Get to work
Rule one in podcasting. Be consistent. Also, not consistent on audio and the great Kevin being there. I could look forward to this podcast.
Live long and prosper
Jim from Maine
Thanks for the years you gave us insomniacs. Peace and get outta of my face
Too soon!
I have been a loyal listener of your podcast for over 8 years!! I am gutted to hear you’re ending the show. Love-Love-Love Bonnie Hunt - I’ve never cried listening to your podcast before and certainly not twice in the same episode!!! By the way, it’s Brian Keith who was on Family Affair and the original Parent Trap movie. Best of Luck; at least we have 400 episodes to keep in the rotation!
It’s Been Great....
I’m bummed learning that your Podcast is ending. I’ve been a faithful listener. By the way, it was Brian Keith who was on Family Affair, not David Keith! Bonnie Hunt was a delight! I especially liked the Mr. O’Brien story! 🍀 Hope to see you again at S.F. Sketchfest! L.Bo.
Great times!
Gonna miss getting new episodes every week, thanks for ten great years. You should have Sam takeover and you could just come in as a surprise every now and then. Either way it was a great show with plenty of wonderful episodes to listen back on. Thanks again you will be missed!!!
it's great!
it's great!
I love the podcast!
Honest, raw, relatable.. and very insightful.
Amazing guests, cool interviews, but...
But...I wish Kevin Pollak would dial back the interruptions. It’s frustrating how often he will interrupt a guest’s answer with a anecdote of his own (often a very long one). Most recent example - I just listened to his interview with Chris Elliot, who is playing a nastier version of himself in a movie. Kevin’s interrupted to tell a long story about when he did that once - it didn’t have to be so long and the point could have been made in a much shorter way leaving more time to the guest. He’ll also step on their answers or (worse) punchlines. I’ll still listen, bc the show is entertaining, but if he could dial this back more, I’d be a much happier listener.
Hold the applause for a moment
One of the slickest most together interview shows out there and very different than most but in the best way, because he cuts to the real meat of the questions and just treats them like human beings and puts them at ease and just has fun! Impressions, trivia, a peek behind the hollywood curtain, trivia, wit and so much more await! Well what are you sitting there reading this for still?!
Talk show on steroids
This show is a treat. Kevin Pollack ia major star who shares the inside baseball of Hollywood. The research that goes into each guest is impressive. The show with Bill Hader is a classic. I can't stop laughing. Learn and laugh.
Love this show
Listened to all of them and yet to be disappointed! Piss on the jerks with bad reviews—don’t understand that at all. Keep up the good work. Found you through Bob and Tom.
Great Show, bad form locking old episodes
Love the show, KP’s interview style and in-depth free ranging chats are superb 5 stars for the show. 1 Star and very bad form for locking up older episodes behind a pay wall on Stitcher.
“Eye rolling” good
Been listening for a few months. Tried starting from episode one and discovered the amazingly hilarious journey that got this great podcast to where it is. As a writer it’s been wonderful to hear the different paths all the hosts and guest have taken to achieve their purpose.
Much better in audio
Watching the egomaniacal Pollack with his ridiculous hat, should be used in lieu of water torture
Easily the best !!
Mark. Galassini
Great interviewer, great guests.
Love it
Great interviews. Great guests. And your still not ready.
Horrible Production & Annoying Crew
Actually a Pollak Fan
Kevin is a great stand up and a real good actor, but I can not listen any more. The sound quality is so distracting and Kevin's pathetic 'girlfriend' is ultra annoying with her comments that it becomes unlistenable. Also Sam so desperately tries to be Kevin that it becomes just sad! Tried, but I am out.
Enjoy the show, but... Love the Larry King game.
You'vr got to work on the dreadful audio. Lov
the worst
Uncomfortably awkward and clunky interviews…which are mainly just chronological summaries of the guest’s career, and Pollak is lost without the research notes. He can make even interesting guests seem boring. I’d hardly call it “chat.” Listen to the Nerdist for something much more organic, free-flowing, deep, and interesting.
stephen root
"until we get to he or she"..... until we get to him or her.... that's what happens when you're supercilious, but what else is new?
I'm a Kevin Pollak Chat Show podcast fanboy, I'm totally addicted to his podcast! It's the BEST podcast for TV,comedy and movie fans, Kevin does a Fantabulous job! please never stop, thanks bunches!!
Great program, but check it out on YouTube
And smart
The Best Stories
Kevin Pollak has a great knack for getting people to relax and open up about their careers. The conversation usually focuses on the path that the guest took to get to where they are, and becaise he has the luxury of time and he's not having guests on to plug something in the usual talk show format, Pollak can really get great stories from these fascinating people.
Mr Ryan Sir
enough said….
Great, relaxed, old school Hollywood
The Counselor III
This podcast is wonderful. Kevin is supremely talented and he gets people on from Hollyweird who are his friends and who open up to him.
Been a fan for years
Finally got around to rating this podcast. Kevin seems to make his guests incredibly interesting. Biggest surprises were Peter Weller and Jamie Lee Curtis. Paget Brewster recently guest hosted and she was amazing! After 7 years the show is as good as ever! I wish I could still get the video version. Not sure where it went with all the changes over the years.
Blue Harvest
Da '85 Bears Rule 76
I love Kevin Pollak!
Wonderful 7th Anniversary Show!
Todd Ray 74
LOVED Colin Hay's stories. Thank you.
