March 29, 2020
On today’s special “quarantined” edition of the Sports Card Show Podcast, Colin is joined by Ryan & we discuss the dramatic turn in the trading card market as cards & almost all activity is put on pause for the Coronavirus. First we discuss being called as EXPERT WITNESS in the Upper Deck vs Leaf trial. Then we discuss the economic impact the Coronavirus will have on the trading card market. Who will be the winners & losers? Will the NSCC be cancelled? What are some ways to make money in a downturn? All this and more! Enjoy, stay safe and healthy!
March 8, 2020
On today’s show we discuss some of the new sets that have gone live including 2020 Topps Heritage and Optic Basketball. If you feel these sets are overpriced or out of your budget, I give you some tips on how to acquire the cards. Sports Cards are RED HOT!! Like stocks, homes or anything for that matter - it’s probably a good idea to be a SELLER in that type of market. I’ve seen some recent social media postings where people are confronting PACK SEARCHERS at Target/Wal-Mart. I tell you why that’s a REALLY BAD IDEA. The NFL draft is coming - I give you my prediction on what type of class it might be. Finally our main topic is GaryVee promotes the hobby on a daily basis - and is often criticized for it. I run down collectors WHO WANT HIM STOPPED and tell you what I think. As always, today’s podcast is sponsored by NO ONE! Enjoy!
February 27, 2020
On today’s show we discuss the 2020 Topps Industry Conference with Ryan @SportsCardNews who attended the even for the second year in a row. We discuss what types of things you could expect if you attend the show in the future, including giveaways, athlete appearances and takeaways you can learn. We discuss an altercation between Tom Fish, owner of Blowout Cards, and Ryan in the hallway. We discuss how group breakers are the “scrubs” in this industry - mainly because they care more about being liked than making money.
February 16, 2020
On today's show I talk about setting a hobby budget - mainly because I saw a tweet last week that really made it evident people aren't doing this. Basically a guy said he could have bought a Jordan Auto and LeBron RC for how much he spent on breaks - instead he had base he didn't even want. So I walk you through the 3 steps to make sure this doesn't happen to you! Even if you've been collecting a long time, this episode is for you - but especially if you've just gotten back into the hobby or are starting for the 1st time. I then talk briefly about the Class Action Lawsuit against PSA/PWCC and more. Baseball season is coming soon. I give an update on my store and Amazon sales in 2020.
January 31, 2020
On today’s show we discuss the tragic death of Kobe Bryant and why he was so extraordinary.
December 24, 2019
On today's show we discuss the changes we'll make to the show in 2020. You'll find more in-depth episodes at Going forward, this podcast will be (mainly) shorter and less in-depth. Today I discuss Luka Doncic and Zion being hurt. A former NFL player being accused of card trimming. Brian Gray goes off again! And with 2019 in the books I hope it was your best year ever. In 2020 the goal is to MAKE EVERY MOMENT COUNT! Merry Christmas and Happy New year! See you again in 2020.
October 4, 2019
On today’s podcast, a company blow-hard threatens to sue Sports Card Radio AGAIN! Hint: He's threatened to sue me before! NFL Rookies blow ass ... sort of. Lots of QB’s going down for the count Eli, Big Ben, Cam, Luck, Darnold, brees, Trubisky are all hurt or basically retired. Did DA Card World scam me out of $600 of Topps Series 2 Jumbo Boxes?? I took a trip to Southern Hobby in Reno, I briefly tell you why I did so and how it was “cheaper” than having the items shipped. I take a look at some top MLB players base Bowman Chrome rookie card prices. It’s going to give me a good idea what I can pay for up & coming players, and which one’s are already pricing in greatness. Ronald Acuna $25Pete Alonso $19 2006 BDJudge $16 2013 BDPPCarlos Correa 2013 $1Mookie Betts  2014 $4Juan Soto 2017 $5Cody Bellinger $7.50Alex Bregman $6 Listener Q’s wrap up the final segment, but I go off topic quite a bit during the segment.
September 3, 2019
On today’s show we discuss some strategies I’ve used to sell on COMC and Amazon. Finally we conclude the show talking more about the card trimming and PSA’s latest conference call with investors. Here are some topics I discuss about buying/selling on COMC. Always make offers Auto accept 20% off Be the lowest price to sell fast Port Sales Buy in the offseason for baseball (Nov/Dec) Sell heading into NBA season Here are some things I discuss about selling on Amazon. Just start selling Don’t be scared of competition Seasonal items Sell in categories with low return rates Sell items that are tough to find Sell items that are replenish-able Search for items out of stock Expand to Canada Apply for Seller Fulfilled Prime Here is what we discuss about the Card Trimming  Greed will keep cycle rolling PSA basically points finger at PWCC High end cards is a small market
August 1, 2019
Ryan returns for his annual appearance on the podcast, but this time he didn't go to The National.
