Talks too fast
Her voice is too fast and robotic. Love the content though.
They talk to you like you’re simple
Need more Podcasts like this!
I am 33 years old & still have 🧡 to always learn more & keep up with these young brainiacs. The fact you guys get into all fields in science is great. Would love for you guys to make a podcast for forensic science.
Truly delightful!
It’s about time these hosts all got together. THANK YOU!!
Who thought this is okay?
I was not surprised to find an overwhelming number of people expressed the exact same thing that brought me around to write a review. The content is really interesting. But, I can hardly stomach listening due to the tempo of Lauren's delivery and her nervewracking gasps.
Gluteus just along for the ride?? Where do you get this information?? Very wrong. an RPT
Fun facts/info, but annoying put-on voice
I find this podcast to be fun, educational, and entertaining. I’ve listened to episodes and then eagerly found articles to read more on the topics discussed. I also enjoy the wide range of topics being addressed. On the other hand, I find myself hesitating to listen to episodes because the way the host is seemingly choosing to speak sounds like a mixture of a female AI voice on speed combined with stereotypical reporter tone emphasizing words at random. I’d much rather hear the host’s real/casual, conversational human voice, and have the episodes not feel so rushed.
Gasping for air
App Rover
Info is good but her constant gasping and sudden intakes of air sounds like someone is drowning. The air gasping makes it consistently painful and annoying to listen to Please improve this major fault which is easy to fix.
Love the info but...
Like many others, (I really don’t understand how they don’t read reviews and improve at this point) I love the podcast but good lord stop speeding up the host. The shocking gasps between each sentence also leave me feeling anxious since it sounds like the host has seen a giant spider every 10 seconds or so. Disappointing since all other podcasts under this company are so well produced.
Feel smarter
I feel smarter just from listening to this! Very engaging, informative. Love all the episodes.
Slow down please.
Love all the information—even the odd stuff—but PLEASE slow down the speed of your presentation! Just a little?
I wanted to love this
iPhone user 710
I can’t listen to the gasps for air after every sentence. Very distracting and uncomfortable
The short breathes between each sentence...
Pj Disharoon
Once you hear it you can’t Un hear it. It’s so bad it makes me feel like I can’t breathe or something. Most like hyperventilating. Great content though
Lots of information
Interestingly Quick
The facts are fun and interesting. The delivery though feels more like the fine print in a commercial. You have to fit it in at the end.
Distracting gasps
Ed Hertel
I can’t understand how any technical editor wouldn’t tell the host to stop gasping for loud audible breathes between sentences. Very distracting which once heard, can’t be ignored. Very amateurish product for a company that should know better.
What’s the rush?
Tried to listen, but the speed is nauseating. I thought I had increased the speed accidentally.
Thank you
Short and sweet.. New little facts
Brain stuff
SLOW DOWN!!! I seriously thought my speed setting was out of whack! For goodness sake, new information should be digested slightly slower, not faster. Learning something completely unfamiliar with marginal background knowledge is challenging enough without you making it into a mental “quickie.”
Please slow down!!
random reviewer 14
Great variety of topics but the speed reading makes it completely unlistenable! A new host would get this review up to 5 stars.
Thanks for slowing your voice down
love car parking simulator😀😀
I used to be annoyed at the speed of speech, but I can tell you have Improved! :)
Speaks too fast
The narrator speaks too fast, and you can hear her take quick breaths after every sentence. It’s very distracting and I can’t concentrate on the material delivered.
Speed read & deep breath
The presentation is FAR too fast. There is an inordinately noticeable in-breath between words that is hard to overlook once you’ve picked up on it. I came to the comments to see if anyone had the same perception and wasn’t surprised. The voice can be nice if not rushed. The topics are generally interesting and presented in an efficient enough manner to offer a basic understanding of topics that may interest you to delve further.. Ultimately, I’m left reiterating the need to slow down A LOT but enjoy the show and recommend giving it a shot.
I love it! It helps me remember some things while learning other things. What a good tool to start a high school class. I love her voice and finally someone that talks as fast as I do. Excellent for learning.
Gregory Halverson
I love Lauren's explanations!
Excellent information but..
James DeH
Excellent information and topics, but it sounds like a voice compression software is used to cram as many words per minute in as possible. If you like a pleasant well informed podcast with words coming at you at 100 bpm (beats per minute,) this is an A+ podcast. If you do not like information presented at a speed reminiscent of a pharmaceutical tweeker, or a small child fueled by to much sugar and caffeine, you might be best served looking at another podcast.
Great topic
Please slow down and pitch your voice down. The stuff is written well and very interesting.
Miscellaneous Documents
Slow down just a bit!!
Unbearable to listen when the narrator is talking at the speed of light
Slow down
Good stuff, but it’s clear the audio speed is sped up. Lately it’s almost unlistenable.
Great content but sooooo many commercials
The content and style are very good, but the number of advertisements is honestly ridiculous
Great show
This was a very enjoyable show and a great way to learn something new everyday.
Cool idea, but too fast
Cool idea, great length, but way too sped-up for me to listen.
I would like this if
The questions they asked couldn’t be answered by any nignog living in the year 1995 can answer.
I like the information this podcast give you I just wish they were longer.
Brief and Informative,
If you only have time to be introduced to topics or you want ideas you can later do your own deeper investigation, this is a great couple min long podcast.
This is the coolest thing ever
Jonathan Orlowski
Sometimes political!
Ilias Basha
Overall it is a good podcast. Sometimes political.
Yo-yo what up bruh
Just don't put crimey stuff then your fine LOL
Good daily dose of info.
Nice job
Change the Microphone Sensitivity! (Gross mouth sounds)
Rye P.
It's not even that the host has dry mouth. It's that you can hear every squish and smack of their lips, cut it out!
Too short, and boring topics
I really wanted to love this. In fact, I’ve listened to over 30 episodes hoping it would be different. You get maybe a 4 minute episode, with two minutes or more at the beginning being an ad.... What?!? Boring topics. Was hoping it would be good, and give us examples vs just something that looked like a 30 second definition on google. Had to delete this, as it’s not worth it.
Love this podcast!
Pic user 2584
I love that this podcast is short and quick. It’s provides fun information and it’s perfect for a quick trip to the store.
Distracting narrator speech pattern; great content, otherwise.
The content is GREAT, but the narrator’s roller-coaster, up and down speech cadence is SO distracting that I find myself focusing more upon that than the content. If Lauren could improve her speaking pattern, this show would top my list. For now, there’s only three stars coming from this listener.
Used to be great. Not so much anymore
East Bay Rider
Has gotten political. Always hyping climate change and dismissive of certain policies as wrong or unfounded whenever possible. We get it - we know where you stand. We shouldn't. We should not know your agenda. This is information not opinion. You have a public voice and an audience and a soapbox. Could you please be more responsible and less blatant?
Gets old after a while
Much like longer brethren SYSK. Length was perfect. Shame there’s so few short pods.
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