ESPN Hates Baseball
I love this podcast. It should at minimum be 3 episodes a week. However, ESPN hates baseball and only wants to air Yankees/Red Sox games. The editor changes 3-4 times a season, everyone else gets pulled to football.
Love it
Dog Money
I wish it was an hour long- otherwise a great podcast. The chemistry among the hosts is obvious and somehow they pass along some good information through the laughter. Helpful baseball info every show
Pigskin Hero
Tristen is solid. Eric spends half his time making excuses for the Phillies and trashing the Mets. Done listening to this as long as that continues
T dasee
Good, informative podcast about Fantasy Baseball. Entertaining hosts who know their stuff.
Thanks for your efforts! Very helpful!
Like the miz
Edit: wish they would go back to daily podcasts, so much happens in baseball between episodes. But, what can you expect from ESPN? Love this podcast! Started listening when I played fantasy, still listen even tho I'm not playing this year. Great info, and always funny
Great show - go back to daily episodes!
Loved the daily format, I feel like you guys can’t provide the in-depth analysis managers need with the twice a week shows. Keep up the good work though!
No more AJ Mass
I’ve been listening to the Fantasy Focus Baseball podcast since Matthew and Nate. But, a podcast with AJ Mass is unlistenable. His advice is worthless and his voice is perfect for peeling wallpaper. Please, NO MAS.
Long time listener
Trae Roush
Love the content and chemistry between Eric and Tristan. Really miss the daily show though because twice a week seems so rushed. If you are going to continue this format you really need longer episodes.
way too many ads and B.S.
edit: forgot the worst part of this pod: REFERRING TO PATHETICALLY-SHALLOW 10-team LEAGUES. WHO THE “heck” PLAYS 10-team leagues where every roster is an allstar team wow... most ppl play 12-team mixed dude wow... now heres my original review: first, aj mass brings nothing to the table. any pod featuring him and his bland/obvious “advice” is a non-listen for me... second, there are way too many ads, which drive me crazy. third, the drops are a WASTE OF MY FREAKIN TIME. I ALREADY HAVE TO FF THRU THE ADS AND NOW I GOTTA FF THRU THE COMBO MEAL AND CLOSER CAROUSEL AND GEEKY STAT DROPS... if u insist on playing ur name-game ones, i wont complain bc u started doing it a long time ago, but all ur other navel-gazing drops are *extremely* annoying and a waste of my freakin time. fourth, the second half of the show has too much forced non-baseball b.s... idk why a baseball pod would deviate from baseball info in favor of b.s., when u are only recording twice/week and should therefore not be lacking for baseball info... fifth, eric’s too-cool-for-school attitude grows tiresome. he is sometimes dismissive of potentially-interesting or relevant baseball info. put urself in the listener’s PoV — we are only here to glean fantasy baseball knowledge, and if u guys are only providing lowest-common-denominator info and barely-funny b.s., then whats my motivation here? another reviewer said u provide “meh” baseball info and i agree, especially when aj mass is the guest.
What happened??!!
I began listening to this show around 6 years ago right after I started playing fantasy baseball for the first time. I was immediately hooked and looked forward to listening every day for laughs and content. It was great. Tristan is very knowledgeable and can be funny. The show has been steadily going down hill the last few years since they have reduced it to twice per week. Firstly, it’s pumped full of ads more than ever to start. Having to fast forward every 10 minutes is annoying. Tristan and Eric have always had great chemistry but now most of the show is Eric whining and saying how good Tristan is at fantasy. It was funny initially but now it’s gotten old. Also, Eric can provide some good stuff but he’s become obnoxiously whiny and petulant. I like the funny stuff but there’s literally about 10% useable content now. They both talk way to much about Roto leagues even though most people play points or head to head categories leagues. Also, they both (more so Eric) talk about their professional leagues like anyone cares. I started listening to CBS fantasy baseball last year and will continue to do so as they are funny and provide tons of useful content. The audio is the least of the podcasts worries. AJ Mass is a nice change of pace but he sounds like he’s under water and doesn’t have a clue. I mostly listen now for nostalgia purposes but might have to stop soon and it’s becoming grating to hear the droning and negativity. It was good run and thanks for the memories guys.
Audio is Atrocious
Checking Account
Love the hosts and the content. Show is super helpful if you can stand listening to the awful audio recordings.
I like Eric a lot. He’s the perfect host. Can give a jab to his partner in crime when needed and still keep everyone feeling good. A good and entertaining show. Kyle is pretty funny as well. Good chemistry amongst the crew all around.