Great podcast BUT
I am huge fan of the show, the guests and the talented and articulate host, BUT cannot stand Mrs. Pollak. Jamie Fox finds it necessary to talk about herself or some other thing nobody cares about and it really throws off the momentum of the show. No one cares that you like going to Disney.
Best Interviewer Hands Down
KP is the man and really makes me care about the guest even if I don’t know much about them. I’ve listened/watched every episode and plan to for the next 200 ep and then some. Who needs talk show host when you got KPCS!? I listen while I drive but my favorite is cleaning house because I’m less likely to fall for the buffering gag. Jaime and Sam are great too!
I’ll still listen, cause I’ve loved KP since the 80’s SF stand up, but the weeks off and the redundancy of bits is boring…..up coming guests sounds promising. We’ll see
Really great show
I truly enjoy the controller chaos of in depth interviewing and dark humor that make this show. I listen while at work and love every second of it. Please keep it up!
Funny Interviews real conversation
This podcast does a great job of being both light and entertaining while still showcasing great real conversations. One of my favorites!
Why did I not know about this pod?!?
Discovered this while looking for more Jim Jeffries and I have gone back and listened to over a dozen more episodes. This is an excellent podcast for long form interviews. Love Tweet 5 and the bad Larry King impressions. Chat Show is my new favorite podcast!
long form for long form
so good. this more long form then long form. as deep as you go.
Sound Quality issue
Still some good inteviews and interesting guests, but it seems like the sound quality has gotten terrible lately. It used to be fine, but now the sound is very low at times, too loud at others, and just the audio quality sounds poor.
Great show, Love the bad Larry king impressions. Brilliant. only complaint is that the pod cast is hard to hear. As if the mics are too far away. Stay gold
Good interviewer, awful show
I'm amazed at how awful and boring this show is. It has a great lineup of guests and Kevin Pollack is a good interviewer but it ends up being terrible anyway. I wanted to like it but finally gave up. It's such a waste of time.
Kevin Pollak - the best
Interviews with Kevin Pollak are truly some of the most in-depth, insightful interviews available today. I've often found myself listening to the same ones over and over again. The only downside - the Who Tweeted and Larry King games which really take away from the conversations and have become predictable and annoying (Sorry, Jaime!). Love every aspect otherwise!!!!
5 Star!
Just recently discovered the show and I love it. Saw some other reviews upset over a fee for the shows. I don’t think is any longer the case because it appears I can download full recent episodes. But, I am still listening to the earlier shows so maybe I’ll be in for an unpleasent surprise.
A fascinating show about the show biz
Rob from Chicago
Kevin Pollack is a very good interviewer. And I love that he rambles with the guest seemingly aimlessly yet it follows a path to some degree. Really fascinating stories from his guests. A few "critiques". I don't really need to hear from his producer and his endless references to his relgion, and the Larry King game at the end should go (sorry), but truly a nice podcast.
had to stop
Used to love this show but frankly Pollak has never met a joke he doesn’t love to pummel into the ground. And it does it over and over long after all the funny was crushed out of it. That and his apparent belief that he’s a modern day guru that actor’s look to for some great fount of wisdom. Finally, this is the best example of “Just because it’s just as cheap to go on for 3 hours doesn’t mean you should.” More and more podcasts seem to think their worth is measured in hours but frankly I just want to hear interviews and not be bothered with really boring games like “who tweeted?”
Only listen if you want to be entertained
Ted Klausterman
If you spend time listening to Kevin's chat show, you will discover two consistant threads: first, his guests say he is the best (or one of the best) interviews they have ever had and second, you're not buffering. At over an hour an interview, Kevin and his posse cram in humor, insight, fun and even a game show now and then (if Samm Levine isn't off shooting a pilot somewhere). To Kevin and his hard working crew, I say thank you for your tireless efforts. I look forward to listening on the iTunes each and every week(ish), even though after 222 episodes you still aren't ready. To the young lady going by the name "Girls girls girls girls" (cause THATS a name) who believes that Kevin has only interviewed 2 women, I'd like to point out that 2 of his last 4 interviews were women. If you really want to point out demographics where the show is lacking, I believe Kevin has only interviewed a few Asian-Americans, so let's get on that, Kevin.
wonderful - very entertaining
Great show. Wonderful guests sharing show business stories. Sound quality can be sketchy at times needs to be IMPROVED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hardly any women interviewed.
Girls Girls Girls Girls
I noticed on the list of people he has interviewed only 2 are women. What’s up with that?! Get more interviews with women, Kevin!
Good, long interviews
Asks questions others don't.
The Best Podcast anywhere!!!
By far the best podcast. The interviews are amazing. Kevin's abilty to extract the stories from his guests is a lost skill. It's a discussion not a canned interview. Wish I had the time to watch all of them.
Very Entertaining
I really enjoy the show! I love the fact that the interviews run past an hour and that it is a genuine conversation between Kevin and the guest. I personally would prefer less uses of the F bomb but either way, I am still a fan and will continue to listen to this podcast.
Best "interview" program around
Interview is in quotes because as the podcast title suggests, each show is a chat, a true conversation between between two talented people. As many guests have said throughout various show, Kevin Pollak is really good at what he does. He's engaged in the conversation, and not busy reading or trying to get to the next question. Despite the obvious amount of research and time put into each show, he makes it seem easy and effortless. Even his crew - Jaime, Adam, and Doc all contribute to the delectable flavor of this well seasoned and balanced program. Wish there was more like this, but the fact that there just aren't, is a testament to its talent and quality.
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