The hosts are very helpful and make the learning entertaining as well!
Best arabic podcast
I like how this podcast teaches ‘aameyea arabic spoken in the streets. The lessons are very helpful and the hosts explain everything thoroughly—and they even give you some cultural information!
Best Arabic Lessons!
Al Modeera
Very easy to follow. Teachers are funny, engaging and professional. Love these podcasts!
I cant reach them all
How many do you have? I havent reached more than 20.
Well Done!
Thank you so much for doing these short, efficient, and enjoyable podcasts. These bite size lessons are the perfect way to keep your listeners' attention and present Arabic in a fun rather than intimidating way. Please make more!
Great way to learn!
This podcast is really helpful in learning Arabic culture along with the language and practicing listening to the sounds. Also, I know it may be very challenging at first (it is for me despite having Arabic speaking family) but once you get more comfortable with the sounds you will find that speaking and listening is much easier. 10/10
Very helpful
1st one I listened to I learned 3 words. Keep it up very helpful 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🙌🏾
Great for beginners
Very helpful! Easy to follow, relevant topics, thorough explanation, and just the right amount of grammar. ‏شكرا!
Wonderful for immersion!
I’m a Lebanese American who is learning Arabic and writing songs in Arabic. I’ve studied since I was 14. Music really helps you stay immersed in a language but listening to conversations in Arabic helps so much to keep you from forgetting. And they also teach you modern phrases that the old outdated textbooks and programs don’t, things like music preferences and selfies and stuff that is considered colloquial or slang. I don’t know why that person rated them poorly and said to just use Rosetta Stone when Rosetta Stone is a completely different dialect of Arabic and also has a bad track record for helping grasp language quickly.
Great quick lessons
They do a great job moving through different variations of each dialogue.
Sure this is not an actual curriculum for thorough learning like Rosetta Stone but it’s a helpful tool that may allow you to better understand the nuances of a language that you can’t get out of a program, like talking to a native speaker.
Rosetta Stone Stinks. This program is way Better.
I have Rosetta Stone. It’s expensive and not worth the cost. If you can spend $300 on the program then $200 for the unlimited online services and then $100 scheduling private tutor sessions for each session to practice then maybe you might actually learn something. Your better off going to barns and nobles. Purchasing a book for $10 dollars of pictures and there meanings and listening to programs like this one or any other program you prefer from YouTube or podcasts. Rosetta Stone hides several fees and the program itself is not enough for a person to learn a whole language. It creates question after question for the user and the only people who can answer them in the program are Rosetta Stone. It’s creatively diabolical on their and well played to scam people out of there money. I bought the program but I will not be a party to there nonsense fees. If you want to practice your Arabic go to a mosque or find a Arab on the street. I would take a refund if I could. Rosetta Stone is a stick up. Don’t buy it.
Best used in conjunction with other resources.
PROS: ArabicPod is an excellent resource to improve your pronunciation and vocabulary. I began using it because I wanted exposure to native pronunciation and colloquial dialect(s), and it has proven very useful for these purposes. The teachers, Mohammed and Ehab, have a clear passion for teaching and engaging personalities. Their banter often leaves me laughing and makes language learning very fun rather than dry. There is no other resource out there quite like this one and I’m very thankful that they have devoted the time and effort to create this. CONS: The teachers switch between dialects from episode episode / mix elements of different dialects with no discernible pattern and do not always alert you when this is the case. E.g., sometimes they use the shaami construction for the future tense while other times they will use the fuSHa construction, but will present them as equivalent without alerting the beginner listener to when each should be used. Additionally, they will sometimes not explain a grammatical construct fully or give an explanation that is not quite precise (e.g., explaining “qad” as simply being a word that emphasizes the statement, rather than a particle that creates the “have done“ construction). I only picked up on these things because I happen to have discovered this resource late in my studies after doing a lot of book study and exposure to other resources prior to this. A complete beginner to Arabic would not discern these things, and for this reason I feel that it is best used in conjunction with other resources, like a proper grammar book, so as to not develop a confused grasp of grammar/dialect. It has enormous value as stated above, but is not sufficient in itself by a complete beginner / someone who has no other experience with the language. It should be used in conjunction with other resources (but of course this is true of almost any resource).