Really enjoy Tristan but Karabell just whines or tries to justify his job every episode because he’s so inferior. Episodes are much better when Daniel dweeb doesn’t talk
Holy Crap
Luk North
As I’m sitting here in the airport listening to you guys talk for maybe the 3rd time ever - I’m abruptly reminded of how subpar this content is. Not only are your obnoxious voices filled with mehAF information it’s just all around poor.
Fix the audio
The content of this podcast is not bad. The audio needs fixed, I really don’t understand how a company like ESPN can let that happen. Also the ESPN fantasy app has been terrible, I still have one league that is still on ESPN and the app refuses to update correctly, constantly shuts down, and they have no customer support. Switch to yahoo or another fantasy app. CBS baseball podcast is very informative if that is what you are looking for.
Love it
But HATE the Geico ad
4/8/19 episode
This is a buster olney podcast not fantasy focus
Turn the background music OFF. Please.
Entertaining, but...
These guys do okay, but the analysis is soft and they’re only on twice per week. Eric sometimes gets a little too snippy and it’s difficult to listen to. I’d like deeper analysis from TC.
What happened?
Diocletian Fan
This show used to be great a few years ago. 2019 I unsubscribed,!got yucky and there is less episodes. There are lots of good fantasy baseball podcasts out there, not sure why ESPN is fading these treasured casts.
Draft Strategy????
Come on guys. I’m new to fantasy baseball and listen the whole episode labeled “draft strategy” and there was NO information on drafting!!! Thank you for wasting 1hr of my life.
5 episodes so far? This why ESPN is failing
Espn at least pretends to care when do their football pods but only 5 episodes in 2019 so far is so underwhelming. This being Compared to Rotoworld, fantasy pros and cbs fantasy baseball polecats that have produced tons more content so far in 2019. Very disappointing as ESPN again is late to the party.
Love it
Coach Roacher
I love this podcast, have been listening for years. I am disappointed it has been reduced from 5 times a week to three times a week to now two times a week :( Really hope they can get to increasing its frequency !
Beginner Fantasy Baseball Pod
If this is your first season playing fantasy baseball and not sure who to take at #1, this is the podcast for you. If you want deeper league knowledge- keep scrolling
Best Fantasy Baseball Podcast
Eric Karabell and Tristen Cockcroft are always there to mix in the laughs with top notch fantasy baseball news.
Best Podcast
big fan of show
Why has this podcast been gone for so long? It is the best Baseball podcast out there. I listen to at least 10 and this by far is the best. Eric and Tristan use to be on every day then they got reduced to twice last season which is ridiculous. Bring them back full time so we can appreciate them more. What is with you guys at ESPN? You are not utilizing them properly. They are legends in the industry. Thank you Julian Prusak a loyal fan for many years
New blood
Both guys seem bored with the show, TC obviously knows his stuff , but his singing and and non baseball antics make me think roto guys are all nerds , come back next year improved and not the same old stuff .
I miss you
jimbles the mouse
This was amazing for so long just perfect, I got so worried when it flip flopped and we lost Everyone at once. But then shining light Eric and Tristan were actually also funny and intelligent, but with time everything fades. The clear unenthusiastic nature of the show, oh I don’t mean not lively. You want an hour of food jokes and funny voices, heeeerre you go. But the effort is just zero for baseball, the obvious analysis half the time shows the effort being put into it. I do not blame hosts more ESPN, it’s a clear push for ESPN to only care about fantasy football and the $$$ in that market. It is swaying the hosts perspective, it’s just 40 min of nothing really rarely consistent. It has made me so sad, cause just the show with Eric and Tristan three years ago to now is so night and day and for the worse
Slow paced
Improving, but still a little slow paced and too much droning on about meaningless platoon situations. And don’t even bother checking out the articles or rankings they mention unless you are an “Insider”. Stick with CBS, they cover much more, with better analysis.
Why so much time on Tebow? Double a player not a prospect. Not fantasy worthy if called up. Sorry but I’ll listen to another show. I could understand if this was a newyork podcast. But it’s national. It’s a waste of time on now multiple episodes.
My Favorite!
I’ve been listening for a while, and it has helped my fantasy baseball soooo much. The hosts are dorks but I love it.
Lame podcast!
You would think ESPN, run by a bunch of rich liberals, would fix the audio quality. Tristan Cockroft is way too annoying for me, sorry. Fix his sibilance
Love the show
This is a fantastic show. I listen to every episode! Very helpful information especially for in season roster moves. The guys are great and they watch a lot of baseball which I think has become more important these days. Bring back the lady from emphysema permanently!!
