The Courage of Fearless Thinking
Published June 21, 2008
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    Michael Price has led an interestingly varied and inspiring life. He has enjoyed the benefits and experiences of several separate and diverse careers, each of which presented its own set of extreme challenges including: Professional Baseball Player, College Baseball Coach, Police Officer, Insurance Fraud Investigator, Private Investigator and Trainer / Teacher / Consultant In each profession, Michael was the one that others came to for direction and advice. Early on, he discovered that he possessed the unique ability to identify the core issues of the vast majority of the situations people presented to him. Over time this skill, coupled with his own personal drive to live up to his highest potential, led Michael to the development of ?The Courage of Fearless Thinking.? HOW ?THE COURAGE OF FEARLESS THINKING? BEGAN. The seeds of ?The Courage of Fearless Thinking? program took root when Michael was in high school. Over many years of hardship, experience, and study, those seeds began to germinate. During that time, Michael often worked with individuals endowed with very large egos, yet still did not live up to their potential. These were people who had terrific physical and mental talents yet strove to blame others for their own lack of achievement. They could have, and most definitely should have been leaders, but instead, were apathetic or to the extreme, bullies.
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