The best
This is the best of the sports debate shows (admittedly, the bar is set pretty low). Usually incisive commentary, they don’t take things too seriously, and the rotating cast keeps things fresh. Haven’t missed a a pod episode in 8 years. My one quibble is that, while I love the guy, Tony Reali has REALLY amped up the mugging and clownishness in recent years. The guy has charisma for miles, but he could stand to dial it down to an “8” every now and then.
Sarah Spain
Lord Beefious
She is an awful host.
Tyson Fury
1 star and unsubscribe
Love the show
systemic realism
Been watching since Tony was Stat boy . Keep it the way it is.
Change the name to Around the Hoop!
I love the show and the format, but what is the top story Super Bowl week? Basketball! What’s the top story during the World Series? Basketball! During the Stanley Cup finals? Basketball! 9 times out of 10, any season of the year, what sport gets twice the air time of any other? You guessed it, basketball!
I understand that 4/3/19 is a slow news day. But Jesus what the hell guys. You open with a manufactured story about Kevin Durant going to the Knicks?? During the thrilling end of the NBA season which you completely ignore. Then! You follow that up with a discussion about gender equality. In a very serious tone... which it deserves. But probably don’t open with a BS story about KD and then try to make social commentary and serious points and discussion. Insanely tone deaf. 🙌
More Gotz
I’m only here for Stugotz
Editing issues
Very nice to have this on podcast but there are often editing issues, particularly after the last ad break - a portion of the content is cut out leaving the listener to guess what the question was.
The Best Sport Show/Podcast
There are a lot of bad sports shows/podcast out there this isn't one of them... It's informative, short (20 minutes or less) non-bias must watch or listen to.
Reali is what makes ATH a must have. The panelists are always informative and interesting, but Tony elevates the show. I LOVE the forbidden words and how he reacts to them. His commentary and quick wit is on another level.
Review For School
The Podcast called “Around The Horn” is an interesting podcast. If you are interested by sports as a whole this is for you. The discussions on this show are updated on the sports that are happening or the events that just took place the night before. It has experienced panlist on the show to give it an argumentative point of view. Allround it's a great podcast if you are a sports fanatic like myself.
I don’t care about your “alternative to smoking” product. Are THAT many people listening to this smokers? Disgusting.
Please turn off the music during guests!!!!
I have listened to ATH every day for years in my car during a horrible commute. BUT THE MUSIC PLAYING TODAY DURING THE GUESTS’ ANSWERS MADE IT UNLISTENABLE. Please save this podcast and take the music off the podcast mix. We don’t need watered down Prodigy to fix a great podcast. It was impossible to ignore and I missed a lot of my favorite podcast. PLEASE. My review will go to 5 stars immediately.
Juul ads!?
Great program but the new Juul ads have to go! No place on a program like this. Pathetic. 5 star if they’re removed.
No more Juule advertisements
I love listening to around the horn as a pod but ESPN and Disney should be holding itself to a higher standard than allowing this type of product to advertise on their shows. They are so high and mighty when they suspend their reporters for speaking their mind. They should be protecting children who are listening and easily influenced, especially when teens are the people who are using e-cigarettes more than anyone.
Used to be good but now it's all commercials and "ism's". The gals will fit sexism into just about any remotely related story and the brothers with racism. So tired of hearing their social and political views. Not why we came to listen in the first place. These panelists care more about getting high 5's at cocktail parties and cermonies or being so deep in the athletes pockets. Doesn't anyone want unbiased content any more? I do so that's why I stopped listening. The only way ESPN, and by that I mean the advertisers, are going to make changes is if their ratings drop even more..which everyone clearly knows they have. Bye bye ATH, you killed your own golden goose. Let's see if these thug athletes come 'round when you guys are off the air.. Don't hold your breath. You all can get jobs as political & social commentators instead.
Too Bad
I have watched this show and PTI since their respective inceptions. Tony Reali is an intelligent, entertaining host who deserves to be at the helm of a better product. There was a time when this show rivaled PTI in quality. It has become tired, hot-takeish, not informative, not entertaining, and undeserving of its time slot. PTI is done a disservice by this show preceding it.
