Just found you
Great voice - East to listen ! I learned a lot pleasantly
No Politics
Injecting politics into a tech show was the nail in the coffin, not wise as either way your going to make 1/2 the population mad....unsubscribed
Unenthusiastic SMax
He starts off with some new product announcements yawn yawn yawn, and with absolutely no passion whatsoever I hit the STOP button, shirt untucked, and then proceed to Unsubscribe.
Helpful and informative
Rob does a great job of providing updated information regarding Apple products and technology. He is my go to source for accurate information. 👍🏽👍🏽
Excellent show
I ran into the show and it's the best thing that ever happen. I learn so much and I'm a Apple Fan Girl everyday☺️Thanks Rob keep up the excellent work !!!! I want to update my original, Rob use to be such a pleasure to listen too until he started complaining about Apple and him not be invited to the keynotes so now he just negative on everything Apple so sad this was the one podcast that want negative
Simply the best.
Rob I should a left this review years ago. You have kept me informed on a regular basis of everything iOS and I thank you. The podcast app is outstanding and I thoroughly love the push notifications. Rob also has a great google plus community where you can find out any thing you need to know about iOS without the fear of being bullied. Thanks Rob for everything you do keep up the good work I look forward to the next podcast.
Thanks Rob
Always look forward to this one. His objective approach to Apple products and giving us just the right amount of news and updates is just what I look for. Thanks for a great podcast, its a pleasure to listen to.
Great user-focused podcast
Today in iOS is a great mix of news, product discussions, and listener Q&A. Apple iPhone focused, with other Apple products included: reviews, user experiences, problems & solutions, upgrade issues - which becomes user focused. Listeners inputs keep it real. Great Community, see also their G+ page, too.
Rob does a great job
This podcast explains everything there is to know about iOS and iPhone.
No politics please
Apple IS 1984
Let's avoid politics, if at all possible. Especially in a tech podcast. And as a bonus, you can avoid really bad jokes too. These bad political jokes only reveal the angry, bitter bias of most Apple fanboys.
Great Podcast!!!
Thank you for such a great podacst about Apple.... Got an iOS qustion? Just call 206-666-6364 (that's 206 moondog) & if Rob dosn't have the answer maybe his podcast community does!!! Thank you Rob for doing this podcast!!!!!
Been listening for years. Keep up the good work.
Best podcast
I've been listening to Rob's podcast for 10 years, and it has yet to be knocked out as my "favorite" podcast. Keep up the great work Rob!
Must-listen for iOS users
Obi-John 17
This podcast is a must-listen for not just Apple fanatics but for anyone who owns an iPhone, iPad, and/or iPod touch. It is well thought-out, and listener feedback is a main feature of each episode.
Great podcast
The best podcast about ios
Obnoxiously self-satisfied
Rob (the host) is obnoxiously self-satisfied with himself and puts down users of other platforms near constantly. Show material is very slanted & is never objective.
iOS 0.6
Great Podcast
Great info and well produced. I have learned alot
Too much advertising.
Really lost interest in this podcast, always shoving some sponsor down ur throat, playing calls or reading emails that are the exact same question or answer, and very negative towards ANY opinion or product that is not apple.
Best iOS cast
Fake valydoc
This is my favorite iOS cast. I appreciate the lack of gratuitous laughter, interpersonal conversation, and unnecessary superficial app recommendations. Keep it up.
Love Today in IOS
Great show, lots of current information on everything iOS related, iPhone, iPods, iPads and Apple TV. Rob does a great job!
Great show
Love it!
Great Podcast...Just Sayin
Thanks for everything Rob. I love the reports, insight, user feedback, and everything else this podcast includes.
I listen to all of the IOS and Apple Podcasts I can find. This one is my favorite. I love the segments like “How Wrong Were They” and the fun music, as well as the solicited music and art from the viewers. It relaxes me and I learn a lot! Rob also gives away promo codes for apps and I just got one of them! Fun app called Stereoscope. Supposed to help my bad eyes, too!
Worth your time
This has to be one of the best podcasts covering iOS. You get lots of useful info.
Love the show!
I’ve been listening to this podcast about as long as I’ve owned an iPhone and I love it! Rob is very down to earth and informative. I’ve even won a few promo codes on the show! I look forward to every podcast as well as the Google community chatter. Keep up the great work, Rob and I’ll keep listening! 👍🏾
Great Podcast!
Very well done podcast! Rob does a great job keeping you up to date on everything iOS. I listen to every single episode.
Great Weekly Podcast
I Love My Truck
A great wealth of information for your iPhone, also look for the companion app via iTunes.
Well rounded, informational podcast on all things iOS
MISD Addict
Today in iOS is a well developed, well rounded podcast about all things iOS. I thoroughly enjoy listening to each episode and find myself checking my podcast app to see if a new episode is available yet each weekend. Rob's mix of new app showcasing, tips and fixes, and need to know info serve to keep me one step ahead of my iOS peers who prefer to cruise along and wait for me to explain how to fix their latest goof up. Rob's manner is extremely informative yet always approachable. Today in iOS is a great addition to everyone's weekly podcast feed collection. Just saying...
The best podcast for iOS users
I love this podcast! Very informative and entertaining!! I listen to all episodes. Rob is awesome!!
