👎Goldberg-hate to say it
D day Normandy
Love the Adam & Matt segments. Love the Matt & Alistair segments. But heaven help me as soon as Goldberg’s voice comes across whichever scratchy low-res connection he’s on - - it’s swipe-left time for that episode. Often as not (this week being an example) I’m swiping before listening. Sorry to say it.
Great car show
Love the pod, just wish Goldberg could get Skype or some kind of high end chat option, instead of mediocre cell phone every time. Adam is awesome, maybe he could stick to cars a bit more though. But still the best 🤘🏼
Wish Goldberg and Matt would be only host
Adam is to easily distracted Constantly picking on producers and guys editing the docs Stick to cars Goldberg and Matt is a lot better
Fake bonus episode
Wrestling is fake and the bonus episode is bogus.
Matt n Adam
Matt is a Mustang guy so he offsets Adam being so biased against American car brands. I wish Matt would stick up for American brands more. I’ve come to realize that unless it has something to do with old Nissans or Datsuns or the occasional Porsche then Adams not as much of a car guys as he likes to think he is. The episodes with Goldberg are becoming just a long advertisement for Dodge and him bragging about his many Mopars.
Car bashing
It’s a shame Matt and Goldberg aren’t allowed to host the show more, Adam’s constant bashing of other people’s accomplishments and cars is very childish. His stupid Datsuns and Nissans aren’t that interesting at all, other than the ties to Paul Newman. Grow up Mr Carolla.
Too boring
Why would you want to listen to Adam never shutting up, but this time you only about cars???
Great with Aceman, not so much without
JP The Sweed
The shows with Ace are great, although I like Goldberg, the constant Dodge and Mopar worship is BOOORING! I wish you would split the show into two separate shows, one with Adam where sports cars, Newman race cars and real road-track racing and not drag-racing or NASCAR is discussed. Then a second show with all the boring dodge drooling and 1/4 mile talk.
May 11,2019 episode
Referring to the May 11, 2019 episode (Tim McCarthy + Range Rover... Someone need to remind Adam that black folks listen to his podcasts, I was caught off guard with his insensitive comments about the African American community. Adam’s self awareness meter is in the negative, and it’s very unfortunate.
What’s the point x2
I used to listen regularly but interests changed so I stopped. Coming back a few years later the show is very disappointing. Much less focus than before, much more schilling, a clear emphasis on cash flow rather than content. Counter example is the smoking tire which has much better balance. Last 2 points. I don’t need politics on a car podcast and matt d is a total lackey/minion/pathetic yes man who I can’t stand. Sorry but there are better alternatives these days.
What’s the point
Brett battery guy
I’ve listened to two podcasts so far. One with Adam and one without . I have to say I don’t know what the hell this snow is about. Lots of incoherent rambling . Really disappointed, especially when Adam was gone. Seems the other host does not know what to do. Also seems he has not been around cars very much as he is overly excited about stupid things and likes to name drop. I had to fast forward through both shows because I couldn’t wait for it to end. I may give another go in the future since I’m in the car for hours a day. I generally like Adam and his other content so maybe there’s hope.
More cars less rants
I enjoy episodes most when Adam is either gone or sticks to cars. Don’t enjoy the rants and demeaning talk to his staff. Don’t really care about “how tough Adam thinks his world is”. Wouldn’t listen at all if Matt wasn’t on the show.
One Giant frustrating Mopar Ad
The podcast is best with Adam, but the amount of ad reads has become so irritating that I’ve stopped listening. I liked Goldberg initially until I realized EVERY episode he is on quickly becomes one massive Mopar ad!
Love Adam
I greatly prefer the episodes primarily featuring Adam, I like Goldberg but I can’t stand that he calls in every week. I’ve stopped listening to and episode that isn’t Matt and Adam.
Matt & Goldberg better with Alistar
Matt and Goldberg’s Show is much improved with Alistar’s appearances. Interesting to hear the current car news and their opinions. Having that third person keeps the conversation flowing more easily too. Keep up the good work!
Yes to Adam, Goldberg not so much, not Matt either
Another Negative Real Review
As Adam suggests in one of the episodes, HE is the show. Not Matt, not Goldberg, Adam is the entertainment. Goldberg just sounds like the cocky ex wrestler egomaniac that he is. Don’t really care about anything from Goldberg. Matt is a good moderator but he’s not the star, he gets boring really quick and the show just drags on. His reading of the commercials is also painful. Take a clue from Adam: upbeat during the show, downbeat during commercials. If they don’t separate the Goldberg shows from the subscription I will be unsubscribing from this show. Too bad, I really enjoy Adams shows but not enough to sift through the bad Goldberg shows to find the good ones.
Shows better without him
In depth look at our team
The last episode was the best. It is ok when you guys see and talk about a few positives, it doesn’t mean you’re drinking the kool aid.
Nasally rants between excessive annoying repetitive commercials
No one ever wants to hear another crappy Geico commercial, or whatever snake oil automotive BS product between all the Dodge shilling. Especially at higher volume, or with high pitch noises, horns, alarms, etc. I like the nasally rants but after the umpteenth terrible, annoying commercial, I end up just deleting the whole thing for something less of a time waste. Commercials have ruined podcasts.
Keep having Tyson on!!!
Goldberg saves the show and should have his own.
I used to listen to this show on a regular basis during Adam’s first few years of podcasting. I started listening again recently to hear what Goldberg has to say about his Mopar collection. Matt never seems to know any details about the car they talk about and seems to have zero interest in the show’s sponsor Dodge. Maybe take some notes before the show and at least act like you have some interest in the products your sponsor sells. I tried to listen to a couple episodes with Adam, but he has become hard to listen to. I was an early subscriber to the Carolla podcasts and used to enjoy listening to them all. Those days are gone along with my subscriptions.
