Who to start week 7
I’m struggling between Wentz @ DAL and Allen against MIA. Darnold looked fine against Dallas and I think that game will have a lot of points cause of philly’s pass D. But buffalo plays miami. HELP! Thanks guys!
Big Trade
Some of the other teams in my league have said this trade was horrible on my part, wanted to get your opinion on the trade/resulting roster. 12 team 1/2 ppr league. Gave up Kelce Received: OBJ + Lesean McCoy+ Greg Olsen+ Hockenson I accepted because I now have Rb1: Mccaffery Rb2: Mixon/McCoy WR1: Hopkins WR2: OBJ TE: Hockenson/Olsen Flex: DJ Chark/ Josh Gordon / Hardman / Christian Kirk
On the porch with your smart friends fantasy talk
Great show. Besides the up to date analysis and stats/injuries/local beat writers input, these guys argue like brothers! These MF’ers go at it. Love the energy guys! Tell the host to quit putting down the Wire, it’s up there with Breaking Bad and Castelyvania! love the attn the host is giving WSU, Go Cougs!
Buy Low on James White?
A.J. Arain
(Non-PPR) Would you trade Golden Tate for White? What about R. Jones and Curtis Samuel?
Fellow are great!
Jamey, Dave, Heath, and Adam provide great insights and provide a vast amount of facts for listeners to be able to make decisions every week. The four have varying opinion that make the podcast great to listen. Got to go, bye!
Awesome Podcast!!!!
Fantastic listening... I drive a lot and it’s gotten to the point I cant stand driving without you guys!! Personalities blend just right which I very much appreciate!! Grade the trade?? 10 team, PPR, 2QB plus Super flex.. I’m 2-3 and 3rd in my division, top two in each division make playoffs... I get: Julio Jones and Leonard fournette I give: kerryon Johnson, Tyler Lockett, and Austin Hooper Other RBs: Zeke and Kamara (through awesome trades) Other WR: Golladay and mike Evans TE: Waller QBs: Winston, Brisett, Goff, Darnold Thanks guys! You rock!!
Dear Jack, Heath, Jared & Joaquin
Love the show! 12 team non-ppr 10 years going I’m 5-0 with DW (KC) and McLovin in the bench, any trade suggestions? Saludos desde México!!!
Love the show
This is an awesome fantasy podcast. Probably my favorite one with the most accurate suggestions! I was hoping you could help me out with a play this week in a PPR league. start Boyd or Mike Evans this week?
Dear Bob, Tom, and Scott
Which 2 would you rather have for the rest of the year in ppr scoring. Keryon Johnson and Damien Williams or Josh Jacobs and Phillip Lyndsay. Thanks guys
From the 3rd largest city in Pennsylvania
Need to start 1 wide receiver this week! Most likely starting murray over wentz. Gallup vs Jets / Fitzgerald vs falcons / diggs vs eagles
Excellent fantasy football podcast
John D Obert
In my opinion this podcast is the most reliable for quality advice on players! Its not the only FF podcast I listen to, but it has become my favorite and my go-to when I need advice. 👍👍
Great stuff. Need advice on this trade
Muff wagoon
Dear Jason, Michael, and Freddy, I’m the Gurley owner with this new knee contusion I’m a little nervous now. I tried reaching out to the Malcom brown owner to see what he wants for him and he gave me the ultimatum of Breida, or Lamar Jackson. I worked out getting a trade for Rodgers and brown for Lamar Jackson and Demarcus Robinson. I’m hesitant to pull the trigger. He would also trade me his other QB Goff If I didn’t want Rodgers what do you guys believe is the best call? Thanks Evan
Advice at flex
Full point PPR, who should I start, Preston Williams, or Chris Thompson? Sam
Rankings Manipulation
This show was great until it started releasing episodes every day. 10 minute shows here and there to manipulate podcast rankings. It’s obvious, and about half the episodes you can do without.
Fast talker battle
You guys need to talk faster! Give up the caffeine and 5 Hour Energy Drinks!
Download & Listen!
