Excellent podcast - Lighthearted
A nice, formative podcast about everything from the Apple world. The hosts are a lot of fun and while they are not afraid to let their inner-fanboy/girl out, they are very level-headed so they aren't going to lead you astray. I enjoy listening to it when I get some free time on the weekends or while I run.
Lost something since Micah S left
The new narrator just rambles with no understanding of the issue. Just listened to her say Apple should bring back battery status for batteries they don’t make. Why doesn’t Sony have to explain why Xbox controllers don’t work with ps4?
Back awesome again
Love this show when it’s Rene, Georgia, & Lori. It’s more about the point of the show.
We won’t give up on you (yet)
The stress of podcasting can obviously drive some hosts to the comfort of the bottle. Tragic but we’re here for you guys.
Take a bite out of this podcast.
Joel Krupa
I always enjoy listening to this Apple related podcast, and discussions on the topics are often intelligent and manage to be interesting as well. Longer podcasts are always appreciated for that drive home from work.
I have listened to this podcast for several years, but I am pulling the plug. Mikah as host is a mistake. He needs to take more forceful charge of things. Too much in-jokes and boring droning on. Georgia and Lori are hopeless and one of them has a voice that is torture for me. Also, way too many references to Star Wars, Pokémon, and other such nonsense. Rene is fine but when he talks, he often goes on a bit, doesn’t take a breath, and his voice runs out of gas at the end of sentences, which is irritating. Please clean up this amateurish mess. I will check in from time to time to see if the podcast gets its Mojo back.
Where is Georgia?
Georgia infectious and genuine laugh make the show very endearing. If getting Georgia back means throwing Mikah under the bus, I am in favor of it. I jest of course. Team Georgia!
Love it
Absolutely love your podcast. Listening on travel makes my travel days less boring. Definitely love the variety. Definitely recommend it.
Not concise or cogent enough; Rene Ritchie carries the show
Byrd Nick
I came to iMore after watching Rene Ritchie’s YouTube videos (Vector?). Those are clear, cogent, and concise—even though they’re packed with comprehensive analysis, good points, and important details. The iMore podcast is child’s play compared to Ritchie’s YouTube content. The other hosts on iMore end up contributing very little despite talking quite a lot because they are either repeating themselves or flat out struggling to communicate their thoughts (do Ritchie’s co-hosts not compose their thoughts before recording?). Update 1: I found Ritchie’s Vector podcast. (So grateful! Just as much info as iMore (or more), but far more clear, cogent, and concise!) Update 2: After months away from iMore, I just tried to give iMore a second chance (with the two Halloween-ish themed episodes). It was as bad as ever—with Ritchie being a delightful exception again. I immediately unsubscribed.
I love this show so much
Ibrahim RI
I love the atmosphere of the show, and I feel so joules that you guys get the new devices all the time. You can get the Profissional tech stuff in friendly sweet simple way.
Middle school
More Tritone
I gave this an honest try. But everyone sounds like giddy middle school kids seduced by bling. Still holding on to Vector Podcast... more serious
No more
I’ve been subscribed for years, but I’ve had enough. I don’t like the new show led by Mika And Lori. I find myself turning it off halfway through. Nothing personal, but It was way better when Rene Serenity, and Georgia were doing it.
Generally pleased
Mostly good content. But holy crap. 6 minutes of ads right in the middle? Do 30-60 ads MAX throughout the podcast. It's abrupt and agonizing to spend 6 minutes of my committee listening to two ads.
Misinformed About Audiophile Terms
iMore is a decent podcast, if you’re a Mac fan. I’ve listened to it for a couple of years now and it’s been pretty informative. For the past year, the hosts and guests have gotten a little too giddy. They seem to buy everything iPhone and Macintosh related. And they seem to be positive about EVERYTHING they buy. Their recent episode when Renee talked about his unreleased HomePod was very troublesome. They seem to toss around words to describe audiophile terms like they were informed about what they were talking about. They were coming off as experts when they are not. This is a disservice to their listeners. The only positive moment about the episode was when the host described his emotional experience when he heard a piece of music that Renee was playing. Welcome to the audiophile world Michael!
What has happened to this podcast!
I have been a fan through all the name changes and host changes but the current imore show as of 2-2-18 is really going down hill! RENEE PLEASE FIX THE SHOW 1 By being on every show! 2 by taking the new guy mikah (sorry if I misspelled it) of and it should just be Renee, Ren and Georgia! I miss the old imore/tipb show
Content is OK but unpleasant to listen to (#vocalfry). Georgia Dow was the only one who consistantly sounded good.