Too bad
Been a fan of Adam C for years, but I’m not going to listen to this podcast or watch their YouTube videos. “The motorator’s” comment that Maxine Waters is ‘insane’ and ‘shouldn’t be in charge of anything’ is political on a show about cars... I pay attention to cars because I’m tired of too much politics. Booooo
Just perfect
With the crop of auto and racing enthusiast podcasts growing and getting ever better, this one still sits at the top of my “must listens”. Our hosts live the topic. They are insightful and entertaining with the added bonus of a good Carolla rant as the frosting.
Adam C on Tucker
Nice garage , cars on point , lighting , great color scheme 10/10. This is in reference to a recent interview on Tucker on fox. I would suggest using this setup for interviews like a throwback to top gear and j Leno’s garage. Also ,when can we see your work on YouTube or other stream platforms like Netflix? I only see other random uploaders posting every so often. Great interview with Tucker by the way, I dig the long format of that interview and take a knee. Thanks LB
Great show
P. Munro
I thoroughly enjoy the Alister Weaver episodes. The information is great and the conversation is very intelligent. I’d love more of this.
Corolla, Corrola, Corolla, I’m confused
Adam, exotic cars, observations on life what’s not to like.
The new stuff with Goldberg is really getting old. Seems like a great guy but listening to a constant Dodge commercial from the phone is getting really old. Used to love Carcast now only listen to the Matt and Adam ones.
Get rid of Goldberg
formula stig
I subscribe because of Adam. I don't want to have to delete a Goldberg file every week. Make it a separate download.
One of my favorites
Adam and Brad (and Bill) have a great formula here. Always entertaining and informative.
“At the end of the day”!
If you enjoy the phrases “in it’s class” and “at the end of the day”, then this podcast is for YOU!!!
Great cast
Who writes the podcast summaries? “1965 Mustang Rousch”? Really?
1st podcast!!
Just started to listen and I am A HAPPY PERSON!! KEEP IT UP!! Very informative and funny and great advice with MATT AND GOLDBERG!!!!!!!! NEED MORE EPISODES!! PLEASE!!!
The best. Hands down
Edward VonCorcoran
Two podcasts a week. Not enough. Informative on so many different levels. And many different opinions. Plus, it’s real life, not PC BS. Fan for as long as this show is on.
Both carcast awesome
big steve the trucker
With the addition of the second carcast which includes Goldberg and his knowledge of the average rich guy cars is awesome. And love to hear about Matt’s mustangs. Hey there’s a idea of another podcast “MATT’S MUSTANGS “ he can talk to mustang people out in the industry and mustang reviews of mustangs from the people who own them. A review from every year/ model/ from the beginning.. and the comes from a Jeep guy. LOVE THE SHOW BOYS KEEP THEM COMING!!!!!!!!!!
Love the show
Loving this podcast. Always look forward to the personal car updates and Adams racing stories. All of your guests are great! Keep up the good work.
Love the show with Matt and Bill I look forward to each episode. They cover all the good stuff, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s muscle. These are two dedicated cars guys. The Lawman lives!!!!
Best podcast
I love this podcast. Helps me get through work twice a week. The Thursday edition with Goldberg and Matt was a awesome idea and love it. Also it was so cool to share my car on twitter and get a like from Matt and Goldberg which shows they do pay attention to their car fans and that’s awesome!!!
Goldburg Rules
Ed Axeman
When they added Goldburg, they gave me another reason to listen to the best car related pod on the planet!
Goldberg is a great new addition
Matt and Goldberg make a great duo. Goldberg brings a new life to the show. Highly recommended!!
Love the additional show
Doing a great job with the additional show. Love having Goldberg on and hearing about all the special projects and how he’s giving back. It’s GREAT!
The car guy’s podcast!!!
This podcast with Matt, Adam, and Goldberg help me get my car fix during the week. Then I can make it to weekend to work on my car projects. They have a great variety of topics ranging from vintage racing, reviews of auto auctions, car projects the guys are working on . Huge fan!! Keep up the good work.
I loved CarCast before when it was Matt and Adam. The second episodes with Goldberg make it even better. Get to hear about cars I could never afford with Adam and then cars I could also never afford with Goldberg. Lots of information and a great listen on both sets.
Win Goldberg stuff!!
Love the new muscle car based show with Bill. Keep it up!
Best car podcast
Hands down the best car related podcast available! Matt brings the technical, Adam brings the comedy and Bill brings the enthusiasm. Always very informative and easy to listen to. They always answer email write-ins as well which is nice to see.
Great podcast!!!
I have, and still do, enjoy listening to the podcasts with Matt and Adam, but am really enjoying the podcasts with Matt and Goldberg. Goldberg’s enthusiasm and love of cars - especially muscle cars - comes through loud and clear. I’ll be listening to your podcasts as long as you continue to make them. Keep up the great work!
Great for Jersey Traffic
I listen to the podcast on my commute across NJ. It is one of the few things that keeps me sane.
Great pod
Fresh perspective from ‘car guys’!!! If you’re a car guy you’ll live this pod.
Great Pod
Started listening when I heard Goldberg was going to be on these guys make a great show!!
Love the addition of Goldberg to the show!
Awesome show. One of my favorite podcasts! I enjoy the episodes with Adam but love the ones with Goldberg because of the muscle car content, especially the Mopar stuff! Keep up the great work!!!
You guys are awesome!
Love the show can’t get enough of it! Need to talk about the B-Body Chevys 65-69 more. I have a 68 Impala SS with a lot of mods.
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