Karoops cutmeoff
Sunday's podcast was a hijacking of Maddow's popularity. What would compel you, MSNBC, to do this? Did you think we wouldn't realize it wasn't Maddow? Did you think you were doing us a favor by 'finding' this podcast for us? Do you think we're not able to seek out podcasts that may be of interest on our own? Why? That's strike 2 for the podcast....
Thank God for Rachel. She’s helped keep my sanity over these last 2.5 years. Grateful.
No one explains it better!
I love listening to your explanations and when you start your show with what seems like an obscure part of history , I know I am in for a real treat because it somehow all ties into what’s happening today. I am more informed and knowledgeable because of the thoroughness that you and your staff put into every segment . Thank you Rachel !!
Cog dissonance
Rachel you are the best speaker, thinker and explainer ever! I can’t say enough to praise you. But, I believe that all conscious beings deserve respect. I am an animal activist I guess. So I don’t understand how a person as compassionate as you as empathetic as you as intelligent as you, can torture fish just for fun. Please, Rachel, just think about it. Love you, Joyce Stillman-myers
Can’t wait to read her book!
When I can’t catch the show on tv, this podcast saves the day! I can Not Believe what team Maddow is showing the world. Im ok when she needs a day off as long as Joy Read is subbing. Joy sticks to the format unlike her peers. The number of scandals are incalculable to me. We need a timeline with scandals ranked by importance(?). Imagine making a wall with strings connecting all the trumps & appointees with all of the scandals like On CSI or something. The Rachel Maddow show attempts to do this but the wall is never big enough.
Laser Logic
Rachel and her team are unsurpassed in gathering verified facts and summarizing issues. Topics are presented with an organized discussion of background information. She addresses the corruption, buffoonery, prejudice, and cruelty of the current administration with intellectual firmness, not ranting.
11th year!
Happy 11th, Rachel and team. U make my day nicer everyday. Listen to your podcast in the AM’s in Europe.
Russia Hoax
She didn’t stop talking about russia collusion for 2 years and how trump will be impeached, we’ll it was all a sham and turned out to be a made up story for ratings. Really truthful reporting from this one
So Ironic
The first attempt to share my thoughts and MSNBC disregards. I’ll live🏋️‍♀️ Stephen Weaber
Love your show but could you please stop repeating yourself so much. It drives me crazy😖
Enough Trump Hating
B-fizzle mcfra
Can she talk about anything other than her hate for President Trump????
Would Hillary Clinton doing a Podcast throw Trump off his game? Love your show!
Rachel Maddow makes me smarter!!
Love Rachel! I look forward to her show daily; if I miss it, I listen to the podcast on my drive to work the following day. In this day and age, we need more Rachel Maddow’s in the news!
Getting better again....
I used to stan Rachel bc she wasn’t just incredibly smart, she’s an amazing storyteller. But since 2016 I haven’t enjoyed the show as much. Mostly bc it’s non stop Russia stories, which are important but do not take the amount of time spent on them. Ive been driven a bit nuts with the incessant updates on the tiniest of developments every possible Russia storyline, but only after rehashing what we already knew about that particular story. Also I feel like Rachel is like many who work for corporate news, unable to see out of that bubble on some issues. The critique of why HRC lost the race was about more then just Russia and the other factors to that loss should have been talked about more lest we make some of the same mistakes. Like the fact that bc of her campaigns hubris they ignored warnings from ppl on the ground. Like running such a deeply unpopular candidate in the first place. I agree much of that unpopularity came from absolute right wing garbage, but there was a reason much of her supposed base didn’t want to vote for her. (Like the Iraq War vote, the paid speeches to Wall Street, the support of the military coup in Honduras, her foundations interference in Haiti’s min wage debate where her foundation was pushing for a $.25 min wage over the $1 activists were asking for. That last one... why do that? Just seems like such a crappy thing to do. But Honduras was horrific as well as it’s led to the assassination of indigenous ppl fighting to protect the environment.) No one thing doomed her campaign and her campaign needed autopsied post mortem to prevent us from running another candidate or campaign that might also lose to Trump, with or without international interference. Finally though I’m hearing stories that I care about a lot more then a rehash of Russiagate. The anti abortion laws, the migrant children being locked in cages and allowed to die from diseases like the flu. I will always have a soft spot for Rachel and have continued to watch while many of my lefty comrades have stopped watching in disgust. I personally think Rachel was extremely interested in the Russia stories and that was why she continued to follow the endless minutia of the various Russiagate storylines. Who knows, but I’m just glad her show is getting back on track. I also recognize that she’s not going to cover many of the stories that interest me bc politically she’s far more center left then a hardcore Democratic Socialist like myself, and that’s fine with me. I don’t need to agree completely with what the person I’m watching believes in, as long as I feel there’s integrity, regardless of policy difference. But that being said I don’t want her excellent storytelling and limited time spent on the same topic discussed in different ways every show. I also am very interested in stories about Trump’s foreign business ties if it’s a new story. I’m glad I’ve stuck around even though I admit for a year I often half listened or just ff’ed through segments. Again I like Rachel a lot. My mom is an older lesbian and has a deep affection for Rachel bc she was the first openly gay woman to have a prime time news slot. Anyways I hope Rachel continues to cover a more varied set of stories and my rating may go back up to five stars.
