July 9, 2018
This week on the Pokercast: The most important tournament of the year is well underway and we’ve got more stories of bad behaviour from the one and only Poker Brat. To begin Terrence has been down in Vegas for a couple of weeks and has got a trip report, plus an upcoming fight to announce! In ICYMI we break down the main event so far including the amazing performance of Michael Mizrachi, the not-so-amazing performance of Phil Hellmuth and some twitter beef with Vanessa Selbst. The guys finish off the show with some strategy talk from Terrence’s day 1 of the main plus what Jason Koon had to say about some hands! 
June 28, 2018
On this episode of the Pokercast - Phil Hellmuth sold a WSOP package on a staking site, but was the price right? Also, a couple make it down to the final 3 in a $5k tournament at the Venetian and a ton of ethics questions arise. To begin, Terrence is down in Vegas and gives us a live update of his WSOP then we get into the news:  Our top stories this week have sparked a lot of debate recently. Phil Hellmuth sold shares to a WSOP Turbo event at 1.8/1 and people were very upset, but was the outrage justified? Plus Alex Foxen and Kristen Bicknell, who are a couple, get three handed in the MSPT $5k event at the Venetian with a lot of money on the line at a televised final table. Some soft play and collusion was alleged from the poker world and we break down the hand in question. We’ve also got some WSOP updates and notable bracelet winners from the last couple weeks of action. In 140 or less there are some amazing WSOP and World Cup tweets. In the Mailbag questions include what to do with your bankroll when it’s not in action, a defender of LA cash game etiquette and we end with a hand Adam played.
June 14, 2018
On this episode of the Pokercast: After an extended break the guys return to update you on what’s been happening in the poker world, and a lot has been happening! Adam was down in Vegas for the beginning of the WSOP while Terrence is about to head down there. We get a trip report from Adam including a live hand review of some high stakes action in Bobby’s Room and the guys explain the long break. In ICYMI: Lance Bradley joins the show to break down Chris Ferguson’s weak apology video and controversy surrounding his banners in the rio. The guys also talk about notable bracelet winners and storylines so far from the World Series and the Polk/Negreaunu beef at the Super High Roller Bowl. 
May 18, 2018
On this episode of the Pokercast: We’re back again to catch you up on all of the news from the Poker/Gambling world, and there’s a lot to catch you up on! To begin the guys talk about what they’ve been up to and why it took so long to do a show, plus we see where we stand on the Yanni/Laurel debate. In the news: Sports Betting has been deemed legal by the US Supreme Court and the guys talk about what this could mean as states begin to regulate sports betting and hopefully poker. Gordon Vayo sues Pokerstars for withholding $700k after they conclude he was using a VPN. Huge high stakes cash game action in Montreal and Montenegro featuring the likes of Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan and Matt Kirk. Also Run It Once Poker releases some features of the new site such as disallowing the use of HUDs. We’ve also got a backlog of funny tweets and mail including a question about at what age Adam and Terrence learned to gamble.
April 24, 2018
On this episode of the Pokercast: As of May 1 there will be a larger player pool for legal online poker in the USA! To begin the guys talk about the Staples brothers new weight bet with Bill Perkins and WPT puts out a casting call for a final table audience. In ICYMI: We are joined by Steve Ruddock of to talk about the new shared liquidity for NV, NJ and DA, and how China is going to shut down the online poker sites/apps that have been popular there. We’ve also got some controversy and hilarity in 140 or less and some mail. Mail topics include: some strat and a story of playing poker with a hitman in Manila.
April 13, 2018
On this episode of the Pokercast: We dive in to all of the great mail you’ve been sending that got backed up the last couple of weeks! To begin the guys chat about how this is the best time of the year for sports, Terrence moving into the wilderness and the upcoming WSOP. In the news: Heartland Poker Tour scheduled a tournament at the Westgate in Vegas and attempted some shady practices, Adam and Terrence break down what they did and the reaction from the community. Also, Pokerstars debuted a new game format called “Split Hold’em”. We’ve got some good tweets in 140 or less and then we bust open the Mailbag. Mail topics this week include: Whipping your game back in to shape, Tipping dealers and floor staff, The undesirable cash game regulars in LA and more! 
April 3, 2018
Live from the Two Plus Two Studios - On this episode of the Pokercast: Alan Boston got pocket dialled by us so we begin the show with an impromptu interview! Alan talks about his lock and the other bets he made during the tournament as well as his opinion on the final. Adam's back from his cruise as well and has some stories of weight gain and the cruise ship casino. The guys also talk about the Staples brothers weight bet completion and all the media attention it garnered. In the news: A female poker player under the alias Sia Layta plans to play the WSOP dressed as a man, the guys talk about an interview she did on “Gambling with an edge” and the issues that arose from some of her strategies and opinions. Also, the WSOP is planning to institute more shot clocks. We’ve also got some funny tweets in 140 or less and bust open the Mailbag. The mail this week includes a question about working on your game and moving up in stakes which inspires a story of Terrence shot-taking during his rise to the high stakes.
March 13, 2018
This week on the Pokercast: The always entertaining Alan Boston is back with his first round March Madness picks and more! We begin with Alan because he’s on a tight schedule and get into the yearly snubs from the tournament, Alan’s lock of the year and some chat about sports betting theory. We also talk about a poker hand that has gone viral this week, which may be the sickest fold ever televised. Plus Gus Hansen returns to Vegas and Poker After Dark! We have a few funny tweets and Mailbag submissions as well. Mailbag topics include: Low limit cash game strat, weight bet chat and a staking question. 
February 28, 2018
This week on the Pokercast: A Schwartz completes the weight bet! Plus a trip report from the American Poker Awards and LA cash games. To begin Adam and Terrence break down the final stages of the 150 challenge, the celebration and plans for the future. Adam also made a quick trip to Beverly Hills for the poker awards where we were nominated for best poker podcast. He reviews the awards and also the all night cash session with some hand review from PLO, NLH and LHE games. Then we’ve got some tweets in 140 or less plus more of your mail. Mailbag topics include: Parlaying the weight bet money into march madness, defence of Norman Chad and how to keep your home game in order. 
February 18, 2018
On this episode of the Pokercast: An interesting controversy arose from WPT Niagara when Mike Leah “chopped” the tournament heads up. We begin with Adam’s weigh in/binging updates and T’s farm plans plus a Bunner story!  In the News: The guys explain why the “chop” between Mike Leah and Ryan Yu at WPT Niagara Falls became such a controversy, and their opinions. Plus other stories including Doyle Brunson tweets that he turned down $230M for Doyle’s room back in 2006!? We also have a spirited discussion about what poker stories we’d love to see in documentary form in 140 or less and more of your wonderful mail. Mailbag this week includes cash vs tournament comparisons and a review of the shared liquidity games! 
February 10, 2018
This week on the Pokercast: We’re back! To begin the guys chat about why we couldn’t get together for a show recently, the crypto downswing and Super Bowl before we get in to the news. Joe Ingram has gone public with a cheating scandal on America’s Card Room that could involve bots, superusers and collusion. Also, The World Series has introduced a shot clock to some events this summer, Elky leaves PokerStars, some High-Roller infighting and other stories are covered. We’ve also got a backlog of great tweets for 280 or less including an Uber driver that calls out Phil Hellmuth!? 
January 19, 2018
This week on the Pokercast: The guys review the PCA winners and stories, preview Aussie millions and cover everything in between. To begin, Doug Polk called out crypto scammers on his youtube channel and in turn gets his life threatened and Adam weighs in for his third of eight weeks.  In the news: An exciting finish to the PCA Main Event and other high roller winners from the Bahamas, The largest bad beat jackpot in the history of the USA was won and some interesting revenue numbers from Vegas. We also bust open the Mailbag to answer your emails about a ruling in an all-in pot, the price for Adam to re-gain the weight, email number 4 and more! 
January 11, 2018
Live from the Two Plus Two Studios - This week on the Pokercast: We bring you up to date on what’s happening at the PCA and talk about Molly’s Game, then answer a heap of your mail! To begin Adam talks about the second weigh in for the weight bet and coming a bit unravelled afterwards. Terrence has been a Dad for another week and Ross gets a second job on the radio. We then answer an email about the movie Molly’s Game and review it. In the news: PCA is in full swing, the guys break down all of the high roller winners and plus the main event. Also, Daniel Negreanu blogs about his net profit/loss from the last year and a few stars pros retire. We also have some funny tweets in 140 or less and your mail! Mail topics this week include PLO strategy vs an old lady, losing bitcoin after selling drugs on the dark web and more!
January 2, 2018
On this episode of the Pokercast: Disclaimer - This episode contains very little poker content, that being said, there is a whole lot to catch you up on!    To begin we have some very sad news about a former member of the Pokercast that long time listeners will remember. James Bunner left us over the holidays after a long and difficult battle with mental illness, Adam and Terrence share their thoughts and pay their respects before we get in to the rest of the pod.    First off, the baby is here! Terrence talks about the experience of the birth of his first-born, what that day was like and how his perspective has changed over the past week. We then move on to the weight bet. Adam had his first weigh in last night and had to sweat it out in the sauna, Adam and T talk about the drama that unfolded trying to make weight yesterday after the last 8 months.    We will be back (hopefully) with Phil Galfond and more Poker news & content later in the week! 
December 19, 2017
Live from the Two Plus Two Studios - On this episode of the Pokercast: The schedule for the 2018 WSOP has been officially released, we talk about the new events and other stories. To begin Terrence is drawing ever closer to the baby due date and Adam nearly gave up on his weight bet. In the news: The WSOP schedule has new and exciting events to offer in 2018, we talk about all of them! Also Stars promotes a new $25k championship tournament which could have a path to victory for non-high rollers, plus a bad beat for the winner of a huge bad beat jackpot in Reno this week. We’ve also got your mail on deck which contains quite a few pet peeves as well as examining the question: How do some of the big name pros really perceive themselves?
