Well researched with social justice bent
Thank you wonderful ladies of history. For providing well researched, entertaining podcast that seek to create connections to the present and amplify voices of marginalized communities.
Keep politics out of it
I’m here for history not politics. Unsubscribed.
Greatest History Podcast Ever
I’ve been listening ever since my dad introduced me to the show as a high school student and I have absolutely loved it. From past hosts to Holly and Tracy, each episode is well-researched, covers an interesting tidbit of “stuff” left out of typical history classes, and has great audience connection! It’s been a dream of mine to attend a SYMIHC live show but that hasn’t happened yet, so maybe soon! Please come again to the Michigan/Indiana/Chicago area! We’d love to have you in the Midwest!
Very left wing biased
It’s really hard to get past the super cringey “white guilt” persona these hosts put on. Almost every episode is some sort of PC rhetoric or apologizing for how history was. They used to do some more interested topics, now it’s all very political. The most recent episode is a prime example
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
This is one of my most favourite podcasts! It keeps me sane! Please never stop!!!
Like, but
I really enjoy this but it’s really difficult to find certain episodes.
Hosts are unbearable but great show
I want to love this podcast. I want to like this podcast. The stories are so great but I can’t ever get past the voices on these two. With such a great and popular podcast you think you’d find worthy hosts. I feel like they breeze through stories like reading off paper instead of conversationally talking about it and they’re voices are just so painfully annoying. And I hate to say it, I do. But I just hope producers are listening to these reviews that say the same thing over and over. Keep the show. Get new hosts. Someone who sounds great, speaks well, and tells great stories. You’ve lost another potential listener.
Great podcast
My favorite podcast!!
The hosts are great and you will learn so much :) they put great research into their topics!
This is a ok pod cast
What’s up?
I see so many bad reviews... I know some history podcasts you can listen to! 1) The Past and the Curious - Almost no advertisements. Safe and fun for all ages. 2) Unexplained Mysteries - Some bad reviews. Safe for all ages. Sometimes may get disturbing. Disclaimer: I am not a paid advertiser or a bot. I have not listened to this podcast, and I won’t. I am not responsible if the podcasts above are not good in your opinion. Rating this podcast three stars, as I have not, and will not, listened to this podcast. (I am nine. Please, don’t sue me. -.-)
We all need love.
Lady Bug in Mississippi
I really love this pod case. I’ve listen to all the back episodes and can’t wait til the ones drop. I feel like know these ladies. Thank you so much for all the things you do. There’s only one thing I’d like to comment on. The episode of the Practice Babies. Someone commented on that they were kids taking care of babies. What did they know about taking care of the children? Well, I say this about that. Think about it, Eve didn’t have ANYONE to help her take care of her children. She must have did a good job or non of us would be here now. Also, the love those children received from these young ladies stayed with them their whole life. I think projects like those may be a good thing now. Peace!
Love it but commercials
I love the podcasts it would get 5 stars but I took one off because I agree with most reviewers it has to many commercials. Sorry, but it is true. Yours, Cami🌺
Just boring
No Drop 7
I find that the subject material is interesting but not told in an interesting way. It like you’re just reading off a piece of paper and not telling a story. I find it difficult to get through a whole podcast.
great variety
This show is awesome. I love the variety of topics and how clearly labeled the episodes are. They're concise without forgetting the fun details
GREAT podcast with subscription problems
Nick name is not taken
Great hosts! Great content! Great length! I have been a subscriber for a while, But something keeps happening and my device continues to download EVERY OLD EPISODE every week or so. I’m talking all of them from episode 1 to now. I have to unsubscribe today because of that. I’m talking 15 Gigabytes of phone memory. So sad.
Uppity and boring
The hosts are just unbearable.
I unsubscribed today
I like history, but I also like not being told how I should think about history. As a person living in a free country, I am able to make those decisions. It is very clear the agenda that the host is pushing. When one of the hosts referenced an article in a marijuana magazines a good historical article to read, that was the final straw as it made me question how seriously they take the subject.
Small request
I really enjoy your podcast! However, I do have one small request. Please do not play loud music at the end. I usually listen during the night & dozing off is a good thing! Being awakened by loud music at the end— not so much.
Why r all u haters even listening? Shouldn’t u be on conspiracy chat boards or somat?
Kind of boring...
I’ve tried multiple times to get interested in this podcast since I love history, but I can’t get into it. It ends up being more of background noise and the way they tell the stories is uninteresting. I love history, but I think this podcast is for only MAJOR history buffs. They go into things I’ve never heard of, which normally I’d find cool, but it’s almost as if we’re supposed to have known something about those specific topics before going into them.
This podcasts great. I don’t know why you’re listener base has such a high standard for 5 stars. Thanks for your work.
Looking for a podcast that reinforces that narrative that anyone who isn’t a POC is bad, then you’ve found your home. If the premise was to weave a more colorful tapestry of history and to include different voices & perspectives, the mark was missed. Which is a pity as that would be a much more interesting podcast. Let’s take the Cannery Row Story. If they started with “this is the story you probably already know” and then weave in the First Peoples, Chinese, etc with their history and narrative, including the good, the bad and the ugly, this would be a top notch podcast.
Evie R.
I started listening to this podcast a while ago and I’m crazy about it! The hosts are great and keep it upbeat the whole time. The diverse and interesting topics make each episode fresh and different. I would recommend this podcast for any history buffs out there or anybody who just wants to learn something new.
