Very inconsistent
The best part of this podcast is the mma beat but it has gone downhill since Ariel left. They seem to put out an episode once a month at best. Maybe they need a better more consistent host.
Vox Media is Evil
I love Luke and enjoy MMA Beat but Vox’s demonetization of YouTube is the final straw. Unsubscribing from all Vox media content.
Donk Donkerson
Love the show, glad to not feel the weird anxiety of Ariel anymore. Good work Luke and Danny.
Still good.
I'm not sure why you think the call in questions are a good idea, listening to these donks try to sound like they know something is hard to listen to...lucky for me there's skip! Other than that it's a good show.
Time stamps in the description would be huge, just like every other good sports Pod! Would probably check out/download a lot more episodes if you guys put time stamps in the description. Other than that it’s a pretty solid MMA Pod that covers all the breaking news and major storylines.
Luke Thomas is pretty good, but WHO in their right mind gave Danny Segura this job? He is unlistenable... he literally echoes any opinion just expressed.... poorly. He has no thoughts to share, which he typically expresses at length with the loquaciousness of a sub 90 IQ.
Great people, great content.
Relatable, charismatic, intelligent dudes, covering the sport of MMA full time. MMA Fighting is a great team to follow.
Luke is better then Ariel !
Hear is the best MMA coverage in the game.
Not happy with MMAfighting merging all shows into one feed. Only looking to listen to the MMA Hour
Excellent job and one of the best mma shows out there
Luke Thomas continually breaks down fights better than almost anyone in the game right now. Luke speaks his mind, but does so from an educated and informed perspective. This show is part of my weekly routine and I love it.
Ceasar is not home
Luke Brother can’t you come up with anything better than Ceasar is home??? You’re a Jarhead for crying out loud and I know you can come up with a better catch phrase than that... SFMF
Good Show, Bad Start
Like Thomas is great, but starting the show with the Monday Morning Analyst segment is awful. I listen to the podcast, so I can’t see what he’s talking about. Pretty dumb. I listen for a while, then get frustrated, then go listen to something else. The analyst program used to be another podcast. That was a good idea. Forty minutes talking about stuff I can’t see is not.
Skip to 40 mins in
The MMAnalyst is the most boring thing ever. Keep that on YouTube. Otherwise a 5 star rating. Everything else awesome. Huge fan.
Good with Ariel
But Luke is an arrogant blow hard.
Sinking Ship
All the 5 stars came when Ariel was captain of the ship. Snobby, cocky, better than you, if you don’t agree with my superior, elitist opinion, then you are a donk and redneck racist Luke Thomas killed this show. This guy is your typical liberal racist “you’re not allowed an opinion unless you agree with me.” It’s a shame. This used to be the best mma podcast.
Required listening for the serious MMA fan
Great minds providing great insights
Was better with Ariel but isn’t too bad. Good guests but not the best interviewer
New show best show
Wilbur from Charlotte's Web
Best MMA show on any platform. Luke Thomas turned this from an interview-athon with zero fight analysis or humor to my favorite podcast. Funny, smart fight talk. Boom.
I was a fan of Ariel, but Luke hasn’t missed a beat.
Ariel’s show was great and really filled a need in MMA when it started. However, I personally prefer the new incarnation of the ‘MMA Hour’ under Luke Thomas. I simply think Luke it striking he right ratio of interviews to opinion and two hours feels perfect.
Unblock me on Twitter Luke
Luke has been a great replacement. I like him a lot. All shows have been good so far. Blicky wit a stiffy uhh
Luke is the man.
Love the show still. I think I like it even more now that Luke is hosting. Still love Ariel and will listen to his new show as well. Win win for me. Two great shows. Love the fact cursing is uncensored. Keep it up Luke
New host ...same great 👍 show
Boom boom barber
Thank you for not leaving us hanging. Luke congratulations 🍾🎉🎈🎊
So happy Luke Thomas has taken over! Resubscribed!
We’ll miss you Ariel, best of luck
Dude man mandingo
Best MMA podcast!
Ariel is an “ist” but NOT a journalist.
Ariel is closer to a communist than he is a journalist. He has constant anti-UFC bias and perpetuates it weekly. He brings in guests weekly to bash the UFC pay structure and promote a union as a part of his left wing agenda. He even works in some Donald Trump bashing in a not so subtle way. Ariel is an entertainer, and has an entertaining show but he is FAR from a journalist!
Best MMA podcast you can find!
Hardest working journalist in the game!!