December 12, 2017
Live from the Two Plus Two Studios - On this episode of the Pokercast: A couple of big tournaments were taken down, bitcoin continues to soar and more. To begin: Adam is closing in on weigh in time and Terrence is nearing the baby due date, plus a degen story before we get into the news. WPT 5 Diamond was won by Ryan Tosoc at the Bellagio while grinder Jon “apestyles” Van Fleet won the Party Poker Millions online. Also a random job posting for Full Tilt Poker appeared, we explore the reasons why. We then get into a live PLO hand that Adam played and some tweets in 140 (280) or less. We open up the Mailbag as well to answer some of your questions. Topics including: A not-so-freeroll, a PLO game with Sammy Farha and a story of running on empty are answered.
December 1, 2017
Live from the Two Plus Two Studios - This week on the Pokercast: Sam Greenwood joins us hot off of winning all of the moneys at the Caribbean Poker Party. To begin Adam and Terrence talk about the wild swings in the bitcoin market and more. Sam then joins us to explain how he came 3rd, 2nd & 1st in big buy in events in Punta Cana and also opens up about the big downswing he was on before this tournament series. In other poker news: High stakes PLO player Cumicon retires and posts an epic graph upon retirement [LINK to thread with photos] and 23 year old Spanish phenom Adrian Mateos has become the number one tournament poker player in the world, according to the GPI index. We then get into some funny tweets from this week and your mail about airport tilt!
November 24, 2017
Live from the Two Plus Two Studios - This week on the Pokercast: The guys are joined by Remko Rinkema! To begin we chat about the absurd exchange between rapper Talib Kweli and a bunch of well known poker pros on twitter. Then Remko talks with us about the Poker Central Poker After Dark coverage and what we can hope to see in the future, plus the weight loss bets they have going and how not to get fat again over the holidays. We also break down a crazy hero call made my Matt Berkey on PAD and some great tweets in 140 (280) or less. In the Mailbag this week we respond to the actual amount of truckloads of implants it would take to reach Kells and some NLH and Omaha 8 strat. Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends from the Pokercast!
November 16, 2017
On this episode of the Pokercast: Lots of poker world drama between Daniel Negreanu & James Woods, plus Leon Tsoukernik & Matt Kirk can't settle another huge debt. To begin the guys chat about AM radio before we jump into the news. Leon Tsoukernik is again front and centre after yet another handshake deal (for $3 Million this time) goes wrong, the lender was Aussie Matt Kirk. We break down the report provided by Rob Yong and what we know about the deal. Then Daniel Negreanu calls out actor and recreational poker player James Woods for his reported sexual misconduct, we talk about the twitter reactions from the controversy. Other stories include Party Poker removing their account inactivity fees. We then get into 140 (280?) or less with some great tweets from the last week, and your Mail! We get to some questions about Chris Ferguson potentially data mining Full Tilt and Poker Pro appearance fees before we wrap things up. (Featured guests: No Guest)
November 6, 2017
On this episode of the Pokercast: We dive into your wonderful mail from the last few weeks. To begin: Emma Fryer, a regular of the live poker circuit in Nottingham passed away and Adam and Terrence share their condolences before we get into ICYMI. This week: WSOPE is wrapping up and Chris Ferguson is officially the POY, plus Dominik Nitsche wins the One Drop high roller. Also the $1M Big One for One Drop will return to Vegas this summer and who else but Leon Tsoukernik is the first to enter. Adam then has a few live PLO hands to review before 140 or less. We’ve got a couple of tone deaf (standard) Hellmuth tweets this week plus a few others. Finally we dive into the Mailbag. Topics this week include: Whether or not you should be refunded for a poorly advertised tournament, regularly showing up late to a live SNG and some live cash game strategy! (Featured guests: Terrence Chan)
November 3, 2017
On this episode of the Pokercast: Several important pieces of poker news to catch you up on over the last week! Adam has returned from Vegas where he may have fell off the wagon and Terrence questions changes to his MMA future with a child on the way. In the News: Chris Ferguson continues his tear in the WSOP Player of the year race, leaving the poker world unsure how to feel. Phil Ivey gets some final judgement in his $10M appeal vs Crockford’s Casino in London and Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf signs deal to massively expand gaming in the state. Steve Ruddock from joins us to give us the details on how this effects the outlook of US online poker. Ryan “Protential” Laplante, MTT Pro and Run It Once instructor is our main guest this week. Ryan returns to the podcast to break down several hands from live MTT’s he has played over the last little while, and how his live game differs from his online game. The strategy talk is too good that we eventually run out of time! (Featured guests: Ryan "Protential" Laplante)
October 18, 2017
On this episode of the Pokercast: How bad would it be for poker if Chris “Jesus” Ferguson came back to win the WSOP player of the year? To begin we threw a surprise 50th birthday party for Adam and memorialize a great Canadian. In the news: New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware are constructing a deal to share player liquidity for their legal online poker sites, but is it too little too late? WSOP Europe kicks off this week in Rozvadov and there is already controversy brewing. The series is hosted at Kings Casino, the owner of which we have previously talked about on this show for not paying his gambling debts plus Chris Ferguson has a real possibility of winning the POY after returning from the shadows of the Full Tilt scandal. We have some tweets in 140 or less including a retirement from one of online pokers great players and some of your Mailbag as well. Mail topics include some “shady" skype chat by players heads up in a WCOOP, a live LHE hand and what jobs fit for a poker pro? Before we jet we review a few more of Terrence’s WCOOP Main Event hands as well. (Featured guests: Terrence Chan)
October 11, 2017
On this episode of the Pokercast: We discuss PokerStars new game format “Power Up”. To begin the guys chat about the Vegas Golden Knights home opener and Canadian winter before getting into the news. "Power Up” has been released on the Pokerstars EU sites and we chat about the format and discuss whether it really qualifies as a Poker game since it is using more than your standard 52 card deck. Also Scott Tom, one of the founders of Absolute Poker gets the white collar crime treatment upon returning to the US. We also have some funny tweets from Joe Ingram and others in 140 or less before getting into the mail. In the Mailbag we answer your questions about a tournament format idea, the Monty Hall problem and a review of Hellmuth on Tim Ferriss. (Featured guests: Terrence Chan)
October 6, 2017
This week on the Pokercast: We are joined by Phil Galfond to talk about the high stakes PAD PLO game and more! To begin we talk about the Vegas tragedy, Adam nearing the key number in the weight loss bet and the upcoming Molly’s game movie. Then Terrence has a couple of 2-7 Triple Draw hands to review from WCOOP before we get Phil on the line. Phil joins us to talk about the big game he played on for Poker After Dark recently including some specific hands and strategy talk. Plus the big bet mix in Vegas that happens over the summer and the new Run It Once affiliated daily fantasy site Draft Board! (Featured guests: Phil Galfond)
September 28, 2017
On this episode of the Pokercast - JC Alvarado talks to us about living through the earthquake in Mexico City and the wonderful relief effort put forwards by the poker community. To begin, Adam tried fasting and twitter doubles it’s character count. In the news: We’ve got a new WCOOP champion and the guy is a bit of a wild man, plus two high stakes bosses get heads up in the high roller. Our guest is JC Alvarado, JC has appeared on the Pokercast a few times but not for any reason as serious as an earthquake. JC lives in Mexico City and experienced the earthquake there to the full extent, and explains what that was like. He also was backed by the poker community in wonderful fashion, as well as local friends to go out and help surrounding communities with survival gear. JC joins us from his home and tells us what we can do to help and we also talk about his poker plans after this life changing event. We tackle a few items from the Mailbag as well including a hand with 4 flushes and a tournament with an illogical rebuy structure. (Featured guests: JC Alvarado)
September 26, 2017
On this episode of the Pokercast: We break down the twitter beef between Hellmuth and Negreanu, complete with some impromptu voice acting! To begin Adam gets trolled during and E transfer and Terrence goes to gun school. In the news: Poker Masters has a winner! We talk about how Steffen Sontheimer beasted the field which leads to discussion of how Daniel and Phil got into it on twitter. There are also some more Hellmuth-isms and other funny tweets in “140 or less” and a tournament strategy question in the Mailbag. (Featured guests: Terrence Chan)
September 19, 2017
This week on the Pokercast: Adam and Terrence break down the Poker Masters some more and we answer your Mailbag questions. To begin, it appears the Vegas NHL team is already better than ours after the first preseason game. In the news: Poker Masters is nearing the end and everyone has been loving the coverage on PokerGo. From Phil Hellmuth blow ups to new german whiz kids the show has it all! The new player on the scene is Steffen Sontheimer, the guys talk about how impressive he has been and discuss his break out vs. the best players in the world. We also get into some tweets about sports and withdrawing money at an ATM in a bank vs. a casino. In the Mailbag we answer your questions about practicing playing the money bubble, Roland’s interview last show and the grey area poker site global poker. (Featured guests: Terrence Chan)
September 15, 2017
This week on the Pokercast: Resurfacing on the Pokercast with some amazing stories as always, Roland de Wolfe returns! We have been on a slight break due to technical issues and with a new format for you! We update you on the happenings of the Adam and T-Chan before getting into the news. The main focus of the poker world right now during the off season is Poker Masters, we talk about Daniel Negreanu’s prop bets and who would wear that jacket? Our feature guest is Roland De Wolfe, fresh off of prop betting with Tom Dwan at mini golf earlier today. If you are new to poker and never saw Roland on TV back in the day you’re in for a treat, same goes if you know of Roland. A fixture of the high stakes tournament and cash community for years before stepping away, Roland has stories from all of the big names in poker that you’d never hear otherwise. We bring him back on the show from London to chat about what he’s been up to. (Featured guests: Roland De Wolfe)
August 31, 2017
