Warning! Very addictive!
I’m currently listening from the beginning.... for a second time, It is produced well with background music that doesn’t overwhelm the mesmerizing voice of Paul. The stories are pulled from across the web with a great mixture or unreal, mysteries, creepy and funny. Keep up the great work
A literal dream
The Roberts Family
I’m obsessed with listening to this at bedtime. As someone who suffers from an array of mental health issues, including Bipolar disorder, nights can sometimes feel endless. When I put this lovely calming podcast on, I am whisked away to a world of mystery and quickly find myself falling into a more important world; SLEEP! So glad this exists!
I love Paul’s voice. It’s so relaxing and the stories he reads are very interesting. I have ADHD and falling asleep can be difficult with the constant stream of thoughts in my head. This podcast gives me something to focus on is interesting and relaxing. It’s almost like distracting the ADHD long enough to fall asleep. My brain is weird. This podcast is key though. I’m a patreon because I love this podcast and I NEED as much content as I can get my hands on. I’ve listened to all the episodes multiple times.
Excellent content and relaxing voice
I first heard about Paul’s fabulous voice when Georgia from My Favorite Murder recommend listening to help her fall asleep. Initially I did the same thing but shortly realized how interesting the stories were and the occasional Creep Pasta readings were just icing on the top, so Paul became the very first content creator I supported through Patreon. Fantastic all around!
Love it!
Blanca Singh
I enjoy listening to Paul’s voice, very calming.
I love this podcast
Calming and informative
Truly comforting (and cool and interesting!)
The title is the review.
I'm Hooked!
Foggy Star
Paul, I love you. Keep up the great work!
Loved it
This has been great, but it seems that music is being added to all the episodes? Really loved this podcast until that change. Paul’s voice was great on its own, music ruins these. Great job otherwise.
Workout friendly
Anne Todd
Great for my treadmill workout every morning.Love his voice and the stories are fun and interesting.
Interesting and Relaxing
This is the perfect podcast to lay down to and listen to, when it’s time to go to bed or just when I need something to keep my mind occupied while I’m relaxing.
Background music is too loud!
I used to love listening to this podcast (and host Paul’s relaxing voice) while winding down for bed each night. Unfortunately, I can’t stand listening to more recent episodes because of how loud the background music has become. It completely drowns out the narration and is super distracting. I also don’t find the podcast relaxing at all anymore due to the loud, overpowering music so I just can’t rate higher than 2 stars. I’m considering deleting the podcast altogether if the music volume isn’t toned down. PAUL, PLEASE TURN DOWN THE MUSIC, your voice alone is more than enough!
Please please please never stop doing this show !!
I have listened to approx 30 eps in one WEEK !!! Your amazing ! Love you both
I looked up the word.....
...mellifluous in the dictionary and it said “-see Paul Rex”. The presentation is only surpassed by the outstanding content.
Amazing podcast
I have trouble sleeping and have some anxiety; but with this amazing podcast, I spend my time before bed listening to a perfectly curated podcast where I learn interesting facts and become relaxed enough to sleep. This is also great for flights, subway rides, and any situation where you want to be calm yet engaged. Thank you! I hope you get your wish to podcast full time!
Great way to pass the work day
Just started episode 38. This podcast has been most enjoyable and has gotten me through the last couple of boring days at work. Pauls’s voice is great for narration and the background music plays well with his story telling abilities!
The best podcast of all!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
My #1 favorite podcast
So well produced. Excellent narration, even sound levels, and consistent elements make it feel masterful and relaxing. A de-stressing way to learn random facts and hear intriguing stories. Helps me get calm enough to sleep.
Thank you.
Paul, I started to listen to your podcast from the beginning just a little under month ago and haven’t been able to stop. I believe I’m on episode 26! Can’t wait to catch up and see what stories you have been telling! Thank you for your stories and the music along with. Great work! I’ll be sure to mention this to my friends. Cheers, Alen
Brilliant, engaging, relaxing
This series is perfect for when I’m driving, preparing and eating dinner, relaxing on the porch or dozing off. A true gem!
Mystery’s Abound
Perfect little stories and interesting facts to play while doing things or falling asleep. I’m glad I found this podcast.
Amazing stories & facts!
Lighterside of
I so love listening to this podcast it the best🤓👍🏻
Your spot for the strange and unusual
I love hearing Paul narrate stories and articles on the strange and scary. He does the work to find stories that satisfy my interest in the weird! I’m happy when I see a new episode because it makes my long morning commute much more enjoyable!
