August 16-25 2019: Big Changes to this Podcast! (#500)
Published August 15, 2019
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    Big Changes to this Podcast! * Venus-Mars Conjunction in Virgo * Sun Enters Virgo * Free Session Winner * More! Listen to This Week in Astrology now -- free! Radical change has come to this podcast, starting with this edition! Episode #500 – a huge milestone – is the perfect time to shake things up! Changes include: weekly forecast episodes – short and easy to fit into your scheduleadditional bonus episodes with interactive listener consultations, solo chart interpretations, astrologer interviews, more prerecorded adsthe podcast blog is transitioning to Full details are in this episode. I hope that these changes help you enjoy This Week in Astrology more, and make it more useful to you. I welcome your feedback! This episode's main astrological event is a Venus-Mars conjunction. This lets you focus Virgo's passion for endless improvement on your relationships. We also have the Sun entering Virgo and  much more! Hear all about this and more by clicking the large link above, or get the show through iTunes. Big changes to this podcast!: 1:01Forecast overview: 5:198/16: 5:398/17: 6:028/21: 6:498/22: 7:368/23: 8:028/24: 8:238/25: 9:24Next show's highlights: 9:51Announcements: 11:01Index: 15:07 May the stars light your way, Benjamin Bernstein Contact me Learn how my new online astrology mentoring group can help you improve your astrology mastery!
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