Always Ahead of the Media Pack
Rachel is truly in a class by herself. So brilliant, so genuine, so articulate and prepared and fearless and deft in her interviews. Best of all, she never stoops to regurgitating the same tired stories from the endless spin cycle that is too much of mainstream news. If it weren’t for Amy Goodman & Rachel Maddow we’d be in a sorry State indeed. Thank you, Rachel!
Liar for hire
The title should tell you everything you need to know
This is not real journalism she just pushes the mainstream talking points ,try listening to alternative media , she gets paid a huge amount of money to lie to you, check out nome chompskys book ,manufacturing consent and you’ll realize you’ve been lie to
Rachel maddow show
I really enjoy the show very precise and she takes you thru the entire storyline. Rachel is the most intelligent,caring and accurate journalist I have ever followed she keeps your attention to the news.
Like Positivity!
My hope, given the number of Democratic candidates running for president, is that each one contributes creative ideas and solutions for consideration by the voters and by the ultimately elected president for addressing our concerns and needs. I hate the win or lose approach to debates because it creates divisive attacks for attention that do nothing to unify our people and are a waste. Thank you, Rachel, for “catching the candidates being good” and focusing on policy and plans, with respect for each candidate. Lois Tigay Montclair, NJ
I w
Discusses issues that you will only hear about on Rachel’s show
If you care about your country, the law and justice, you must listen to this podcast
I love trms
I love Rachel. Her talent is unmatched. I could (and would!) listen to her all day everyday. But, please, tell me why Lawrence drops his pods earlier. It is a source of continuous disappointment and deprivation in my life! 😂
Love your show!
I listen to different political and news podcast all day. I love your show. You have a different approach to delivering the news.
Excellent work
4 Chinooks and a cat
The RM show successfully brings together excellent reporting from their news organization as well as other news outlets, tying the stories together in a narrative that is interesting and sometimes exasperating but always grounding in common sense. Thank God for this show at this time of insanity in America. It should be required listening in a civics class. It has really helped me know that their are other people that recognize the depth of how far this country has been pulled off course.
Voice of reason
Some days during this frightful administration Rachel Maddow is the only one who can calm me down
Fake news, and no facts!
l thomas huff
No facts all insults and disgusting language! Terrible!
Greenland, Really
Dee Garde
Rachel, you’re assuming his friends are joking. In reality his sycophants are often as stupid as Trump.
Russia Lies
She went on and on about how Trump colluded with Russia, and it never actually happened.
Vlad’s “Fake News”
What a frighteningly good podcast. I listen while I take my morning walk & found myself moving faster & faster as the story unfolded. Your very thorough reporting is powerful, insightful and to the point. I am so glad to have you in my ears every morning & I share these episodes with as many people as I can. Thank you for keeping us all up on the perps and for the interviews with the good guys working tirelessly to save our democracy. I am TRULY grateful.
Awesome Journalism
I love love watching you the fact that you investigate, and do a great deal of research on all the topics you presented. I do have a question, why doesn’t anyone bring up the news video of Trump stating that he’s a Nationalist?
Excellent Journalism
I have been listening to this podcast since 2008, I believe. Maddow’s analysis carries historical weight and she weighs in with a broad lens to show how each issue is connected to the bigger picture.
Who’s an illegal worker at your place
Well since 1993 n probably prior to the big business millionaires n others with big factories n farms n have been allowing unauthorized people into our country to work these jobs ( now includes many other types of jobs) the majority of these people stayed n are still not american citizens so your thorn now became sharper, all these big companies need investigated along with President Trump! You will find that these same unauthorized people are here, probably some thru family that are legal or friends working at there places of that got them the job! I’m sorry but being a good worker in the US doesn’t mean a thing to the middle class worker ! Why don’t U check in to social security too! There’s people that came in n worked less then 30 days got sick n then able to retire n collect SS, families bring them here to live , they work n live here less then 3 months , this has gone on for years! The unauthorized people also give birth to children who are born n claiming their children to be US citizens ( going on for many years) so maybe the unauthorized people believe their fairy godmother automatically made them US citizens! These unauthorized people are still responsible for their children they are not dumb maybe sneaky ? If u cheat n get caught it’s nobodies fault but your own! All there things U blame President Trump for been going on for most ov my working years at least since 1993 ! Oh n for your information the easy get SS cards the papers for unauthorized people to look legal for a job in the USA has been going on since at least the 1970’s , We complained but nobody listens to the middle class! We are tired of being ignored, blamed because of are color n race ,we are tired of non US people allowed to come in n buy up are land! So we would like to see the judicial people in our government check on the rest of the big companies in the US we would like to know how many unauthorized people ( are not US citizens) they have working in their companies? Thanks earl
Insightful and delightful
Rachael is a master at reviewing today’s issues with a perspective for everyone not just a select few. Thank You.
