This is the most helpful learning tool I have ever encountered in my study of Portuguese!! MUITO MUITO OBRIGADA.
I really love listening to this podcast but where did all the episodes go? I only see a handful left. 😟
I moved to Brazil in August 2018 and have been using this podcast since March 2018. It has greatly aided my progress, and the lessons teach valuable facts and stories about Brazil as well.
Wonderfully Helpful
I have just started living and working in Brazil but often struggle with listening and having conversations beyond a basic level. This podcast is wonderfully helpful for working on listening but also, learning more advanced vocabulary. I hope they make more episodes! It’s a great podcast.
So incredibly valuable!
This podclass has helped me immensely over the last 4 years of self-study and in between occasional visits to lusophone countries. I am so comfortable with the format of the lessons, the repeated backup in English, the required repetition that permits me to practice imitating her accent, AND the massively useful last section that covers how one particular word in English is used in everyday conversation. THAT is something you will not get out of a textbook!
Best Portuguese Class Ever
I appreciate this instructor so much. It's hard to find resources that go beyond the basics. Any English speaker who is serious about speaking Portuguese needs this podcast
Muito obrigado
Genaro oakland
I've been speaking Portuñol for more than a decade, and the past few years my a speach qualifies as Portuguese. I've had great friends to help me along. This podcast has clarified various detail that I was shaky about and has helped me correct some pronunciation mistake I used to make. Obrigado senhora!!!
Best Language Podcast
So helpful for intermediate to high level portuguese. I wish there were podcasts like this for other languages I am trying to learn.
Very nice
Look, I speak Spanish, but also English, this is a excellent podscats to learn Portuguese! Very good! Thank!
This is one of the worst "instructors" I have ever heard. It is as if I could teach others how to speak English merely because I can pronounce words correctly. I'm not an English teacher. I will not teach it to anyone. Neither should this person teach you Portuguese.
Poorly structured
The format is that of repeating long sentences. The sentences are not spoken slowly as to clearly hear the articulation. Repeating the conversation has no meaning because it is not understood what was spoken. This podcast may be more appropriate for advanced levels, but certainly not beginners.
Aui D
This podclass is the BEST!!! I can't say that I'm perfectly fluent just yet, but people (native speakers) are surprised at how well and fast I learned.
The Best
Like many other people, I too have been learning Portuguese on my own. I have taken classes, used other podcasts and even speak with native speakers. This podcast is by far the best tool for learning. Thank you Ms. Gomez. Your enunciation and teaching techniques are fantastic. The songs, the situations and at times the humor used in your lessons make them fun. I also love the information which you provide about Brazil in your lessons. Keep up the great work!
Maravilloso y fenomenal
Este podcast, así como el video podcast en HD asociado también disponible en itunes, es de lejos el mejor material disponible para aprender portugés; no solamente en itunes, sino en toda la web. Excelentemente grabado, las maravillosas voces lo hacen bello además de educativo. Agradecido de encontrar este podcast después de mucho buscar en la web.
Adorei adorei adorei!!!
Been learning português on my own after falling madly in love with Brazil. This woman's voice reminds me everything I fell in love with in the first place - the slowness and the melody of the language, the enjoyment in pronouncing every word... Uma delicia! You'll find a huge selection of topics - technical, conversations, touristy stuff, stories, and my personal favorite, Brazilian songs, in a format that you can listen to on the bus, in your car, wherever. I'm addicted. Bless you Marina! Keep them coming...
Marina Gomes é demais!
Brazilian Podcast is great. I bought the entire Pimsleur course which I also like but Marina's course is the best. In addition to the well-structured language lessons, her cultural elements are invaluable. I strongly recommend paying the $10/month upgrade for the PDFs. It's totally worth it. Muito obrigado Marina.
I love this podclass! Hope it adds the months soon. Tchau tchau!
Estes são maravilhosos!
Eu sou estudante na California dos Estados Unidos, e estes podclass estão ajudar me todos os dias. Eu espero poder dai dez estrelas!
This podcast is awesome for advanced speakers!
Lisa from Berkeley, CA
I am having an interview later this week for a Portuguese-speaking sales job in the "cloud computing" sector. I really was just browsing for podcasts to learn some business terms, but I can't believe you have a podcast titled "Cloud Computing." This is so, so perfect and AWESOME! Thank you!
Don't worry about it....
