wesley thomas johnson
An incredibly well-produced experience. You’ll learn a lot and be throughly entertained. Please bring it back.
Hey Robert
This is the best podcast for video games out there.
Great listen
A life well wasted is a great podcast. There are only a few stories within the feed but if you’re into old-school gaming and like to know some history about video games this is for you. The story’s very from what happened to EGM magazine to a guy who has everything Atria you ever could get. If you’re an old-school gamer many of the stories you will be able to realty to. I recommend it.
Come back
We need you now more than ever.
Good podcast
BdialzNzjjdmKind do do
Cool how can they get so much information
A classic, must-listen for people interested in games
While this podcast appears to be dead, going through it's archives is well worth your time. It's a very intruiging podcast that explores aspects of the gaming world that, while interesting and important, are often given little real attention.
We miss you!
You and Green and Elliot and Gallegos really. #gfwradio #brodeo
This American Life for Videogames
I only wish there were more episodes, which is hardly a complaint. I stay subscribed hoping for a resurrection of this excellent podcast.
This was a really beautiful podcast
Sad to see it go.
I last reviewed this podcast on Jan 31, 2009. I like this podcast enough to rate and review it on iTunes, even though I don't use iTunes. That's how much I like it.
Please come back!
Hoop E
It's been too long.
Intellectual and very well produced
This is by far the smartest and most enjoyable video game podcast I've ever heard. The production quality is on the level of This American Life or Radiolab, but it's all done by one guy. Each episode is a masterpiece. The downside of his meticulous and detailed (and no doubt, time consuming) approach is that there are only a handful of episodes to listen to. Public radio should hire this guy and give him a show, a staff and a nice budget.
The most well-produced podcast I've ever heard.
Whether you know much about video games or not, ALWW is top-shelf listening material, with a host who makes things understandable and relatable for the common man, while actually staying out of the conversation for the most part, leaving most of the talking to his consistently interesting interviewees. Presentation is key for this show, and Robert Ashley, the host and editor, kills it every episode. It's just a shame new episodes are so rare.
Great show!
It has been a while since I laughed so hard!
Just awesome!
Excellent Mr. Ashley
A wonderful podcast, deeply thought provoking and full of polish. I only wish there were more! The guests Mr. Ashley is able to get for the show are also fabulous. I'm very happy to have stumbled upon ALWW and have been devouring each one of late
One of the best
I wish there was more episodes. This is one of my favorite podcast available out there.
Robert has made an incredible audio experience with ALWW that I never would have imagined existed. This show is inspiring, entertaining, riveting... Do not miss it!
1. Listen to the Podcasts
2. Refer to #1
This is the greatest Gaming Podcast in Existence
This is how you do articles on games, talk to the people, showcase the people who created the art we all know and love. Just wonderful. You need to listen to this podcast.
Welcome back!
This podcast made my day! I wish I was able to get one of the limited edition posters from the most recent episode. I want people to know how great this podcast is! Great subject matter, editing, sound design, and really impressive contributors.
I love it!
This is a very well done podcast. And I'm glad it's back.
Incredibly well-crafted and interesting
This podcast is one of the best I've heard, both in terms of production and subject matter. The music is incredible, the writing is superb, and the editing is sublime.
Simply Amazing
I happened to stumble upon the newest episode 'Work' and realized that this was Robert's first normal podcast in a long time. I really enjoyed this newest podcast: great transitions and interviews, and you can tell he has put a lot of effort into it. With that said I Hope he continues to make new podcasts! I will be going through previous ones as the newest one "Work" has me hooked. Great job Robert
Recommended even to those with no interest in video games!
Everything a podcast should be, and it's about video games. Outstanding journalistic approach to discussing games. I've found no other video game related podcast with this level of thoughtful design, yet stays true to the subject matter. Full of meaningful interviews with recognizable names and lesser known movers and shakers in the industry. Think professional podcasting meets video games. Very very happy ALWW is back. Highly recommended!!
Finally m'fer.
Amazing show!
please keep on making it!
More, please.