Very Well Done IOS News & Reviews
Sail and Oar
I have been a listener since 2007 and this podcast never fails to inform, amuse, educate, and provide a platform for users to share and ask questions. This is a podcast done right!!!
The best and most informative for iOS iPhone/iPad users
Rob’s podcast was one of the first and is still the best “go to” resource for everything about iOS and the devices that run it. Rob has an engaging style and his no-nonsense approach to providing the details behind the headlines is matched by his depth of understanding, and most importantly, his passion for the iOS eco-system. Practical advice for both the novice and expert provides wide-appeal to everyone whether you just got your first iPhone or your 5th or sixth device. Listeners actively participate so if you have a question or problem you are facing with your device there is usually someone in the Today in iOS community that has the answer or can point you in the right direction. Don’t forget to join the associated online Google+ community for even more information and interaction with fellow iOS users and developers.
Years of excellent advice and info...
This podcast is excellent for the iPhone enthusiast or amateur who wants to get a little more out of their iPhone and network with other iPhone users. Rob answers questions and gives excellent tips on upgrading to the new version. I've been listening for years and hope Rob never gives up what is clearly his passion.
Good stuff with no fluff
I’ve been listening to this podcast for a month now and the one of the things I like about this podcast is there is no fluff or filler moments in this podcast. Just straight up information. Also, the host’s humor is right up my alley.
Very Informative
I’ve been listening to this podcast for a couple of years now. It’s always timeline with the latest information on iOS devices. Great place to pick up some tips and tricks too. You can tell the podcaster spends a lot of time researching, then sharing the links with the audience. Very well done!
The Best Informative IOS Podcast
The best iPhone podcast that gives you Tips, Tricks, and Fixes to all your IOS Problems and concerns. I’ve been a listener since day 1 when the 1st iPhone was not even released! I have been a listener since the 1st iPhone in 2007!
Excellent Advanced iOS Education
If you would like to become an iOS expert, this is the place to go. The basics get covered, but even more. Recommended for anyone who is the family iOS 'tech guy'....."move"
Best Podcast ... Ever!!!
I have listened to Rob since episode 1! Great podcast! I look forward to it each week! TONS of updates, tips, and tricks! On several occasions I have amazed my friends and family with my apple knowledge - that I have simply gleaned right from the show!
Great source of iOS information
I love the information about iOS products, rumors, and features. This is a pro iOS show, and the host is upfront and honest about how he feels. I enjoy how the listeners will help answer questions that are sent to the host. I would recommend this podcast to anyone who has an iPhone or iPad and like to know what is happening in the iOS world.
A great place to get insight and help on any iOS questions!
I’ve been listening to this podcast regularly ever since the first iPhone. Rob does a fantastic job not only keeping us up-to-date on all the latest iOS news, but in making this show about the listeners. A good deal of the show is focused on helping iOS users answer the questions and solve problems for other iOS users. The effort makes this podcast educational and helpful on top of being entertaining. Keep up the great work, Rob!
Best iOS pod cast
Have been listing for many years very informative and helpful Rob does an excellent job covering what is going on with iOS.
Community with a capital “C"
I have listened to this PODcast since the beginning…Rob has managed to bring together a Community of people that is unequalled and on that is “fan-boi free”…just dedicated to helping each other out. Even while the subscriber base has grown Rob has maintained his “no-BS” attitude. That is what makes this such a popular and useful PODcast
Great iOS podcast show!
I have been a long-time listener to this show. I don't normally write reviews. I believe this podcast does deserve a five star review. I always learn something new about iOS when I listen. There is a well informed Apple community that follows this podcast as well which enriches the program. I highly recommend it.
My favorite podcast!
This is by far my favorite podcast. I keep up to date with my favorite subject with every episode. Today in iOS has a great community also, with lots of user feedback and support. I have asked questions and contributed when I can. Rob is enjoyable to listen to and so funny. You have to pay attention, because he provides sneaky humor. With every episode I learn and laugh.
My favorite podcast!
This is the podcast I most look forward to each week. I've been listening since I got my first iPhone (3GS) and I can't imagine using it, my iPads or my apple watch without it. from hits like the best way to download and install software updates to reviews on apps and gadgets, It's truly the best IOS podcast you will find. Rob dedicates a lot of time and questions from listeners. Check it out!
Simply awesome!!
I found this podcast back in September of 2014. I was looking for information on the new iPhone 6 plus and the most reliable and most entertaining person I heard was Rob. I would and have definitely recommended tuning in every week. I started on the podcast but moved over to his app which is great also. Definitely add this to you podcast playlist for any real iOS lover!! Great job Rob and keep up the great work.
Makes me a genius for IOS
I have been listening to this podcast for the past five years. It has been invaluable in my understanding of getting the best on my iOS devices. Beyond that my wife and kids think I'm a genius. Bonus!
Best iOS podcast available
Today in iOS is the best Apple related podcast out there. I listen to it right away when it comes out. With the addition of the Today in iOS app I get a notification as soon as it comes out. I am subscribed to a lot of podcasts and Rob's Today in iOS is set as priority and it gets moved to the top of the listen list. Well done Rob and keep the iOS info and advise coming!
I checked out this podcast hoping to find interesting insights on WWDC, etc. First 6 minutes - literally, the first 6 minutes - of this episode, were variations of adverts for this podcast and how to get your app reviewed/submitted/etc. I don’t expect much in production value or anything, but 6 minutes of ads? Thanks anyway.
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