Susan Gale from A Place of Light
Published October 11, 2008
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    Susan Gale is currently one of three owners of the spiritual center, A Place of Light, located in central Massachusetts. All of her adult life has been spent as a teacher, principal and director, working with children and their families through schools and children's programs. Co-author of Psychic Children and Soulful Parenting, she currently offers classes to adults, teens and younger children as well as private sessions to help them understand their intuitive abilities and gain more control and benefit from them. A Place of Light is a center dedicated to the support of intuitive children (Indigo, Crystal, etc.) and their families as well as intuitive adults. What we offer you is a place where you can speak freely to a listening ear about your children's experiences, your frustrations with labels such as ADHD, ADD, austistic and other DSM labels, as well as your joys and concerns. If your child is afraid to go to sleep at night because of what is seen or if your child refuses to enter certain areas of your home or other places you might visit, we can help. It is our belief that many behaviors that are labeled as being mental illnesses are actually manifestations of intuitive abilities.
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