Dave Matthew
Dear AA, Keith, Andre the Giant, and the real Eisenberg , just a quick note on how much SeatGeek saved me. I’m taking my family to the F1 race in Austin this Nov - the Circuit of the America’s. I first checked the F1 site and was astounded at ticket prices. I then checked SeatGeek. I wasn’t even expecting it to ha e tickets for this event. Not only did SearGeek have tickets to the race, but the prices were nearly half the price in the F1 site. WOW! I forgot to use the code for $20 off my first purchase but my deal was so good I didn’t care. Thanks for recommending! -Dave
Longtime Lurker
I’ve been listening to your podcasts for two years now and I’ve yet to interact with you guys but 100% you guys deserve all the five star reviews and then some. Last year won 2/2 leagues and this year I’m 4-1 in both leagues. Keep up the awesome work! My question. I was recently vetoed for a trade in my league; my friend reached out to me and offered me Godwin and Gurley for Evans and Montgomery. This was after week 4 prior to week 5 games. I didn’t want Godwin so ended up with trade of me receiving Gurley for Mark Andrews and David Montgomery. While I feel I won the trade I feel it wasn’t as lopsided as casual fantasy owners may think. My friend ended up regretting trade and league vetoed trade with majority votes but last vetoer’s reasoning was “I vetoed cause my boys vetoed”. Was this fair to me? I ended up turning CMC into Nick Chubb and Keenan Allen so my team is now Mahomes, Chubb, Mixon, Evans, Allen, Mark Andrews, (Flex can be Diggs, Montgomery, Ty Williams, Josh Gordon, Scary Terry McLovin, and DJ Moore)
Awesome podcast!
These guys are rockstars! Love listening, keep up the good work Full PPR pick 3: Godwin, Allen, Hopkins, Chark Any help is appreciated. Love the show. Jeremy
Listen to this everyday
Chuck, Matt, Martin, and Bob I have JuJu, Jarvis Landry, Robert Woods, and Austin Ekler. Who should my WR1 WR2 and flex be from these guys.
Excellent show
Georgie Jack
This will make you a league-winner! My question for the esteemed hosts... what do you think about trading Austin Ekeler in a 1 Super Flex, 2 RB PPR league for a “stud” tight end? Who could I expect to fetch in a trade and who should I target? Someone like Darren Waller or George Kittle? I currently have the underwhelming options of Delanie Walker and Gerald Everett. Thanks!
If B. Cooks is unable to play, should I start MVS or D. Robinson ?
Grade my trade?
Traded WALLER - HYDE - HARDMAN Received James White - Allen Robinson **I Still have Ertz at TE Thanks FFT
Trade help.
What’s up Mike, Jeremy, Kyle, and Andy I have Juju and Michel so seeing a lot of inconsistencies in my lineups. I have Lamar and Wilson. Should I trade Lamar and MVS for Aj Green and Terry Mclaurin? I have also have Mike Thomas, Keenan Allen, Eckler, and Josh Jacobs.
Love the podcast!
Thanks for the information on making my team better in fantasy. Question should I drop Kenyon Drake for Tevin Coleman?
Best out there
My favorite fantasy podcast by far, listen to every episode. Love how much content is packed into every show. Lose Will from Pick Six, he is terrible....so many bad takes.
One of the best fantasy football podcasts
One of the best fantasy football podcasts for years. Jamey, Dave, Adam, Heath, and Ben are awesome! Guests such as Dr. Chao and Mike Tagliere are great too. However, please stop inviting the host of the Pick Six - unsubscribed to that podcast. Thanks.
Sound settings.
Adam Azer is a child that needs to grow up. Everyone else is at least good. Adam is an annoying and childish complainer. Can you PLEASE replace him?
Regulator help
I listen to every podcast while at the gym. This is my first year as commish for a work league. I have vetos set up as commish only as I feel all trades should go through besides collusion. This morning (Sunday week 5) I woke up to the league door mat (doesn’t set lineup still has AB in etc) had made a trade of Deshawn Watson and David Johnson for Daniel Jones and Cole Beasley. I instantly rejected the trade and let the league know that all trades involving the inactive owner would not go through until he starts participating. The other team involved in the trade is in an uproar over the trade not going through. Did I make the right decision?
True Gamers
I’ve listened to some combo of Adam, Heath, Jamey, and Dave for several years now and they’re great. I’ve listened to these guys come to work through rain, sleet, snow, and hurricanes. They’re true gamers. They’re able to do deep dives into fantasy football without sounding so boring and nerdy. Keep up the great work! Mailbag: Are JuJu and Odell flexes for the rest of the season given their pass throwers leave much to be desired?
This guy or dat guy
Dear fellas love this podcast. Hollywood brown or Phillip Dorset? PPR week 5 assuming only time this could be read is radio Saturday night. Adam read one of my questions on Saturday morning podcast listening at work it made my day. Also in that moment realized I did what I hate hearing while reading mailbag. Who should I start and then 12 names follow just need to hear one y’all say start Hollywood or Phillip. Best group of fantasy nerds and I like espn y’all are better.
Nananananna NAH
On Heath... he is the personification of the Billy Madison scene where we are all dumber for having listened to him. I wonder if he was raised normally. 0 stars for Heath. 5 for Jamey, Dave and Adam
Flex question
Love the podcast, listen to it every day when I’m on my way to class. My question is since Jacobs has a rough matchup this week at the bears do I sit him and start either Allison (I’m devante adams owner) or demarcus Robinson?
