Great Resource for New Interpreters
Gonzalez Wills
Dr. Martin's podcast is a great tool for studying when preparing to become a certified interpreter, it's also a good refresher for those already in the profession. You can only study a medical dictionary for so long - Dr. Martin has provided us with great context in an organized, easy-to-maneuver format. She is also just fenomenal at customer service, it's very easy to connect with her!
Love this podcast!
I was so happy to have found this podcast many years ago when I first started practicing in a Community Health Center in DC working with a largely Central American population. I had taken Spanish classes and spent some time living in Spanish speaking countries, but lacked the vocabulary I needed to communicate about my patients health problems. I started listening to this podcast on my walks to work and found I was immediately able to use the vocabulary I learned. The dialogues she includes are so relevant to my needs as a health care provider (unlike so many other programs that are more focused on travel). Being able to communicate directly has allowed me to develop very close, trusting relationships with my patients. Doc Molly is also a very knowledgeable family medicine doctor. I listen to the podcasts to practice Spanish but often find myself being reminded of important medical history questions that I should be asking! Thank you!
Helpful for mental health professionals
This podcast has been super helpful for me as a bilingual psychotherapist!
Best out there
Netters Review
Who else goes to cool countries and records real dialogues with native healers! So cool and the premium is worth it.
Highly recommended!
This series is extremely helpful as it includes all the common scenarios in real practice. I have recommended this to many friends who wants to learn medical Spanish. Thanks Dr. Martin for making this podcasts!
Great for native Spanish speakers that grew up in the US
I grew up a Spanish speaker at home without learning the grammatical rules. As an adult I need more practice and I feel like this podcast gives me just what I am looking for!
Awesome with suggestion
curious med student
I am grateful for listening to this great way to bridge the english-spanish translation of each medical situation. Can this be offered for the italian medical language? that would be fantastic!
Best resource
Whether you are a beginning Spanish learner or already have a good understanding of Spanish this podcast will help you out. It has a brilliant mix of interactive exercises along with interesting interviews. Suitable for all medical personnel. Well worth paying for the premium subscription.
awesome product
Once there was a old hispanic lady who had acute pain in her abdomen and I could sense it but could not understand what she is saying until we got a translator. I tried to put myself in her shoes and found so helpless. I decided to learn Spanish language. I searched a lot in internet and tried multiple thing until I found Dr. Martin's recipe to my craving. I am confident that I could have a decent conversation with my patients with ease now. Thanks Dr. Martin.
Excellente! This podcast has been invaluable to me. I work at an urgent care clinic with a high spanish-speaking population. I know Spanish, but could never talk medical Spanish. Thank you so much! Would you be able to cover allergies? We need to ask patients if they have any known allergies or sensitivities (to medications, latex, adhesive, monkey's blood, etc...).
Great podcast
I downloaded all the podcast and I learned so much, thank you for teaching us, hope you make more in the future.
Fun, helpful, interesting variety of medical Spanish!
Dr. Molly Martin has created an exceptional tool for those interested in expanding their skills in Spanish! Each podcast offers the listener a stepping stone to better ability in speaking Spanish in a medical setting. By listening regularly to Dr. Molly, you gain grammar, vocabulary, verb conjugation, and medical information on a wide variety of topics. Want to learn how to talk about Carpel Tunnel Syndrome? It's available. Which terms to use to instruct a Spanish speaker on using an inhaler? It's available. How to obtain a medical history? It's available. Dr. Molly also covers the different modes of speech for addressing adults and children, and the proper way to give commands. I am so grateful for everything she has helped me learn - and I look forward to everything there will be available to learn from in the future!
Fantastic podcast
I can't recommend these podcasts enough. I was ecstatic to discover these quite some time ago- it's exactly what I'd been looking for. There's enough information to keep me learning for a very long time. It's been so helpful to communicate with our large Spanish-speaking population at work - invaluable! Thanks Dra. Molly Martin, Maria, and all who help you.
Great podcast
This is a fantastic and reliable resource for people who are learning or want to refine their Spanish skills. Even my husband, who is a Spanish teacher, listens to the podcast to learn new vocabulary! I would highly recommend this podcast to learners at any level.
