Overwhelms feed
Posting nearly everyday is excessive. Enjoy most of the content though. A lot of ads seem very male targeted.
One of my fav podcasts
I LOVE this podcast. I listen to it all night on the weekends! This podcast covers everything I love it so much! Though I have a suggestion: Why do stormtroopers have such bad aims? I am a huge Star Wars nerd and I can’t find anything on Star Wars in the podcast. (BTW, I am aware of the holiday special, good episode!) but nothing on like, the movie content itself. Thank you!
All so far
Hi, my daughter in Minnesota has been a listener for years and pestered me to listen as well. It took me awhile to come on board but I’m glad I did. I think you guys are great. I actually LIKE when you get off subject a bit. It makes the show more personal (NOT boring and dumb) and you’re not just reading magazine clippings. And it’s funny also. I have laughed out loud at work (oops) at some of your side bars. I have enjoyed all episodes so far. Thank you for your informative and laid back podcast... I love it!
I love it!
I have been listening to a few episodes lately and I love every episode I’ve heard. Thank you Chuck and Josh!
Just realized I’ve been listening for five years.
nacho narwhal
Y’all do good work, somehow I’d not given a review in all that time.
I used to love this podcast
Until they started taking money from slaughter houses
Best podcast I’ve ever listened to.
I’ve been listening to podcasts for quite a while and none have come close to SYSK. The banter and jokes make this show great on top of the impressive research. I’ve recommended it to tons of my friends and will be seeing Josh and Chuck live next time they come to Boston.
Love it!
I love Josh and Chuck. I always learn something. Always presented in a memorable and interesting way!
This is my favorite Podcast
Been a fan for two years. When selecting a pod to listen to, SYSK is always my first pick.
LOVE these guys!!
Josh and Chuck are some of the most casually hilarious people I’ve ever listened to! I have to listen to their podcast regularly or I feel like my day is incomplete! The intros are the BEST! My absolute favorite part of the whole show! Oh and I also learn some amazingly interesting facts about the oddest topics! Anyways, LOVE THESE GUYS! Check ‘em out, you won’t regret it!
Boy this people are so fun and funny !🤗😹
But I love the show :)
The newer the better
While the older shows are good, don’t go back too far or you have to listen to Josh say “umm” and smack his lips every five seconds. Holy hell. Stick with 2014 or after.
Yucking the Yum
Chuck really needs to open his mind. When he doesn’t believe in something, or doesn’t like something, he is extremely adamant about letting you know he doesn’t like it. He doesn’t give many things a shot, or a second chance. Be more open, man.
dumb and boring
these guys are literally the best!!
Chuck and Josh are so fun!! The opposite of dumb and boring. I’ve learned a lot from them. Their digressions are part of their appeal. I particularly appreciate how kind they are to one another and to the opinions of others.
Always Interesting and Entertaining
Momma Lollie
I’ve been listening to these guys for about 5 years now and they never get old. I love learning about such diverse topics and laughing along the way. They make ball-point pens interesting.
I like the show but..
I really like this show, but at times the hosts get so far afield it is annoying. I know some people like the banter and form a podcast bond with the hosts, but now me.
Subpoenas. Certified mail.
Josh. I believe Certified mail has to be signed for. I didn’t look into it, it’s just the way I remember. I could be wrong, have been sooo many other times. 🐒🙊🙉🙈 Love you guys. Your chemistry is fantastic. Keep up your hard work. Thank you to all those that help these two have the fun they have! 🖖🏼 Ohhhh, review... Great shows consistently. Informative and thought provoking. Jssix2
So Happy I Gave It A Try
Most of the pods I listen to are True Crime, with a few others that discuss interesting (to me) topics. I’m so happy I gave SYSK a listen. I’m caught up with the shows I missed over the years. SYSK is the first live podcast show I’ve attended. Since most of the musical artists I enjoy are either retired or no longer with us, I think I’ll be attending more podcast shows. I attended a show in Boston. When I tell friends how great the show was, they give me an odd look after I tell them the subject matter. I guess they should see for themselves. 😊
So clever.. not dumb and boring lol
J. Aune
My daughter and I love your podcast! Keep up the good work and all of the banter please!
My fav
Great presentation of interesting subjects. What makes this podcast especially stellar is the rare great rapport these 2 guys have. I love how they work together in a serious yet humorous way to discuss whatever topic they’ve chosen. Topics pleasantly diverse, always learning new things but I could listen to them discuss best ways to take out trash . My fav podcast so far, it’s head and shoulders above any others!
Two soothing dudes who help tuck me in
At nighttime I listen to scary podcasts about murder and mayhem while I knit and I need a unicorn chaser. Enter Chuck and Josh. Their voices help ease me out of nightmare land and into fun PBS learning land. Thanks guys!
Good stuff bro
lefty groove
Good stuff bro
One of my favorites! Very much looked forward to my weekly dose; LOVED the end of the world and listen to movie crush consistently as well. Thanks for doing what y’all do!
I love hanging out with Josh and Chuck (and Jeri)!
I’ve been listening for years and love hanging out with Josh and Chuck (and Jeri)! Their laidback style is informative and they explain things wonderfully. Their tangents are great and is a part of their charm that I wouldn’t get rid of if I could. I highly recommend this podcast!
