March 23, 2008
Hi again to my loyal and devoted listeners, It is fially here! The newest episode of the The Private Pilot! In this episode I go into some information you should think about with IFR Cross Countries. Especially how they can change and what you can do to plan for them. Also I cover some things to consider when buying an airplane and finally checklists. Here is the link: Please enjoy and as always, feel free to comment! Keep flying! And stay safe in the skies -Martin A. Lessem, JD PP-ASEL, HP, CXL AOPA Project Pilot Mentor Passed 100 hrs!!! (113.3 at the moment)
June 8, 2007
Hello to my loyal listeners! Ok, so this is the one you have been waiting for! I had the opportunity to attend the AOPA's Fly-In on June 2nd in Frederick, Maryland. While there I was fortunate enough to get to conduct a very special interview and it is my pleasure to bring it to you here as part of this podcast. The person you see in the picture standing next to me (I'm the one with the hat) is Erik Lindbergh. He is the grandson of Charles Lindbergh and the spokesperson for the AOPA's Project Pilot. I hope you enjoy this episode and look for the next podcast, where we're going to test our in the air recorder!! Safe flying!
June 3, 2007
Hi All! Ok, here is a podcast that I finished editing on today. The next one will follow quickly on the heels of this one, and likely be up later this week. This episode I discuss the Fokker Aircraft Company and interview airline pilot who is also a CFI. For my next Episode I will be letting you all take a peek into the AOPA Expo. Got two short interviews, and therefore I will taylor my History portion toward the second one. I will give you a History of "The Spirit of St. Louis". That's right ;) You guessed it! I got an interview with Erik Lindbergh! Check back in a few days. Until then, here is the latest episode! Safe Flying!
March 26, 2007
Hi again all! In this episode I give you some history. Specifically on Nieuport Aircraft. These were well known fighters of World War One. Also I have a special guest. My CFI has decided to join me and will be sharing somw of his wisdom with us. I hope you enjoy this show. I think it is deffinately a good one. Also figuring out a good format for the shows in general :) Feel free to give me feed back :) Always looking for ways to improve the show! Happy Flying!
March 14, 2007
Hi again all! Well, this is my second podcast. I am still tweaking the format for my intro as you can tell. This one is kind of corney, but moving in the right direction. If any one you have some ideas for incedental music I can use, let me know. Always open to suggestions. Anyway, so here is the link to the podcast: Hope you all enjoy :)
February 23, 2007
Ok, so this will be the first Podcast....Len, if you're reading this, I modified your opening....I will play with it for the next one, but for the first one, I liked yours....Hope ya don't mind. Enjoy (I hope) Feedback is always appreciated!
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