A big jump from Coffee Break Spanish
I loved coffee break Spanish and was really getting it. However, this podcast seems to make a big jump from that, leaving me pretty lost when they're spending half the episode talking rapidly in fluent Spanish, using words not even covered. Then, they don't even review what they've said. The premium version is a bit expensive so I guess I'll just be finding some other podcast to try because I'm wasting my time listening to people talk in rapid Spanish with no idea whats going on
Thank you Show Time Spanish!
The entire Radio Lingua Spanish series (Coffee Break Spanish, Showtime Spanish and Coffee Break Spanish Magazine) has been a tremendous help to my listening and speaking skills since I learned of it at the beginning of the year. I've been using the podcasts daily over the past three months and its helped me move up a level in my Spanish classes. The main teacher Mark has a love of Spanish language and culture that comes through in every episode. A real treat.
Love this podcast!
Mary R S.
This is a great teaching tool for those of us that have learned Spanish beyond beginner level, but don't get a chance to speak it very often. They slow down enough to be understood, but don't talk down to beginner level. There is enough context to learn or remember words we haven't heard in a while. Great job Mark and Alba! And I love that Scottish accent when he speaks English , coupled with his Castilian Spanish accent, this is highly entertaining to this Mexican Spanish speaker.
Great podcast for Spanish learners!!
The telenovelas were my favorite! Please come out with more telenovela podcasts. Those helped improve my listening skills.
Top Notch - and free!
Snookie Gooch
Wow, what a real find this series is. I've listened to them all and some more than once. My Spanish has improved to the point that I'm following right along with what they're saying as they converse in Spanish. I took several years of Spanish in high school and college, but this course has actually benefited me more. Hats off to Mark, Alba and the other instructors! Thank you!
Show Time Spanish is excellent!
I've been searching for podcasts that would help me learn Spanish and Show Time Spanish has been the best. I worked my way through Coffee Break Spanish and am now going through the lessons of Show Time Spanish. It's like having tudors who explain phrases, grammar, idioms, etc. The conversations between Mark and Alba are great for listening comprehension. Can't recommend it enough!
Mark is one of the best teachers I've ever encountered. I'm extremely grateful for this podcast.
Awesome show
Just finished it. When is the promised sequel coming? ¡Muchas gracias!
Fantastic podcast
Ted in Virginia USA
I just completed this series. Mark is a terrific teacher, and Alba's sparkling personality always made me look forward to listening to the next episode. I feel like I am moving away from good friends. I will miss you guys!
The best podcast for Spanish learners
I subscribe to several Spanish podcasts, and this is by far the most entertaining and educational. The dialogue is natural, the topics interesting, and the grammar explanations informative. Of all the podcasts, this is the one I look forward to and listen to first.
The best
Red Hot Chili Popper
Thank you Mark for the podcast. Coffee break Spanish is great but I really hope you'll bring back this one because it's more useful for advanced students. Thanks!
Passed a college exam with the help of Showtime Spanish
I never write reviews for podcasts, but I used Showtime Spanish as a studying tool when for the Spanish Language CLEP exam (a college credit exam) and I love it. Half the exam is dedicated to listening comprehension; I don't think I would have passed the test without listening to this podcast. I owe program a great debt. A really great podcast.
Great supplement for me
I'm a working adult studying Spanish in school and I LOVE being able to review and practice with Show Time Spanish while I'm at the gym. It's a great way to spend 20-30 minute while I'm on the cross-trainer.
Media Artist
I really want say thank you for this podcast, it reminds me of Sesame Street when I was a little kid in the 70's. When I was 5 I was speaking Spanish fluently more so than English, my mother was calling our neighbor's 11 yr. old daughter to translate for me. Now I'm happy to learn it at my fingertips.
Exactly what I need, couldn't be any better!
I have been studying Spanish for almost 2 years now on my own. I find that I can read most Spanish almost perfectly, however I have a little more trouble understanding common spoken Spanish; it's usually just too fast or contains too many idioms for me to figure out exactly what I am hearing. When it comes to speaking, I am borerline terrible unfortunately, due to the fact that I have been studying mostly on my own and have had very little interaction with Spanish speakers. The format of these podcasts is perfect for me. It contains a full 5-10 minute conversation in Spanish, a full PDF document containing a transscript of the conversation, and many discussions about common idioms and other sayings that you usually don't learn in books. Mark and Alba are very entertaining and I find this course just challenging enough for me. It's not too easy where I get bored and not too difficult where I tune out. After 9 or so lessons I already feel more confident, but I've still got a ways to go to earn true fluency! Note that, of course, the Spanish presented here is the variety spoken in Spain. I've been studying Latin American Spanish which is slightly different, but I find it interesting and educational to learn the differences.