This week on the Pokercast: An insiders look into the highest stakes dealings of the Poker world, what would you do if a stranger owed you $4.6M and wouldn’t pay? To begin we last nearly a minute before talking about dead animals and recap the big gambling event (fight) of the past weekend. In the news: Hellmuth beats Jungleman heads up for the $200k PNIA King of the Hill and it was a wild ride. MTT Regular accused of angle shooting, we review a listener’s angle shooting story and more. Our feature guest is Elton Tsang. Elton may not be a household name to most, but he has rubbed shoulders with all of them playing the highest stakes in Macau and winning the €1M One Drop in Monte Carlo. Elton has been in the news recently because after a high stakes cash game session in Barcelona, Leon Tsoukernik owner of the Kings Casino has allegedly stiffed him $4.6 Million after losing in the game. Elton joins us in studio to talk about his story. We are also joined by Run It Once Elite coach Tom Chambers. Tom is an expert in games that require more than 2 cards and joins us to talk PLO and PLO8 strategy and the rise of piosolver in omaha. We also had a late guest addition to the show in Dustin Morrill, PHD student at the University of Alberta and creator of the Deepstack heads up no limit hold'em bot. Adam and Terrence played simulated matches against the bot and Dustin joins us to talk about the data from their battles with the AI. (Featured guests: Elton Tsang)
August 22, 2017
This week on the Pokercast: Lots if high stakes action happening with the return of Poker After Dark. To begin, Terrence learned some GTO wilderness skills and the guys break down the McGregor vs. Mayweather fight and the crazy betting line movement heading into this weekend. In poker news: Poker After Dark is back and it’s everything we dreamed of. We review the return of Tom Dwan, the biggest pots and stories from the show. “Loose” Leon Tsoukernik is another guy on the high stakes scene lately, and is getting a pretty bad reputation. Plus a $1.2M bad beat jackpot hits in a $1/2 game in Montreal, Hellmuth is a new WPT host, “Molly’s Game” movie trailer, WCOOP Schedule and more. Then we’ve got some 140 or less and some more great mail! Mail includes an encounter with Will Kassouf, some tournament strategy and how many ways can you say you’re all in? (Featured guests: Terrence Chan)
August 10, 2017
This week on the Pokercast: The gang is all back together and Bill Perkins joins us! To begin: Adam has been away on his golf trip with the boys and updates us on his tour plus a night out with MJ. We also answer the question would Donald Trump be a good poker player? In the news this week: Australian senate bans online poker, the Hellmuth media tour, a poker player caught over-selling in the Main Event, numbers from the WSOP broadcasts are in and the largest live MTT outside of the States ran in the UK. We’ve also got some 140 or less and Mailbag including an ethics question and some comments for the show. Bill Perkins is our feature interview as he joins us to talk about his various prop bets with Adam, the Staples brothers and Joe Ingram. Bill also imparts some life advice and gives us an insiders look at the INSANELY high stakes home games in LA. (Featured guests: Bill Perkins)
July 31, 2017
This week on the Pokercast: With Adam on hiatus we needed someone who knows their stuff to wrap up this great Main Event final table so we got ahold of the man the myth the legend, Joey Ingram! Joe has been in Vegas since the beginning of the series and sweat the final table live, plus watched it with some other pros to get insight into the strategies used by the final 9. To begin Terrence and Joe talk about the summer, Joe has some memories of his first appearance on the Pokercast during his first endurance prop bet and more. There’s really only one piece of news this week and it’s that we have a new Main Event champ! Scott Blumstein seemingly coasted to victory after taking a huge chip lead off of fan favourite John Hesp. We review each important hand of the final table and Terrence and Joe break down the strategy considerations behind each. The guys also talk about the pros and cons of the broadcast this year with Poker Go and the commentary. We also have a couple of mailbag questions, one from the world series and we couldn’t let Joey go without some PLO strategy. (Featured guests: Joe Ingram)
July 18, 2017
This week on the Pokercast: Everything you need to know about the 2017 Main Event so far! Lance Bradley, formerly of Bluff magazine and current President & Editor in Chief of Pocket Fives has been live reporting from the Rio every step of the way. Lance joins us to give an in person recount of all of the story lines emerging from the main this year. Before we get into the main event we have to catch you up on the last bracelet events such as the Poker Players Championship as well, and the man who entered the ladies event. Some of the storylines from the Main are: Field size, demographics, crazy coolers, the bubble, Mickey Craft, Christian Pham, John Hesp and more! After all of the Main Event action we’ve also got some all star tweets in 140 or less before we run out of time. (Featured guests: Lance Bradley)
July 7, 2017
This week on the Pokercast: A whole lot of Poker content to cure your long weekend hangover. To begin: Terrence has appreciated your kindnesses and WSOP Pokercast Fantasy updates. In the news with week: The last of the regular 2017 WSOP bracelets, more known players taking down events & $50k championship news. Plus player of the year updates, shared liquidity in Europe, Pokerstars honours PKR balances and offers a new game. Our first guest of the show is Pokercast forum mod and friend Xander Biscuits back for another edition of sheep game, but backwards. After some fun with Xander we’ve got Dan Gati from Poker Productions. Dan is in charge of Poker Go, the new subscription based streaming platform for WSOP events. We talk with him about how things are going, the feedback he has received about what games people want to see and the first year without the November 9 since 08’. Our third guest of the episode is Joseph 'JoeyDel' Del Duca of the Australian Online Poker Alliance. We have talked about the legislation issues against online poker in Australia in the past and Joseph is fighting for his right and the rights of all Australians to continue to play online poker, we talk to him about why this matters and what they can do to help. There is also some more wonderful Voice and E-mails from you and WSOP themed 140 or less. Finally, Terrence has a few hands to review from the $1k Turbo. (Featured guests: Dan Gati, Joseph 'JoeyDel' Del Duca)
June 29, 2017
This week on the Pokercast: Right off the top of the show Matt Glantz joins us. We talk about some concerns with the WSOP, and the late series/pre main event grind. Then a certain host of this show has some pretty big news, and another host is starting to see those sweet, sweet free roll dollar signs as well as an obituary to an ice guardian. In the news: Many poker bracelets have been awarded and we update you on the most relevant ones. A fight involving Phil Ivey’s bodyguard, “Aussie” Matt Kirk is suing Leon T. of Kings casino over $3M unpaid gambling debt. Plus a story of an undeserving penalty in the Marathon WSOP event inspires an ethics/angling question from Terrence. Again this week we also have world series themed 140 or less and Mail. Topics covered this week are creating your own perfect tournament, WSOP dealers and PLO Strategy! (Featured guests: Matt Glantz)
June 22, 2017
This week on the Pokercast: Another eventful week at the series and Terrence has quite a trip report for us. To begin Pokercast Fantasy update, throwback to when Terrence wrestled Huck Seed out back of the Rio, Last chance to join the “Peehs” game and more weight loss bets. In the news: Terrence final tabled the $10k Limit Holdem at the WSOP again but this time it was a pretty wild ride, Helmuth blew up on him and we get a description of possibly the most disruptive player to ever play a high stakes tournament. Nearing the half way mark of the series we update you on all of the bracelets and story lines from Rio over the past week and problems with the POY scoring. We are then joined by Alan Boston, Adam previously promised him a match game during March Madness and we play a few rounds and also Alan tells us what he thinks we should do with the money donated to him. We also have more WSOP themed tweets and your wonderful mail including topics of PLO and NLH tournament strategy, the best earbuds for listening to podcasts and “how much ya got”. (Featured guests: Alan Boston)
June 14, 2017
This week on the Pokercast: Poker vlogger/youtuber Andrew Neeme joins us to talk about his work and grinding Vegas. To begin we chat about D-Negs fantasy team, The Alan Boston fund, Pokercast Fantasy league and more. In the first segment we are also joined by Andrew Neeme. A poker pro hailing from Michigan, Andrew now lives in Vegas and plays live cash for a living. We get into his poker history and why he decided to begin documenting his life, problems with trying to film in the casino, the life of a live pro and more. In the news: Lots of poker bracelets have been awarded by now at the WSOP and we talk about all of them, 2 poker villains play the tag team event, more US online poker legislation passes and more. In the second segment we dive into Terrences trip to Vegas so far and the events he has played, and have a discussion/rant about the ethics of tanking on the bubble. We’ve got some WSOP themed 140 or less and some of your wonderful mail as well! (Featured guests: Andrew Neeme)
June 5, 2017
This week on the Pokercast: Lots to catch you up on! WSOP is officially underway and it’s the best time of the year! To begin the guys talk about the trips they’ve got planned to head down to Vegas, Pokercast nation is slimming down, T Chan is trying to apply his GTO poker skills to home buying and more. In the news: WSOP event recaps and stories from the first 8 events & Super High Roller Bowl plus a Sunday where the million never ran? Then we are excited to debut “Sheep Game” with our long time listener and mod Xander Biscuits. 47 2+2ers entered into the game and we run through our answers and crown a winner on the show. We’ve also got some great WSOP tweets and we bust open the Mailbag for more gas tank strat and some drop requests! (Featured guests: No Guest)
May 26, 2017
On this episode of the Pokercast: With Adam out of town at the Savage Invitational we are joined by special guest host Kevin Mathers! KevMath is the community manager at pocket fives, WSOP Twitter Czar, and general expert on the daily happenings of the poker world. To begin, it is the last chance to join Pokercast WSOP Fantasy league and the guys have their trips planned. We start off with some insight from Kevin on what to look forwards to this year including lower stakes events and the 25k fantasy draft. We are then joined by our friend, Run It Once coach and return guest Ryan Laplante! Ryan gives us a pros view on playing a full schedule and the events he is most excited for and some strategy. Plus we look back on his bracelet win last year and how the field compared in a lower buy in event to a high dollar one. After Ryan we get into some of the non WSOP talk with SCOOP results including a good one from Terrence, results of the $1k of McDonalds bet, Mike Sexton steps down as WPT announcer and several big name poker players accounts get hacked. Then before we go we have some 140 or Less and Mail. This week you sent us some questions about the show, a dig at Ross and a question from a private game! (Featured guests: Ryan "Protential" Laplante)