Best Fantasy Football Podcast
I’ve been listening for 5 years now and each year we’ve gotten more content. I enjoy the joking atmosphere and of course the analysis on every episode, all with a professional setting where the hosts done don’t have to swear every other word to get their point across. Keep up the amazing work fellas!! Week 5 I started Gurley Thursday, for running backs I have David Johnson, Melvin Gordon, David Montgomery and Sony Michel. Please pick 2. P.S. Die Hard is not a Christmas movie, just like Lethal Weapon is not a Christmas movie
Best fantasy show
fanatsy guy
Best podcast for fantasy advice
Who to start
Collin ODonnell
Rank these QBs Ryan, Wentz, and dalton.
Awesome podcast!
bj hatch
5 Stars! My favorite fantasy football podcast by far! Been listening since @aizersgotflava! Grade the Trades Non PPR Give: Engram and Montgomery Get: Woods and Waller Give: David Johnson Get: MVS and Fournette Thanks! BJ from OKC
Great pod
Rob Hawaii
No question. Just let Dave know his appearances on Mike Valenti’s podcast are great. I’ve been listening to both of them separately for years and now worlds collide. Keep up the good work.
Awesome Podcast
From the 3rd largest island of Hawaii. Only Fantasy Football Podcast I listen to daily. Please tell me I didn’t lose my fantasy league after doing these trades. Grade the trade: 12 team Half PPR. 5pt bonus for 100 yards rushing & 120 yards receiving. My original Team Stafford, Kupp, Dj Moore, Fournette, McCaffrey, Ertz, Flex is Mack. 1. Christian McCaffrey for Juju, Le’Veon Bell, and the Rams Defense. I was 3-0 prior to week 4 and lost to a team with Conner having a 19 point lead. 2. Traded Fournette, Kupp, and Juju for Julio, Woods, and Mixon. Team Now. Stafford, Julio, Woods, Bell, Mixon, Ertz, Mack Did I lose?
Flex help full PPR
Need to know. Debumta freeman or dionte Johnson for my flex this week. Any thoughts? Great podcasts.
Anthony From Detroit
Gentlemen great pod as always very helpful very insightful you guys always do great!!! Quick question would you guys start Damian Williams after his injury or should I wait ? Also between 3 WR who should I start TY, Josh Gordon, or Tyler Boyd Thanks Fellas
Is barkley worth it??
I’m 4-0 in a ppr league I was just offered barkley and vance macdonald for todd gurley and darren waller... is it worth it?? I really live waller and feel the best is yet to come from gurley please help love the show and appreciate any insight
WR & FLEX - Heeeelp Part 2
Andrew Scifres
Second consecutive week with the same question Assuming Hilton is out and Kupp is must start.... I need bc 1 WR and 1 flex out of: Josh Gordon Stefon Diggs Mecole Hardman Geronimo Allison Rex Burkhead Royce Freeman .5PPR - Andrew
Too many commercials
Good advice but so frustrating to listen to all the commercials.
Crowder or Breida full PPR.
Gettysburg Steelers
Just wanted to throw out that I enjoy the show from the pan handle of WV. Who should I play in my second flex. Crowder or Breida.
Love it!
I love the podcast! I have been listening since I first started playing fantasy football 5 years ago!
The Only Podcast You Need For EVerything FFB
Dear Baba Booey! Hit Em With The Hien! & Whoa Whoa Whoa, Stop The Clock! I need your advice on who to start please! I am the defending champ and am in dire straights. I’m 0-4 and need a win desperately. Pick 2 of 5, DJ Moore, Courtland Sutton, Golden Tate, DeDe Westbrook, or Auden Tate? If you guys can help me keep the dream alive for 1 more week I would greatly appreciate it! P.S. Adam Aizer is by far the best FFB host in the game! Jeremy from Las Vegas
Start or Sit
Love the podcast guys, I listen every day on my way to and from work! Cody Derrick from Chattanooga, TN I need to start 3 of these guys in a PPR league this week: Amari, Keenan, TY, and Robert Woods.
Start or sit
Hey guys Chris here listening in Las Vegas love the show having a tough time with start or sit this week. I’m in a 10 team full ppr league. I got Austin hooper or Delanie Walker And in my flex David Montgomery or Sterling Shepard Qbs Kyler Murray or Jared Goff Thank you appreciate the advice!
Need a trade grade
I love your podcast. By far the best podcast available regardless of format/topic. With that said, I’m giving this review in hopes that you (Adam) and the fellas will tell me whether or not to make this trade: I get Chris Carson and Austin Hooper and give up Lamar Jackson. I’m in a PPR league and have no backup QB. Additionally, I have Darren Waller as my starting TE with no backup at that position either. Thanks for your help and providing informative and entertaining content every day! Aaron in a SC suburb of Charlotte.
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