Episode 34: MegaMan ZX, Legends, and Mega-Miscellany
Published June 20, 2010
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    Dustin, Ash and Arthur are still talking about Mega Man. Highlights include: This Podcast almost didn't happen multiple times. You don't need Zero 3 or 4 to unlock Omega in ZX. But they do unlock bosses from each of those games. What is it with Capcom and either running a series into the ground, or stopping it after 1 sequel? Brief pause inbetween ZX and Legends, enjoy the pleasing music... MegaMan Legends is a classic example of making lemonade from lemons. No MegaMan news from E3 10. BOO CAPCOM! PS3: We have motion control and 3D! You don't need to play PS1/2 games or use Linux... END OF CLASSIC SERIES - TIME: approx. 3.5 hours So many Kart Racers, so little time... Insert World Cup Joke Here http://bit.ly/b7zFUh - Let's Play Super Adventure Rockman by Oyster ...c'mon, you've probably sung that theme tune also... http://youtube.com/voiceitlive/ - Voice It Live: Sat @ 8pm EST on http://www.vokle.com No, I will not be linking to those videos, go find them yourselves... Not sure if it's still licensed, but you can still find copies of Upon A Star for sale if you look around. ...never did find a clean copy of that music, maybe you listeners will have better luck. Lost Gomer for a bit due to ATT Failure. There is a NxC translation out there, but good luck finding it. Those MegaMan playthroughs from Gomer are available at http://bit.ly/9xJBp7 Matt Smith is a fine Doctor Gomer says the show went really well. Got a lively audience the 2nd night. Atlas Shrugged was horrible. Now we're reading SOON I WILL BE INVINCIBLE by Austin Grossman. Fun book. (Look up SpineBreakers on TGWTG.com) True Blood has no business being that watchable. Don't hate Ash too much.... MegaMan Complete Works: http://amzn.to/aPPaCf MegaMan X Complete Works: http://amzn.to/9DiOQs MegaMan Zero Complete Works: http://amzn.to/aApood Some music used in this podcast is from the Mega Man remix album by ilp0: Available @ http://bit.ly/agmAf5 Send us your mail at josephlfrog@gmail.com! And follow us on Twitter! @joseph_lfrog @duswatts @MavrickHuntrAsh @gomer21xx Enjoy! www.legendaryfrog.com http://legendaryfrog.deviantart.com/
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