This podcast is excellent! Marina Gomes's voice is clear, and beautiful, and it's my goal to speak Portuguese just as beautifully as she does! It's my goal to master the Portuguese language, and live in Brazil one day, maybe Rio, or Sao Paulo, and Godwilling, thanks to this podcast, my dreams can become reality!!! Muito obrigada, Marina!!
syracuse, ny
Any brazilians live in syracuse, ny.....Good podcast
This is worth your while!
Highly enjoyable! Marina builds her lessons around common activities like "Leaving a Message", themes such as Carnival, famous locations, hobbies, etc.. She also gives examples of verb conjugation. Her English is excellent. She is a master at what she does, and I get much out of the little time I invest in the podcast.
este e muito bem!! i have learned a lot from this podclass
Highly worthwhile!
This is the MOST user-friendly, comprehensive, clear and FREE(!!!) method to learn Brazilian Portuguese on the web. I've been looking for something like this for awhile and am thrilled to have found it.
Great information - extremely helpful
mv. Danj
I'm living in Sao Paulo, Brazil right now and can honestly say I would not have gotten by without tuning in to this podcast before I left the States. Enough said. Thanks Ms. Gomez!
Brazilian Podclass
This class has been very helpfull. Marina has been very professional. I listening this class since the January and my Portuguess has been improve a lot. Thank you very much.
Studebaker Hawk
This is a great resource for learning Brazilian Portuguese - though nothing can replace having a fluent speaker to converse with, this is a fantastic convenience to help make more productive learning time when you're traveling or mobile.
Muito Obrigado Marina Gomes!!!
I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am that I found this. I have been learning Brazilian Portuguese for about 2 years now and this podcast is very helpful. I live in NY and it is difficult, because I don't have any Portuguese speaking friends who live here so I never get to be around it other than what I practice each day. Marina's voice is so clear and so beautiful that I could listen to her all day long. The exercises are very well organized and make it easy, even for beginners to learn the language. Marina covers a variety of topics that are both interesting and relevant to today's society. This is a great tool to use if you just want to pick up some basic Portuguese or if you are trying to learn the language fluently. A+ for BrazilianPodClass
great way to learn
I'm actually in an accelerated Portuguese class for those who speak another romance language, and I decided to check this out for some extra practice. The order and speed of the lessons is very efficient and pragmatic, its so helpful! The only downside, that being for any (free)podcast, is that its not practical if you want to learn the ortography or be able to read in Portuguese. Either way, I'm very happy I found this! I'm addicted.
Something that has been missing
This is, without a doubt, the best Portuguese language podcast out there. It is organized, concise, and no, NOT aimed only at the mere beginner, and it progresses in difficulty of content from the first podcasts on. If you want a Portuguese language podcast only for beginners, there are several out there that are easy enough to find... but for those of us who have gone (and continue to strive to go) beyond the simple basics of this beautiful language, this is THE podcast, the ONLY podcast, that addresses those needs. I love the fact that Ms. Gomes repeats everything she says in English in Portuguese as well. There is no better way to learn a language than by constantly hearing it spoken by a native. I must also complement Ms. Gomes on her consistancy with this podcast... I ALWAYS know I can expect two podcasts each week, and she never fails to deliver! Muito obrigada Dona Marina! Continue assim... eu sou, com certeza, sua fã. :)
Best Portuguese lessons on iTunes
I've used several methods to learn Portuguese and while I really love the Pimsleur series, the full set of CD's is about $400. This is a great way to learn for free (or $10/month if you get additional material from the Brazilian Pod Class web site). The lessons do move a little fast though unless you have some exposure to Portuguese or Spanish.
Great introduction
I've never studied any latin languages before. I found this podcast to be a very nice introduction to this beautiful language. The material is presented at a comfortable pace, with reasonable explanation regarding its use and appropriateness. I am not adept at learning foreign languages, but found this introduction to be almost intuitive.
Easy to learn
I just spent the morning learning so much from this podclass. I highly recommend it!!
I do not know of the former's experience of this pod cast, but I greatly enjoy it. Ms. Gomez speaks clearly and effectively. She has a wonderful voice too. What I like about her pod class is that, after each sentence in English, she repeats in Portuguese. This also applies to the conversations, which she asks to repeat after she has. The sound effects are great too. Each grammer lesson and converstion is relevant to today's world. Anyone who wants to learn Brazilian Portuguese, I recommend this pod cast. There is much one can learn.
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