May 19, 2017
This week on the Pokercast: 3 great guests on this episode to get you in the loop with the World Series right around the corner! To begin: Remember to join our WSOP Fantasy League and the WSOP Sheep Game in our forum, plus Terrence has some more trip reporting from Montreal. Right off the top we are joined by Andreas aka RunLikePanda, a coach from Run It Once. Andreas talks to us about Limited Hold’em! Also NL, and why he believes GTO is overrated. In the news this week: Party Poker brings back rake back, Stars to host live Sunday Million, Kevin Hart in the SHB, and big changes to the WSOP! First off, Poker Central has acquired the rights to TV & digital media for the series this year and Remko Rinkema joins us to talk about how we will have better coverage of the events this year. Then the guys talk with the Executive Director of the WSOP Ty Stewart. Ty briefs us more on WSOP broadcasting, Player of the year changes, the end of the November Nine and more. We also have a few items from the Mailbag before we wrap it up! (Featured guests: Remko Rinkema)
May 10, 2017
On this episode of the Pokercast: We’re coming to you again from Playground Poker in Montreal just before the final table of the Party Poker Millions kicks off. We’re also back on video thanks to Poker Vision Network. To begin the guys chat about their time in montreal and dealing with chip counts in french before we get into the news. There were some doubters out there but the ambitious $5M guarantee was met out here in Montreal, Adam and Terrence catch you up on all the action. Also PKR shuts down, new WSOP rules on time to act and a quick recap of the Pokerstars Championship in Monte Carlo. We then chat to Mike Noori, the crazy man who accepted a bet that he couldn’t eat $1k of McDonalds in 1.5 days about how he is going to go about this challenge. After Mike we get into some more of your Mail and some in depth strategy. Terrence made a run in the Main Event here and he breaks down some of the interesting spots that he encountered. (Featured guests: Terrence Chan)
May 5, 2017
This week on the Pokercast: We took the show on the road to try and put our ugly mugs on camera. In association with the Poker Vision Network and Party Poker, we made our first live video pod from the Playground Poker Club. To begin Adam’s persistence to run the tank to E finally bit him in the ass. In the news: Kevin Hart signs with Stars, Luke Schwartz fires shots at Doug Polk, Cardrunners to stop producing videos and we check in with Matt Savage to see how his “social experiment” tournament went. We then get into some emails including an insane situation at a poker game in Mexico and more. Then businessman, entrepreneur and poker player Rob Yong of Dusk Till Dawn and Party Poker joins us fresh off of playing in the $1/200 cash game here. Rob gives us a run down of his high stakes session and an interesting view into the poker industry. Topics discussed include whether live poker can make a profit and how he plans to change how things are done. (Featured guests: Matt Savage, Rob Yong)
April 27, 2017
This week on the Pokercast: Sam Grafton aka squid poker of Run It Once joins us to teach us more about MTT’s! To begin: the show is going on the road to Montreal, our Canucks get a cooler coach than your team, The Bellagio goes live on twitch and more. In the news this week: Online poker shelved in Cali, PLO Spin & Go’s, Party Poker Million Nottingham has a female champ and WPT Beijing. Sam Grafton joins us after a break to talk about that tournament in Nottingham, travelling as a poker pro and some more in depth tournament strategy. Then the owner of 2+2 Mason Malmuth joins us again on a special day for the company, the 30th anniversary! We chat with Mason about the beginnings, from self publishing a book 3 decades ago to becoming the largest poker forum on the web. We’ve also got some 140 or less, some Mailbag including some Voicemail and a couple of hands in the Ross Report. (Featured guests: Mason Malmuth)
April 12, 2017
This week on the Pokercast: Legendary eccentric poker author David Sklansky (and his parrot) joins us on the show once again! To begin, United airlines victim David Dao has $260k in cashes? Eating insects, playoff season and MORE weight loss bets. In the news: DOJ announces Absolute Poker reimbursements and Rich Muny of the Poker Players Alliance gives us the details. Updated version of Libratus heads east to destroy more humans, WPT Tournament of Champions and Pokerstars Championship Macau main event. David Sklansky then joins us from his home in Nevada to talk about mental game coaches in poker, game theory, his new book “Poker & More, Unique Ideas & Concepts” and more. We’ve also got some mail including a strategy question and Pokercast guest power ratings. Plus some great tweets in 140 or Less and Adam’s got a favourite thing before we wrap it up. (Featured guests: David Sklansky)
April 5, 2017
This week on the Pokercast: Creator of the EPT John Duthie joins us to talk about the history of the tour and his new venture. To begin, Adam is crowd funding for Boston and the WSOP Fantasy League is going again. This week in the news: Pokerstars rolls out their new VIP system and Steve Ruddock of Online Poker Report joins us to run through and review the changes. Adam and Terrence review their matches against the University of Alberta HUNL bot and more. John Duthie then joins us to talk about the beginnings of the EPT and how it evolved to one of the most successful poker tours. John is now working with Party Poker to grow their live tournament series and he talks about that and working in the current state of poker. We then answer just one great piece of mail and review a hand from the Rossco Report before we bounce! (Featured guests: John Duthie)
March 29, 2017
This week on the Pokercast: We are joined by 2+2 member #4, author and coach Tommy Angelo! First off Boston has done us well again, and Bill Perkins is involved in another weight loss bet. In the news: Stars parting with Ronaldo & Neymar? Matt Savage to run a “social experiment tournament”, SCOOP schedule announced and more. We are then joined by Tommy Angelo to talk about dealing with tilt, mindfulness and mental game. Tommy’s new book is called “Painless Poker” and it’s available now. After Tommy we’ve got favourite things and then we open up the Mailbag. We answer some strat questions, read an amazing degen story and Terrence gets needled before we shut it down. (Featured guests: Tommy Angelo)
March 22, 2017
This week on the Pokercast: Back by popular demand, this week you get a double dose of Alan Boston as well as two more great guests. To begin we review Terrence’s fight as well as Adam’s weight loss plus Adam and Terrence will represent humanity in a Brains vs AI challenge of their own. In the news this week: Online poker soon to be banned in Australia, the WPT throws a wrench into the Royal Flush Girls, plus #mikeandcateplushate was completed this weekend and Cate Hall was the victor, T and Adam review the poker world’s reaction to the grudge match. Our first guest is Phil Sabbah of the Playground Poker Club in Montreal. Phil joins us to give us a preview of the largest guaranteed live tournament in Canadian history, the Party Poker Millionaire with a $5M Guarantee! Then remaining on the same tournament topic, a guy with a better shot of winning that tournament than you or I, Sam Greenwood of Run It Once joins us to talk about the life of a live MTT pro including the pros and cons of swapping pieces and selling/buying action. After a break we are joined by Alan Boston once again to talk about the lines for the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament, his pick(s) for this round of play and obviously many other topics. We answer some of your mail as well before we wrap up the show. (Featured guests: Alan Boston)
March 14, 2017
This week on the Pokercast: It’s March Madness, and you know what that means! Alan Boston returns to the Pokercast to tell us what’s wrong in the world and give out winners. To start, Terrence’s fight is around the corner and we talk about reactions to the Keegan interview last week, WSOP plans and more of Adam’s weight bet before we get into the news. In ICYMI: "Molly’s Game" movie, Man responsible for Black Friday goes down, WPT cancels in Korea and Shooting Start recap. Boston then joins us to talk about a variety of topics including live poker on the east coast, old school handicapping stories, selection sunday and his picks for the round of 64. After Alan, we talk to the head honcho here at 2+2 Mr. Mason Malmuth about the release of his and David Sklansky's new book “Poker & More, Unique Ideas & Concepts”. We answer a few questions from the Mailbag as well before we wrap it up. (Featured guests: Mason Malmuth, Alan Boston)
March 9, 2017
This week on the Pokercast: Fan favourite Jean Robert Bellande returns to the Pokercast to update us on what’s been going on in his crazy life! First off, we’re all back under one roof for the show as Terrence has returned to the great white north for his next bout. We chat about tips to recover from jet lag and Adam updates us on his weight loss then get into the news. In ICYMI: David Baazov sells off $100M of Amaya stock, stars offers “All Stara” promotion, another high stakes guru plans to “retire” and more. JRB then joins us to tell us about how he went to the oscars and an oscars bet he had with Phil Ivey. He also updates us on the Super High Roller Bowl and more tidbits from the Vegas high stakes world. After JRB we open up the Mailbag to answer your voicemails and e-mails about building a bankroll and a degen story. We review a couple hands in the Ross report and then we end the show with some good old fashioned trash talking as we grant Terrence's opponent Keegan his wish to come back on the show to defend himself after the rebuttal from T the week before! (Featured guests: Jean-Robert Bellande)
March 1, 2017
On this episode of the Pokercast: We are joined by renaissance man and king of high stakes prop bets Mr. Bill Perkins! To start we chat and get into a couple of forum posts before getting into ICYMI. This week: Phil Ivey’s case is going to UK supreme court, a Betonline skin caught cheating at blackjack, Absolute Poker founder returns to USA, American Poker Award winners and more. We are then joined Bill Perkins for a long form interview where we get into a whole ton of topics. From trading to streaming to high stakes private games and prop bet stories, a challenge is offered to Adam as well. After Bill, Chris Kruk of Run It Once returns to the show for a strategy segment with some hand analysis and tips on river play. To cap it all off we get into the mail in which we answer questions about Terrence’s response to the Keegan interview, the EV of a political bet, some insight into an amazing call and more! (Featured guests: Terrence Chan)
February 23, 2017