I love this show. It's polished, professional and engaging, sort of like if This American Life started covering video games. Robert Ashley does a great job of putting together really interesting and offbeat content from all walks of the games life. His music is good, too. The only downside? How rarely new episodes come out!
Please come back
Great show. Hope it returns (losing hope)
Masterful Assembly
Deep conversations on the world of gaming arts with great musical transitions, a must hear for anyone with ears and a soul. Makes any other podcast look lazy. His band "I Come to Shanghai" is equally as much of a mind bender. Robert Ashley = Effort x Passion x Genius.
This used to be one of the most beautiful shows
and now, much to my sorrows, it seems to be gone forever, This show was a true work of art that incapsulated such a wonderful range of people and the video games which connect them. It's a shame it's gone.
Thank you
Thanks for creating these. I will continue to check or updates. Some of the interviews are very inspiring to me.
Love it
Can't wait for newer episodes
Hands down
Best podcast ever created.
Great attention to detail...
Fantastic internet radio show, I have listened to many of the episodes over and over...and I don't even like to play video games that much. I just wish I didn't have to wati so long between updates.
As someone who is as addicted to Public Radio's 'This American Life' and 1up's 'Retronauts' podcast, I was amazed to find a podcast that hits both sweet spots simultaneously. Finally a podcast that has the production values and, dare I say, maturity of public radio's finest while talking about everyone's favourite hobby. If you like video games and podcasts such as '99% invisible', 'radiolab', or 'this american life', than you owe it to yourself to give mr. ashley's podcast a try.
Fantastic show
I am blown away. I write for my job and love listing to this while I work. Beautiful music and interesting interviews. Great for getting me threw a day. Can't wait for some new episodes. One of the best pod casts ever.
Why hasn't this show been picked up by NPR?
Great show with high production values and I can't wait for it's return. My only question is: Why hasn't A Life Well Wasted been picked up by NPR?
Elevates the gaming podcast
Release schedule aside, this podcast enters largely uncharted territory for its genre and succeeds on nearly all accounts.
This podcast is amazing, the best out there!
Please make more.
Really? A year between episodes?!
Started out great, then stopped
howdy cloud
The episodes that are there were a great listen, but there was a sharp dropoff in output in 2010. I think the author's interests have moved elsewhere, but you can still hear him in the Out of the Game podcast.
A podcast wasted
xXGrey MatterXx
This podcast is fantastic, it had the potential to be (and I believe intention to be) the "This American Life" for gamers and industry enthusiasts. However he can't seem to put out more than 1 show in a year. Sad. Kevin Smith has 19 different podcasts, you can't even manage 1?!? You can't find someone in the industry to sponsor you, especially with the direction they're going and attention podcasts are now getting? Again, very sad.
Deming Oakleaf
The way its edited is rather poor to my ear.
Anti war rant from the Tetris distributor?
Fanboy to the tenth power
I enjoyed all of the podcasts last year. I especially enjoyed the cosplayer interviews in episiode 3. Then I got the latest one. The Tetris story was interesting....all the way up to the kooky anti war rant. It was more than I could handle. I turned it off because I could not listen to it any more. Sorry man. Too far. I know you lean left from other podcasts you have been on such as GFW and Rebel FM. I have appreciated you keeping it out of most of them 99% of the time. I didn't like being ambushed. I will listen no more. I have unsubscribed.
K. C.
Purple Loot of Podcasts.
It is extremely evident that A Life Well Wasted is crafted with such respect, affection, and care towards its topic. It has a niche in bringing gaming history and culture content to the listener that doesn't exist anywhere else and it does it with remarkable production value and pacing.
Anything but...
A Life Well Wasted is anything but the standard video game podcast. Robert steers the conversation away from the "what people been playing" motif and devels deeper, much deeper. Each episode is crafted for listeners around one theme. Fans of NPR's "This American Life" or "RadioLab" will feel a familiarity with the style of storytelling Robert envokes. This podcast has done anything but wasted my life.
I Come To Shanghai. Perfect Combo!
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