Very good with caveats
Ariel Helwani is arguably one of the best MMA journalists in the business, however, he has a tendency to pontificate and drone on about certain subjects for extended periods of time which can get annoying. I am not interested in his viewpoints about the graphic design of certain MMA promotional posters, the WWE, other sports, etc. The show is customarily clocks in at 5+ hours and is always a sequence of fighter interviews, 65% of which are predictable and boring (fighter talks about her/his win/loss, training camp, hypes up her/his skills and predicts she/he will win over their next opponent, etc. The remaining 35% are athletes with something to say or they have somehow understood how to be entertaining. Thankfully the podcast is presented with individual interview start times so you can skip the ones you don't want to listen to. I am a UFC fan so i selectively dip in and out. The MMA beat is a bit better in my humble opinion: Helwani shares it with 3-4 other journalists and together they analyze current goings-on. That one clocks in at 90 minutes which is a lot more digestable.
Hands down the Best mma podcast
about the fighters and everything current about our favorite sport. I appreciate what you are doing Ariel and production staff, you are doing the sport and fans a huge service
Nobody Better...
The best journalist in mma.
Best around
Ariel and NY Rick are the best
It’s marathon season, and I listen to the MMA hour when I train. As we get deeper into the spring I’m gonna need some six and seven our shows to get me through the week. 👍
Top MMA podcast
Very informative and covers all the major issues. The interview with Uriah Faber was amazing. I already liked him and Team Alpha Male, but now I am an even bigger fan! Ariel is one of the best in the biz at talking MMA, but everything can always use improvement and this is no exception. His show would be so much better if he stopped whining about hurt feelings with fighters that come on his shows. His show is so long as currently constructed, so some editing would go a long way in making his show so Much better. There are a lot of people that will not listen to a single podcast that is 3-4 hours, so some restructuring may be in order. Sometimes less is more. I still believe that he is the quintessential interviewer in MMA!
This show is missing ...
Needs more Platinum Mike Perry! And whatever happened to the McCorkle Minute?
Best MMA interviews out there
Ariel Helwani is the GOAT when it comes to MMA reporting and interviewing. This shows is the original and the best. Always great guests and great insight. New York Ric is a great part of this weekly show as well. My only issue is that it's just too long to listen to every interview every week. Maybe break up the podcast by hour or by guest. That way listeners could devour it in bite-sized chunks. 5-stars overall. A must for any MMA fan.
In depth
Gallio get out
Ariel puts in the time
Episode 413 Frank Trigg interview
Ariel’s interview with Frank Trigg is a must listen. Ariel asked one or two questions and Frank spoke for about a half hour non-stop. Wish Frank good luck on his reffing gig.
Great Podcast
Highly entertaining and informative
Questionable Guest List Too Often
Covington on the show? Eubanks on the show? Roxy but no Nicco? Being adult, dramatic crybaby?
Mr Matt
slim slimington
Ariel is the GOAT! This podcast is the best source of MMA news! Best thing about Monday!
Great Show.....
Best UFC/MMA show I’ve found so far, great guest, conversations, interviews and news.
Pound for pound the best podcast covering Mixed Martial Arts.
I’m a 15 y/o grown man
Hi I’m Ariel and I look past amazing fights and finishes so I can talk about how cool anyone was on the mic or talk about how they didn’t capitalize on the mic. It’s fun and all hearing a middle school kids version of a fight but like most things in life your depiction of a scenario matures As you grow older, one would hope. If you want to pretend MMA is WWE and pray it ends up that way this is your podcast people
Best mma podcast!!
Ariel is one of the best reporters in the game. I would go as far as to say he is the best interviewer in all of sports! Very informative podcast. I love the guests
Not Listening for Political Rants
Jeremiah Sidles
Unsubscribing as I'm not interested in lessons on politics/morality/life from a Canadian mma journalist. At least with fighting Helwani only allowed out a small amount of bias..
Not good
Show has lost its touch. Sick of his politics views. Better mma shows.
Best MMA podcast !!!! Extras are Great!!!
Anthony NorCal
Just want to say thank you for the extra shows and love the MMA hour!!! I am a subscriber and always will be all in for everything Helwani!!! 100% all in and always subscribe to whatever Ariel does!!! Thanks for the entertainment!!! Anthony Fanucchi Discovery Bay, Ca
Hands down GOAT MMA podcast
No doubt the #1 show out there. Literally if your a champion wanting to talk to fans, a fighter wanting to retire, etc they all come to this show. Ariel is best in the business and I haven't missed an episode in years.
By far the best MMA news podcast out there...
Ariel is hands-down the best MMA reporter currently in the biz. Constantly books top talent.
Beat MMA interview show.
Sie paps
Beat MMA interview show.
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