On this episode of the Pokercast: We’ve got a ton of news to catch you up on, some Pokercast beef and your wonderful mail to reply to! In the news this week: A new format of poker called “Power Up” at Pokerstars, EPT Creator John Duthie takes over PartyPoker’s live poker devision, American Poker Award nominations and more. Steve Mayes, CEO and Founder of SharkScope joins us to talk about how SS can now help you prevent being colluded against in real time, plus we respond to all of the people that were tilted from the "marathon event" discussion last week. Some of the mail discussed this week includes questions about running it more than once and what’s up with Kells. We’ve got a couple Ross Report hands and then to end the show we’ve got something like you’ve never heard before on the Pokercast... an Interview with Keegan Oliver, Terrences opponent for his next fight! We hear from him and get Terrence fired up before we end the show. (Featured guests: Terrence Chan)
February 9, 2017
On this episode of the Pokercast: Multiple WSOP bracelet winner Brandon Shack Harris joins us for an extended interview about high stakes cash, blogging, match game and more! To start, Terrence met a listener in thailand! Also info on T’s upcoming fight, a correction from last week and something positive about high stakes poker. In the news this week: 2017 WSOP Schedule, The Super High Roller Bowl sells out in hours, A huge call at a WPT, Pokerstars rolls out “Seat Me” and more. Our first guest is Run It Once coach Leo “Isildroon” Nordin. Leo is a high stakes PLO sicko and joins us early in the morning from Sweden to talk online & live strategy and whether or not old ladies will fold. We then talk with Brandon Shack harris about the aforementioned topics as well as the downfalls of becoming friends with the players in your game, a sort of degen story and what he’s been writing. We end the show with a dive into the mailbag where we’ve got some tournament strategy, another degen story and more! (Featured guests: Brandon Shack-Harris)
January 31, 2017
On this episode of the Pokercast: Terrence is back in Thailand after a stint at the Aussie millions and we’ve got news and strategy to catch you up on! First off Adam has been addicted to HSP reruns, Terrence has a fight scheduled and our podcast is shortlisted for an American Poker Award. In ICYMI: Aussie Millions has wrapped up, we recap the series and Terrence gives us a trip report. A handheld device-free tournament is proposed and more. Doug Polk joins us to give us an insider scoop of how the Brains vs. AI challenge has been going and whether or not computers have ruined poker for us yet. After a break we get Run It Once coach Paul Atwal back on the line and Adam and him break down some NLH strat including continuation betting, one on one coaching and what he’s learned reviewing subscribers play. After Paul we review Terrence’s Aussie Millions hands, a couple of Ross’ live hands and crack open the Mailbag to answer a few of your Voice and E mails! (Featured guests: Douglas Polk)
January 24, 2017
This week on the Pokercast: Terrence is at the Aussie Millions and Adam is back from the Bahamas and we’re suited up and ready to bring you another jam packed episode. Firstly, Terrence narrowly avoided a brutal random act of violence upon arriving to Melbourne, we talk about his close call before we get on the line with Remko. Remko Rinkema is our guest this week... you should recognize him from just about every form of poker media across various different outlets, but now he has found a home at Poker Central! Remko chats with us about his new gig and we play Match Game. Since Remko is a veteran of the industry at this point we naturally get a few of his favourite Degen Stories from over the years at the world series. In the news this week: A wild story from NVG, a poker player not paid after running up a huge win in a private game turned blackjack game. Brains vs AI update (spoiler: not looking great for us brains), Gus Hansen returns to the online poker tables yet again and more. We’ve got 140 or less and some amazing emails including one from potentially our first Winter Olympic skeleton competitor/listener, and Ross has made a comeback to the felt. We review some interesting live hands in the Rossco Report to cap it off. (Featured guests: Remko Rinkema)
January 12, 2017
On this episode of the Pokercast: Adam jetted down to the Bahamas for the Pokerstars Championship event with his new gig, and joins us from the Atlantis! Terrence is also about to be on the way to a poker tour stop and we chat about that before we jump into the news. This week: Mike Mcdonald launches a new poker staking site with a twist, Dan Smith raises $1.7M for charity, the legality of online poker in Australia is threatened, a new Brains vs AI heads up poker challenge is happening and more. Our first guest this week is Jaime Staples, Jaime pops in and joins Adam amidst a deep run in the main event in the Bahamas and chats about that as well as how twitch poker has been evolving. After Jaime we have a Degen Story with the one and only JC Alvarado. Our Run It Once guest coach this week is Dylan Linde who joins us to give us some pointers on plugging leaks in your game. We’ve also got 140 or less, Ross Report hands and more of your mail in the mailbag! (Featured guests: Jaime "Pokerstaples" Staples)
January 4, 2017
On this episode of the Pokercast: The gang is back together after the holidays and we’ve got a ton of stuff to catch you up on! First off Terrence and Ross had Christmas in the heat while Adams was in the snow, we recap our holidays as well as talk about Terrence being called out on twitter to fight and Adam’s weight loss bet. We are joined first today by Matthew Weiner, Matthew is a former poker pro who picked up that he was able to make money at the game while deployed in Afghanistan. He now runs a successful online business and a new partner of the Pokercast, VapeWild! We talk to him about stories of high stakes games that happened in a war zone and the transition from poker to business. In the news, this week we’ve got the biggest winners and losers online in 2016, Fedor Holz does NOT win the player of the year title, PPC Poker Tour robs a tournament purse and more. Our second guest of the day is Jeremy Menard, Jeremy is a tournament pro and coach at Run It Once, he joins us to talk about how tournament players have gotten tougher and how they are doing so, and some in depth strategies on stepping up your tournament skills, including reviewing your play. Adam includes a classic Degen Story from years ago plus we’ve also got some epic 140 or less, voicemails and e-mails to answer! (Featured guests: Terrence Chan)
December 22, 2016
On this episode of the Pokercast: A truly international episode, the first time the gang has all been in separate countries! We chat about our holidays and then review some of your posts in the Questions/Comments thread of the Pokercast forum. This week in the news: Ivey is ordered to pay back over $10M to the Borgata, Will Kassouf is back talking his way into awkward situations, Matt Savage posts about an interesting rules conundrum, High Stakes Database releases all player information and more. Continuing along the thread of Degen Stories, Adam’s buddy and WSOP bracelet winner Michael Gracz joins us with some stories of his own. After Mike, we’ve got some 140 or less, and then we chat with Zachary Freeman of Run It Once. Zach was the first exclusively live poker coach for RIO and we get him on the line from LA to chat about where to play which games in the LA scene, Profiling players and playing GTO against randoms. Zach has some great insight into approaching new games as well. We also get into some more of your great mail before we wrap things up. Happy Holidays from the Pokercast! (Featured guests: Terrence Chan)
December 14, 2016
On this episode of the Pokercast: We are joined by Barry Greenstein, a man of many epic stories. Barry takes a break from his session to tell us a wild degenerate tale involving Phil Ivey and other poker notables. First off we chat about how Terrence is living it up, Ross is on his way to warmer weather and Adam is hanging out at the rink. This week in the news: We look at what sites (other than stars) have been driving the most traffic and the answer might surprise you, Steve Ruddock of OnlinePokerReport gets on the line with us to give us the details on how the online landscape is changing. Other stories include LuckyChewy planning to start a new poker site, Cate Hall/Mike Dentale twitter beef and HU 4 Rollz. Then we get Barry G on the line who regales us with some wild tales of degeneracy such as him being pressured to hold large sums money for strangers, John Hennigan, Tuan Le and of course Phil Ivey. After Barry we get into some 140 Or Less, Mailbag and some hands in the Ross Report. (Featured guests: Barry Greenstein)
December 7, 2016
This week on the Pokercast: Ryan “Protential” Laplante is the newest Run It Once coach and joins us off of a tournament win to talk about the strategy for re entry tournaments. To kick things off Terrence schools us on password protection from his sick house and we get into the news. This week: 10 US Attorney Generals petition to hurt online gaming, Trump blocks Doyle Brunson on twitter, The GPL Finals and a new poker tour in... China! Ryan Laplante then joins us from Vegas after a long day grinding at the Bellagio to talk about his latest tournament win, and the benefits and drawbacks of re entry tournaments. We have a bunch of mail this week including some strat questions, bacon scented dryer sheets, a new riddle and more. We also get into the best of poker twitter in “140 or less” before we wrap things up. (Featured guests: Ryan "Protential" Laplante)
November 30, 2016
On this episode of the Pokercast: We have two unexpected guests! To begin Terrence has returned from bloodsport in Macau after getting hit in the face a bit he gives us a trip report. We’ve also got the answer to the riddle from last week and a few other topics before we get into the news. This week in ICYMI: Brian Hastings retires, a writer from Pokernews is fired after writing a disparaging article about poker pros, Dwayne Wade links up with Stars and Baazov makes (or makes up) another bid to make Stars private again. Our first guest this week isn’t a poker pro, he’s not even in the poker industry. He’s an attorney from LA named Eric Bensamochan who e-mailed the show a while ago with a recreational players view on the WSOP and Adam invited him to join us to talk about what we can do to improve the WSOP and poker for the rec player. Eric also has a story about sitting in on Jamie Golds bankruptcy case. Right after Eric we get a call from a previous caller “Hons” from Aus! Hons regales us with his biggest degenerate story from back in the day. We answer an email about why Limit Hold’em players are the worst and get into some of the best poker tweets in 140 or less. We wrap things up with some of Ross’ hands and a tale of potentially one of the largest $1/2 PLO pots ever. (Featured guests: Terrence Chan)
November 22, 2016
On this episode of the Pokercast: An impromptu conversation with the legend himself Mike Sexton! First off, Terrence is heading to a tournament in Macau but this time with fists instead of chips. We also chat about All In Or Knocked Out Part 6 and get into the news. This Week: The guys talk about some legislation that might threaten poker in Australia and then we hop on the line with Mike Sexton from his vacation in the Dominican Republic fresh off a WPT title in Montreal! Mike chats with us about taking down a big event after many years since his last big score, his love for the shot clock, the busy schedule he’s got and Adam reminisces about some golf stories. After Mike we’ve got a ton of your mail to get to. Some strategy questions, live poker pet peeves, how much would it take, degen stories and Phil Ivey ruling questions were submitted and we get to all of them! Before we wrap it up we review a few of Ross’ hands as well. (Featured guests: Mike Sexton)