Rabbi P
פרץ P
Great lessons, good teachers, learnt a lot from these guys - Ihab knows his stuff and is a humble guy too :-)
Awesome podcast!!!
Great podcast for learning or practicing Arabic!
For learning quick phrases
Spectacular arabic language teaching
For many years these authors have diligently provided top quality Arabic language teaching from London, Saudi Arabia, and other places. The authors are young and contemporary native speakers with Western backgrounds who pick interesting subect matter. Treat yourself. Outstanding!
Best audio practice for me (beginner)
My official routine on my drive to work
I absolutely love what you guys do. Thank you so much! I've been studying Arabic on my own for quite sometime and listening to your podcast every morning to my 1.45 hour drive to work and really made my commute exciting and beneficial! Words that I hear in Arabic songs are clicking and absolutely love the way you guys explain things in detail. Thank you so much for making this learning process easier for me, I'm absolutely obsessed with your podcast! Keep up the great work and I look forward to my learning more from you two :)
Great tool
This is a great language learning tool! You guys really understand how to construct lessons! Super easy to follow along, and challenging without being overwhelming. Thank you so much for giving them to us with no charge!
Y'all are a beast
I just started learning. Your teaching techniques are excellent! And the content is perfect for learners. Thank you
I'm so glad I found this!
Arabicpod is a great resource for learning Arabic. I'm in my second year of college and decided to minor in Arabic, and these podcasts have really boosted my confidence in listening skills. Not only do they focus on pronunciation and grammar, but they repeat the dialogue enough for me to be able to follow it. I couldn't have asked for a better resource. I definitely recommend getting used to hearing the language before trying to read or write in it.
I found this Pod cast after I typed in google search for best Arabic listening resources. One of the reviewers noted that it wasn't only top 10 but should be mentioned as number one. I liked this reviewer because all his other recommendations were things I had either read or used and had great results. This pod cast was no exception. I've been studying Arabic for 1 1/2 years but started in reverse I later found out. I began with grammar and should of focused on speaking and listening first. I highly recommend this site. So much free material, all very useful. After a few lessons I was sold on it and subscribed. I recommend maybe writing down the words from the transcript that are new to you or are giving you trouble for later revison.
Arabic for All Levels!
After studying Arabic for many years at University and abroad, I must say that ArabicPod is by far the best and easiest way to maintain my language skills in both Modern Standard and in various dialects that they cover very well . ArabicPod covers cultural and idiomatic expressions and conversations that you simply cannot find in any other formal instruction. Additionally, true students of Arabic must go to their website. I am more of a visual than audial learner, so their dialogue audio PDFs are phenomenal! They also have streamlined the mobile edition, so much so that I just carry my iPhone anywhere in the world and I can get first class Arabic lessons with near instant feedback. Best Arabic language purchase that I have ever made!
Love these guys
I recently decided to pick up Arabic on my own (without taking classes), and I’m so glad I found these guys. They break everything down in simple, easy-to-understand words and phrases. I thought I would lose the inspiration to learn Arabic, but ArabicPod has kept me eager to learn.
Great podcast
shukran ya al pod al arabi
Love this podcast and love the hosts. Shukran muhammad & ihab!
Arabic Podcast
Candice كنديس!!
I’ve been learning Arabic for a year now….these guys give great explanations to EVERY word and sentence in which you will be sure to have a question about!! It’s almost as if they are reading my mind and will know the most common questions a native English speaker will have. I also love the supplementary vocabulary listed at the bottom of each transcript! شكرا!!
Driving and learning
Brains All over +Dad
I have a long commute. And I listen to these podcasts to help me learn how to hear Arabic and recognize the individual words. My extended family all speak Arabic so I am trying to learn and its not always easy. There are no better podcasts for this purpose! And I've looked all over. The dialogue is broken down and explained very well for new learners. It is perfect to listen to on the train, driving ect... But be prepared to listen and listen and listen. You can't possibly internalize or memorize all of the vocabulary and grammar listening only once.
Love it!!!
Definitely the best Arabic language learning podcast out there! الله يعطيكم العافي
Great Teachers!
