Always informative and enjoyable
I thoroughly enjoy the compelling interviews and broad range of subjects discussed. The guests share their knowledge and there is honest give an take( except maybe w Kudlow - but he's not an economist). They cover big picture and granular details with equal skill. Only critique is Mr Keene's constant mentions of soccer, which may appeal to European listeners but not US market. Keep up great work!
Great podcast
Tom is hysterical I love his humor and how he cuts to the chase and puts guests on the spot. If the guest are to focused on selling themselves or their point Tom is quick to cut them off and start talking about soccer. It’s fun to see if the guests will trip up and say something they shouldn’t - like their unscripted real opinion. Guests that shoot straight and don’t bs get more air time and that I really like. This is a no bs podcast that aims to get to the heart of the matter of what’s driving the economy and where money can be made.
I think the financial subject matter is exceptional Tom and John spar at times but it’s part of the schtick Sometimes guest are verbose and need to be re- directed
Awful Hosts, Great Guests
Hyman Minsky
Well put together show, very good editing. The show’s segments are far too short for their guests to accurately express their opinions or explain their reasoning behind any answer. Tom Keene is a terrible host. He constantly cuts off guests, interrupts with random asides about Premier League football and consistently talks over guests even if he is in agreement with them. To be completely honest Tom makes this show unlistenable by making himself the center of attention at every turn. Stop cutting off guests and stop playing your terrible Bloomberg transition music over them as they finish their thoughts. Save the above reasons, could be a 4/5 podcast.
Great interviews and insight
Love the interviews. Lots of analysis and insight. The humor of the hosts is a bit old school and not that funny.
It’d be great if guests finish their thoughts
Fruitful Listener
It’d be great if guests finish their thoughts, it’d be one thing to run out of time, but the format of a podcast is much more free form. They cut them off too frequently to get a good experience of listening. Whatever time they have to do this must be brief or they have to better allot the schedule of questions.
Stop interrupting your guests
Just stop. This is a 5 star podcast if it was not for you interrupting your guests. Please hire someone who is more professional.
Best Financial Show Around
I used to listen to this on the radio religiously but no longer works with my commute. It’s great being able to catch up on the highlights on my way home. Jon and Tom have excellent chemistry (sort of Odd Couple-esque but really works). They’re both brilliant and really get to the heart of what is happening in the markets and economy and they get great guests. Have learned a ton listening to them. Wouldn’t mind Tom sometimes not diverting guests into his little flights of fancy when they’re saying something interesting but you have to take the good with the bad - he’s an eccentric guy and he makes what could often be dry topics very entertaining. Keep it up gents!
Guests are great, Tom needs to learn how to do a podcast.
Overall, a great podcast with highlights of market related news including insights from notable guests. It is a podcast though and not live television which Tom does not seem to get as he cuts guests off mid sentence. There is no commercial break to go to Tom.....
Tom could not be more annoying
MFN Jawa
I often have to skip good guests become Tom is thinking about the next stupid thing he wants to say before the guest can even answer his last question. Also, his “Yeahs” and “Uh Huhs” every 3 seconds are like Chinese water torture. What’d Tottenham do, Tom?! Or Liverpool?! Am I listening to a finance podcast or a premier league one? Shove it.
Waste of Time
Just more Trump bashing, day in and day out.
Stop Interrupting Guests
Please stop
Dynamic Duo
These guys are the best there is. Guests are knowledgeable, articulate and incisive. This is the best on Pod with Berry a close second.
Great team, great podcast, great interviews!
August Consumer
I look forward to this podcast, and I feel it is the best free American podcast that I listen to on my IPhone. I do not find it as partisan as some have criticized; nothing like Fox or NPR bias. In my opinion, the voices are fine, no vocal fry, like some WSJ commentators. However, opinions must differ in life. Thanks, to all of the staff and guests for the interesting interviews.
More content
The wsj has a daily podcast that’s 30’mins long and a great listen to daily on the ride. They changed the format and I can’t listen to it. I certain there are many who will be looking for a daily financial news pod cast
It’s a great listen but stop interrupting your guests and let them speak, you guys are so bad about this - the guests are supposed to be the ones that are more intelligent anyway.
Way to biased
willy 277
Tom is really full of himself. Who cares what you think Tom. Just the news please. Mr. Prewitt is rolling over in his grave. Typical NYC snark. You are not that smart Tom, if you were you would be self employed like me. But i am sure Mr Bloomberg approves. BTW loose the effite bow tie.
Amateurish production, main announcer has a voice that is painful to listen to and coughs into the mike, people talk over each other, the same sound bridge is used for every transition. Thoroughly annoying
Best daily podcast and short interviews for the global macro trader
Dartmouth James
Fantastic guest list and short intreviews. Nothing (free) is close if you are looking for points of view from some of the best minds (economists, market strategists) in the financial industry.
Not a voice for radio
Some people don’t have a voice for public speaking just as some people don’t have a voice for singing. The American is painful to listen to, the British guy is fine. Not sure what the producer is thinking...but I have to unsubscribe because of this. Guests are good.
Great podcast
I really enjoy this, find it consistently informative and stimulating in terms of market developments and broader global macro themes. Thanks!
Awesome Podcast!!
