October 13, 2019
Speaker: Albert Tate
October 6, 2019
Speaker: Albert Tate
September 29, 2019
As we conclude this series, our prayer is that through technology we rally around this truth: “don’t let evil conquer us, but overcome evil by doing good.” As a church, we recognize the amazing influence technology can have not only through reaching people for Christ but also in equipping them in their faith. We can confidently shut doors that cause us to fall into the world’s patterns, and eagerly set guardrails around our lives not just to limit our use of technology, but to intentionally utilize it in ways that will bear fruit in this world. Speaker: Kyle Idleman
September 22, 2019
Social media was created with a genuine desire to connect the world but it has slowly become a carefully curated illusion of status and importance. When the world places a high value on followers and influencers, we as a Church must remember that we belong to each other. We won’t fall prey to the smokescreen of social media, we won’t waste our time building a temporary empire or chasing momentary affirmation, instead we engage every platform in our lives with great transparency and intentionality, knowing that God’s best work is seen through our everyday ordinary lives. Speaker: Kyle Idleman
September 15, 2019
In a culture with screens on every corner and in the palm of every hand, we need to have an honest conversation about what it actually means to live in, but not of the ever-changing world of technology. Make no mistake about it, the way we spend our screen time is a clear indicator of what we are following. So rather than copying the behaviors of the world, we want to utilize our screen time in a way that intentionally transforms our minds and lives to look more like Jesus. Speaker: Kyle Idleman
September 8, 2019
In conclusion to this series, we choose to commit to being honest about the fact that everyday frustrations will continue to meet us in this journey of life. As a church, we will not save face with an “it’s all good” mentality that avoids the valleys of life. Nor will we choose to make our home in the valleys. But, we will commit to authentically recognizing and responding to the frustrations of life in a way that honors God. We do this by looking to Psalm 107 as a template of restoration. This Psalm is the story of a broken humanity pursuing a redemptive God. It is the anthem of the person longing to live in the Spirit but still battling the flesh. This is the Psalm for the person walking through a season that seems fruitless and wondering what good could come from it. It is a word of encouragement for the one stuck in patterns they feel will never be broken. It is hope for the person who feels the waves of life are breaking them and redemption for the rebellious living at arms-reach from God. This is the Psalm for saints and sinners, the faithless and faithful, this is a Psalm for you. Most of all, this Psalm reminds us that we are only ever one action away from imitating Christ through our emotions- crying out to God. As believers, we share our stories of celebration and struggle to remember that no frustration can frustrate the plans of God- even when we’ve had enough, He will still be enough. Speaker: Kyle Idleman
September 1, 2019
Labor Day was formed as a tribute and celebration of the contributions and achievements of women and men in the workforce. Every year on this weekend, we as a country celebrate the productivity and results of the American workforce. Although this day has great intentions, it has also instilled in us some unhealthy tendencies. While we’ve never been more productive, we’ve also never been more tired. And in an effort to celebrate work ethic, we have begun to find identity in what we do rather than in who God has said we are. We willingly stretch ourselves to the point of exhaustion over and over again, believing the lie that our value is proved in busyness. When “I’m Tired” becomes the anthem of our lives, we must ask ourselves what or who we are following, because God has promised us rest from the exhaustion of the world. Hiding beneath the surface of tired lives and souls is a lack of trust in the One who promised a freedom from lack. No time-management, three-hour nap, amount of caffeine or intentional planning can in and of itself bring us to a place of rest. In a culture that rushes like river rapids, we must follow the God of quiet waters. In a culture that grasps for control, we trust in the Good Shepherd to guide our way. In a culture that strives to rise, we embrace that He makes us lie down and rest. In a culture of exhaustion, we trust that He is the only one who makes an empty cup overflow. Speaker: Kyle Idleman
August 25, 2019