Crooked Media
crooked media
I love all the crooked media podcast, I listen to pod save America, Lovett or leave it, with friend like these, majority 54, pod save the world, and crooked conversation
Long time fan
Every week since I become podcast enthusiast in 2009, I've been listening to you guys, amazing show, tips, tricks and reliable source of  news & related tech. Thank you so much. Keep up the great work
The hosts are pleasant and clearly enjoy talking to each other as they cover the major things going on in the world of Apple.
All The Ladies
Sorry guys, but the women of this podcast steal the show. Lory has the best voice in the business. Georgia brings interesting psychological perspectives to tech issues. And Serenity needs to be on more.
You can NOT protect just your message. You can password lock the phone. You can not password lock a specific app on the phone unless the developer (in the case of 3rd party apps) has built in that functionality. None of the native apps support individual password locks.
UI Think the type that she wasn't even the one to hives'stvggy
Rene's knowledge is unbelievable, his delivery is a pleasure to listen
Any thing Apple related not only what is new but several versions from beginning how, who, what is involved. And he is precise, to the point, great deep knowledge, and great delivery, without mmm uhm and not going into tangents as Andy. Rene is pleasure to listen to, thank you Rene.
Baby Pro Rules!
First let me start by saying I love the show. You guys are an awesome team. Whenever some one is missing it's like a piece of the show is not there. I am listening to the most recent episode "iPhone 9 rumors" (which is crazy) and I heard you got in trouble for saying Baby Pro which is ridiculous. It's not y'all's fault that Apple doesn't come up with good names for their products ;-). Also I'm getting used to the yellow color change. Thanks for the show.
Hard to listen to...
Decent insight, but uh, umm, Micha uhhh, um, ahhhh, you know, umm, like, needs to uh, um, uhhhh, ah, huh, um compose his thoughts before, uh, ummm, uh, like uh, um, he speaks.
Great 😎 I really like this podcast
Very entertaining
I really enjoy listening to this podcast very nicely done
It was a Dark and Stormy Night
The house stood alone among the moors and overgrowth of the nearby vegetation. No one had opened the front door in 20 years to go in or get out. Tonight the moonlight reflected off the two large bay windows in the front of the house as eyes to stare at Wren and Rene as they approached. Wren had to practically drag Rene up to the abandoned house due to his instance he was allergic to fear and dying, but mostly dying. There were statues of Cherubs on top of the front porch on either side pointing their arrows to the heavens. Wren felt no love or warm feelings had ever come from Moorestead Manor upon which stood before them. As the two podcasters approached the front door Rene said to Wren. "Are you this is the new iMore office building? It's giving me a vibe of death that I haven't felt since I asked Apple when the Mac Pro update will be released." Wren replied "Come on Mr. Funny I bet Siracusa I would do a podcast live from this place. Do you really want me to have to dumpster dive for a replacement 2008 Mac Pro for him again?!?" They were at the front door and Wren went to knock and then just opened the door to Rene's surprise. As they looked inside there stood a grand foyer with a chandelier barely clinging to the ceiling. To the east was a hall tree in the shape of a gargoyle. To the west was a small server table covered with dust, cobwebs, and an original Blackberry Storm. Wren thought to herself. "That is kinda weird seeing a blackberry in this place". She turned around to Rene and said "Ladies first Rene. If you don't survive walking past the foyer, Georgia and I will avenge your death after we spend the insurance money". To be continued...
Bright sound
The Bianco
I've been enjoying your podcast for a few months now. I work for Apple retail and so I love your input and perspective. I'm writing concerning the audio quality of the podcast. Granted I understand the issue with combining all the sources into one and that I can push through. I feel the overall sound is very bright. Enough that I finally eq adjust to output of the phone to lower treble and did the same to my car. The I have the problem with everything else that I listen to has to much bass. I would guess between 3 and 6 k is the issue. I'll follow up and let you know. I hope this is good feedback for you all Thanks Chris Dodrill
Poor audio quality
The audio quality is poor. Especially Rene's feed. It seems like it has been bad for a week or two. It's bad enough that it is hard to understand when there is road noise in the car. Serenity's feed is better, but not as good as it should be.
Better than Average
Like having your dullest and most garrulous friends talk about an interesting topic.
One of my favorite Apple podcasts
Thank you iMore, so much for the time and effort you all put into this quality show. A must listen if you want to stay current with Apple/tech news.
Needs more professionlism
The show has turned very amateurish. They constantly re name products. A friend I recomended this podcast to actually went to the Apple Store and asked to purchase a "baby pro". He told me he felt stupid when he found out it wasn’t called that. I apologized and refered him instead to another podcast. Used to be a very informative podcast but lately its sort of an equilavent to a kindergarten playground. Miss the days of TIPB.
Had to unsubscribe.