Brooke Craven
Tom, Jon and Pimm, hosts of the Bloomberg Surveillance podcast, highlights all aspects of economics, business and more in this can’t miss podcast! The hosts and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Louise Yamada segment
Derivatives Trader
I’m a fan of your show and a regular listener. I liked the China spying segment as well as Louise Yamada’s interview. I think she is really good. One criticism I would have though - is that I felt Tom Keene was disrespectful / dismissive towards Louise. Maybe that was not his intent but it definitely came across that way with his comments about point & figure charting being out of date “from the 1890s” and then later referring to Louise as “old school”.
Great content
This is all great content but someone needs to get this guy new vocal cords. It hurts me to listen to him speak and most of the time i can’t finish listening to the podcast
John Glassman
gator great
Dude sounded like an agent for the Chinese government.
The best business podcast which you can listen everyday.
The best.
california grizzly bear
Where else in any of the media ... do they apply college level mathematics, economics, and physics to explain how the financial world and even how Main St works. Great guests with deep insights — not like the repetitious talking heads on cable news. Can really learn a lot here!
Turning into a bully pulpit to push an agenda.
Fuzzy Bee
As Tom Keene fades into the background, the new host is resorting to shock jock attack/argumentative/abusive tactics and it’s incredibly annoying. If we could go back to asking questions and letting the experts you selected speak uninterrupted, that’d be great. Even the softer reports seem to be pushing a political agenda, rather than reporting on the economy in an objective manner.
More partisan dribble
i dont want your opinion
I’ve cut back my listening to near zero. This show has devolved into partisan politics. Hardly any interesting market analysis. Five interviews with college sociology professors, for one with a real trader on the street. Therefore you get one out of five stars. Good luck snowflakes.
I’ve listened to this for 5+ yrs now....the problem is they cycle thru the same guests and drone on about the same topics over and over..going on about ‘the fed’ when everyone knew nothing was changing...The few times they hit on interesting topics/guests, its usually too brief and superficial to be interesting.
A Must Have.
An amazing and consistently objective view of economics and all that influence it.
June Grasso Bloomberg Law-can't listen to her talk
June Grasso Blooberg Law can't pronounce names, messes up names and say words without completely mixing them. How is it possible she is hired to talk? Awkard at best and horrifying to listen to at worst. Bloomgerg, please find someone else to talk.
snide and partisan
Bandbox 39
The content and guests are generally good, but Tom Keene is too partisan. If he'd lay off the snide comments about Trump and Republicans, I'd up my review to 4 stars.
So so
I would have expected Bloomberg to be better than this. Interviews are basically partisan sound bites with little depth or well rounded debate.
Quality, class, and knowledge
Amazing podcast for serious Econ nerds. Filled with interesting facts and insight, sprinkled with charm and humor. Keep it up guys. Thank you!
Great variety, not just financial
Love history and current affairs interviews like Admiral Stavridis and Niall Ferguson.
Tom Keenes Breathing
Great podcast, but dude! Tom Keene! Mute your mic when your not talking. Your heavy breathing is painful
Love Tom and David!
They bring in some people with great ideas, awesome to listen too.
Thank, Tom for the help on the Schwab ad!
Much better w-o that music ;) Top notch crew at Bloomberg Radio. Thx for so much great content. I've been listening to your podcasts-audio downloads since 2008
Limited Podcast Coverage
Could you please provide all your interviews during Bloomberg Sruveillance as separate Podcasts as you have done in the past. You now only issue on average one Podcast per day of +-45 minutes. We were glad you stopped publishing the entire hour as a single Podcast, but we miss having each interview conducted during the show. The "summary" Podcast isn't enough. Take it from those who have listened to you since Bloomberg on the Economy. Thanks.
Several angles covered
I appreciate this Podcast for how it covers so many different angles with the election. Thank you for providing updated specific details for both candidates. It's important for me to hear about the proposed tax changes for small businesses. I look forward to learning more! InterviewValetCF
Great coverage of business news and activities
Like many commuters in LA, I spend 3-4 hours a day on the congested freeways. Podcasts are my companions. I have been listening to many business and investment related podcasts, the Bloomberg Surveillance is one of the best. This week, I didn't get the podcast on Monday and Tuesday, I felt I missed something all-day long, and then I realized how important this podcast became in my daily life... Thanks Tom and Michael for the job well done.
Not updated
Grawn 12345
There is a Bloomberg radio app that is updated (most of the time). They call it a podcast but iTunes does not have updated episodes.
Good Stuff
Tom, Mike, and the BBG Surv. team do a great job providing useful/relevant real-time market -finance-economic information w/ many interesting guests. Hockey chats too!
Positive Change
I'm glad to see the change to the new format where they've removed all the market updates, etc. and just include the interviews. I still wish it was the OLD way where every interview (and JUST the interview) was a separate podcast episode. That way I could pick and choose the guests I wanted to listen to. But the current format is a GIANT leap forward from what we've had for the last year or so. Good job!
I love Bloomberg Surveillance. I'm 24 and am just recently getting into financial and economic news. Bloomberg has taught me so much, and I rely on them and Barron's to learn. I watch Bloomberg Surveillance on my tv everyday, and listen to the podcast daily as well. I love all things Bloomberg, I trust them greatly!
Recent improvements
Much appreciate last week's changes eliminating breaks for news/sports and combining segments into a single download. I enjoy this interesting and informative podcast now more than ever!
Great business podcast!
Please do not split up interviews. Thank you for combining them into 1 podcast.
Why are 5 out the top 15 podcasts about finance?
There's either a recession coming or iTunes ratings system goes wonky on weekends.
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