Great help for interpreting
I just fininshed a week interpreting for a neonatal team working in Honduras. Thanks to these podcasts, I knew many medical terms and expressions, although I do not usually work in a medical enviroment. Gracias, Dra Martin.
Great work!
I'm a first year medical student and I'm taking an elective for medical Spanish. This podcast is a tremendous help and I really appreciate it! Helpful to any/all healthcare providers at any level. I strongly recommend.
Especially happy about the Anesthesia section. Definately will help me with my Spanish Speaking pts. Thanks!
Molly is the greatest!
I am a physician and Molly's podcast has assisted me greatly in being able to speak to my Spanish speaking patients and make them more comfortable and trusting.
Great podcast
This is an outstanding podcast, you will have a hard time finding a better resource to help you in your problem areas.
Medical Spanish
nurse from mpls
This podcast has been so incredibly useful to me. I work in a very busy urban emergency room, and a great number of the patients I interview or triage speak spanish only. I am now able to obtain pertinent information and respectfully meet the urgent needs of these patients after listening to these podcasts and studying the written materials. Thank you Dr. Molly Martin and Maria for all your work.
Great Tool!!
D.M. M.D.
Terrific Podcast Dr. Martin! Thank you so much for your time and effort. It is a wonderful learning tool!!!
Incredibly useful
I am a 4th year medical student, and I have been trying to learn Spanish. This podcast is perfect for medical Spanish - It covers a wide variety of vocabulary and gives example conversations that are very realistic. All of the phrases and terms that I need to know daily, I can find right here, in short podcasts that I can listen to a few minutes a day.
Thank you so much for creating this podcast. I'm in nursing school and am really looking forward to implementing this in practice. Thank you thank you!
fantastic !
i have been wanting to study medical spanish for a while now. i graduated from Emory University with a BA in Spanish and am headed to PA school.... so this podcast is great for me. right now I work in the ER and the review from this podcast will give me a great sense of confidence for talking with Spanish-speaking patients in a medical setting. thanks!
Just what I have been looking for!
What a wonderful podcast! Thanks so much to Molly and Maria for their time and dedication to making Medical Spanish such a great learning experience! They do such a great job at making it fun to learn Spanish and inspire me to want to learn more!
Not just for those in the medical field
I have been listening to this podcast for about a week and really enjoy it. I do not work in the medical field, but I do work with the public and find a lot of the vocabulary very useful. I'm very excited to find a podcast that goes beyond the basics of food, clothing and shopping. I will say that I don't think this podcast would be great for complete beginners and it would be nice if there was a little more repetition, possible repeating the Spanish parts one more time before moving on. Dr Martin does put in a lot of section breaks and that make it easier to go back to the sections you want to hear over again and skip over those you don't. Also if you have an iPod with a video display, the text of the dialogs are included and you can follow along as they are read. I read a comment on her website saying they thought her accent was not good enough, but I find it to be very good for a non-native speaker. Dr. Martin obviously puts a lot of work into creating these podcasts and it shows. Great podcast!
Valuable podcast
Philly Artisan
Doc Molly does a real public service with these comprehensive podcasts. Doctors and nurses with Spanish-speaking patients should listen up and definitely check out these instructional medical Spanish podcasts.
This is an incredibly helpful podcast. I listen every time I am walking or driving between clinic and calls and I've learned a lot of very helpful vocabulary. I would recommend this to any of the medical professionals interested in developing better relationships with their Pacientes Hispanohablantes! Kudos Molly! A section on ophthalmology (eye terminology) would be great in the future.
Perfecto para mi!
I speak pretty decent Spanish and am hoping to become an interpreter in medical settings. However, my medical terminology vocab is very lacking (in English and Spanish!) This podcast is giving me great practice and I especially appreciate the opportunity near the end to practice translating into Spanish myself.
Dr. Scott
Dr. Surfer
Exactament lo que nescesito para excito, just what I need for my 4th year of med school, I can now impress all the residency programs with my spanish skills. Perfect level for someone familiar with spanish but not medical spanish.
Awesome Series!!!!
Dr. Martin, I am a nurse and I find this podcast so amazingly helpful. I have recently moved to Arizona to work on my advanced degree in nursing and this series has contributed not only to my skill set but in my encounters with patients. Please keep up the great work.
Great Work!
Dr. Wu Tan
Thank you for helping me help my Spanish-speaking patients.
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