Where are all the Halloween history stories?
kim m 14
I’m a huge fan, except I’ve been disappointed by the lack of Halloween stories they typically share this time of year!
Too high pitched
The person that speaks this has a really high pitched vioce witch is not relaxing at all. And there’s adds at the beginning I watch tv for that.
Love this podcast
The hosts are delightful and clearly delighted by history. A real joy to listen to as they explore and explain largely overlooked people and events in history. Absolutely love every episode.
Westernization? I think you meant Colonization!!
candy bling
Please think about how this sort of coded language comes off as an ignorant micro agression de: Liliuokalani episode .
Tone and pace is everything.
Content is great. Love the stories. The one thing that breaks this for me are the tone of the hosts voices. Not all the time, only when they go up into the high pitch range... which is often. The other thing is the pace, or cadence of the reporting. This may just be a personal preference, I don’t like energetic, hyped-up casts or ads. I’d watch TV for that. But I killed the TV a decade ago because of that.
No fun
I used to love this podcast, but they haven’t told a story that grabs my attention in a really long time. I also feel a lot of the commentary outside the scripted story is very self-indulgent and tired. Some podcasts do self indulgence like an art form, but they do not. They don’t seem to have the same joy for this anymore. I think I may need to let this one go.
Like good friends
Holly and Tracey feel like good friends! I love to have their voices playing as I drive! I’ve learned so much, and become more educated in so many aspects of the world through their well-researched podcast. I appreciate their respectful, open-minded take on such a broad spectrum of historical events. I hope to one day attend a live broadcast! Bravo!
Love it!
Love, love, love! Thank you for all the interesting topics! I can’t stop listening 👏👏
Just started listening
B.E.R is my life
I’m addicted to this podcast awesome to listen to when doing homework! Definitely going to listen to a lot of episodes. Also don’t listen to the haters they are just sad that they can’t be podcasters
Enjoyable fun history
I like the quirky delivery. The laughing doesn’t bother me. To me the podcast sounds like 2 smart ladies discussing history.
Enjoyable history tidbits!!
I have been listening to the podcast since 2016, and have even dived into the archive for older topics, although I don’t have a full PhD in SYMIHC yet! The majority of episodes are interesting to me, well researched, and fun. Overall a very enjoyable podcast!
Subjects are intriguing.
I like history and I enjoy the lesser known details that turn facts into a story. I’m committed to this podcast because the subjects are almost always unusual and intriguing. I’ve seen that some reviewers are critical of the presentation. The presenters enjoy a friendly banter that is relaxed and natural. I much prefer this to a stilted presentation where I’m obviously being read to. The bottom line is the material is well researched and fully explored. No amateur historian would be unappreciative.
Accent and pronunciation
The attempts made by the host regarding French accents and pronunciation make some episodes unbearable
I’m a woman and I also believe their laughs are super obnoxious so there goes the misogynistic men theory. They are terrible podcasters who make everything sound scripted and laugh at their own not funny jokes.
Funny and informative
I guarantee you every person who has given a negative review saying their voices or laughs are annoying are just misogynistic men. Men never say another man’s voice or laugh is annoying. Don’t listen to ignorant male fuckwits - give these two intelligent and funny women a listen instead.
Like the concept but...
I really like the concept of this podcast, but the delivery lacks. Always sounds more like a knowledgeable book report than an engaging story. Makes me appreciate the better story tellers I find on other shows.
Let’s go ladies!!!
Yeah, it’s scripted. But they’re not trying to have “genuine” reactions and making it sound like bad acting. They have genuine reactions.
Love it love it love it
goa ladies
Hi, I’m twelve and I love this show.My sister and I listen to it every night!!You ladies are our inspiration for learning history!School used to be so boring until we heard about stuff you missed in history class, then I realized that history is made every second in life.(P.S.: I want to be just like you when I grow up.)
Bite-size morsels...
...of arcane history that fill in gaps just like the title says. Voices are nerdy, unique, NOT irritating. Holly & Tracy sound glad to be here, they are appropriately opinionated and careful to disclose when facts are missing. They are not above editorializing; great for a podcast. Episodes are not too short; any ads are irritating, but it's free.
Really cool variety of topics!
I have loved this podcast for years. They do a great job with research, cover a really wide variety of subjects, and are generally fun, funny, and relatable! I also appreciate the attention given to listener requests and the sheer amount of content available. There’s lots to love for anyone, even if you just pick and choose episodes.
Great podcast for history
I have listened to this from the beginning and love Holly and Tracy. The episodes are a good entry into each topic and they do their best to make the story interesting.
Quick briefings on history topics
Really enjoy this podcast, as the topics really do vary from century to century and continent to continent. Love the fact that the ladies put their own opinions in there. Two downsides, 1. I can definitely tell they are reading from a script (fine, I guess, as that’s the format of this podcast.) 2. 95% of the time I can’t tell the two hosts apart. They sound identical.
I wanted to give it a “4” but my fat fingers hit the five. It was an interesting few moments but not something I want to pay for!
For lyoii
It’s ok
This is such a great concept but it’s so uptight and lacks personality. It feels like it’s just being read from a script with forced jokes and nothing terribly special. I really wanted to like it more but just couldn’t get past how cookie cutter it is.