November 19, 2016
On April 24, 2016, Olivier Busquet pummeled JC Alvarado for 15 minutes, taking $150000 from his bank account, and adding it to his own. Terrence met with both the winner and loser in the days following the fight. As expected, the defeated JC was feeling down and disappointed. But despite being the dominant winner, Olivier had mixed emotions about the fight as well. (Featured guests: JC Alvarado, Olivier Busquet)
November 17, 2016
On this episode of the Pokercast: Run It Once coach Tyler “Gogol’s Nose” Forrester joins us to talk about the nitty gritty of game theory as it applies to NLH, the future of online poker and applying training tools to your game. First, Adam and Terrence talk about the latest UFC and Conor Mcgregor plus Adam is grateful for your support and not so grateful for radar guns. This week we’ve got some interesting news stories for you including another bid for Amaya from Baazov. In more Stars news they plan to skim more off of the VIP Club, in Phil Hellmuth news the Poker Brat could be appearing on the Tim Ferriss show but not if the poker twitter community can help it. Phil Ivey is in some deep legal trouble now due to the edge sorting scandals and we update you on his dealings as well as the tax implications of the November Niners and more. Tyler Forrester then joins us on the line to talk about the aforementioned topics, and Ross has been back on the felt so we’ve got some new hands to revive the Ross Report! (Featured guests: Terrence Chan)
November 10, 2016
On this episode of the Pokercast: We digest the latest come from behind win of 2016 and how a D-Trump presidency might affect online poker in the US. Dustin Gouker, lead author at Online Sports Report joins us to talk about how this sudden shock to the american political system could determine the future of online gaming in America. We also talk about the wild election betting line movement yesterday as well as review reactions from poker players on social media. Plus Will Kassouf did an AMA on reddit, which naturally resulted in some comedy gold. Paul “shifftyy” Atwal is our Run It Once coach this week who joins us to talk about some interesting bluffs in low stakes online NLH Zoom games. Terrence has also got some hands from the ACOP Main Event he just played in Macau! Then we’ve got a double dose of 140 or less since twitter was off the chain yesterday, and a bunch of your mail as well! (Featured guests: Dustin Gouker)
November 3, 2016
On this episode of the Pokercast: A full wrap up of the November 9 final table with guest host Ryan Laplante! Adam couldn’t join us for this episode so Ryan filled in last minute and we’re glad he did. Last year Ryan joined us on a similar episode to talk through the interesting hands that were played, we got a good reception from that podcast and this year we’ve got more of the same. Terrence and Ryan talk through a general rundown of the table and some of the storylines and then get into some of the more in depth strategy behind some of the most important hands of the final table. (Featured guests: Ryan "Protential" Laplante)
October 24, 2016
On this episode of the Pokercast: We get a trip report from the most exclusive tournament of the year, the 1M Euro One Drop. To begin Adam and Terrence shout out to British TV and we get into the news. We kick off the news with Jason Strasser, Jason was formerly a high stakes online pro and he made the transition to the financial world at the right time. He has had success in the numbers game and joins us to talk about being invited to the 1M Euro businessman one drop, playing in Monte Carlo, the transition out of poker, stories and advice from the financial world. Other stories in the news this week include Phil Ivey’s edge sorting case settled in court, a new poker variant “protection poker”, a new Dan Bilzerian prop bet and more. We are then joined by Run It Once coach Chris Kruk to talk about a couple of No Limit hands, and Adam has a couple of hands of his own. We wrap up the show with some mail including a new omaha variant, dealer tipping etiquette and more! (Featured guests: Jason Strasser)
October 19, 2016
On this episode of the Pokercast: Kenny Hallaert is a poker pro and tournament director hailing from Belgium, but residing in London now. Kenny has been a respected player on the european tour for years with over $1.3M in tournament cashes not including the money he will make should he make a deep run in the Nov 9. Kenny joins us to talk about the anticipation of playing on the biggest stage in poker and the events leading up to the big day(s)! (Featured guests: Kenny Hallaert)
October 14, 2016
On this episode of the Pokercast: We get an update on the Run It Once Poker site and some strategy talk with the man himself, Phil Galfond! To kick things off Terrence talks about his trip to the boonies and we get into the news. This week: William Hill flirts with the idea of buying Amaya, Trump Taj Mahal closes it’s doors, Poker Hall of Fame, Main Event Coverage and talk of some interesting hands and the 1M Euro One Drop businessman invitational is underway in Monte Carlo. Phil Galfond then joins us to share as much as he can with us about what has been developing over at Run It Once thus far, feedback he has received and challenges they have faced working on the new poker site. Then Phil and the guys dive into some amazing hands that he played in a GPL match versus Jonathan Little. We also have some voice and e-mails to get to including a violent confrontation at a private game, what Adam and Ross’ fight walk out songs would be, and someone made us a website that makes it easy for you to determine exactly how far you are from Kells in different units of measurement! (Featured guests: Phil Galfond)
October 5, 2016
On this episode of the Pokercast: We’ve got an opposing opinion on the table talk issue from a guy who’s always got an opinion, Shaun Deeb. First off Adam talks about being tilted by the Stern show before we jump into the news. This Week: The GPL has partnered up with Pokerstars to make poker great again, we chat about what both sides could get out of this deal. Pokerstars NJ is set to have a championship series, Max Silver brings up an ugly collusion scenario from a super high roller and then Adam talks about an interesting hand from the Main Event broadcast involving the man of the month, William Kassouf. We then get Shaun Deeb on the line to talk about a tweet he made the other week saying that this incessant table talk is terrible for poker and Terrence and Adam get him to explain why he feels this way. After a break we get into the Mail! This week we’ve got a question about swapping pieces, an e-mail from Indonesia, another weight cutting question for T, plus a voicemail about the value of coaching. (Featured guests: Shaun Deeb)
September 28, 2016
On this episode of the Pokercast: The guys sit down together to discuss the end of WCOOP and some of Terrence's keys hands in the main event. First off, Prahlad Friedman aka Spirit Rock aka Pragress and inductee into the Internet Pokers Wall of Fame has a new rap video and we review it for you. In the news this week: WCOOP 2016 wrap up, Party Poker anonymizes their hand histories, EPT backs up on their payout structures and more. We have some good poker tweets in 140 or less as well as some more of your mail! Mail includes voicemails clarifying some math on a distance to Kells, an LHE hand, some praise and some scorn. (Featured guests: Terrence Chan)
September 23, 2016
On this episode of the Pokercast: Each year on the WSOP coverage by ESPN there is generally a polarizing character who is cast as the villain, and this year is no exception. William Kassouf is the boisterous Brit verbally jousting throughout each pot he played this year and he joins us this week from his home in London. We talk with William about the coverage of him over the last several episodes of the Main Event, the ruling that was made against him by WSOP tournament director Jack Effel as well as what really happened off camera and more! (Featured guests: William Kassouf)
September 20, 2016
On this episode of the Pokercast: The guys are back together after a night of drunkenly yelling “hit him in the face!” while Terrence wins a third consecutive professional fight. We talk about that and then get into the news. This week: A strange ruling on one of the recent Main Event episodes on ESPN sparks a discussion, the Las Vegas NHL team narrowed down to 3 names, WCOOP and more. We review some interesting tweets as well in “140 or less” and dive into your mail! Topics in the mail this week include “Entrepreneurial Life”, An intuitive new idea about how to rake in pots and private games. We review a couple of Terrence’s WCOOP hands as well. (Featured guests: Terrence Chan)
September 13, 2016
On this episode of the Pokercast: To begin we’ve got big announcement! You probably figured that out from the title but we talk about our new partnership with Run It Once! We also talk about a betting line that has been set on Terrence’s fight and a political bet where T found some value. In the news this week: Pokerstars planning to remove VIP program completely, WCOOP $100k high roller, Poker Hall of Fame and Andre Akkari sponsored by a main stream clothing brand. After a break we get into your mail including questions about how a fight camp effects your sex life, Daniel Negreanu’s dirty doppelgänger, some home game strategy and more! (Featured guests: Terrence Chan)
September 8, 2016
On this episode of the Pokercast: "You get a scandal! You get a scandal! Everybody gets a scandal!” - Oprah . That’s right, lots of bad behaviour this week and we are on top of it. To begin, we have caught scent of a Bacon convention that we plan to attend and talk about that before we get into the news. We’ve got a couple of stories that arose from NVG, Alex Dreyfus accused of some shady dealings, Doug Polk and Ben Tollerene attempt to settle a dispute on the forums and David Baazov involved in some more criminality. Plus a 2016 November 9er wins a tournament during the hiatus and WCOOP news. We then open your mail, we’ve got a call from the great northern state, some home game questions and more. We round out this episode with some 140 or less and review one of Ross’ hands and a couple of high stakes pots as well! (Featured guests: Terrence Chan)
September 3, 2016
On this episode of the Pokercast: We talk about the announcement of the new Run It Once poker site! First off Adam and Terrence chat about tickets to Terrence’s fight and poker themed fantasy football team names. Then Warren Karp from SharkScope joins us to talk about the new partnership with the Pokercast and what you can win in the coming year. The biggest story in the news with week is Phil Galfond’s announcement of the Run It Once online poker site. We talk about some of the challenges they may face and what we are hopeful for from a new site headed by one of the most respected pros in the game. Other news includes a warrant for Ted Forrest’s arrest and EPT Barcelona. We also review some posts from the forum and your Voice and E-mails! (Featured guests: Terrence Chan)
August 29, 2016