July 29, 2019
Today on the Sports Card Show Podcast, we discuss the latest in the card trimming scandal - including the Washington Post confirming the FBI is investigating. PWCC’s finally lawyered up and it’s gotten REAL quiet around the hobby. Brian Gray, Brent, even Gary Moser was talking - now it’s crickets. Finest, Pro Debut, S2, Stadium Club go live with a quickness. I’m interest in seeing if the prices hold over the NSCC or if discounting sends prices lower in the coming weeks. NBA Draft & Free Agents really shook up the NBA. I’m really excited about the NBA season, and I think it will be a fun season to follow NBA trading cards as well. I have a COMC wishlist! I go through about 5 things I hope the site adds soon. The NSCC is coming, and hopefully despite the FBI investigations, people on the show floor have a good time. Finally we discuss the 4th P in making 2019 your best year ever! You need a plan, process - and have patients. But what separates real winners from losers is PROGRESS. However progress can come in many forms - including failure, so embrace progress no matter what happens.
June 10, 2019
Colin and Ryan update you on the biggest scandals currently in the hobby. Huge update to the Gary Moser and PWCC trimmed graded cards scam. Looks like the finger pointing has just begun. Joe Clemons and Leaf Trading Cards has some explaining to do after more revelations that a former BGS & current Leaf employee gets a shocking percentage of Black Label and Pristine cards.
June 1, 2019
Colin and Ryan sit down and try not to drown in your tears now that Luka Doncic autographs are fake. More precious trimmed slabs have come up in the last week, and it seems like PWCC, PSA and Gary Moser could be in deep doo doo soon. Will you be too? DRAIN THE SWAMP. LOCK THEM UP!
May 17, 2019
On today's show we discuss a blog Garyvee posed to his website. We discuss the NBA Draft Lottery, that has Zion going to a team he won't likely have the opportunity to "go off" like Luka Doncic & other rookies have done. Nearly 100 more "trimmed slabs" have been uncovered since the last show ... stay tuned, more to come. I give you an Amazon update, what I have sold over the last 3 months - while NOT working on making sales. The numbers might surprise you. Finally, we want to make 2019 your best year ever. Just be sure to recognize the difference between a side hustle and a primary income source. Knowing the difference between the two can setup 2020, 2021 & beyond for you financially.
May 7, 2019
Colin & Ryan make a RARE DUAL in studio appearance.  With private security flanking the door, the twins light into the recent trimmed, fake & altered graded cards by PSA or BGS. 40% of you don't have $1,000 saved in your bank account but 100% of you might have trimmed slabs.  The 'Midget from Miami' has threatened a lawsuit against Sports Card Radio. We respond to him and his low rent South Beach lawyer.  While you guys keep chasing pictures on grown men, Colin just scooped a new Rolex Daytona and Ryan's 30th match on Bumble just slid into the Tesla.  And oh yeah, GET BACK to WORK..... SCRUBS!
April 27, 2019
Colin and Ryan both sit down and discuss the potential huge impact of Gary Vee and the prospect of him starting a card content website. A massive group break and card trimming scam has landed on Heroes of Sport doorstep. It's so massive, it broke traffic records to the twin brothers million dollar website! Cha-Ching! The NFL Draft is discussed. Tiger fucking won the Masters bitches! HATERS CAN TWEET @SPORTSCARDRADIO or at least show me how your mom's basement is furnished. SCRUBS!
April 19, 2019
Sports cards are hot and has a lot of people talking. @SportsCardRadio responds to videos posted by @GaryVee and @WatchTheBreaks & the general theme around sports card investing.
April 10, 2019
Colin goes into full blown seek and destroy mode on industry newbies, Luka Doncic group think, haters who have never made 7 figures on a website and much more. Haters are encouraged to reach out on Twitter @SportsCardRadio
March 31, 2019
On today's topic, we talk a lot about a sport that isn't in season right now: the NFL. We've got Buy-Sell-Hold NFL QB edition (15:00 Start Time). Then I talk about Zion Williamson, and the scenarios that could happen next year depending on which card company he decides to sign with (58:00 Time Start). LUKA DONCIC ABSOLUTELY SUCKS (1:09:00 Start Time). I talk briefly about the NFL draft, which I don't think will be as good as 2018 was (1:16:40 Start Time). Vlad Jr was chucking his autograph cards from Panini in a cardboard box! Was the video clip we saw the full story? (1:26:00 Time Start). Topps keeps coming up with some new ideas, now we have Topps Now Futures. Finally I discuss how you can make 2019 your best year ever.
February 28, 2019
On today's show I discuss a variety of topics I've written down over the last few months. I'm going to change my strategy on COMC again, this time pouring more money into the site. I joined the 582 Topps Club, and got an invite to but a $1,000 box as a thank you. Redemption cards are a Ponzi scheme and Topps, Panini, etc all participate. I give an update on my Amazon/eBay sales for 2018 and I tell you how my strategy will change in 2019.
February 26, 2019
Ryan talks with Dan from Mojobreak, Rich from Layton Sports Cards, Karvin Cheung from GTS, Erik Newton of Hall of Fame Baseball Cards and Adam Martin from DA Card World.