Great! I'm suggesting your podcast to everybody
Hermano Italiano
I just finished CoffeeBreakSpanish, that was awesome. Easy, no boring, even the grammar part is done in an excellent way. My warmest thank you and keep up with it.
Excellent program, very well produced. I have studied Spanish for quite a while and this podcast has helped me increase my fluency. Keep up the good work!
Showtime Spanish
Ken in san jo
I would say that this is absolutly the best teacher ever that I have ever had. ! No podriá estar mejor! I wonder what Mark will come up with next.
Reminds Me Of The Muppet Show!
Outlaw Magician
Okay, there are no actual Muppets, but the Podcast's 'feel' is delightfully reminiscent of Jim Henson's lovable craziness. Which means, of course, that the show is a lot of fun. But it's also serious teaching; this is good information covering listeners in both Europe (rendering "gracias" as "grathias," por ejemplo), and the New World (with the aspirated 's' pronunciation more common here). Until most recently, I thought the lead male vocal was a native speaker of Spanish -- and I could have SWORN that he was on-air talent at Univision. So then, if you fondly recall the Muppets, are eager to progress in Spanish -- and you can somehow get your head around an instructor with perfect Spanish diction teaching Robert Burns poetry [with an equally perfect Scottish brogue] to a female co-host, who then renders Burns in lightly-Scotia flavoured Spanish -- by all means, download and enjoy. It's Show Time! Leland Stone The Outlaw Magician
awesome podcast!
This is by far the best language podcast besides coffee break spanish that I have encountered on the web! Why? The simple reason is that it's entertaining, it keeps my interest, it's funny, done by people very well prepared and versed in teaching methods that have proven effective in my own life.
Showtime Spanish is terrific!
ShowTime Spanish is wonderful! It's just what I had been seeking to improve my Spanish. Congratulations to the whole team for creating such a brilliant series, to follow their wonderful CoffeeTime Spanish, which I completed.
This is a great podcast to spend 20 minutes with. Mark has made STS and Coffeebreak Spanish a fun way to learn, or improve, your Spanish. The format of STS is great to help first enhance our listening skills, and second to help with the grammar. Most of the vocabulary is left to the Bonus Materials. My Spanish, especially my listening skills, has improved dramatically with STS in a short amount of time.
Great Podcasts!!
I love these lessons. They are short, compact, and really great! Abosultely helpful. I wish would be a bit more lively, but if you're serious about learnign Spanish as I am, you will throughly enjoy this program! Great job!
Good but not great.
Opening conversation is great. Glad they dumped the tongue-twisters and replaced with jokes. Jose should talk less about what he is doing and just do it. And then, please Jose, spell out or pronounce slower the key phrase or two if they are tricky. Alba is a delight, a real change from the equally charming Kara of coffeebreak spanish. Best part of the show is still the host teaching. But I wish he did more quizzes like after lesson 5, or in 3a. What frustrates me the most with the new format is they say "It is showtime", but then you mostly just listen passively. Coffeebreak did a better job of getting me to speak and interact; I wish they would give more opportunities to practice speaking and gain confidence. The opening song IN ENGLISH?!? is incredibly annoying. Thank you for shortening it.
AMAZING Podcast! :D
This podcast was just what I was looking for, as a person that knows enough Spanish to listen and understand. Subscribe subscribe subscribe! It will really help beginners and advanced learners learn to listen and speak.
Best and most effective resource i have found
I have used many resources (college classes, conversing with Spanish employees, books, tapes) but this is the best! At the beginning of each episode, they talk fairly rapidly, but then they simplify the episode and talk more slowly so if i didn't understand it initially i pick it up during the review. Also they use a wide variety of verb tenses, but they use them naturally and i now find myself actually using the correct tense when talking to Spanish friends. Fun and very rewarding.
Great podcast
After you finish with Coffee Break Spanish, this is a good place for your next step.
I have gone through coffee break spanish and enjoyed it and think I learned a lot. I am a beginner but I have also been using many other tools and spending a lot of time on my Spanish, I find that Showtime spanish is not very helpful to me. I suspect it would be helpful if I were to subscribe and pay for the transcripts. As it is, I find it very frustrating.
Very Helpful!
J Michael Harper
I followed Coffee Break Spanish from the first day I discovered it, loved it, and this second Spanish podcast is probably even better than the first! I love it because it naturally builds on what you already know through normal conversation. I love Radio Lingua, they are first-rate with their podcasts.
This podcast is amazing in every respect. The content is well chosen, explained in a clear, detailed manner, and put together seamlessly. The format is excellent and offers superb practice for listening and thinking in spanish at an intermediate level. I've been studying spanish in various ways (elementary, middle, high school, adult community education courses, podcasts, audio, websites, etc), and this is by far helping me improve the most efficiently. Keep up the great work! I'd love to see this format/quality of podcast in many other languages!
