Love the podcast
Dr nintendo
First started listening to podcast as we got a greater Swiss puppy and having never been a dog parent these ladies were great in the way they were able to explain how the training process worked. Learned a lot when I needed it but just as important is the many different ideas that these ladies had for dogs to fulfill their lives. Blitzy and I took up lure coursing as a result and he loves it. The podcast on travel was also great because we do travel with our dog on vacations and the ladies are seasoned experienced travelers with their many dogs as a of their entourage.
Need more!
I love listening to you, ladies! Informative and fun to listen to. It'd be great if you had a twitter account or Facebook page. Keep it up!
Great show!
I recently found this show and downloaded all the episodes so I can listen to them at work. It has a lot of useful information as I am a dog groomer and also a pet parent myself! This beats the constant sounds of fans and clippers buzzing around me all day. I think the dogs enjoy it too! 😂
Love this podcast
I don't think any changes need to be made to the format of this podcast. I love listening to these ladies talk dogs. :) This is one of my very favorite dog related podcasts out there, I look forward to every new one!
Fun show
I'm surprised how many reviews don't like the chatter. I love the chatter. It is like sitting around with friends discussing dog behavior. I don't always agree with their assessment of behavior - they sometimes have the mentality that dogs are out to manipulate us. But they use positive training methods, and between the three of them have years and years training dogs. I think it is a fun podcast.
I love this podcast! They have great information, and experience. Other reviews said that they talk to much about themselves, but that's part of why I love it. It's like if you were actually there talking with them, and hearing their stories :)
No need to watch this
This podcast made me wonder if these people actually like dogs. In one episode they were talking about training a puppy and when the topic of dogs getting hit by cars, they were chuckling as if they were talking about the latest joke. Annoying show. Probably have little dogs if they have any at all. Waste of time. Obnoxious.
There are some tasty bones in this free-flowing podcast
There is some good information here but it is tiresome to have to listen to the host and friends talking among themselves. It often seems like they just left the microphone on while they were taking a coffee break. A portion of their conversation is about themselves and their dogs, which would be okay if the listener knew more about them and could follow the conversation. A lot of the information is directed at newbie dog owners.
Too much chit-chat, not enough information
I didn't really like it. There is too much banter. Too much chit-chat. I don't know these people and I'm not interested in listening to them joke around with each other. I want to learn something and I don't want to filter through all this nonsense in order to do it. Also, I'm not impressed by the production quality. They play music in the background while they are talking and it's very distracting. Sometimes the music almost drowns out what they are saying. Finally -- they interrupt the podcasts for station identifications which are louder than the program, so I have to dive for the volume in order to preserve my ears, and they are just obnoxious. I'm sure some people will find this format entertaining, but I didn't.
Overall good content
Ray Volition
They give some good tips. Yes, they do talk about themselves a bit too much, but you can get past that. My main problem is they need a sound person to fix their mics. Liz is very loud and everyone else is too quiet. I have to keep adjusting my volume depending on who is talking. Not easy to do if I'm listening while riding my bike.
Encouraging stories and info
Meghan M.
Okay, I'll admit its a bit wordy to listen to, but I think it's refreshing to hear radio hosts who DON'T try to sugar coat their profession. I really like hearing about real people and dogs who had similar problems to me.
More info, less chat
Podcast could be improved by editing down the episodes into more concentrated and focused pieces, with less emphasis on talk format.
Great podcast for anyone who likes dogs!
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