December 16-31 2015: A Cradle Full of Opportunities! (#412)
Published December 17, 2015
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    Winter Solstice Chart * Cat-and-Mouse Cancer Full Moon * Cradle Full of Opportunities * Powerful Aspect Patterns * More! Listen to This Week in Astrology now -- free! A Cradle full of opportunities highlights the second half of December. The Winter Solstice Chart also brims with tantalizing promises for the next three months.We also have a cat-and-mouse Cancer Full Moon, powerful aspect patterns and more! Our Part 1 Listener Chart features three slower planets and Venus aspecting Michael's Descendant. We explore how this affects his relationships. We also do a natal analysis of the qualities he should seek in his important interpersonal connections. Starting with this forecast, I’ve been inspired to experiment with a hybrid approach. My hope is that it incorporates the best of my old day-by-day forecasts and my more recent approach of integrating related events into a single interpretation. Let me know what you think! I’m also incorporating another, subtler change that most people may not notice. But let me know if you catch it! :-) Hear all about this and more by clicking the large link above, or go to to learn about getting the show through iTunes. (I love it when you subscribe through iTunes!) Overview: 2:1712/16: 3:1812/17: 4:5112/18:6:5112/19:7:0012/20:7:1812/21: 8:3912/22: 10:4712/23: 10:5512/24: 11:2112/25: 11:4512/26: 15:3212/27: 15:3212/28: 15:3212/29: 15:4212/30: 16:0312/31: 16:16Next Show's Highlights: 16:24Announcements: 18:03Part 1 Listener Chart (Michael, 7/16/51, 12:05 am, Sutherland, NE): 20:13Index: 37:11Hear This Week in Astrology on smartphones and tablets with Stitcher. Subscribe to the FREE AstroShaman News. It features my forecast, enlightening articles on astrology and spirituality, and much more! Let BASK (Benjamin’s Awakening Support Kit) help you experience or deepen your spiritual awakening. 100% money back guarantee! Try Awakening Activation or Shamanic Healing -- just as effective long-distance or in person. Visit our FREE show archive -- an astrological education awaits you! May the stars light your way, Benjamin Bernstein Astrologer/Shamanic Healer Contact me "You got right to the heart of what I’m dealing with, and gave me such wonderful tools to work with all the craziness in my life right now. Very empowering!"       -- Janet Edwards, Chattanooga, TN
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