Love this BUT I haven’t listened for awhile and OMG the commercials, I can’t handle it. Maybe because I tend to listen to a cluster from them in a row and it’s just so annoying to hear so many commercials, exactly the same, and In a row. Hope iheart can back off on the frequency.
Great hosts, great podcast
A fair and balanced history podcast. Very enjoyable. The current hosts are great!
Ads ads ads!
Interesting info but repetitive ads, especially their story about driving Mazdas in California. They have gotten too slick, too big business.
10/10 am subscribed
confused hippo
I really like this series, it’s really fun to listen to while i draw! It’s not only fun but informative. I’ve learned more here then i had in actual history class! Yeah the adds can get annoying but hey someone’s got to pay the bills! I would very much recommend listening to a couple episodes! There is a lot of them so it feels like you’ll never run out of them! Great series 10/10 would recommend.
Ads & Holly
Me in FL 2012
Either they have added more ads to the episodes or I haven’t listened in a long time and forgot how many there were. Seriously 6 ads in a 40 minute show, 2 at the beginning and then 2 more ad breaks. Holly’s laugh and arrogance are so annoying. Sometimes she talks down to Tracy when Tracy says something. It’s such a rarity for Tracy to speak more during an episode but then Holly seems to laugh more then.
Face palm... these hosts.
I can’t take it anymore. I’ve tried to get passed their biased opinions, needless laughter and I’m sorry (not their fault) the way they pronounce words with the letter O in them. Unsubscribed!
Way too PC (edit)
Can we cut the PC nonsense out of the podcast please? No one cares what race or gender any of these people were, especially if those factors weren’t of any significance in their life time. Now I feel like they’re pandering to blacks with all the podcasts about black people that they never made before the BLM stuff happened. Why didn’t you talk about these historical black figures before?
Love the content but...
I can not listen to their voices. I want to listen to learn but I just can get past the way they sound.
Consider this
If I can know with 100% certainty which political party you support just by the way you tell historical stories, you’re doing history wrong
Great topic choices
The episodes on cointelpro were so informative!! I've been listening for years. Thank you for covering history as it relates to current social ills as well as other bizarre events that I never would've heard about.
Excellent to Awful In a Flash
MGP Terps
Now they’re pimping ads for curved penis prescriptions? I love history. The pleasant and not so pleasant. I love a variety of views and opinions and respect those who have them. But I also know how the marketplace works and there are plenty of fish in the podcast sea. And I really don’t give a rats ass about what other listeners think. No I make the decisions for me so your high and might woke lectures are useless and hypocritical as usual. They say free speech but only if it’s their speech. They say freedom of expression but only if it’s their expression. They say don’t label yet have invented more labels themselves so it’s ok to us their label. They say no anger and hate but don’t mind them doing it. They’re woke. That’s a big freakin joke. They were invisible to me before listening and they will surely be when I leave
One of the worst podcasts I’ve ever listened to. Lacked nuance and depth when discussing historical events. Had a very Eurocentric perspective that teetered the edge of racist misinformation. Do not listen if you want thought provoking analyses or presentation of history.
Holly and Tracy are engaging and make me wish I had taken more interest in my high school history class. Thank you ladies for giving me a second chance to learn anything history!
History with a healthy heaping spoonful of nonsense
Looking for a podcast that reinforces that narrative that anyone who isn’t a POC is bad, then you’ve found your home. If the premise was to weave a more colorful tapestry of history and to include different voices & perspectives, the mark was missed. Which is a pity as that would be a much more interesting podcast. Let’s take the Cannery Row Story. If they started with “this is the story you probably already know” and then weave in the First Peoples, Chinese, etc with their history and narrative, including the good, the bad and the ugly, this would be a top notch podcast. Just started listening to the Irish Famine episode and they have the audacity to think that asking a question “why didn’t they eat something else?” is privileged. WT actual F?? Anyone asking that question is asking because it’s the right question to ask - being inquisitive and wanting to know the full picture isn’t privileged. My family is from Ireland so does that mean that I get to ask the question but someone of Italian descent doesn’t?? Rubbish, that’s what it is.
I recommend this podcast to everyone I meet!
I thought that I didn't like history until I started listening to this podcast; it's extremely informational but never boring. This is the first podcast I ever listened to and it set an impossibly high bar for other podcasts. I love the hosts and it is clear that they put a lot of effort into researching their topics. Both Holly and Tracy go out of their way to handle their topics with care and nuance and are quick to address any mistakes they made in their research.
Love !!!
I love this podcast! There are even more on their website !! I love the hosts! Very relaxing !! I’m from GA so I love their accents :)
Good premise but
The premise of this show is fantastic and the variety of topics is excellent. However, I cannot for the life of me understand why the hosts sound like they’re constantly on the verge of laughter while talking about...everything!! It’s so annoying and downright inappropriate at many times. There is a way to sound engaging without sounding like you’re about to laugh at terrible crises surrounding slavery, famines, etc.
Love it!
I have listened to this podcast for awhile, and I love it!!! I love all the obscure history that is taught! Whoever thinks the hostesses are annoying are wrong, and should stop being mean.
Lots of triggered snowflakes making reviews.
Amazing how many people who ‘have listened since the beginning’ are suddenly dropping the show due to a ‘political agenda’ or ‘being leftist’ or ‘evil SJWs’. Reality (and history) with that well known liberal bias strikes again.
Good good, very good 😚
CarCar Edward
xy Te Te
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Way too many ads.