Man you guys are the best!! This was the first podcast that spiked my interest and I haven’t looked back. You guys make any situation or moment better. Car rides, work commute, after smoking a Little ganja, while at the gym. Thanks fellas keep it up !
Amazing Podcast
These guys are seriously awesome. Their humor and wit makes the show and the topics they cover very entertaining. I really enjoy their wide range of topics and how thoroughly they cover a topic.
Josh and Chuck have still got it!
Many laughs and a lot learned from these guys. Keep it up!
Some better than others
Kaiser Soso
The "makes a good band name" stuff is irritating. Also the haiku business I could do without.
Great listening
Great podcast very educational and entertaining way they cover things with humor and heart !!!! well worth any time you dedicate to learn more about so many different subjects
Love this podcast
Stuff You Should Know is one of two main podcasts that I listen to. With their almost endless catalog, I'm always learning new and interesting things. Definitely recommend.
Long time listener, first time reviewer
Love these guys and the show! They are like my friends and I haven’t gotten enough after more than 5 years of listening :)
*NOT* dumb & boring!
Listening to Josh and Chuck has been the highlight of my week for well over a decade! I love the rambling start to most of the podcasts (one, of the many, reasons they are not boring) and they talk about each topic with heart, enthusiasm, decency and humor (so, definitely not dumb either!). Thanks for the countless hours of enjoyment guys, and thanks even more for always just being you 🍻❤️
Love these guys
KK rocks so so so so MUCH
Just heard you talking about negative reviews. Don’t listen to the dolts who don’t get it. You guys are wicked smaat and thoroughly entertaining. Thank you for the brain upgrade! ❤️❤️❤️
Love them
Josh and Chuck have great chemistry together. I’ve listened to them for about 9 years, I don’t know how I found them but I’m so glad I did. Some people don’t like it but I love their side conversations.
The perfect podcast?
Two years ago I wasn’t hooked on podcasts. Planet Money here, Freakonomics there, others in between. Then I stumbled on Josh and Chuck. It was, and is, so refreshing. Not overly edited, no filler to make an episode long enough. Just two smart, and pretty cool, dudes trying to learn like the rest of us. And like the rest of us, they go down random rabbit holes, tell non sequitor jokes that are often funny but often make you roll your eyes, but that’s the beauty of it. They’re authentic. Since then I’ve tried other podcasts to expand my brain, but I realize it’s not just the facts I want, but also some goofy laughter along the way. Keep it up guys!
Favorite Podcast
This has been my go-to podcast for four years. Josh and Chuck feel like big brothers who always make me feel safe and at home. The tangents and politics chat is what I love about them and it’s the POINT of listening to a more casual podcast. I feel bad for people who don’t get it. It’s calm enough to fall asleep to but also interesting enough to binge on a flight. I’d die if they ever stopped 😩
Love the meandering.
I love your show. The meandering. The tangents. The rabbit trails. I love it all. It’s like listening to a conversation between two nerdy friends trying to top the other in their fact knowledge. Keep up the entraining and educating podcast.
Holy Hell Just get to the point!
The topics covered are interesting-ish. The major problem is that the Hosts take endless amounts of time to explain the most non essential information imaginable.
I love the banter!
I like to hear the banter between the two of you! I can tell you are friends but you also have your own opinions and neither bullies the other to believe or think another way. I like the variety of topics with the underlying base your personalities. Listen to you all the time at work. Thanks for what you do.
Great topics and info. But why can’t you guys just GET TO THE TOPIC? Lots of usually banter.
These guys...
I started listening to these fellas a few years ago because another podcast mentioned that they had done a podcast on something I was interested in at the time. I don’t remember what it was. I’m a rather conservative Christian. I couldn’t disagree more with these guys’ politics but could never fault their pleasant nature, humanity, and informative show. Seriously. I love these dudes. What started as curiosity for a specific topic has become an almost daily visit with friends. Give them a listen. You’ll learn something and be entertained.
One of the best podcasts
Lolll at all the negative reviews here. Some people take things a bit too seriously. Not sure what people are expecting here because they never claim to be experts on the topics but instead, good researchers, smart and entertaining. They do their best and it’s always very educational and entertaining. Keep up the good work guys!!
Is SYSK a great podcast?
Sure. Do Josh & Chuck know they say “sure” all the time? Sure. 😜
Best podcast
I’m pretty picky about podcasts I listen to but Chuck and Josh have always been something I come back to and I always learn something new. Their humor makes it even more enjoyable (on top of the good feeling of just learning) and I love listening while I’m doing mindless activities at work.
The show opens with them talking about a review where someone calls them dumb and boring. 5 minutes in they proved the reviews point by still talking about the dumb and boring reviewer. Sad depressing voices and a need to express how “we are known for being smart and funny” is enough to let me know these clown shoes got way more of my time than they deserve.
Great pod cast, informative, interesting, and intelligent
So many interesting topics and the hosts do such a great job keeping it interesting. Our whole family listens on car trips (vacation or to grandmas house). Topics span to just about every field. Even if the topic sounds blah , give yourself a few minutes and you will find yourself enjoying a new topic. Keep up the good work guys.
My honest opinion...
I have a unquestionable thirst for knowledge and this podcast just speaks to me. Josh and Charles should be heard by people everywhere. Please give this a listen as a favor to yourself
That’s the only topic I want to see
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