It’s the answer we give when we can’t fully put a finger on what is going on. It is the response we riddle off to an acquaintance when what we desperately need is a friend. Within these three simple words is a mixture of sadness, loneliness and confusion reduced to the phrase “Not That Great.” When emotions are too great to fully comprehend it can seem like nobody understands or cares. This often leads us to a place of utter loneliness and despair. Psalm 142 reminds us that even when we don’t know what is going on within us, the Spirit can express to God the depths of our soul and rescue us from the pit. Where the flesh allows emotions to hold us captive, but the Spirit helps us live captivated by the goodness of God regardless of the circumstances. For those who need a word of hope, this Psalm reminds you that you have a friend in the Spirit that will utter the words you cannot express, but for those of you who stand on the other side of the prison gates, your testimony can become a battle cry of hope for others. Speaker: Matt Reagan
August 18, 2019
This emotion floods the heart and overwhelms the mind. It stops your feet dead in their tracks at the sight of both the crowds and the few. It convinces you to run from relationship, responsibility, and reason. Its name is anxiety. Psalm 55 unveils the various anxieties that fill this life- from the battles in our mind to the battles that surround us. Because there is sin in this world, the anxieties of life continue to meet us at our doorstep. The question is not if, but when. When they meet us there, will we let them in or will we cast them onto the only One who can handle them? Verse 22 is an often-quoted section of Psalm 55, “Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you.” Notice it is Him that sustains. We open the door to stress and anxiety when we look solely to ourselves or something outside of God for the sustenance that only He can give. But if God becomes our sustainer and carrier of our load than even the heaviest seasons cannot break His shoulders. Speaker: Kyle Idleman
August 11, 2019
It weighs the body down at its very presence. It draws our eyes low to the ground in fear of rejection. It resists authentic relationship and cripples the calling God placed on our lives. Its name is shame. Shame plays no favorites- it has impacted all of humanity from the time of the fall and the response has always been to hide. To hide from others- what we have done or what has been done to us, and to hide from God out of fear that His grace has met its limit in us. Shame is a terrible captor that the Jesus came to free us from, and Psalm 32 reminds us of what it looks like walk out of the darkness of shame into the light of the cross. Speaker: Kyle Idleman
August 4, 2019
Our tendency to avoid emotions is never more realized than when we respond with “Okay.” “Fine.” and “Good.” The vagueness with which we respond may not be intentional, in fact, it could be the answer we were taught to give. But what if we were missing out on one of the very things God wired within our soul to help us truly live? We are given snapshots throughout Jesus’ entire life of how he navigated emotions, but in the Garden of Gethsemane before Jesus goes to the cross we see him recognize and respond to a variety of emotions as He navigates how to willingly step into what God is asking of Him. In Jesus, we see that leaning into emotions is not synonymous with living in them. We can embrace emotions in a healthy way and in turn learn to give them to God in faith that He will redeem them for His good. Speaker: Kyle Idleman
June 23, 2019
As followers of Jesus, we don’t live with the end in mind, but with the beginning in mind. We fight daily from the reality that we have already won, there is nothing to fear. One day that victory will reach its full completion, and the remnants of a war-torn humanity will be no longer, but until then we raise our banner of victory knowing that the enemy’s time on earth is short. Christ defeated death and sin, the visible and invisible, so we don’t fight for victory, but from victory. Speaker: Kyle Idleman
June 16, 2019
We were never meant to cruise aimlessly through the minefields of life. We're not unaware of the enemy lurking around us, but we are unafraid—because Christ is a Conqueror. Speaker: Kyle Idleman
June 9, 2019
In the words of the apostle Peter, Jesus is "the Messiah, the Son of the living God." Nothing can stop Him. And when the church stands firmly on Christ's identity, nothing can stop it. Even as an invisible battle rages all around us, we can lift our hands in victory, knowing no spiritual force holds any power against the living God. We're not unaware of the devil's schemes, but we are unafraid. Although the enemy prowls, the Church prevails. Speaker: Kyle Idleman
June 2, 2019
Isaiah 43:18 "Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing!” At first glance, this verse seems to imply that God is commanding His people to forget their past of sin and shame so that they can focus on the hope that is coming. But this challenge to forget the former things is also in reference to their positive past— all the ways God had moved in their lives before. Earlier in the chapter God had reminded the people of Israel of one of the powerful ways He had worked— by splitting the Red Sea and so that the Israelites could step into the promised land. It’s as simple as this: God doesn’t want remembrance to overshadow expectancy. This verse is less about forgetting what God has done, and more about living expectantly of what He will do next. God wanted His people to lift their eyes to a “new thing.” See, in God’s Kingdom the glory days are always ahead-- not behind. So, we fix our eyes with expectation, we strengthen our hands with urgency and we lift our voices with faith that the most effective sermon is yet to be preached, the most inspiring song is yet to be sung, the most dynamic worship is yet to be experienced, the most compelling testimony is yet be heard, the most selfless service is yet to be offered, and the most radical generosity has yet to be given. Let’s have a faith that looks forward to what He will do…a faith that anticipates…a faith that dreams. We come together with a faith that expects to be amazed by what God will do in the future. As we move us from memory to expectancy, we come together to say “Do it again God!” Speaker: Kyle Idleman