It’s a gem💎
Pretty Good
Luc Bonucci
I love the vibe of the podcast. It’s a more eerie take on mysterious subjects as opposed to the silliness that some other podcasts of the same subject matter are based around. I much prefer the former. The host’s voice annoys me after not too long, so I can only listen to about one at a time unfortunately.
Rexy forever!
This show is a hidden gem
Thanks for the relaxing vibes Paul!
Jess Levandoski
I listen to Mysteries Abound when I need to lower my heart rate and relax. I often listen before bed. Also love the high audio quality that Paul has created! Thank You!!!
Does Nintendo know?
That you’re using the music from donkey Kong country water level music as your theme song?
Our charming host has the perfect voice to share spooky, mysterious, and sometimes just plain odd stories with his listeners. It’s relaxing and thought provoking and the same time, two things that oddly go together!
Why no episode titles, descriptions or durations?
Very frustrating.
original kovacs
What a show. We blew through all the free episodes. Looks like I will have to pony up and get the rest. Keep up the work. You found the perfect recipe for a fantastic and engaging show. Brian and Laura from Philadelphia
Please add story timing
Wonderful app
I love this podcast, it helps me relax. I often fall asleep to Paul’s soothing voice. One recommendation I would make would be to list when each story starts in the details so that when I do fall asleep, I can easily go back to what I’ve missed,
Perfect For Sleep!
I just started listening to Mysteries Abound and I am obsessed. The host, Paulrex uses his incredibly soothing to news articles about the strange, funny and bizarre. They are perfect bedtime stories for grown ups. They’re interesting enough to distract the anxious mind while ushering you into sleep. Thanks Paul!
The mystery is: why there are 173 episodes?
Awful, the only mystery is why is reads boring facts in a mysterious voice.
Best podcast ever!!!
I’ve been a listener for many years and this show is absolutely top notch!! I’m obsessed with it, and it feeds my passion for mysteries and the unknown. I literally listen to it every single night and on every road trip. Keep up the fantastic work, Paul.
Top notch
Cu in mn
Love the narration I'm going thru these shows like hotcakes. Love the bizarre and paranormal the just like coast to coast minus the call ins. I hope you decide to continue. Thanks!
Just discovered this jewel
I love this, I listen while trying to fall asleep and your voice is great and the stories are interesting.
Original Content???
I genuinely enjoy this show, but I am so suprised that he hasnt been stopped for blatant plagarism. Each story is read straight from an article that someone else has put their time and effort into writing. Verbatim!!! Word. For. Word. More often than not, it's usually just the first article that pops up when you Google the topic. Jeeze. It's nice for when people can't read an article on their own, but my god, I'd be mad as hell if someone used my work and then asked for patreon donations. In good faith, I just can't give it more than three stars, despite it being a decently produced podcast with a good concept.
Love the topics
Love your voice and the topics
Comforting and engaging.
lemony tinsel
Wonderfully curated across a broad variety of topics and interests. The host manages to keep focus on the stories and articles while maintaining a likeable personability. This podcast is my go-to when I want to relax or complete manual tasks to something mentally stimulating without being overwhelmed.
Soooooooooo chill
Paul talks about weird and interesting things but it’s his total chill vibe that’s so addictive. I work from home and I listen to his podcast all day.
Love this podcast!
Great podcast, has a lot of interesting stories and the narrator has a great voice.
Best for sleep
I listen to this almost every night before I go to sleep. Paul’s voice is super soothing. It’s one of my favorites!
Seven nations 14
I find your podcast very strange but I like it
I find this show quite relaxing. Kind of like stories around the campfire.
It’s His Voice
The topics of this podcast are varied and interesting, but it is the narrator’s voice that keeps me hooked. The following is a compliment: I play this podcast to go to sleep. The narrator’s voice is soothing and comforting without sounding syrupy or forced. Please don’t stop recording that amazing voice!
Well done ....”!
podcast junkie 828
Excellent—— always aimed when I get that update of a new episode available 1 of my top 3
This guy has the greatest tone and cadence for reading these great stories. Keep up the good work!
Learn Me
Tony's Scooter
Love the knowledge and tales that are endeavored with Paul, all though he narrates solo with an enticing flow, his favorite companion to the Podcast is his Stellar selection of Music that accompanies these stories and breathes life from texts. Please follow my lead and join the family as A Patreon.
Jam it down
I really enjoyed listening to this podcast. Very good thanks 😀
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