Thank you Tami and Sounds True
Listening to these thoughtful conversations are deepening my own spiritual practice and my understanding of the ways I can take my growth and healing out into the world. I’m so grateful to have found this podcast and look forward to listening to and sharing many more! In light...
Justin Michael Williams
all about care
Very well explained I am so moved by the efforts to make available and relate to all. Incredible leap forward for all. Thank you for this podcast. I just want to donate some money to wherever this man will go to help our young people.
Such a beautiful and rich conversation. Thank you.
Conscious Expanding
healer annie
So many wonderful topics and thought provoking ideas!
Audio Sound Needs Improving
Daily Mindfullness
In my opinion She’s not the best interviewer and it’s actually a struggle to keep my focus during her interviews with guests like Mark Nepo & Echart Tolle who I really admire. The quality of the audio sounds like a bad phone connection.
The best podcast
Tammy is so good at interviewing people! When I listen and I have a question in my head, she will ask this same question. She invites people who are helping us to grow and make the world a better place.
With much gratitude
I have been listening to Sounds True for many years and would hope I could thoroughly express my appreciation for this project you took on Tami.... it truly has changed my life in many ways, mostly by so expanding my consciousness across many topics, exposing my mind to the magic that often silently exists out there.... thank you immeasurably!!!
Being True to myself
joyful joni
Your interview with Chip Conley was full of divine insights for me and ThankYOU for seeking out this topic and demographic. It touched my heart and soul. I’m 69, partner on a 40 acre farm with my adult kids, and have much to add to the inter generational topic. ThankYOU again Tami🙏
Jennifer Freed
TOT - Tired of Trump
I’ve been studying astrology for a few years. It is such a complicated study. Jennifer gave some very good and practical ways to see astrology and being a Capricorn, everything must make sense and be practical. I find that astrology helps me navigate this very difficult world right now. I have ordered the book and can’t wait to delve further into me and how I can best navigate the turmoil. I’m also looking forward to the freebie workbook....Become Your Best Self. Gladys Hutson
Bronnie Ware
Brilliant & generous interview by Tami with the luminescent Bronnie Ware who teaches us that all of Our regrets stem from a lack of courage. This podcast unfolds so organically & companionably I felt I was in the room with them (even though they were thousands of miles apart). Tami always brings her own relatable vulnerabilities & questions and it was especially true and meaningful here. Thank you Tami & Bronnie!
Ram Dass
Thanks for this interview. For many years I tried to connect with Ram Dass’ message and it was very difficult for me. This interview though reveals that I just couldn’t process at the speed required in the old days before his stroke. Personally appreciate his reflection on love and it helps me have compassion for myself and my gurus who regularly piss me off😎floflo
Interview w/Brother David—wonderful
Thank you for these words of wisdom. I’d not heard of Double Realm, and found it insightful and inspiring. Also, that virtually everything is an “opportunity”, even if only to learn and grow from pain and suffering, left me hopeful.
Gratitude for this sharing
Cathryn K
Thank you for a deep and appreciative interview with Brother David, one of our treasures of wisdom. I listened to it on Dec. 20, 2019, as a rebroadcast. It was a lovely way to help draw this very difficult and very wonderful year to a close.
Wonderful interview with David Steindl-Rast!
What a beautiful interview and it really helped me! Hearty thanks to Brother David Steindl-Rast, Tami Simon and Sounds True! By the way, the day I listened to this interview, December 29, 2019, is the 93rd anniversary of the death of Rainer Maria Rilke (Dec 4, 1875- Dec 29, 1926,) who coined the German word, Doppelbereich, translated by Brother David Steindl-Rast as Double Realm. You can read Rilke's (wondrous) Sonnets to Orpheus, from which the word came, for free on the internet at Internet Archive. (
Love me my Tami Interviews
David Gerken
Sounds True does a lot of great work but Insights at the Edge is my favorite. Tami Simon is a world class interviewer. The woman could work on "60 Minutes" and be as good or better than anybody there. Just listened to the Micah Mortali interview and loved it. Such a cool topic -- how and why being outdoors is so important and life affirming. I eagerly await the next one!
My first podcast and still my favorite
Tammy is the best interviewer. Not only does she ask the right questions but her voice is very soothing.
Insights at the Edge
I deeply appreciate the work of Tami and the team at Sounds True on making this Podcast. To have free access to this content (although it feels trivial to describe the soul-level wisdom and insights in this podcast as mere “content”) is an incredible gift to seekers and healers. Thank you for bringing us these wonderful conversations that connect us deeper to ourselves and to others.
practical and inspirational
Over the last few months, I've heard several of Tami's podcosts that have had a big impact on my life. Notablably: Richard Schwartz IFS and James Clear, Tiny Habits plus many others. She is a discoverer of key insights that anyone can benefit from. I plan to use these insights in my work and personal life.