The best podcast for learning Spanish
Kenneth S.
This is a really well thought out, well produced podcast for English speakers who want to learn Spanish. Conversational skills are not ignored at the expense of grammar (or vice versa) so it's helpful whether you're a serious student or just want to survive your next trip to Spain or South America (pronunciation differences are explained as well). There's is very little filler so each 20-minute or so episode can be listened to over and over. If you're considering buying instructional Spanish tapes (or CDs or downloads), I strongly recommend trying this podcast and its companion, Coffee Break Spanish, first. This is one of times that it just doesn't make sense that stuff this good is free.
la siguente nivel
tupelo honey
¡Me gusta muchísimo STS, La Siguiente Nivel! I am learning soooo much. I thought CBS was excellent but this is absolutely the best, the easiest, the most fun way ever to learn Spanish. I wish this forum had been around 20 years ago when i first tried learning (using LP records and cassette tapes); i imagine i would be fluent in several languaqes by now. I love Mark's easy to understand explanations (and his Scottish accent is divine!), Alba has the sweetest voice and the two of them sing well together when that happens! I loved when they sang Supercalifragilistcexpealidocious (sp?)! I think i especially love the telenovela. I understand so much of what i am hearing when they are speaking Spanish and i love that Iona has limited Spanish skills ¡como yo! The whole program is most NANAGONIOUS (a word a dear elderly friend of mine often said to describe something inexplicable). Thank you RadioLIngua for providing all of these methods of learning and making learning a language FUN! vlj de arkansas de los estados unidos
Amazing podcast. Extremely useful.
This is by far the greatest podcast I have come across for language learning. I have followed Coffebreak Spanish and Coffeebreak French along with the new Show Time Spanish and I have learned so much. Mark explains things so well and everything is integrated so it flows very nicely. I retain what I learn from these podcasts because they are done professionally and passionately and its apparent that a lot of thought and work goes into each one. I can't wait for upcoming episodes to improve my vocabulary and take my language learning to the next level. Thanks Mark, Alba, Jose and the rest who provide a great resource for those of us who love languages.
Great for intermediate Spanish speakers!
Science Jock
This podcast is an excellent resource for people who are looking to take their Spanish from an elementary to an intermediate/advanced level. Don't start here if you've never spoken Spanish before. But if you're looking for something a bit more challenging, this podcast is perfect. Show Time Spanish has helped me progress from an elementary to an intermediate Spanish speaking ability. Thank you Show Time Spanish!
Extremely well-done
Lupus The Wonderchimp
I love this podcast! Because I teach ESL, I am very picky about choosing language learning materials for myself. The people who constructed this program clearly took great care in making something that really promotes learning, plus I have fun listening to it. The vocabulary and grammar instruction is quite relevant. I feel so motivated when I then hear the same phrases used later in the "telenovela" (every 5th episode). I usually listen to each episode twice, but I like how they build on each other for continued mastery. I have tried many other podcasts in several languages, and this one is by far the most professional, the most creative, and the most useful in advancing my abilities.
Es hora pasar al siguente nivel!
Besides the people who listened to Coffee Break Spanish, I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone that wants to take their Spanish to the next level - it literally does! The program explores the finer details of the language that many classes don't cover. I have studied the language for about five years (four in high school, one at the university level), and I was looking for a program to fine-tune my Spanish. Even at the first lesson, I have learned something new. My favorite part is the section with Jose, where he teaches you how to make your Spanish responses more interesting.
Great Podcast -- Find better music.
Wonderful podcast! Great sequel to Coffee Break Spanish! I would like to hear Spanish music in the beginning instead of that corny Broadway/Bugs Bunny opening music though!
Jonathan Ashcraft
A mi me gusta, mucho este programa. Gracias por todo su trabajo en este. I suggest this program to anyone who wants to learn spanish. I LOVE it.
I Can't wait for Show Time Spanish!
Meditating Ape
I have just finished the Coffee Break Spanish series, and I am very grateful that the instructor, Mark, is continuing the lessons with Show Time Spanish. After 80 lessons with Coffee Break Spanish, I am able to understand my Spanish-speaking friends and I'm actually able to somewhat express what I want to say!!! I'm very happy for an opportunity to bring my Spanish to the next level. Thank you both Mark and Kara!!!!
I am speaking Spanish and being understood!
Between Coffee Break Spanish and now Show Time Spanish, I am speaking Spanish and being understood by native Spanish speakers. Just a small investment of time on a regular basis and the Radio Lingua Network will get you where you want to go with your Spanish!
Que bueno!
Me gusta mucho este podcast. Es bien util y explican todo super bien!
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