On this episode of the Pokercast: A dealer of the underground games in New York joins us to tell us about the poker scene in such a big city with no casinos. To start Ross and Terrence have a quick recap of UFC in Vancouver. Adam has a tournament staking ethics question for Terrence, we also get Shaun Deeb on the line to get his opinion on the scenario. Then Ian, our insider and dealer of the NY poker scene joins us to talk about his experiences dealing all over the city, in small and high stakes games and games that were raided and run by shady people. After Ian, we get into your Voicemails and E-mails. We also have a special edition of the Roscoe Report with listener submitted hands! (Featured guests: Shaun Deeb)
August 26, 2016
On this episode of the Pokercast: Adam kicks off the show amidst some controversy about the alleged hypocrisy of his stance on VPN users, Adam and Terrence have a discussion about this and some other topics before we jump into some news. This week in ICYMI: Pokerstars announces restructuring live events, ending franchises such as EPT and APPT. Fedor Holz comes out of retirement to win more money and Gus Hansen returns to the high stakes online to give it another go. We also get to some poker tweets in 140 or less as well as an e-mail, plus we bring Favourite Things back! (Featured guests: Terrence Chan)
August 19, 2016
This week on the Pokercast: We get a look into the premier online poker championship this year. First off we get an update on Terrence’s training, Adam talks some olympics and the end of a great Canadian musical era before we get into the news. This week in ICYMI: Sorel Mizzi in trouble again, Michael Phelps playing OFC poolside, Pokerstars Live events return to USA, Doyle Brunson targeted in a robbery and more. We are also joined by Pokerstars Bryan, the tournament director over there to talk about what we can expect from WCOOP this year such as a $100k high roller. After Bryan we get into some more of your wonderful mail including a would you rather, some strategy and a tinder gambling story. We also review some hands in the Roscoe Report before we wrap things up. (Featured guests: Terrence Chan)
August 17, 2016
This week on the Pokercast: Cate Hall joins us as our feature interview. Cate has broken into the poker scene the last couple of years with WPT final tables and appearances on other televised poker, but she had a different path to professional poker than the average online grinder. Cate had a successful career in law that she left behind for the much less stable living made from poker. We talk to Cate about her path to poker, podcast, world series and more. After cate we have some impromptu sports talk before this shorter episode is wrapped up. (Featured guests: Cate Hall)
August 14, 2016
This week on the Pokercast: Fresh off a sushi dinner, high stakes pro Dani Stern aka Ansky aka Supernova9 sits down with us live. You may know Dani from the cult poker reality show 2 Months 2 Million years ago, but Dani has been in the poker scene for a long time now and joins us to talk about an array of topics. We talk with Dani about the Pokerstars changes and what we can hope for in the future of online poker, moving to Vancouver, the live games in Vegas this summer, some PLO strategy and a few hand reviews. Dani sticks around for the news as well as we cover Baazov “leaving” Pokerstars, Bovada Poker closing, a fiasco in a PartyPoker $100k guarantee and more. After Dani heads out we get into some more of your mail, review the tweets of the week and some of Ross’ hands in the Roscoe Report. (Featured guests: Dani Stern)
August 7, 2016
This week on the Pokercast: The guys are back together in Vancouver for a special episode. Your e-mails and voicemails have been piling up for a couple of weeks and there are some great ones, there are some awesome ones! We get through as many of them as we can. We also get into some news including: Jason Mercier gets grilled on ESPN, The November 9 ICM, Phil Hellmuth to appear in a TV show and more. We also run through some tweets in “140 or less” as well as some hand reviews and a somewhat degenerate story in the Roscoe Report. (Featured guests: Terrence Chan)
August 4, 2016
This week on the Pokercast: A long form interview with Daniel Negreanu. We're switching up the format a bit and will bring you the mail and other good stuff later this week, but to hold you over we got Dnegs on the line for an hour. Daniel talks with us about a bunch of subjects including: His WSOP, The Main Event/November 9 the big game at Bellagio, stories from back in the day, The Invite only €1M One Drop, Politics, Twitter Beefs and more. (Featured guests: Daniel Negreanu)
July 29, 2016
Four ounce gloves. Five minute rounds. Punches, kicks, elbows, and knees to everywhere on the opponent's body save the groin, back of the head, and spine. This is what Olivier and JC, two complete novices to the sport of mixed martial arts, have agreed to after six months of training, with a $270000 wager on the line. In Part 5, those six months come to fruition. The poker players turned fighters enter the cage on an April night in Las Vegas, and the result is a violent blood-soaked affair, well beyond the poker community's expectations. (Featured guests: Olivier Busquet, JC Alvarado)
July 22, 2016
This week on the Pokercast: The November 9 is set, and we have the familiar voice of Lon McEachern to talk about how the main event was from the spectator and media perspective this year around. To start, Terrence is road tripping while Adam and Ross are in the studio and we talk about Terrence’s travels and the end of his world series before getting into the news. In ICYMI this week, November (and October) 9 news, player profiles and stories including the fact that there are 2 known players at the final table this year, one of them is in the IPWOF and one could easily qualify. Other stories include Matt Damon talking about Rounders in a BBC interview. We are then joined by Lon McEachern to get the insiders take on the main event coverage this year. John Beauprez comes on after him to talk about his WSOP, hands from the $10k and $25k PLO, high stakes cash games and games that people with basic fundamentals could beat. In the third segment we get into some great end of WSOP tweets in 140 or less, your voicemails and emails from the Mailbag and a few hands from the Roscoe Report. (Featured guests: Lon McEachern, John Beauprez)
July 14, 2016
This week on the Pokercast: Danielle “dmoongirl” Andersen joins us to talk about the very unique experience she had in the main event. First off Terrence talks about his last week at the series and his main event and Ross and Adam recap a bit more of their trip to the podcasting conference in Chicago. This week in ICYMI: Another WSOP is almost over, and we talk about the One Drop, Teams Event and other notable bracelets of the last week. The Main Event is now underway and the guys talk about the news surrounding that as well as a debate on what is the best day 1 to play. Plus more outrage about tanking and the €1M One Drop. Danielle Andersen joins us after a break to talk about her experience in the Main Event playing with a complete newbie as well as a run in with Howard Lederer. After Danielle we review more WSOP tweets in 140 or less, get to your mail and voicemails plus review a couple of hands. (Featured guests: Danielle Andersen)
July 12, 2016
For decades, Las Vegas has been home to the world’s biggest biggest prize fights. But tonight there are no world champions fighting in Sin City. Instead, two complete beginners put up a combined $270000 to duke it out in a MMA gym located five miles off the Las Vegas Strip. It’s fight day for JC and Olivier, and the big-money bettors start to filter in to witness the spectacle in person. We go behind the scenes inside both locker rooms as both sides do their final physical and mental preparation, and as the starting bell sounds, the poker community holds its collective breath in anticipation. (Featured guests: Olivier Busquet, JC Alvarado)
July 7, 2016
This week on the Pokercast: We’ve got a double dose of bracelet winners from 2016, One of them is playing everything and the other only played one tournament. First, Adam and Ross are in Chicago at Podcast Movement and loving Uber Pool while Terrence is still in Vegas with updates from the WSOP. This week in the news: Lots of great stories from the World Series, big names winning more tournaments while unknowns play insane hands to take down their first. More talk about Chris Ferguson and a scathing article about an interaction with him this year surfaces. Pokerstars leaves 2 markets and thinks about eliminating the micro-micro stakes, and the sad news of a poker player found dead at the Rio. We get into your mail and voicemails as well before we get to our guests. Our first guest is a long time friend of the show but this is his first interview. Ryan Laplante talks about his great summer, his first bracelet and the bittersweet events surrounding his bracelet. Our second guest is Mitchell Towner, Mitch won the Monster Stack this year and it only took him one try! He tells us the story of coming to Vegas to play only one event and binking. He is also a finance professor at University of Arizona, and talks about the “black swan” effect when betting in the poker marketplace. (Featured guests: Ryan "Protential" Laplante, Mitchell Towner)
June 30, 2016
This week on the Pokercast, we had to miss last week but we are back with a vengeance. It’s the last week before #Prexit and we’ve got all your WSOP and poker world news. Adam updates us on what he’s been dealing with while Terrence has some revelations about tournament poker. In the news this week: There have been a ton of bracelets awarded at the series since our last show and we run through the important stories from the rio. Stories including Chris Ferguson is not only playing the WSOP, but now in the top 10 of POY standing and did Jared Bleznick get banned? Benny Glaser is our guest this week and we get him on the line straight from the Rio. Benny, after winning 2 bracelets this series is now the all time WSOP bracelet holder for the UK. We talk to him about crushing us in fantasy, how the grind is wearing him out and some ridiculous hands he’s seen along the way. After Benny, we get into some reviews, your great mail and review more WSOP tweets in “140 or less”. We also run through some 2-7 and PLO hands in the Rossco report. Lastly, it is the final Pokercast invitational on Pokerstars this Sunday at 10am PST and it would be awesome for as many people as possible to play. The password is within the show (before the first break). (Featured guests: Benny Glaser)
June 17, 2016
This week on the Pokercast: The poker news (and gossip) keeps flowing in steadily from Vegas and we’re here like a mother bird to chew it up and regurgitate it back to you. Terrence is down there with a recap of his week on the felt and we get into this week’s winners and stories from the Rio. Aside from the bracelet winners some of the big stories this week include the Jason Mercier & Vanessa Selbst bracelet bet gone wrong, Neymar at the WSOP, a player leaves a bag of cash in an Uber and more. Brandon Shak Harris is our guest this week, but we aren’t able to keep him for long as he has to return to the tournament he’s currently running up a stack in, we chat about his summer schedule and expectations for himself plus some of the big mixed games he’s been playing in LA. After Brandon we get into your voice and E-mails! Lots of strategy questions this week as well as more how much would it take propositions. Terrence and Ross run through some more hands in the Rossco Report and the passwords and formats to the final Pokerstars invitationals are included as always! Also remember to follow along with the Ross Report hands in the “Pokercast 414” thread in the Pokercast forum (Featured guests: Brandon Shack-Harris)
