podcast!
Love Marc, love the conversations except for the one with David Shields. I would rather listen to Marc go through his record collection than that dude. Almost always a great listen with Marc. Still waiting on that signed insert for “Waiting for the Punch” that I pre-ordered. David Shields needs to just write.
What’s up with the pod limit?
Yeah, I could probably pay via Patreon for access to all pods: but I won’t. There are just to many good pods that interest me, and only 2 ears to listen with.
As always a smooth listen with some guitar at the end thanks mark.
O.G. and the funniest! Thanks Marc!
A cool guy
I get the criticisms of Marc, he’s definitely imperfect. What I like about him is that he puts genuine soul into his show and is kind to his interviewees. A perfect podcast for long car rides.
Well Done
The Holy Camel
Keep up the great work Marc.
I kept waiting for the interviews to begin but Marc just went on and on and on and on and on and on. Didn't stick around to even listen to more. Not sorry.
clint wolf
A great podcast. Terrific guests and an excellent interviewer.
Gotta take a back seat, buddy
K from Trucker
I like this podcast. But Mr. Maron has to stop talking so much over the guests. He’s a fascinating guy; I like his standup. But his podcasts include guests and he needs to let them speak. Share the road, man. Be a host. Take a Valium. Smell the roses.
Bad interviewer, talks too much
Mirav Ozeri
Rule one, let your guests speak. He talks way too much and his questions are boring. He’s obviously not preparing for any of them. There are way better podcasts. His is a waste of time.
I only wish I knew about this podcast sooner...ughh...Marc Maron is so good!!! Love it!!
Do better research
Marc doesn’t do enough research on his guests and instead asks really basic questions like “who was in that movie with you?” over and over in a very bored way. It almost seems like he’s trying to sound cool by not bothering to know anything about their career. He also talks about some of his guests work in a pretty dismissive way that feels like he’s negging them (particularly the Mandy Moore episode).
THE best and most reliably good podcast series
Marc, you get better and better. Your recent Greg Kinnear segment was terrific especially the quick thumbnail sketch of your journey to sobriety. I have a guest to suggest: are you familiar with Sam Kinison’s brother Bill? Very interesting and funny guy. He’d be great.
The original podcast is still period. Marc is so real and eminently relatable, wonderful conversations with famous people who I love to hear say more than 2 minute soundbites; keep it up Marc thank you!!
Juston McKinney
I would watch a show about his life. He is interesting and humble this was a great interview.
Cool New York Mom
I never write reviews but after listening to Marc rant and rave about watermelon I literally was crying from laughing sooo hard. I think he has been in my house since I do the same thing he does ! I think we were brothers and sisters from another mother !!! LOVE his show !!!
Remember W.
Wasn’t so long ago we had a middle aged ex drug addict in the White House. Dunno if he had cats but he did have an IQ that was 1/2 of Maron’s. Marc can talk about whatever he wants. If you don’t like his politics listen to a Real credible source like RT.
Marin nails it!
whats a nickname?!
The Phil Donahue of the blank generation!
Marc seems to be a good guy but
...he talks too much! Yes he paved the podcast way and does his research on the guests. But he needs to let some oxygen into the interviews , it gets tiring hearing him monopolize or tell the guests what they mean rather than having them say what they mean. His interview with Obama was fantastic.
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