A rare lil gem
As an athe-ish dating a Christian, I’ve been searching for content to help me understand and relate to their worldview. The bulk of Christian podcasters though that I have come across have an air of judgement and pretension. I am continually impressed by Justin’s (the host) goodwill and fairness. He has a ton of different people with different perspectives, and it MUST be the case that he thinks some of it is wackadoodle, and yet he is continually respectful and never condescending. Love it!
How dialogue should happen
Entertaining, illustrative, challenging, empathetic, educational. You will GROW while listening to Unbelievable.
Intellectually Stimulating and Thrilling
Justin as a host turns potentially toxic conversations into thrilling discussions. I have learned in leaps and bounds from his show.
Exactly what the Internet promised.
Dennis Mitton
Exactly what the Internet promised. Opposing views, good discussion and coversation, let's leave it to the hearer to decide.
Great show!
Have been listening to unbelievable for about a month and I can’t get enough!
Excellent format... Informative, thought provoking and horizon widening. It gets me out of my “bubble”. Spot on, Justin.
Even if I wasn’t a Christian, I’d still listen to this
Great moderation, insightful discussions, and relevant topics.
I appreciate what he is doing and also that he tries to help buffer debating Christians not look like they are total jerks to one another. Is there a way to have debate and dialogue that portrays Christian love better? I think so. Faith, Hope, Love—guys! The Bible for Normal people accomplishes this better.
Don’t Miss This One!
Stef in Nebraska
Justin is a kind soul who listens to his guests and allows them to be heard by all. This is a really controversial and really special show.
The Best Podcast!
This my absolutely favorite podcast. I so much look forward to Saturday mornings, which is my time to listen. Justin Brierley has done more for opening hearts and minds than anyone I know. He has single handedly significantly reduced the resentment and sometimes hatred for those who hold opposing views, which reduces the emotional walls that typically cause resistance to truth. Thanks for all you do here.
Its ok, but...
its a very enjoyable debate\discusion to listen to, but everytime theres a "break" he reopens with a (sometimes +2 minutes long) long naration about his book or meetings hes doing, I dont mind this at the beginning or at the end, but I dislike the middle being interupted by what feels like a book sales pitch. Really love the prograhm, but It could use a little less "ads"
One of the best podcasts on Apple!
Abena D
Thought provoking unbiased platform for discussions
Love it!
Amy S- 6th grade teacher
I love this podcast. It always gives me something to think about. I truly appreciate how there’s an undercurrent of polite speech and respect. Very rarely do I find a guest to be offensive in some way. I’ve been interested in apologetics for a long time. Although I am a Christian, I do not always think the better argument goes to the Christian side nor do I always agree with an argument presented, but that’s precisely why I love it. This show sharpens my own mind and broadens my perspective, and I can appreciate that. I also would recommend Justin’s book. I definitely enjoyed it.
A true treasure
I’ve been listening weekly for over three years now. Justin does a fantastic job trying to spur dialog and balanced discussions on various topics. I cannot always get through every episode, but It’s a gift to have JB and this show available. My faith has been strengthened by listening and my understanding of more complex issues and where I find myself continually pushes me to grow and seek more. God bless you JB and all who help you with this program.
Citizen Paragon
New listeners: Just scroll the back catalogue and pick a topic that jumps out. You’ll get hooked.
Great show
I love this show !!!! As recovering drug addict rescued by the Love of Christ !!! It has helped me better articulate what I believed and use the Logos (logic) of God to be a witness to others around me...
My favorite podcast!
This show has helped me work through my faith. Justin is a fantastic moderator. This is my favorite podcast!
An Unrivaled Resource
When you’re talking about a program that has a fresh variety of world class scholars (philosophers, scientists, sociologists, theologians, etc) and articulate/winsome discussions on the most fundamental questions of life and society EVERY WEEK, it’s clear that you’re quite scholastically spoiled. And thanks to Justin B, we all truly are now. 10/10
An amazingly open and honest series of polite conversations.
The podcast period.
Justin has created the most thought provoking and engaging podcast out there. It really doesn't matter where your beliefs stand, there are plenty of ideas to wrestle with and challenge oneself.
Doing great work
A brave a daring podcast taking on tough issues Christianity faces in modern times. Someone has to do it! And this podcast does it very well
Great podcast!
Very good and informative! Great topics and people! Very professional handling of debates on very hot topics!
Blown Away
I am always stunned by the insightful debates and relevant topics presented throughout the show. I'm a faithful listener (pun intended) and enjoy the challenge of great minds on a variety of topics. Absolutely recommend for believers and unbelievers alike.
What We Need
In this “Post-Christian Era”, people are beginning to view the genuine need of faith as an extension to an emotional and foolish religion. This show properly expresses the intelligence and validity of every side and gives Christianity the respect, whit, and truth it requires to endure this changing world.
The scent of water
I work in Darfur, Sudan, and it gets lonely without a Christian community and the going gets tough as a Christian. However, unbelievable? has been the scent of water for more than 5 years and has helped me not only to keep my faith but strengthen it and keep my mind engaged. Justin is the best moderator even and unbelievable? is the best podcast you can listen to regardless of your faith spectrum. I am an avid fan and will continue to be so.
As a former born-again christian turned atheist, I am delighted to have found this podcast! Justin (host/moderator) does a fantastic job in not only being fair, but also pleasant and with many insightful things to say as well! This is the first platform I’ve come across where guests with opposing views treat each other with respect and politeness (consistently) and I’ve enjoyed every episode I’ve listened to thus far. Such a breath of fresh air!
