June 26, 2008
Video interview with Dr Suzanne Friedman at "Breath of the Dao Clinic"
March 31, 2008
Info on Medicinal Daoism: Theory & Advanced Training for Qigong Practitioners, Learn the Daoist views of human conception & body-mind-spirit development, pre-TCM channel theory, Daoist psychology, as well as advanced techniques (mantra, mudra & microcosmic orbit practice) for self-cultivation. Open to both beginners & advanced practitioners. May 10-11, 2008 in San Francisco, CA Cost: $450 Space is limited to 15 people only. Register by April 1, 2008: $400
March 23, 2008
Spring is the time to renew. Cleanse with balance. Season of the liver. Time to ground and root for a stable year.
February 13, 2008
News and Introduction to Daoist Philosophy
December 26, 2007
Change is inevitable, come visit the Daoist Medicinal Qigong Foundation at
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