February 10, 2019
Ryan talks with Michael Roche, one of the attorneys representing Kevin Brashear in a class action lawsuit filed against Panini America.
January 29, 2019
Ryan talks with Mike, owner of Lower Level Sports Cards and Collectibles of Winnipeg, Canada. A wide ranging discussion about the business of running a store, the market for cards in Winnipeg and what products sell well.
January 18, 2019
Ryan from Sports Card Radio talks with Upper Deck President Jason Masherah and Sr Manager of Customer Experience Chris Carlin.
August 20, 2018
All the major card makers have some sort of “Guarantee” on the back of autograph & memorabilia trading cards. For example on the back of one Tyler Eifert autograph/jersey card I have it states: “The enclosed event-worn material and autograph are guaranteed by Panini America Inc” However, upon searching the internet for this guarantee, I could only find reference to Panini Authentic items (which are typically memorabilia like basketball, shoes, etc - not trading cards). Don’t most companies put their “guarantees” in writing? Just search the internet for companies you know that guarantee something - and you’ll find a place on the their website which describes the circumstances the guarantee applies to. If Panini puts the autograph sticker on upside-down - does the guarantee apply? If Dak Prescott (allegedly) has cards stolen from him that are then auto-penned and sold online - does the “guarantee” apply then? Is the guarantee for the authenticity of the autograph - or for the quality - or both? How am I supposed to know when Panini (and likely other companies) don't state this on a website? We discuss this topic and more.
August 2, 2018
The Mistake By The Lake hosts this years 2018 National Sports Collectors Convention. There's a line out the door, VIP tickets are sold out - but dealers, employees and those working the show are hot under the collar. Ryan describes some heated moments at the Topps Booth - and the Blowout Sports Cards booth. Problem for them, there's a long list of hobby "insiders" who have fallen on hard times directing heat at Sports Card Radio. We discuss trashing on Mike Smeth from Cardboardconnection, Mark Sapir at Topps, Josh Cade (Uber Driver), Breakers, and more.
July 22, 2018
The Sports Card Show is now in its 10th year recording podcasts! Thank you to everyone that has listened over the years. On today's show we discuss the Topps MLB Exclusive licence being renewed. We discuss in general the state of card quality when in comes to photographs. We talk about how Panini has added several exclusive licenses in here in the US - but sales at the company haven't gone up. We talk briefly about the 2018 National Sports Collectors Convention in Cleveland - more on that event on the next show. Finally we discuss having balance in your collecting life - so you don't all-out quit and leave the hobby forever.
June 13, 2018
There are a few sports card podcasts that have either re-booted or just started. One is the Mojobreak podcast, the other is About The Cards. On today’s show we discuss what will happen to 2018 Topps Baseball products now that it appears Ohtani is likely out for the season. I play a clip from a previous show that predicted the future. Mike Trout is one of the best baseball players of all time - what will happen to his card values over time? Which cards will be the most collectible even after he plays? We then briefly discuss the NBA draft & offseason.
April 27, 2018
The Sports Card Show Podcast returns from a few months off, I explain what I’ve been up to. (8:30 Time Mark) The 1st round of the 2018 NFL Draft happened the night I recorded this podcast, so I talk about the 5 QB’s that were selected. (35:40 Time Mark) Angles’ Pitcher/Hitter Shohei Ohtani is playing like a mega-star and his baseball cards are on fire - with gasoline poured on top. I’ve seen MANY hot prospects in my days ranging from Will Clark, Ken Griffey Jr, Ichiro, Albert Pujols, Derek Jeter, Mike Trout …. ect - Ohtani’s cards are reaching levels we’ve never seen before. I talk about the people that could stand to make a lot of money this season in the baseball card market - and I don’t think it will be the people who are trying to pull his cards. (48:12 Time Mark) I talk about how I’m going to prospect some NBA cards over the summer since most people will be on Ohtani and other stuff. (57:57 Time Mark) I talk about Brian Gray (Leaf Trading Cards) un-blocking me on Twitter. Finally I talk about how I don’t invest 100% of my assets in the stock market recently and why.
March 7, 2018
A Bloomberg article indicates Topps might be changing owners soon. We break down the information with @SportsCardNews on a BREAKING NEWS podcast. Read the full show notes on Sports Card Radio.
December 24, 2017
On today's podcast we discuss the 3 sports card "manufacture" conferences that will be happening during the first two months of the year. Upper Deck, Topps and Beckett will be holding these conferences - which one should you go to if any? Topps recently released 2017 Topps Transcendent Baseball, a product with a $27,000 price tag. Given there are 87 boxes made - that means Topps is asking the card community to fork over $2.35M during a time when we are buying gifts for others (or yourself like me haha). I think a product like this can be a regular release, however Topps' timing could be improved. During our annual New Year's Resolutions segment, I hand out advice for Panini, Topps, and Upper Deck for 2018. Finally on our Make America Great Again segment, I discuss my process to finding good stocks, I give you some podcasts I listen to and we discuss how you can make the new tax bill work for you.
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