Good For Work
good to listen to in the background while working!
Amazing Well-Researched Podcast
I love getting to delve into these topics and individuals that are not generally taught in history class. The hosts (past and present) have been amazing women who I’ve loved listening to and getting to know through their work over hours and hours of interesting podcasts!
This was one of the first podcasts I ever listened to and is still one of my top favorites years later. I appreciate that the topics are always fresh and exciting and love the cheeriness and perspectives of the host. I went to one of their live shows and acted star struck around these lovely ladies. Thankful for them and the stories they share!
My guilty pleasure!
I literally sneak listening to this! When I need to relax and get my nerves calm this podcast is my go-to. They are light and fun, really conscientious of different cultures and how people choose to live their lives that is such a breathe of fresh air. They are very knowledgeable on what their subjects are. It’s right up my ally of information I may or may never use. Way to go ladies!
Can’t get enough!
Contrary to most reviews, I love both new and old hosts! They are very informative with the content they are discussing, and it shows that they have researched the topics at hand thoroughly. I enjoy their small and rare tangents off subject to talk about any other interesting tidbits they found while going through the podcast. I love hearing their laughs; it shows that they have a proclivity towards their new work. I say there can never be enough talk about women in history! I especially loved the episode on Ida, who ran the lighthouse. It had me at tears towards the end of the podcast. The ads are quite a bit louder than the actual podcast, and that is the only drawback. I listen at work through earbuds, away from my phone and don’t have a way to turn the volume down. I tend to suffer through them, since I cannot walk back to the phone throughout the podcasts. I do not mind the ads, just the volume! In all, keep up the great work! I love what you guys are doing.
Jen 476
Please get rid of the commercials in the middle of the podcast! I’m seriously thinking about no longer listening because they are so disruptive.
Five stars
I keep these gals in my AirPods while I’m at work and they keep me sane. This is an informative and entertaining podcast in my opinion. Thank you Holly and Tracy, take care xx
Listener for years
I’ve enjoyed listening to this show for years. The topics are great and I enjoy the personalities of the hosts.
Why such drastic VOLUME discrepancy!!!
MRS Funk Productions
I was led here from my fandom if SYSK. But...very strange vocal dynamics are making me give the two stars. Idk if it’s the engineering or what but darn it it very annoying. I do like the subject matter but I may not be able to tolerate the vast swath of vocal range and...yes they hosts are kinda annoying. Thanks anyway
Phenomenal Podcast
Joel McClur
This is a wonderful podcast, the hosts are well versed in the content, the tone is light and cheerful. Phenomenal find for history geeks like myself.
Love these two!
It’s a pleasure to have these delightful hosts to listen to as I toil away in my home studio.
Love the Hosts
I love the hosts of this show. Their quirky and a joy to listen too. Their are so many History Podcasts, mostly by men. I love hearing a woman’s point of view. Keep at it!!
MGP Terps
I’m an instant fan.
Love this podcast
Dex Thoth
The people who say the hosts are annoying need to get bent and stop crying because they are threatened by intelligent women. The hosts are fantastic and do an excellent job!
informative topics
i’ve listened to this show off and on from the start. it’s informative and interesting, detailed and well researched, and the hosts are helpful in make corrections when information changes. i take one star, simply because i’ve liked previous hosts better. it’s not always gripping enough to hold my attention, because, unlike other Stuff shows, they don’t seem to have that “talking about cool stuff with friends” vibe, so the show often comes off scripted or as if they’re giving a school lecture.
My favorite podcast
I love this podcast. The hosts are great and they add comments every now and then but not too many. I love all the subjects this podcast talks about and I can’t stop listening! The only thing bad in my opinion would be the length of the episodes. Yes there is a lot of information to go over but I find myself becoming distracted listening to the episodes that are over 30 minutes long. Other than that I would definitely recommend to anybody wanting to learn more.
Love the hosts!
It’s an enjoyable listen.
Great podcast!
Diverse and thoughtfully researched topics, wonderful hosts.
Love this podcast
This is one of my go-to podcasts. The research is fantastic! The hosts throw a few personal comments/editorializing in but not too much. It’s a great balance.
So informative and fun!
Thanks for all your hard work!!! Ted Greensboro NC
Love this show!
I love listening to the information given on this show - I definitely did NOT enjoy history at all in school! The two hosts are fun and engaging and their laughter is infectious! Two thumbs up!!!!
Podcasting geniuses
These ladies know how to make a kick ass podcast! I love how they put it together, the fascinating facts they include...and their voices are melodic!
History at its best
I’ve always liked history - but these amazing researchers/presenters opened my eyes to the aspects of history I was blind to - I see connections and importance where previously I just saw disjointed facts- now I LOVE the show and the quality hosts.
Very Informative
I’ve been listening to the current hosts for several months now as I make my way back through the archives and I have to say that I always learn something new. I don’t always enjoy the topic as there are instances in history that you just would rather not know about, but Holly and Tracy treat every topic with respect and due diligence. I especially enjoy Holly’s joie de vivre and her honest compassion. Thank you for the enjoyable podcast.
I don’t want to be in a chat between the two host. I want to hear a professional podcast similar to othe I heart podcast.
I used to enjoy this podcast but the current podcasters are so annoying that I had to UNSUBSCRIBE. I cant believe the same people have been doing this for years, isnt anyone else bothered by the fact that they actually just read you the information like in a class? The previous podcasters made it fun to listen and seemed like they really knew the material.
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