Very skillful immersion style teaching. I've been at it a couple hours a day for almost a month and it feels like I'm really progressing. I love these guys!!
Like an Arab in your pocket
Fan-freaking-tastic. With their "Car Block" episode, I'm learning how to be ratchet in Arabic as we speak. As an aside, this might be Tasaly -"bite-sized Arabic snacks" with Hany Dahshan - which I LOVED and seems to have disappeared from the internet. If so, where are those episodes?! I was just learning to shake a tail feather, or tahizz thanab!
The Best Lessons!
These guys are great. The lessons are awesome and the website has every level and topic imaginable. The explanations are clear and concise with a fun presentation. I love these lessons.
All around great podcast
A unique and dynamic way to learn or practice basic Arabic.
These guys are amazing. Great resource, shukran!!!
Really enjoy the podcast
These guys crack me up. I love how they always make really useful (and often funny) dialogs, not like the standard stuff that you find in every beginner book. Totally recommend!
Great Lessons
Way to go guys! These lessons are relevant, enjoyable, and easy to understand. They introduce just the right level of colloquial Arabic without being to specific to any one dialect. Great for someone in the beginner-intermediate levels or anyone just looking for a refresher. Keep it up!
Best Arabic podcast!
Very clear explanations
Great podcast!
Another laki-laki
I like the focus on daily modern Arabic, and I appreciate the breakdown of meaning and grammar points. As someone who has been away from arabic for a while, this is an enjoyable way to practice and start learning again. Cheers!
It's a fantastic learning tool!
Out of all the arabic lessons I've tried ArabicPod is one of my favorites. The beginner lessons are a little below my level, but I use them as a refreher. Their more advanced podcasts are available to subscribers on their website. The only downfall is that their podcasts don't have a regular schedule.
Useful format
Finally a breakdown I can follow AND lets me retain vocabulary.
ما شا الله !!An amazing podcast
I have just started the podcast and it helps me so much. May Allah subhana wa ta'ala bless the teachers for helping the students of Arabic. (Spread the word!) شكرًا جدًا
شرحكم ممتاز ما شاء الله تبارك الله جهد تُشكرون عليه قواكم الله و الله يعطيكم العافية.
A Fantastic Learning Tool
This podcast is fantastic! I've been listening for 4 months now and I'm surprised at the amount of vocabulary and grammar I've been able to learn from these simple dialogues and their breakdowns. Thank you so much for the work you put into your wonderful podcast, ArabicPod!
Love this!
I really love these lessons! They are really helpful and they are fun too. I take Arabic courses during the summer and I've just started using these podcasts to study and keep up during the school year. I definitely will be listening to these all the time now - please keep them going guys! :)
You make it fun
Lol, i just couldn’t stop laughing. You definitely make it interesting.. I definitely learned something seriously
Mary E. J.
The most wonderful Arabic-language lessons ever! The teachers of Arabic Pod put real conversations and real life vocabulary at your fingertips. They teach you how to use the vocabulary and have online tools to help with grammar, reading, and writing. Hearing the lessons has made me much more confident in my pronunciation and my speaking. The lessons are often in modern standard Arabic (which is hard to find these days!) that everyone can understand and then there are various lessons in dialect from North Africa and the Middle East. I was so impressed and have been using these podcasts to accompany me as I commute for the past three years. Thank you to both instructors for making Arabic fun and practical!
Helpful and enjoyable brief dialogue
Thanks for your podcast. Could you possibly do another lesson/lessons on Moroccan Dialect....Thank you!
Great language podcast
I absolutely LOVE this podcast. Masha'Allah ya Ehab & Mohammed. The dialogues are very useful, and the presenters add their sense of humor, so i don't get tired or bored of listening to them again and again. I also appreciate the bits of culture, anecdotes and viewpoints they include, all flows very natural. Thank you so much for your hard work guys, and jazaak Allahu khairan!
Love it!
I really like these podcasts and I'm learning a lot with them. Thanks!
This is NOT Arabic!!
What is that !! This is NOT arabic it's more like the poor slang Arabic,if you want to learn The real Arabic learn "the Fos-ha"!! This cast will only put you on the wrong track with learning Arabic !
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