Insights indeed
Tami Simon, you are a masterful interviewer! You bring depth and curiosity to every interview. The depth of questioning is a reflection of how curious, engaged, and insightful you are. I’m continually inspired by the questions asked and the conversations initiated. The podcast title is a perfect description of what you get from each and every marvelous interview. I’ve been listening and been inspired for several years. My book collection is expanding because of well as my mind and heart. Thank you Sounds True team and Tami Simon for all you do to help wake up the world.
with Christian Conte
Very inspirational. I'm a psychotherapist and clinical supervisor, and Dr. Conte's method of working with anger is masterful. I haven't heard anything like it before, but I'll be teaching it to my students.
Wonderful podcast for the inquiring mind
Such a wonderfully insightful podcast with insightful guests. Just heard the interview with Loch Kelly, really well done.
Insights at the Edge
Hello Tami and Sounds True team for Insights at the Edge. I Love your mission to helping folks to wake up. I enjoyed your talk with Sandra Igerman. So much of her journey and the work she does resonates with me. Using Light to Heal. My Dad passed away in 2003 and 6 months after him crossing over, I had a lucid dream of this light that got bigger and bigger and the feeling of love with this light was all consuming and I was taking it in like Sandra say a flower takes in light. This light healed me from the grief I had been feeling from the loss of my Dad who I loved so very much. The exercise that Sandra takes us through at the end of her talk were so in like with how my lucid dream unfolded. So beautiful! Thank you for bringing conversations like this to the table. For years I wonder what this was and only within the past two years have I been able to connect more of the dots. I love this journey of learning and Knowing. ~ June
Peter Sterios: Gravity and Grace
I am thoroughly enjoying this entire series that I just discovered. I was a little put off initially by the length of some of the interviews but all are well worth the deep dive! Peter Sterios..where has he been all my yogic life?? Amazing converstation. He really lives his passion to the point that words effortlessly come out of him to explain his approach to yoga. It is an approach that I have never come across and just so grateful to have listened to this last eveing. So grateful, that today I went to my local independent book shop and what do you copy of his book left on the shelf. It's mine now and I am ready to deepen my practice. Thank you so much for this podcast
Transformation, Grace, Generosity...
Tracy, Therapist
...Those are the first three words that come to mind as I write this review. Inspired, courageous and more... follow them. Across several years, I have benefited so much from these offerings. Recently, I followed my heart and made a small, $60 donation to the Sounds True Foundation as a gratitude / love / seed money offering after receiving continually from Sounds True... over, and over and over again. Thank you for the good you are doing in the world, and in me, in my tiny part of it. You help me keep hope, and to feel understood and uplifted in ways hard to express. With great respect and gratitude, Tracy Therapist/LPC Portland, Oregon
The Only Podcast I Listen To!
As an energy healer and spiritual seeker, I deeply appreciate this podcast and have been listening for a few years now. Some of my major breakthroughs have been as a result of the information and insights brought forth through Tami's gently probing interview style and through reading the corresponding Sounds True publications. I highly recommend it to everyone - there's no need to search further for deep wisdom, truth and inspiration. Peruse the archives and let your intuition settle on the interview you need to hear, knowing that it is time well spent and will in some way meaningfully illuminate your journey.
Absolutely love Tami and this fabulous Podcast. So grateful for sounds true too. So brilliant and bold!!!
The Courage to Confront Evil
I am light that was born and raised in darkness, quite possibly evil. Over the last twenty years, I have spent many hours listening to Caroline Myss. I even had the privilege to attend a live studio recording in 2018. Always astounded, there have been numerous insights that struck me across this span of time. However, not until I heard this Sounds True podcast, “The Courage to Confront Evil” - in the middle of night or the Holy Hours - did I begin to understand how I am to share my story. Now I may have dragged my spiritual feet or been a bit obtuse over these two decades, yet, on this day, I am humbled into action. Caroline and Tami, I extend my gratitude for your boldness and personal courage to elevate this topic in the climate of today. Let each of us not recoil but be mindful, diligent in prayer, and take responsibility as to our own personal next step. - Cheri Mank
Courage to confront evil 10/2019
Wizard of Cupertino
The author, Caroline Myss, might have considered "acknowledge" rather than "confront". An upset, rambling talk, part of which includes not hiding behind psychology yet uses "Shadow side" much like Jung's shadow self. Demons exist, Angels exist. The forces of Light and Dark battle within humans. No guidance on how to increase your level of "courage". Like much in this genre, the key is self help. Pay no attention to the person behind the curtain.\, learn to trust yourself.
Courage to Confront Evil
Sounds true Tami Simon facilitates wisely, she is an exquisite interviewer. The various podcasts offers many thought provoking and insightful voices. I appreciate Sounds true for all the beauty and awareness it has and continues to offer. Recently I listened to the interview with Caroline Myss, her Courage to Confront Evil. Her message was quite discouraging and did not offer the hope and faith needed so much at this time. Beyond the current Crisis in the world we more than ever need to nurture and and support a trust and faith in an evolving personal and collective consciousness.
quite a few episodes that won’t load lately
love the podcast but lots recently that say not available- loch kelly, jerry colonna & sheryl paul. Any chance they can be reloaded into the system so they are functional?
Love this podcast but...
...what happened to the sound quality??