Come on ESPN!!
With all of the talent out there this is the best you can come up with? Go out and hire one of the guys from fangraphs or fantasypros. Im deleting this podcast immediately after I hit the send button on this review..
Too delayed in release
Pretty informative but it seems to come out the day after they record. A few segments have music playing (at a low volume) but it distracts you from the info. Maybe with football you can get away with two shows a week but with baseball it’s tough to keep up with. CBS has a great, Mon-Fri podcast that helps keep you on top of stuff and usually releases hours after they record, always on the same day.
Best FBB Podcast Around
Matt - CO
I’ve been listening since the Matthew days, and was disappointed when he left. However, I am so glad Eric Karabell and Tristan Cockcroft have a platform because they are superb! Even if you just like baseball, listen to this. I highly recommend it and wish ESPN would make it at least 3 or 4 days a week. 🤞🙏 Always great producers and researches, currently Kyle Soppe providing great insight as well.
Not enough
Been listening to this podcast for years and love it. I think they are informative and entertaining. But their schedule of twice a week is brutal. The schedule makes it difficult to get the most out of their takes going around the league.
“Company men”
Kelly seymour
Eric jokes about being a company man but makes sarcastic jokes about ESPN. This being a negative tone to the show. I don’t think he studies as much as Tristan.
Just not fun anymore
I used to like this podcast, but there are way better options out there for fantasy baseball. Karabell and Cockcroft are way to reactionary and their advice rarely goes in depth with statistical backing. They focus more on their own leagues sometimes than analysis of players. On top of that they clearly are sick of each other and dislike working together. This comes across in the show which often has a hostile overtone with the hosts getting short with one another. Top that off with the fact that this is an ESPN podcast and the market for fantasy advice is flooded right now and I see no reason to support this one over the little guys who have better content. If you like this podcast my advice is to try one of the fangraphs ones. My guess is you won’t come back to this.
Just checked in to make sure
tammykans leskovac
That you guys are finally going away. Not entertaining at all and it’ll be nice to see the entire network fail. Stick to writing guys.
I Miss The Glory Days
Big fan of both these guys, have been listening consistently for about 4 years. A staple during the baseball season, I use to find myself getting creative with carving out 45 minutes a day to tune in. That motivation is starting to subside. Its obvious that Karabell isn't thrilled about the show being cut down to 2 days and I feel like that negativity is showing on the show while Tristain is doing all that he can to maintain a positive vibe. I feel like the show use to radiate positivitiy which rolled over to solid analysis and they seem to focus on the same topics every show and Eric spends the entire show justifying his points in what comes off as partly arrogance and stubborness. I wish this show would get bumped back up to 5 days again which would hopefully boost the spirits and bring back to goofy/positive vibes I use to love so much!! 5 stars if I was rating last year - all years previous but unfortunatly now were down to 3. Come on ESPN
Nice guys I’m sure, but not very funny. Tristan’s stats are insightful but both he and Karabell have voices meant for print. ESPN is a sinking ship, better off spending your time FBB time listening to CBS.
OmG iz cuz jake
Please don’t advertise for VAPE on this Podcast. It has become an issue in our area with minors, and I wish you would not help enable the habit.
Vaping Ads
Seriously? Vape Ads? ESPN has no shame.
Not Enough of It
Five star for content, preparation and knowledge by the hosts. These guys are so much easier to listen to than the previous talking head who now only does FFB. No egos to get in the way here. Carabell and Cockcroft just deliver great info with great passion. Unfortunately, ESPN in it’s infinite wisdom, has cut this down to just 2 days a week.
Love it
I’ve listened to Eric and Tristan for years and really enjoy the podcast. I don’t understand why ESPN has cut them back to two days a week as this should be a Monday-Friday show. But I’ll continue to listen to the shows they put out, very entertaining and insightful! Five stars!
THE best!
This is absolutely the best FB podcast out there. ESPN execs: this show should never go away! If anything, should be on more days per week!
Auction draft
Not sure if you guys read the comments and answer them on the show. I have been listening for the last year and love it and take the advise for my team. My league is going to auction. We’re a points league but I’m curious on what I should do with my 300. I’m thinking 198 towards batting and 102 for pitching. (8 SP 2RP). My question is do you break it down further than the 65/35 split. Ex. 1-SS 83, OF 83, bench 18, C and utility player 12? I’ve been doing mock draft and obviously the plan changes, because I get guys cheaper or a dollar more than I planned. Or should I just go I have 198 for batters take the best available. Thank you if you answer this on the pod I’ll be listening!
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