Don’t Miss the Point
If your problem with this podcast is that it spends too many episodes talking about the history of marginalized people/groups, then I would beg you to ask yourself: what exactly did you expect from a podcast about what you *missed* in history class? Did you listen? Did you learn something? Then great, what’s the problem? I learn something new every time, even if it’s a topic I thought I knew a lot about. 5 Stars!
Very left wing biased
It’s really hard to get past the super cringey “white guilt” persona these hosts put on. Almost every episode is some sort of PC rhetoric or apologizing for how history was. This is not a podcast about interesting historical tidbits, or even things you “missed”. They used to do some more interested topics, now it’s all very political. The most recent episodes are a prime example. This is a BLM podcast. Not history. They hosts need to realize not everyone cares about their political agenda. The multitude of negative reviews make it clear a change needs to be made.
This Show Sank
This show has always been a bit biased, but it was tolerable in the past. Now it’s just out of control. Get back to history, ladies, factual history, not your judgy version. If you want to support strong ladies with history podcasts, I would recommend: The History Chicks or History with Abby Hornacek. That’s what I’ll be listening to instead.
Loving this Podcast
So many unique historical events covered .
Book reporting
Running the Bardo
At times it feels like the hosts are reading a book report to the class. Great info but it gets tiresome quickly.
Unfortunate Waste of a Great Theme
I was so happy to find this podcast because I am such a history nerd and I love the premise: stuff you missed in history class. That made it so disappointing to discover the hosts seemed more interested in pushing their own biased beliefs on social issues than simply relaying the interesting, little-known facts of world history. This show could be great if the hosts and producers focused on the countless interesting happenings of history; some of them delightful and some of them horrible, but all of them interesting. You should more accurately name the show: Stuff We Think You Should Believe About History From Our Biased Perspective. It’s very sad and I won’t be listening anymore.
Nope. Agenda driven nonsense. What a shame, I’ll have to look elsewhere for actual history.
Sooooo good
I love this podcast!!!! It’s so nice to know that I’m not weird to like history!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💕💕🧐🧐
It is good - but not great.
They seem to be very focused in and things they find interesting, which is an a bad thing, less you’re not interested in it. It happens so much that I often times don’t even bother.
Love this podcast
This podcast gets into all the stories that don’t get much attention in traditional (i.e. created by rich white guys) histories. I love the way they give enough context without overwhelming listeners with unnecessary details. Please ignore the aggrieved white guy contingent and carry on!
A must listen
One of my favorite history podcast! The hosts have great chemistry together and are a joy to listen to. The episode on Free Frank Mchorter(sp) was one of my favorites.
Haters go away
Yes they support black lives matter. Live with it you whiners
Misleading title
I tried several different episodes but every single one is aimed at some sort of current events and political movement. Not much history here.
I used to love this podcast
I loved hearing stories from the past that I never knew about.... but it turned political and it was my escape but not anymore. Sorry
Anti-racist, feminist, radical. I love this history!
EDIT: I just read some of the comments and people are pretty...well, stupid. Someone critically said this was “turning into a Black Lives Matter podcast”. I hope it does! Someone else said T and H sounds like flirting sorority girls......I would bet my life a man, and probably a white man, would use those criteria to critique women telling anti-oppressive history. Get it together folks, just listen to something else. Your rude comments are not needed here. Holly and Tracy tell stories. Yes, those stories are actual historical occurrences. Yes, they sneak in comments and opinions. It just so happens I agree with their analysis and enjoy hearing history with an emphasis on how power systems are corrupt. I love this podcast! It got me into podcasts and I couldn’t be more grateful. Systemic racism and oppression have deep roots and the more we know the more we can shift our narrative. The hosts always get all the credit, but I also wanna thank all the PAs and producers and anyone else that contributes to the research. Y’all are wonderful!
Informative and Fun
Pace Dubs
This podcast is fantastic, informative, and delves into so many topics that I truly did miss in history class, and even when it’s a topic I was familiar with, the hosts often share new insights that I had never heard before. One of my favorite podcasts! Holly and Tracy are wonderful!
Wikipedia audiobook
Refer to title
Gone downhill
This podcast used to be very informative on a variety of topics. The correct hosts are very, very politically correct and it’s turned into a Black Lives Matter podcast. Of course, no other perspective is offered or given on black violence and crime. I’ve had enough propaganda.
Love Holly, Tracey and History!
Wonderful, detailed and insight look at all the parts of history that don’t get told. Holly and Tracey and wonderful hosts and delightful to have guide us through the myriad of hidden narratives over time.
Informative and interesting :)
Any podcast with female hosts is always reviewed more poorly than male hosts, despite their respective charisma. This is a great podcast 🧡
Social Justice Warriors,,- I’m out
This podcast has been great for several years; however the consistent virtue signaling has become a bit tiresome.
For the win!
Holly and Tracy are a delight! Wonderful vocabulary, clear voices and a fun range of topics.
Great job
Good job! I listen to this every day and I love it.
Their voices are hard to listen to... and it sounds like they are just reading off their script rather than discussing. I came here because I listen to “Stuff You Should Know” almost daily... but this fell short. I feel like I’m back in middle school.... Womp
Great episode!
Thank you thank you for refuting the Irish slave myth.
Take the bad with the good
Interesting topics. Rough voices that are hard on the ears.
Kudos for refuting the Irish Slave myth.
Well researched with social justice bent
Thank you wonderful ladies of history. For providing well researched, entertaining podcast that seek to create connections to the present and amplify voices of marginalized communities.
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