Remarkable | High Quality | Thought Provoking
Eric 7592748274
I really wish there were more podcasts such as these out there. Sounds True provides a remarkable high quality and extensive interviews with their authors and other major players in self development and spirituality movement. Many times I have bought products featured in this episodes, and I’ve never been disappointed.
Pure Spiritual Nutrition
This podcast by Sounds True is something I’ve been listening to for about 10 years, and it just keeps getting better and better. In fact, there was an interview with Father Thomas Keating around that time that brought me back from a hard time. I don’t listen to every episode, but I regularly check who’s the next guest to see what resonates with me. So good, thank you.
Thank You❤️
I’ve been listening for a few years and come away from each interview with something I can use for my own spiritual development. Just listened to the interview with Seane Corn. This is exactly what I needed to hear right now and will be purchasing her book as well as others mentioned. Love your soothing voice, your style, and program format. Thank you, Tami, for making such rich resources available for spiritual seekers.
I love you Tami!
Tami- you make me smile and I appreciate you and your voice, you style, and your attentiveness so much. I took the self acceptance summit a while back and it blew my mind. It was exactly what I needed. I love your podcast too and I’m so glad it is here for my enjoyment and continuous learning and growth.
#1 Medicine for our times!!
This is truly an amazing podcast. I’ve been listening to Tami’s work for over few years now. She is like Krista Tippett with her profound questions and goes as deep as possible on each subject. Sound True and this podcast is definitely reinventing this world into a better place. Thank you Tami and the team!
Best way to start a day, or a week
I listen during my morning commute, as a way to set my mind and heart to patience, even if I can’t muster compassion for the day. Tami is a thoughtful interviewer, (her voice is soothing!) and I’ve been able to change my mind from skepticism in some areas to open-mind and open heart. YES I recommend this!!
I’m hooked!
Maria ☮️
Sounds True does a fantastic job of presenting insightful and inspiring souls to the world. More are meant to listen. Tune in, subscribe and share ❤️
The best of it’s kind
For someone who’s a bit of a cynic, there’s an intelligence, humor and sincerity to the interviews that make them something I can experience without cringing. Which I guess sounds like a back handed complement, but it’s not. I think “sounds true” is great, and a real gift. Thank you. Karen
Thoughtful Interviews good range of subjects
Unlike the reviewer who thought Tami rattled on too much at the beginning, I just LOVE the timbre and sound and cadence of Tami's voice. She is a good interviewer with insightful questions and a methodical but not halting manner. Really like it.
Possibly the most helpful podcast I have ever heard
Thank you!!! I cried with gratitude and relief to be able to use the term exquisitely sensitive for my daughter is an invaluable gift.
Sheryl Paul
Thank you for this wonderful and insightful interview. I will definitely buy her book.
AH Almaas
I love your podcast and think that Tami is a first rate interviewer. I was stoked by Tami’s introduction of AH Almaas. I listen to many meditation and advaita/ Dzogchen masters. Despite Tami’s persistent efforts, I found AH’s responses inscrutable. I listened intently for the entire time, and cannot sort out what this man is trying to communicate. He needs to hone his message I guess. Thanks for the try, Tami.
Embracing Paradox
Tami is an exceptional interviewer. She stays true to herself yet opens her mind to a plethora of different experiences, opinions, wisdom and points of view. Her guests are all knowledgeable on their subjects and noteworthy. I have learned and grown exponentially from listening to Tami coupled with her interviewers. I am so grateful for this podcast.
Incredible resource/Brilliant interviews by Tami
Thank you so much! You’re helping so many people! Best podcast on the internet.
Awesome show, highly recommend
J. Barshop
Tami and her guests share actionable and inspiring lessons on how to improve your body, mind, and spirit and live life with more emotional resillience. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to Insights at the Edge if you want the knowledge AND mindsets expand your consciousness (and live your best life as a result)!
Intro is too long and self-absorbed
I really wish Tami Simon would get over listening to the sound of her own voice and stop talking. The lead-in to every podcast is three minutes. In that three minutes Tami has made sure to tell us everything that she will discuss with her guest in the upcoming interview. There’s nothing more ingratiating than redundancy. I am an intelligent listener and would like to be able to listen to the actual interview instead of Tami’s crib notes. Get on with it already!
Love Your Life - Law of Attraction
D Shelley
I love Jennifer Bailey’s Law of Attraction podcast. I listen to them as soon as I can & have listened to several more than once. She is clear, enthusiastic & an inspiration. I love the idea of a Law of Attraction ‘practice.’ Makes a lot of sense & can really help shift your mood &/or attitude. Look forward to more!
So grateful!
PlanetGab beautiful. Thank you so much! This interview with Father Boyle is amazing. “We belong to one another”! Love!
Anxiety Free Listening
Tami Simon is a master interviewer. She never ever ever interrupts her guests with validation or ego sharing. She fires off a thoughtful probe and then relaxes into the answer... and lets us do the same. She creates the space for the unfoldment of deeper understanding to arise- and then some. It’s masterful and generous. Her guests are able to effortlessly share their wisdom and reach that “insightful space” by the end- a complete healing for all. I am grateful for the stress-free education I have had with these podcasts throughout these past years- a gift.
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