Love it!!!!!!!
Spot the difference!!!!!! 😰😰😰😰😨😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😨😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰
Love Love Love it!
I’ve been listening for about 2 years now and I absolutely love it! Holly & Tracy are great! Keep up the awesome work!!!
I just can’t
I realized that I was letting episodes pile up. I was getting the “Not Interested Anymore?” question on SYMHC feed. I felt like listening to this was good for me, you know, like eating a high fiber diet. I tried to ignore Holly’s horrible, nervous laughter and her completely annoyed over-the-top pronunciation of French names and vocabulary. I’ve recently discovered a different podcast that covers some of the same territory in a much more enjoyable way. I am deleting this one from my list. I did try.
Robert Liston episode
“Holly’s and my’s”. Really? I mean, Really?
Not sure which one, but one host’s laugh is too much to handle
I really want to like this podcast, but the occasional super annoying laugh from one of the hosts is unbearable. It’s one of those gutteral, insane ones that’s hard to explain but you’ll know when you hear it.
Too many commercials
I enjoy the hosts and most of the content but there are way too many commercials.
Love this show!
Love the topics, plus Holly and Tracy are great hosts!
A good listen for new and old episodes
I’m very nearly through the entire catalogue and I’ve learned so much. Holly and Tracy clearly do the research, but never make anything too academic or dry which makes for easy, informative listening. I would also greatly suggest this if someone’s looking for a podcast where they can actually go through the backlogs because the episodes hold up to listening no matter how many years have passed.
Extremely disappointed in the ladys not doing research on how to pronounce County names in Texas. Also a Boring Snoozefest
It’s okay
I am not good at podcasts. They really need to hold my attention. These podcasts are informative, but unfortunately, I feel like I’m being read to instead of feeling like I’m listening to a conversation.
Just ok
The topics are getting boring. And nothing about the titles of each episode is exciting so I end up skipping them all together.
Sir Paulie Brow Boy
I have listened for years and truly enjoy the show. I have a soft spot for humanities. Thank you ever so much.
I just can’t do it anymore
The sing-song reading off of scripts has become worse. They alternate reading back and forth in such a boring, transparent manner. Most of all I can’t deal with Holly’s voice and behavior anymore: besides being the most nasally voice I have ever heard recorded on any media, she is laugh-talking at all times (even when it’s inappropriate) and then just stopping to laugh uproariously for the most minor reason. I haven’t listened for the last couple of months because I dread hearing the guffaws and giggling throughout. I guess this has just degenerated into Holly’s show where she indulges every thought that pops into her mind that she finds hilarious. After a couple years of listening, I’m done. Deleting the whole thing.
Used to be good...
Thor 79
After several years of listening to every podcast I have given up. These podcasts have become one sided with the presenters opinions treated like fact. There are a lot better podcasts about history out there.
I love this podcast
It’s the best! So fun for road trips! I’ve learned lots, thanks!
Holly and Tracy are amazing!!!!! They make the episode come alive with emotion while they speak and really interesting facts!!! Keep up the good work!!!! I have recommended this to all of my friends!!!!
Please change the hosts!
The hosts are terrible. They sound like they are reading directly from Wikipedia. Not engaging at all. I so wished this was good, the topics are very interesting but terrible delivery.
They make learning history interesting
I have learned so much history from this podcast. They do research and make sure facts are as accurate as possible. Perhaps a little too much interest in whether people were homo/bi/intersex, but otherwise very good. When I was in school I thought history was just memorizing a bunch of dates and didn’t recall much at all. I am glad to have this “class” available. Thanks. And the hosts keep it real. They sound like fun ladies I would enjoy visiting with.
Used to be great... no below average
This show used to have so many amazing episodes. I was always looking forward to what would be next. Recently, it has become so boring. I have tried to listen to an episode but it is just so dry, I end up turning it off. Tracey and Holly seem like they don’t even like each other and it really changes the listening experience. Also it has become a glorified biography show. It’s the “ let’s pick some random small character from history and tell you about their life” show rather than the engaging and interesting stories from history the show used to have.
Entertaining and educational
The hosts are very careful about their research. When some quotes/sources are unreliable but included to advance a narrative or to present an ongoing debate, they make sure it is clear. When there’s question about facts, they correct and clarify in future shows. The presentation often includes surprising or lesser known aspects and perspectives. Extremely entertaining and educational at the same time.
Great English Convent Case - but WHY??
Just listened to this and could not figure why nobody addressed or even speculated WHY this abuse of the nun had happened. It makes no sense. Super annoyed I wasted my time on this.
Disappointingly bland
I found this podcast because I’m a long time fan if Stuff You Shoukd Know but I was disappointed. Most of the bad reviews on this cast are rooted in misogyny, so I didn’t think there would be a real reason not to l8e it. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t have any of the charm of SYSK. The hosts sound like they’re reading bullet points from a paper and there’s very little color or excitement when discussing topics that should be riveting. My actual history class is much more interesting, seriously.
Love the topics and the hosts.
Too many ad reads🙄
August 31 2019 episode. It’s a decent podcast and some interesting topics and information, but my goodness the ad reads were like every five minutes in this. I don’t mind one or two but on shorter podcast episodes, having multiple ads is super annoying.
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