May 26, 2019
God's Word is worth living in and living out every day of our lives. Our success—both individually and as a church—is ultimately gauged by our faithfulness to Scripture. Speaker: Dave Stone
May 19, 2019
In a culture that hides from God behind bitterness and pride, we have a unique identity as witnesses to Jesus' heart-changing power. Speaker: Ashley Wooldridge
May 12, 2019
In God's hands, your life has the power to shape the future of the world—beginning with your family. The best legacy you can pass on to others is a vibrant model of faith. Speaker: Kyle Idleman
May 5, 2019
No one follows God faithfully by being passive in the process. Leaning in to Jesus' calling on our lives requires intentional planning and perseverance, using His gifts in His strength. Speaker: Dave Stone
April 28, 2019
If we want to make a difference as followers of Jesus, we need to trust in His strength and power. Our calling as Christians looks less like striving and more like surrender. Speaker: Kyle Idleman
April 21, 2019
What if Easter is more than an old story? What if the story is true? And what if the thing keeping you from believing is not a lack of evidence, but you? Speaker: Kyle Idleman & Dave Stone
April 14, 2019
Jesus so valued people that He was willing to give everything to secure our redemption. As we look to the cross and consider our calling to love, we're reminded that what Jesus asks of us is not more than what He has done for us. Speaker: Kyle Idleman
April 7, 2019
God's intentional, beautiful, and extravagant love draws us in to worship and sends us out to reach others. We worship God not only through what we say and sing, but also how we love the people around us. Speaker: Albert Tate
March 31, 2019
If your busy schedule keeps you from being available to others, something has to go—and it's not them. In God's Kingdom, there is always time to heal the hurting and give hope to the desperate. Speaker: Dave Stone
March 17, 2019
When we think someone isn't worth our time, we need to remember God's loving heart for us. As we consider the ways we treat people, the deeper lesson may lie in our own hearts. Speaker: Matt Reagan
March 10, 2019
Since Jesus cares deeply about even the little things in our lives, we should approach others intentionally. Let's not grumble when people get in our way, but give our attention when God places them in our path. Speaker: Dave Stone
March 3, 2019
Galatians 6:9 challenges us to not grow weary in doing good for in due time we will reap a harvest if we don’t give up. Romans 8:28 reminds us that in all things God works for the good of those who are called according to his purpose. 2 Corinthians 4 gives us the promise that our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us a glory that will far outweigh them all. God is the great redeemer. He is working for our good even if we can’t see it right now. Don’t give up now, you’ve never been closer to experiencing the good God has for you. Speaker: Kyle Idleman
February 24, 2019
We live with increasing independence and isolation. Technology gives a grand illusion of connection, but we have never been more disconnected or lonely. Hebrews reminds us to “consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.” When you’ve been let down and left rejected too many times to count, it is tempting to put up a wall and walk away; but God has made us for each other…Don’t Give Up. Speaker: Kyle Idleman
February 17, 2019
For the single person who has decided that marriage isn’t going to happen…for the wife who is married, but lonely…for the husband who feels like his wife no longer who he married…for the couple living more as business partners than friends…for the spouse who is deciding whether or not the marriage is worth fighting for…Don’t Give Up. Speaker: Kyle Idleman
February 10, 2019
Following Jesus doesn’t end at baptism- it is only the beginning of what He has for us. Jesus shares with His disciples a story that carries a deep meaning about how to build lives on Him and His truth in a way that can never be shaken. As we look to the parable of the wise and foolish builders we see clearly that the work we put into this foundation of faith will show itself strong and immovable in the storms and uncertainties of life. Speaker: Dave Stone
February 3, 2019
Matthew 6:19-24 We all long to be a part of something bigger than ourselves- to leave a legacy beyond our own years. The problem is found when we place our legacy in things that won’t last. Jesus was quick to challenge people to be careful how they weigh, score, and measure their lives on this earth. In a world consumed with the latest and greatest, will your legacy be possessions or people? Speaker: Dave Stone
