Theodor Forselius and Larry Sanger, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Information Officer of Everipedia
Published February 19, 2018
42 min
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    Among other topics, Larry and Theador discussed the following issues with Metis Strategy:

    * The genesis of, and vision for Everipedia, including the company’s unique business model and its plans for growth
    * The differences between Wikipedia and Everipedia, such as unrestricted topics and blockchain infrastructure
    * The benefits of building Everipedia on the blockchain, such as self-governance, immutability, incentivizing contributions, among others
    * Everipedia’s forthcoming cryptocurrency token, IQ, and how it enables self-governance and incentives contributions by aligning the interests of editors with the overall success of the site
    * How the peer-to-peer hosting, rather than central hosting, enables Everipedia to provide access to information even in countries that typically censor free speech
    * Larry’s outlook on the future of blockchain and implications for the enterprise

    Everipedia is a wiki-based online encyclopedia that is the largest in the English language. Everipedia leverages blockchain technology to incentivize content generation and ensure democratized access to information.
    Theodor co-founded Everipedia in 2014. Prior to that, he was the creator of social gaming networks Hello and Mobafy, and was a web developer at Swedish advertising agency NOGA.
    Larry is the CIO of Everipedia and has been focused on developing Everipedia’s blockchain network since joining in December 2016. Larry co-founded Wikipedia with Jimmy Wales in 2001. Larry also taught philosophy at Ohio State University as a visiting professor. Larry received a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Reed College and a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Ohio State University.
    I recently caught up with Theodor and Larry by phone from their office in Los Angeles, California, and our conversation the genesis of and vision for Everipedia, the company’s unique use of blockchain and the value it provides, the key differences between Everipedia and Wikipedia, among a variety of other topics.
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