Episode 14: Transformers 2 Review
Published July 3, 2009
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    Joey ("LegendaryFrog"), Rich, and Dustin transform into movie critics and review Michael Bay's newest explosion fest. Highlights include: Spoilers! Joey goes robotic AGAIN. But maybe it's okay given the subject matter. We talk about giant robots. Because robots are cool. The new transformers are weak. Except the old guy, he was cool. Mudflap and Skids. What where they thinking?! What is the Fallen getting revenge at? Dustin comes in late. He has stuff to say to! Bonus Mountain Dew Game Fuel review! Mobile Suit Gundam movie. Dustin thinks they can do it! Send us your mail at josephlfrog@gmail.com! Enjoy! www.legendaryfrog.com http://legendaryfrog.deviantart.com/ http://rich591.deviantart.com/
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