January 27, 2019
God designed us to live in unity, but sometimes our relationships get strained by unsportsmanlike conduct. Here, Christ teaches us to live beyond our circumstances and feelings in order to love like He does. Speaker: Kyle Idleman
January 20, 2019
Boundaries are intended to protect and keep us aware of the goal. When we move outside of God’s boundaries, we easily allow the enemy to gain ground in our lives. Anger and adultery are things that we can either intentionally pursue, or get dragged into- and Jesus has a lot to say about how to keep from either of those things happening. Speaker: Kyle Idleman
January 12, 2019
We were never meant to sit on the sidelines. When Jesus calls us to advance His Kingdom, He shows us that God can use even our setbacks for His glory. Speaker: Dave Stone
January 6, 2019
So often we find ourselves moving through life with priorities out of order, direction blurred, and expectations on the way life should turn out. When Jesus took his disciples up on the mountain he gave them the first few steps in where this journey with Him began. Over and over we read His words, “You’ve heard it said… but I tell you”. Jesus was the master at challenging his disciples to live with a fresh start and a new focus. The Sermon on the Mount stands as a message that is countercultural to the world- a message where losing becomes our gain, weakness becomes our strength, love becomes our currency, and people become our investment. Speaker: Kyle Idleman
December 30, 2018
Speaker: Dave Stone
December 23, 2018
Mary and Joseph feared they had lost Jesus after a huge family holiday. As they searched eagerly they found that he was in the temple asking the teachers questions and listening to them. Mary questioned Jesus’ actions, challenging him that he should’ve been with her and not in the Temple. Jesus responds by telling her that He had to be in His Father’s house. Jesus teaches us this: The greatest gift you can give will not be the presents under the tree, but your presence on this earth that allows others to learn about His presence on the tree. Scripture says that Mary treasured in her heart that Jesus went to the temple. The presence of Jesus reminds us of the power of someone coming near you in the flesh- someone choosing to sit beside you. Let His presence teach presence. Speaker: Kyle Idleman
December 16, 2018
It had been revealed to Simeon in a divine way that He would see the Messiah in His lifetime, so he waited faithfully until what he had heard was here. The prophetess Anna had every reason to be hopeless, married at a young age and now a widow- she devoted her life to telling people of the God who would come here. She saw the promise fulfilled that day where her words culminated into action. They had heard that hope was coming, but now it was here. Simeon and Anna teach us this: Trust what we don’t see and celebrate what we do. Speaker: Brian Sites
December 9, 2018
The Christmas season was always intended to remember and celebrate the wonder of a God who meets us right where we are. In the form of a helpless babe, Jesus willingly became like us because of His great love for us. The shepherds had wandered their fields for years with no clear purpose. They continued to go through the motions with their sheep until they were met in the middle of their routine by angels who turned their wandering into wonder of a God for all people. The shepherds became messengers that day, and all those who heard that hope was born wondered at the news. God wants to take each of us out of a season of wandering in our heart and into a season of wonder of His heart. Speaker: Kyle Idleman
December 2, 2018
Zechariah, Elizabeth, and Mary were in shock and awe at what God was saying to them. Two situations were met by the God of the impossible and that is enough to keep you in a daze. A child born to a woman in old age, and a child born to a virgin. We learn from these stories that God is a God who wants to give our days purpose regardless of our age, even when we don’t always know how he could possibly do it. He sends us to our knees with the impossible so that He can lift our eyes to Him. Speaker: Dave Stone
November 25, 2018
Speaker: Albert Tate
November 11, 2018
The waves that threaten to overwhelm us display the strength of our God who weathers every storm. When life’s waves come crashing in, shift your focus from what was done to you toward what God is doing in and through you.  Speaker: Kyle Idleman
November 5, 2018
When trials hit you like a storm, will you choose to endure or embrace the waves? Life’s inevitable waves come with the incredible opportunity to trust in the rock-solid strength of God. Speaker: Kyle Idleman
October 28, 2018
Walking with integrity keeps us in tune with what God wants for our lives. Integrity frees us from guilt, one of the tools used by our enemy to drive a wedge in our relationship with Jesus. When we rely on Christ to be our strength when we are weak, Satan has no hold on us. Speaker: Dave Stone
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