June 9, 2016
This week on the Pokercast: The WSOP is upon us once again, Andrew Barber, a poker pro with an economics background gives us an accurate representation of the tournament staking world. First, Terrence is down where the action is while Adam is home, Terrence gives us a trip report of the WSOP so far and Ross has a quick report from his trip to New York. This week in ICYMI: News from the first week of the WSOP including winners, attendance and as usual, a few issues with the way things have been handled. We also talk about the new Wynn poker room and the live GPL matches. Andrew Barber then gives us the truth about poker staking, and how some people are being taken advantage of. Andrew shares with us his view on buying and selling action and some ideas he has to improve the system. We then get into 140 or less and your mail! We have our first song submission along with some voicemails, and e-mail questions. We review a few hands in the Rossco report and as usual the password/format to the Pokerstars Invitational is within the show. (Featured guests: Andrew Barber)
June 2, 2016
This week on the Pokercast: We’ve got three interviews! To start, we’re all in separate locations but link together to bring you that Pokercast goodness. Adam’s back home from the Matt Savage Invitational with stories of golf degeneracy, Terrence is in Washington flying in helicopters and sparring with UFC champions and Ross is at home losing money in his boxers. This week in the news: Adam follows up on the J. Moscow Poker Night In America allegations, The WSOP kicked off, The Super High Roller Bowl and more. Doug Polk is the first guest to join us to talk about his beef with Jason Mercier and his recent Twitch adventures. After Doug, Matthew Hilger joins us from Pokerstars to talk about the return of the $1M Spins, Pyramid, plus we talk about the separation of the Pokercast and Pokerstars. In the third segment we get to some of your mail with some Vegas recommendations for lower stakes tournaments and sports books. We also talk to PLOQuickpro’s John Beauprez about his grind this summer and how to approach PLO tournaments vs. cash games. The passwords and formats to the invitationals are included in the show as well! (Featured guests: Douglas Polk, John Beauprez)
May 27, 2016
This week on the Pokercast: It has been a controversial week in poker, and with Adam away hustling his friends at golf Dan O’Brien joins a slightly under the weather Terrence to co host the show! We kick things off catching up with what Dan about what he’s been up to, his new restaurant and podcast that are in the works. This week in the news: SCOOP has finished and we break down the winners of the main events and the series. Plus, There was a very scathing blog post done by Jaclynn Moskow talking about her awful experience at “Poker Night In America” with certain individuals involved in the show. We talk about her story and the responses from the accused parties. After the news he have “140 or less” with some haiku’s you’ve been sending us. We also have some more great mail about attending an EPT as a spectator and an opinion about players swapping pieces of tournaments with each other. We end the show with some tournament strat from Terrence and Dan in the Rossco Report. Also... I just realized that we didn’t include the password to this weeks invitational within the show, but the answer is in the end of segment 1 of episode 410 😃 (Featured guests: Dan O’Brien)
May 20, 2016
This week on the Pokercast: The boys are all back together under one roof for another fun show! Adam has been on some adventures recently and fills us in on some of the tales while Terrence has been making some runs in SCOOP. This week in ICYMI: Howard Lederer posted an apology on Daniel Negreanu’s blog and the guys review it. SCOOP updates, Billy Walters indicted, Amaya financial reports, the Taj Poker room to return and more. Mike “goleafsgoeh” Leah, the ultimate tournament grinder is our feature guest this week and he runs us through his latest SCOOP victory, plans for the summer, his take on the GPL so far and WSOP Fantasy. After Mike, we get in to a ton of your mail, and it was really really good this week. We’ve got a degen story, a shower gate update and a Pokercast floor ruling for you. We wrap it up with some Rossco Report and of course the invitational password is included! (Featured guests: Mike Leah)
May 19, 2016
It’s 24 hours until fight time. The bets have start pouring in from the poker community and are coming in nearly equally on both sides. One fighter starts to see the fight as “50/50”, while the other thinks he’s a big favourite. The coaches from both sides have arrived in Las Vegas and are feeling good about their fighters — so good that it’s almost implausible. We check in with both fighters to see how they are doing mentally and physically. Both men are going into the fight confident, but both acknowledge the potential to lose. Is this fight about the process, or the result? (Featured guests: Olivier Busquet, JC Alvarado)
May 12, 2016
This week on the Pokercast: With the WSOP weeks away, we get some veterans of the summer in Vegas to give us some pointers on how to get the most value out of your time there. Firstly: Be careful what kind of math you do on planes, Pokercast WSOP fantasy updates and a traffic court update from Adam. We also induct a new member to the IPWOF. This week in the news: SCOOP 2016 is in full swing, Super High Roller Bowl news, Pokerstars Spin & Go cheating ring caught, EPT Player of the year race won by the slightest of margins, “Molly’s Game” film adaptation in the works and more. Kevin “Kevmath” Mathers joins us after a short break to talk about his new position as the social media czar for the WSOP, getting the most value for your tournament dollar and the “redneck riviera”. After Kev, we get into your voice mails and e-mails. Greg “FBT” Mueller then joins us to get a more high stakes point of view on the summer at the WSOP. We talk with Greg about everything from his schedule this summer to taking pieces of successful players and some shadier players, and getting a $400 Kobe steak well-done with ranch on the side. After Greg we have a bunch of hands to review from each of the guys. With all the action going on recently we’ve all been playing and get in to some strategy to keep you afloat online or live. The password and format to the SCOOP editions of the Pokerstars Invitational are within the show as always! Remember, follow along with the hands in the Ross Report in the show thread (Pokercast 409): (Featured guests: Greg Mueller)
May 5, 2016
This week on the Pokercast: With a ton of tournaments in SCOOP and the WSOP around the corner we talk some tournament strategy with a guy who’s got a couple bracelets and knows his stuff, Rep Porter. To kick things off we talk Pokercast WSOP Fantasy, Leicester and All in or Knocked out Ep 2. We then induct a new member of the Internet Pokers Wall of Fame and get into the news. This week in ICYMI: EPT Grand Final, Drug Testing in the GPL? PokerCentral’s $1M Contest, A journalist tries living like Dan Bilzerian and more. Bryan Slick, the man behind SCOOP at Pokerstars joins us to talk about the SCOOP Schedule as well. After the break we get Ralph “Rep" Porter on the line, Rep runs through some NL Tournament strategy to prep us for SCOOP and the WSOP. Rep and Adam also talk about Adam’s biggest credit card roulette loss. After rep we get into a new segment idea, your mail including some more strategy and first Vegas trip advice/stories. We review some of Ross’ Hands and of course the Pokerstars Invitational passwords are included in the show. Come post and follow along with the Ross Report hands in the show thread: (Featured guests: Ralph "Rep" Porter)
May 3, 2016
As Olivier and JC approach fight day, we take a look back the early days of their poker careers and exactly how they became the high-stakes pros they are today. Both men start feeling the physical and psychological strains of the training camp. Finally, JC drops a serious allegation, and tempers flare as things start to get personal. Music is by Murphy Chops (Featured guests: Olivier Busquet, JC Alvarado)
April 30, 2016
This week on the Pokercast: Brian Rast joins us to talk about his ridiculous biking bet vs Dan Bilzerian on next to no notice. First: The crew is all back under one roof! Plus Terrence and Ross are back from their trip to Vegas with some updates on what they’ve been working on. This week in ICYMI: Dan Cates talks about a $20M pot involving Tom Dwan, EPT Grand Final, Pokerstars NJ SCOOP, A new WSOP Press Release and more. Brian Rast joins us after the news to talk in depth about his insane endurance bet versus Dan Bilzerian and Bill Perkins, and why he thinks he plays his best poker in the summer. After Brian we get into your mail that’s been piling up and some PLO start in the Ross Report. As always the passwords and formats to the Pokerstars Invitational is in the show, and stay tuned to the end for the outtakes! Ross Report Hands: 1- 2- 3 - 4 - (Featured guests: Brian Rast)
April 27, 2016
In the premiere episode of All In Or Knocked Out, we meet professional poker players Olivier Busquet and JC Alvarado. Olivier and JC became the talk of the poker world in late 2015 when the two agreed to a high-stakes bet not on the felt, but rather in the mixed martial arts cage. Neither man had any formal experience in MMA, but that didn’t stop them from putting up a staggering $270000 to see who would come out on top. In this first episode, we talk about Olivier’s rowdy college days and his idea to challenge the poker world to an MMA fight. We explore JC’s rough upbringing in Mexico and how his love for the martial arts blossomed. Finally, the bet comes together and the two men begin training for their imminent showdown. Check out for updates, future episodes, and more information about the series. Special thanks to Angus Lee aka Murphy Chops for the music. Check him out on Soundcloud (Featured guests: Olivier Busquet, JC Alvarado)
April 19, 2016
This week on the Pokercast: We are joined by an in studio guest and established poker player Gavin Griffin. To start, Terrence gives us a Cook Islands trip report plus Ross and Terrence are cooking something up. We have some updates on the Pokercast WSOP Fantasy league and then we talk to Gavin. Gavin chats with us about being a poker player and a dad, the live poker scene in so cal and many other anecdotes from his lengthy career in the game. After talking with Gavin he sticks around for the news. This week in ICYMI: Aaron Paul joins the GPL and other GPL updates, Doug Polk sets a new record, A weed themed casino in Vegas?, EPT Grand Final and a collusion scandal at the SHRPO. After a break we get to your voicemail, e-mails and forum shout outs. We also break down some hands in the Rossco Report and the Pokerstars Invitational passwords are included! Follow along with the Rossco Report hands in the links in the show thread: (Featured guests: Gavin Griffin)
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