Very informative
The Nightly List
emma hopewell
Thank you for your team’s vigilance during these worrisome times. Keep shining the spotlight on the corruption and kleptocracy. Keep at the research. May we see brighter days ahead with Rachel bringing pleasant news to our living rooms once again.
Enjoy this....
But very frustrated by the inconsistency of posting time for the podcast.
Love the show
Thank you for providing the facts and always presenting the truth.
Love and appreciate this show
earth loving pam
Thank you for honoring our intelligence and decency. So refreshing and rare. Appreciate your careful attention to facts as well.
Racist guest nightly
Eddie in Montana
Racist quest she brings on nightly spews hated of white middle class working families that want all laws applicable to all citizens equally. Nightly shows as and especially this persons program look and sound identical to the famous Nazi judge basically spewing all the hate talking points in anal retentive screams loudly leading the defense to rattle in agreement to all and more hate rants that plainly reveals their racism bias and desired elimination of of conservatives. Oh wow the host forgot in her Nazi hatred if she moved the liberal masses to ban and eliminate conservatives who would be left to fund all the Democratic Socialist 2020 “FREE NEW PROGRAMS” since their voters don’t pay taxes just receive and spend the bulk of the Federal budget. Poor liberal news readers are identical to liberal politicians suffering constipation of the brain and diarrhea of the mouth. Sad shows like this need to be outlawed based on white liberal thugs hidden by black masks receiving marching orders of hate then go out beat conservatives for the awful offense of wearing a red hat. How much hate can we allow on the airways attempting to tear our country apart with a civil war between racist liberals vs Americans who work hard providing for their families and their communities. All racist programming will be eliminated from cable news by passing anti hate crime legislation banning all but Fox News. Call your politician ASAP TO SAVE AMERICA from racist hateful dribble like this poor women battling clean up of the exact same talking points starting out on “Early early early morning news”.
Never miss this program
It’s important for me to keep up on the political scene but it can be overwhelming. With the Rachel Show as we call it in our house, there are so many fact filled and researched news stories covered.If we can’t watch the taped show we listen to the podcast. Always. Thank you Rachel.
Rachel Maddox
One of the best reporters of all time if truth is what u seek... she quotes from legal documents what a difference in reporting
Let me get this straight. She’s on vacation and rushes back to do the show after the El Paso shooting? What makes a person feel like they cannot let this opportunity pass without jumping in? Are they so important? No, it’s just driven by ego. An ego so big she must rush back, jump in front of the camera, and try to fill the void with her opinion.
I listen every weeknight
I love listening to a newscaster with some personality!! Lol 😂🥰👍🏳️‍🌈❤️❤️
Good Stuff
Topics and well researched and arugument are made with a sound logical basis. Critics can only blather "fake news" without making any comments about the actual content. You may not agree with her, but let's at least have a real debate about the topics.
robby ann
Vote blue!!
Good investigative reporting but...
2nd Update: TWO seconds into the 7/29 show, guest host SMACKS her lips very loudly. Nope. Going to get me news elsewhere. They ruin a perfectly good show with this unprofessionalism Update: I took off two stars because Rachel Maddie herself has been smacking her lips. Incredibly annoying when wearing ear buds. This fails basic courtesy for your listeners. Took one star off because of a frequent substitute host smacks her lips while speaking. Might be unnoticeable on tv but horrid through headphones. Surprised the producers let such an unprofessional guest host on over and over again.
Rachel is a National Treasure
The day after Mueller’s testimony I was FURIOUS with all the commentary that impeachment wasn’t going to happen (looking at you, Nicole Wallace - shame on you!). Later on, Rachel was the only one to get it right: we simply don’t know what will happen. Why does it take so long to post the podcast of Rachel’s show? Lawrence O’Donnell is posted before her but airs afterwards.
So glad to be able to listen to your show on podcast
Cindy l. Word crazy
The news is pretty tough to hear/read about in the age of trump. Somehow Rachel Maddow makes it so I can listen to the news without getting sick to my stomach.
Aunt Scotty
Aunt Scotty22
Greatly appreciated, so glad you thought to do it!
Thank U
Thanks for all the information we get from you & employee thanks am not blind mine eyes are open
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