Curtis Starr
Definitely worth your time if you are into games, movies, flash animation, or the Internet in general. The guys are hilarious, witty, and (mostly) intelligent, and always find the most mundane ways to get you laughing. Listen, you won't regret it.
A Very Enjoyable Podcast With A Great Atmosphere
Hope Rides Alone!
A few years ago, on Thanksgiving Break I would listen to one of these podcasts every night. It was a lot of fun, and I still enjoy getting to listen to the Legendary Frogcast. It has a great cast of people, with a variety of usually pleasant personalities with differences and comedic snide preferences that, rather than creating a dissonance of argumentative conversation, creates funny dialogue between the people. It's a shame that The Plug'n got cancelled and taken down, but thank heavens this one is still up and running. Thanks, Joey, Dustin, Rich and everyone else. (btw, Rich has one of the most attractive voices ever, and I'm mostly comfortable with saying that despite the fact that I'm straight)
Great Podcast!
This is a great podcast, and you should listen to it if you're a nerd of any kind. It would be nice if they uploaded just a bit more, but other than that, it's great. Always at least forty-five minutes, and I find myself laughing for about 30 minutes of those. -Aidanrinku
The one podcast to rule them all
This is the greatest podcast ever. The jokes are great and it has great information about my favorite topics.
Great job
Wonderful Just wonderful but if I did not know what you were talking about I would be intierly lost but completly amazing. I think You should do one on mortal combat
Great Frogcast!
Even if it isn't weekly, it's always a great podcast to listen to. Although, I wish there was some form of viewer parcipation(I.e. email) to get the viewer more involved. Anyways keep of the great work!
Ive been a fan of the legendary frog for years. Great job on the podcasts, they are worth the time to listen to.
Amazing Podcast!
This is the perfect podcast for any gamer; it has great discussions about games and movies most about an hour long. The music chosen to play in the background of each podcast is different and each one relates to the theme of the conversation. For example, for the Rare podcast, different songs from Rare games played. Anyway, this is a great, many times hilarious podcast that gives the listener many different takes on the great (and not so great) games of old as well as the newer games and movies of today. Five Stars *****
Hooray! A podcast! Great podcast covering a bunch of nerdy subjects. I especially like the videogame reviews. .............Good job!
Best podcast ever! YOU ROCK GUYS!
Fun for the Gamer
It's a pretty good podcast when it comes down to it, and even funny at times (Jess is jerk to the other guys :P). But it's all in good fun, and good if you want to hear someone elses perspective on games. Right now, the subjects covered are prety retro, but I'm sure as the podcast grows, so will the amount they cover. A good hour's worth of discussion each episode.
It won't let me download it :( everytime i try it looks like its going to download then just dissapears... whats up with that?
A Fun Podcast
A very enjoyable and well done podcast. It covers a wide range of "nerdy" topics from video games to anime with tons of great insight and memories. Very fun to listen to!
luv it
i love kerri and ark!!!!!! YOU SOOO FUNNY
Yume Kitsune
I've been watching LG for a few years and man, it just keeps getting better! Congratz on a podcast and thanks for all the great work!
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