Engaging Thoughtful Content
Access to thoughtful experts, great questions, and overall a great learning opportunity. Thank you!
Worst sound quality ever.
Very interesting subject matter that is largely overlooked because the sound quality is so poor.
Economists Unite!
Great public lectures on current events. If you are tired of the same old media nonsense. This is the place to hear cogent analysis! Take a listen and hear facts and opinion that doesn’t burn your brain or appeal to your inherent cognitive bias. Guaranteed to make you think.
These podcasts bless me. Despite some lecturers being misguided idiots, most bring stimulating, intellectual ideas to the table.
Few others have better content
Sifting through 'clever banter' podcasts, the LSE is an oasis of content. Literally World-Class speakers and the number of them makes me wonder how they organize so many. Comments about audio quality dumbfound me- I would listen to these speakers through a gramophone. Thank you, LSE, for making this available to the rest of the world.
Please improve quality
Great content, but audio quality is terrible. Some parts are downright inaudible.
Better titles
Excellent series! iPod only captures 1st 3 words so could you include speaker last name, then a colon with the subject when you title?
Please Reduce the Number of Programs in the Feed
There are so many programs that my podcast app can't handle the feed. I had to unsubscribe.
Best podcast ever!
Egomet Bonmot
Could LSE please word its lecture titles to be read on an iPhone? We only see the first three words on iTunes/iPhone & therefore can't tell one lecture from another. Thanks much!
What an incredible opportunity for fans of social theory to stay current with the best scholars in the world. Thanks!!
Many eye-opening, mind-expanding lectures by a great variety of speakers from around the world
Listener Erik
I am so glad LSE's live lectures and events podcasts are back!
Jacob Borth
Please keep them coming.
Best companion during my 2 HR drive in LA
Everyday during my drive to UCLA, these podcasts and the ones from Stanford are my best companions. Without these, I have to listen to polarizing talk show hosts who transmit 1/100th of useful information. Most if the audios are of good quality, but some are pretty bad, may be the speaker turns away from the microphone. Hope LSE uses wireless microphones attached to the speakers.
Invaluable resource
It's very much to LSE's credit that they go to the effort of posting these lectures in podcast form. It sounds like most of them are public, but as others have pointed out, that doesn't mean the lecturers treat anyone like they're stupid or gullible. Speakers of all political stripe are represented, from a prominent Tory advisor to Slavoj Zizek, and overall, the lecturers are well-prepared and expect difficult questions from the audience. Very occasionally there are lecturers who have typed out a speech which they just read, which can make them a little tedious ("Secularisms in Crisis" was an unfortunate victim of this phenomenon). While currents of thought shift with time, LSE's lectures are posted often enough to keep up with events. This in combination with the high quality of the speakers makes these lectures an outstanding and invaluable resource to sift through, whether out of professional interest, or as a thoughtful bystander.
Serious brain food
It is true that some of the lectures have poor sound quality, but the intellectual content is fabulous. These are subject matter experts (in the best sense of the term) talking to a post-graduate or higher audience. There is no talking down, no mealy-mouthed populism, and nobody tries to get away with unsupported slogans.
good content, poor quality
this can be a great listen on the commute to work. after a dozen or so, the content and speakers tend to be quite good but the audio quality is often mediocre to awful. it usually sounds like someone in the front row is holding a tape recorder, rather than using a line-level recording. speakers often walk away from the microphone, and questions from the audience are inaudible. Such distractions otherwise detract from good speakers and fascinating information.
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