Project Mastodon was really The Colony
Everything offered by Humphrey Carmadello is Terrible!!!
First you have to sit through their lame commercials that are horribly produced and full of digital distortion, jump cuts and outragiously bad SFX. But for them to make the claim that these old time radio productions are theirs is outright dishonest. These radio shows were produced by people at the top of their game in the 30s and 40s and NOT by Humphrey and Carmadello. Want to listen to these shows where they're are presented with the respect they deserve and without stupid commercials check out Relic Radio.
Nothing like it!
The Big Gaber
It’s so amazing to be able to listen to radio history at the push of a button. These stories are classics.
Quality podcast
The Harvard Swineherd
I haven't experienced any of the problems other reviews are having. I enjoy these old shows. Too bad X Minus One didn't produce more episodes.
Awesome podcast, slow response time
All of a sudden this podcast is extremely slow to stream! Ugh...it seems no good podcast lasts long! They really should fix this! It should not take 4 minutes to stream with a high speed internet connection!
Love X-1! Thanks for making these available.
Love these
My kids and I loooove listening to these. The predictions about what we would all have and how we would be living is so funny. Thank you for making these available.
Great shows!
Helps me pass the time while in the blind. Thirsty for more episodes. Think I've heard them all. Thanks!
most of these would make great 30 min. movies
so can some one get on this...
Classic Science Fiction
Retro Correct
I love the golden age, but they need to get rid of all the postings and replace them with a full set, chronologically ordered. This should be a five star show, so do it right. (this rating is subject to change).
TeXa5 T B0n3
Good stuff! You don't hear this type of stuff anymore.
My only complaints are there are a few duplicates & make the artwork available... Thank you!
These radio plays are first class. If you like science fiction then you'll enjoy these.
Thanks for bringing to podcast.
Gone Down Hill
X-1 is a Great Show and there were a couple of hundred episodes produced. Unfortunately, recently (last 10 months) this Humphrey Camardella produced podcast has gone down hill. Instead of posting X-1 episode that have not yet been listen to, all they do is pull off previously posted episode, change the commercials and then re-post them as "new" episodes. SHAME SHAME SHAME. In general this pod cast is well worth listening to BUT is a waste to subscribe to.
Incomplete collection
Considering that these are free downloads, I probably shouldn't complain. However, according to Wikipedia, there were 127 episdoes of X Minus One. No one seems to have a complete set available.
This stuff is great!
Most of the shows are top-notch: well-written and well-performed.
This is Brilliant
Take a listen, you will not be disappointed. Created in the late 50s during the heydey of Asimov style science fiction, the production values are high with talented voice actors and amusing sound effects. Some stories are more tightly plotted than others, but if you've got a long commute or just like to listen to old sci fi, you will get a great deal of enjoyment out of this old school treat.
If you love sci-fi and old time radio, this is the best thing out there
My first review - while listening to this in bed last night, I was motivated to share my affection. I am in my late 30s, but for some reason (probably great grandma) I LOVE old time radio. There used to be some stations on the AM that would broadcast some gems, but I don't recall this show. I also love Sci-Fi. X-Minus One combines them both in a commercial free podcast format that I absolutely love. One of my favorite podcasts by far. Get it. If you are younger and skeptical, give it a try, but try to remove the jaded glasses of today and enjoy both as sci-fi and a bit of American entertainment history.
Thanks, Mr. Camardella
Mister Jellyfish
I'm sure somebody could be insisting on payment for these, and to stumble upon them for free is a delight. I share them with my family so the original spirit of science fiction continues on with new generations.
Technical glitches spoil a great classic radio experience.
Chapter 6 fan
I love X Minus One, but most of these podcast files are fraught with technical glitches that make it difficult to listen to and enjoy, particularly on an iPod. You can get audio files of X Minus One that actually work at www.botar.us.
Love the podcast - great stories and good quality. But first we had a month with no new episodes and then the latest episode ubruptly ends after 12 minutes. What's up?
Excellent podcast!
There isn't much I can say that others haven't, except that this podcast needs to be updated so that we can continue to listen to it!
Please stop posting 2 hour podcasts!!
Great show, just dont understand why they repeat it in one podcast. It takes up too much time and space. Please just post one!!!!
My I-Pod is complete!
Great sci-fi for a great price: FREE! I had no download troubles and now I have hours of entertainment from some of my favorite authors. I work in television and it awsome to let the story come to life through sound alone. X-1 is one of the best examples of this bygone era of radio drama, when the only view screen you needed was between your ears. This is a must for all sci-fi fans. My suggestion: If you are the prisoner of a long car ride, take a few episodes with you.
Good content, poor delivery
I love this show and was excited to see it on iTunes. However, the shows seem to be a bit corrupted and will stop suddenly.
Very Poor Download
The stories are great, but the podcast downloads poorly. The feed keeps repreating, which means a twenty five minute story will actually be over two hours. This is hard to listen to because you constantly have to fast forward to find your place in the story. It's really a pain, and I am considering ditching the podcast because of this.
Great Podcast but technical problems
These are great radio plays and the quality is high but for some reason when the play on iTunes they say they are over 2 hours when thaey are half an hour. When you pause the podcast often goes backwards so when you start playing again it is several minutes behind. hard to listen to if you start and stop a lot like i do. Hope they fix it soon!
Excelent SiFi Podcast
I found this looking for classic radio scifi's and found this one about 10th one in and got hooked, got all the previous ones before. The other Humphrey Camardella Productions are really good too.
Think of The Twilight Zone for radio and you've got X Minus One. Great stuff for fans of OTR and the golden age of scifi.
Top 5 on my Ipod
One of the best out there! From the beginning and the narrater's deep voice "X-minus one" to the end of each episode, outstanding ipod entertainment for the long Seattle commutes.
X Minus One - The best sleep aid.
From the first time I hear x minus one I fell in love with the drama. I fall asleed every night on it. Just what the doctor recommended. Download this, you won't regret it!
really good stuff!!
however, the episode "green hills of earth" is actually the same exact file as "perigis wonder dolls". I wish the "green hills" podcast were here. me likey robert heinlein.
Brings back memories
I used to listen to this on the old AM radio at bedtime, now thanks to this high-faluting "pod" technology I can listen to it whenever I want! How come there was never an X Minus One show about a future with on demand entertainment?
who cant love it
ranma reader25
quick download great tales all who dont listen you are the worst kind of person
No. 6
I finally gave X Minus One a try and couldn''t believe just how great it was! Wonderful storytelling that still holds up today. Please obtain ALL X Minus One episodes. They are tales which can be enjoyed over and over again. I highly recommend this audio adventure.
Sarah, get me Andy on the phone
What a great thing to find!! This just made my day. Thank you!
Thank You
thankyou, thank you thank you, for bringing back one of the best radio programs ever!
X Minus One is great
I love X Minus One. One of the few old-time radio broadcasts that still holds up today. If you would like to download the entire library of X Minus One shows, do a search of X Minus One on archive.org and go wild!
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