The Order 66 Podcast Episode 25 - Great, Sam! Dont Get Cocky!
Published January 28, 2014
221 min
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    This rarely get THIS epic on the Order 66 Podcast. Tonights show tackles a highly requested topic Starship Combat. How does it work? How do you do it WELL? To answer this quandary, we invited special guest and FFG Lead Developer, Sam Stewart into the cockpit. The resulting show is almost too awesome for words. Over three and a half hours of discussion on just how starship combat works, how both players and GMs can play in and design excellent starship encounters, and we cap it off with an actual live play starship encounter - right on the air. We also get tipsy with the Skill Monkey, and return to the tech yard of the Moderator to discuss starship enhancements. So strap in, GamerNation. Begin your launch sequence and fire up those engines � as we tackle Starship Combat, tonight, on YOUR Order 66 Podcast!
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