It's like Apple PR made a podcast. Rene is Apple's explainer in chief. No matter what he feels he has to explain why Apple made this bad decision. Rene is the only guy on the planet that things the next iPhone not having a headphone jack is a great move. He was against a smaller iPhone till the SE came out. Now it's awesome.
Keep the crew like this:
tora morigan
Rene, Ren, Georgia, and Mikah. I fell in love with Mikah on Isometric, now Disruption.
Imore show
Very informative
Great show
Great podcast
Pure Quality!
Always an enjoyable show to listen to. Renee and the cast always put in the necessary prep work and bring you the latest news in the Apple ecosystem!
Give a show to...
Give a weekly show to Serenity called, “How to Do Things in iTunes and other Apple apps"., It can be co-produced and hosted by Rene to keep Serenity from going off the rails, but no one should interrupt her once she is on a roll. Who else can explain apps like iTunes better than Serenity, she gets it!
For God's Sakes, Stop Whining
I've been listening for months now and generally I look forward to the show each week. Mostly the hosts have wonderful advice and I enjoy their pop culture references (Star Wars FTW). However, there are times where an episode beats a topic to death (see Apple Music gripes/Apple Music Madness) and frankly there's only so much whining one can take. There are a number of times where I've turned off a show because of it. If Apple can improve on a product or service, that's fine and the company should be called out for it. However, there are times where the discussion veers off into an overly-long gripe session. A little more balanced approach might be better. Just some advice. Look forward to future shows.
Rogue Cookie One
As always very enjoyable and informative.
A great show totally disrupted by it’s new co-host
I am a long time listener to the iMore Show and I look forward every week to a new episode. Unfortunately, the new co-host Michael has totally disrupted the comfortable and friendly atmosphere with his rude arrogant and egotistical behavior. He dominates the conversation with his biased opinions (he doesn’t even attempt to mask his Microsoft hatred). I used to enjoy hearing the thoughts of all the hosts in a complimentary fashion. Now all we get are these long diatribes from a new member who hasn’t yet earned any respect for his opinions. I used to really enjoy this podcast, but now find myself becoming annoyed repeatedly and afterward seriously disappointed. After enduring two sessions now of this behavior, I am probably going to unscubscribe. It pains me to do this. I will still be reading the RSS feed and articles on the web, but the enjoyment I used to get from the podcast has sadly been replaced with anger and I just don’t ned that in my life.
I like but am I missing something?
I'm a big TWIT fan that's how I found iMore, I'm trying to catch up on some archive stuff. But am I missing something? Is there a video version of this podcast I'm not finding? I feel like you guys are showing a ton of stuff but I don't see anything, :(
Simply one of the best
I listen regularly mainly due to the wit, humor and knowledge of Rene Ritchie. With as much of an unbiased opinion of technology as one can have, he trudges through issues related to iOS, iPhone, iPad, Mac and technology in general while providing a refreshing professional insight. Whether you’re a new or advanced user, you’ll still enjoy this podcast as Rene tends to break down complicated issues and technology in a way the masses can enjoy. Great work iMore!
One of the best tech podcast!
Big fan of the show and look forward to listening every week! Thank you to the iMore crew for an entertaining and informative podcast!!
Great for all your Apple needs
Gentleman’s Gentleman
A great panel examining the ins-and-outs of all things Apple.
The intersection of technology and a fun backyard conversation
This podcast brings a friendly voice to the iMore website and the weekly Apple-related news review. Rene, Serenity, and Georgia have diverse backgrounds. Georgia has the best podcast laugh in the industry; she laughs at least once per show. Georgia’s medical background is useful to a surprising number of shows (I’m listening to #493 right now where she’s explaining melatonin and light-spectrum shifting in iOS 9.3). Serenity is a Roller Derby enthusiast. Rene has vast experience in the industry, but he seems to complain more about the cold. I subscribe through iTunes, but I prefer to watch the Google Hangouts archive of shows. All things equal, I would prefer for the team to keep publishing the videos. It would be fun to have an occasional guest on the show.
A MUST for  users!
The most informative podcast for Apple devices. Reviews on devices, apps, updates, news, and real day to day use cases and advice on all Apple devices. I so appreciate the honest commentary and real everyday uses. Complex topics on the Mac to simply what apps are on their iPhones and watches. I love hearing what apps are on everyone's phones and watches, and how they use them. They recently turned me onto Carrot Weather and Just Press Record! Renee, Serenity, and Georgia know everything apple! Thanks for breaking it all down for those of us who don't know how to code. You guys are the best! Thank you! P. S. (Serenity, I would prefer the British accent.)
Great podcast
I love the insight. They do a great job. Always enjoyable!!
Better than sex
Phil (Yes, Phil)
Was going to have sex. Decided to listen to the iMore Show instead. Nobody went away disappointed, as it turned out.
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