Best Christian Apologetics Podcast
I am not a believer, but listen to many Christian apologetics podcasts. Justin Brierley's interviewer skills are unparalleled. I have found no other Christian podcaster who consistently treats his guests with decency, civility, and respect whatever their views.
So good!
Love it.
Superbly Provocative
Jeff Hannah
As an avid podcast listener to over 50 different podcasts, as well as being a podcaster myself, the Unbelievable podcast has risen to become my #1 most favorite! Justin does a fantastic job of matching his guests, guiding the conversation, focusing on the core issues, asking illuminating questions, all while remaining balanced and respectful. Masterfully done!
Well-balanced podcast
Restless Pilgrim
If you’re looking for high-quality podcast about religion, this is the podcast for you. Each week, a Christian and a non-Christian meet to discuss and debate some aspect of the Faith. The host, Justin Brierley, does a stellar job at remaining impartial, moderating the discussion to allow both sides to present their case.
Good potential, poor execution
It’s a shame, the premise of this show is a great idea but I honestly find myself frustrated at most episodes after listening. Justin can’t seem to let the guest speakers talk long enough to get anywhere really good. He constantly interrupts to re-explain what the person has just finished stating and to break incessantly into advertisements which are almost always just annoying self-promotions for Justin. If Justin wants to self promote and talk so much, then he should shift the podcast to be a time of discussion for himself (like many podcasters do), which is fine if that’s the intended premise. But if the intent is to host guests and let them discuss...then let them discuss and stop interrupting.
Fantastic interviews with world class thinkers
Glenn Packiam
I stumbled onto this podcast because of the interview with Tom Wright and Tom Holland, and have since listened to more. Justin does a fantastic job finding thoughtful guests that sometimes go together like a good wine pairing and that other times have the potential to be a cage match. Yet each time he is able to facilitate a respectful dialogue that is utterly fascinating.
The ideas coming from scientists, scholars of religion, philosophers, and theologians involve abundant disagreement and conflict, that are made worse by Internet forums and are not helped by book tours. The Unbelievable podcast is an unexpected breath of fresh air in this environment. Each episode brings together people who hold opposing understandings, to pose and answer the tough questions which could be overlooked in other forums. Brierly is a remarkable moderator, bringing out both sides of the conversation fairly, even when his own point of view is known. As a Christian with a scientific education, I appreciate and enjoy the thoughtfulness of the questions and the variety of the answers expressed here.
Leading the way in civil discourse of life’s most pressing questions
Justin (the host) does an excellent job of keeping the discussion both civil and on point. He is very good at synthesizing each point of view. The guests and topics are wide ranging and VERY relevant.
I‘m still atheist but I really appreciate Jason‘s shows.
Great Podcast!
Justin is one of the best moderators out there. I like how he remains unbiased. This show is a must if you like great Christian debate.
My favorite podcast!
This is my favorite podcast! My favorite episodes are when Justin hosts two Christian scholars to debate theological issues. Sometimes the Christian and non-christian shows become a little redundant after listening to three or more episodes.
Quality Insight with style, humor, and knowledge!!
Chad Nye
Preset gives a truly unique insight into some of the most interesting topics and people. I love the Q and A at the beginning.....these are often the questions I have but never think to call in! Keep up the great interviews.
Tremendous food for thought
Fantastic range of topics, guests are always well-prepared and respectable, and Justin's a tremendous host: good-humored, insightful, even-handed, and generally intent on getting to the heart of the issue at hand. Easily the most useful and diverse apologetics resource I've found. Keep it up!
I'm too dumb to listen to this
Great Show but ......
Dumb American here. Half the podcasts are way over my head.
Love this podcast.
I'm a recent subscriber and l've been enjoying working my way previous episodes.
This podcast covers a wide range of topics in philosophy, theology, science, religion, and more. It does so by employing dialogue and debate between some of the most impressive representatives of various viewpoints. The host does a great job moderating and directing the conversations too. I'm hooked.
Best Christian Debate Program
Love Justin and all the debates
Civility in an uncivil world
Org trail fro Avon
Justin does an incredible job bringing top atheist and Christian thinkers to dive into the most important questions.
Perfect for Atheists
A true skeptic should be aware of the best arguments for and against theism. This show brings together intelligent christians and atheists in an environment that encourages the listener to think for themselves.
Best of the best
I absolutely love this podcast! Justin does a masterful job of bringing interesting people together to talk about interesting topics in a very civil and intelligent way. I highly recommend it to believers and skeptics and everyone in between.
Unbelievable? is by far my favorite podcast. Justin does an outstanding job of creating thoughtful dialogue that is both cordial and fair to both sides. He also presents this information in a way that is professional, scholarly, and yet very accessible to the general public. This program is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise polluted religious/political atmosphere. No matter where one falls on the faith spectrum, this is a much-needed program for everyone. Brilliant.
Regular Listener - Atheist
I thoroughly enjoy the content of this podcast. It's very insightful and respectful with some upbeat moments thrown in. Worth Subscribing to!
One of the best faith-related podcasts
Matthew 9:38
Just all-around great podcast. Very stimulating discussions and always worth a listen! It has greatly helped me on my faith journey.
Justin is a skilled moderator and the shows and guests are, for the most part, a pleasure to listen to. This podcast has both challenged my faith and given me more confidence to defend it.
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