Just Unsubscribed
Been listening for years. Just unsubscribed. Lay off of the fans of Milwaukee and the player who was 17. Despite what you all think he was a kid. I’ll miss listening but I have so much more to listen too. This was the one ESPN podcast survivor on my list. See ya.
Michael Smith
Woody and the brothas has to be the best episode ever. Michael killed it. Well done player! “What you talkin bout Willis” it!
Some People Are Crazy
Gregorder David Douglas
I’ve never heard anything about politics on any ESPN program. Been watching Around The Horn since I was a little kid fantastic show glad to listen to the podcast when I miss it at 5pm.
Democratic Party shills!
ESPN ruined their brand! They are the worldwide leader of liberal propaganda! Sad to watch MSESPN take the path MTV took and ruined their brand! TOTAL GARBAGE!
ATH Rules
Thank you for your podcast it’s the best thing to come to the podcast world ever.
Sometimes not everyday
I enjoy the format for big sports topics, but way to many chicks and silly selfish opinions. When will ESPN learn only men follow sports? Women don't watch or support sports, especially women's sports and that's why their leagues don't make any money.
I want to hear about SPORTS!
Once Enjoyed ESPN
Drop the social commentary. Put just one panelist on that has an alternate opinion from what you all would like us to believe. I'm done with this podcast after hearing another rant about "systemic sexism", #metoo, ... blah, blah, blah. SPORTS! If I wanted to listen to CNN, I'd download a CNN podcast. PTI is the ONLY ESPN podcast than remains for me. Lets see how long that lasts.
Poor Podcast
Often times this podcast is uploaded poorly and doesn't work OR its a duplicate show or a completely different show. Poor editing and producing. Who ever takes care of the podcasts for ESPN, needs to be fired.
I stand with Jemele Hill! No ESPN on any platform for at least two weeks.
I like all of the different writers talking
It gets you a good view of different opinions and really makes for a good listen !
They've gotten too political
If you want to talk about politics in sports, fine. But don't take sides. I'm tired of ATH trying to push a narrative down my throat.
Loved listening to this podcast for years but got tired of politics invading every discussion. Lost it when they said it’s my “privilege” creeping in that allows me to separate politics and sports. This podcast used to be my way to decompress from a stressful day on my way home.
Too loud!
The show is great! However, the volume differential between the show and ads is painfully awful! The commercials are far too loud! Poor production.
What's going on
So I've had 3 or 4 different occasions where I play the around the horn podcast. Only to find out it's a different show. I have no idea if it's a simple mistake, or you guys just don't have the audio to around the horn.
Love the show
Really enjoy this podcast, but I wish they would drop Jones. He is arrogant and assumes that everyone is selfish and only in it for money. It gets old. Also what good is a sports analyst that refuses to predict game outcomes. I turn it off every time he wins. I can't listen to his FaceTime. Love the rest of the team!
RHCP freak
I can't believe they are taking all ESPN apps off of the podcast station. Now I have to use espns crappy app where you can't listen at 1.5x speed, skip 15 seconds or que my shows back to back. What a giant step back, what is ESPN thinking? Someone needs to get FIRED
Jamele hill hates white people
Not all people from Boston are nazis Not all white raised Christian people in America today under 30, like those who are athiests now, deserve to be told to reserve our judgement because jamele is a bigoted hateful individual.
Bad News Bears episode on 5/26/16 censored?
Perturbed Fan
I came here to re-listen to the episode I watched on 5/26/16 titled Bad News Bears. The TV version contained a terrific discussion of the current Baylor Football Program scandal. Yet, I've discovered that all of that segment has been scrubbed from the podcast version (despite the episode still being titled "Bad News Bears.") What gives, ESPN? Sweeping it under the rug just like the Baylor school administration did?
Hire a podcast curator
I love the show, and you would think for the number of people that are downloading these podcasts ESPN would do a better job with them. But the show consitantly throws in the wrong hour of programming, and the audio for the ads is way too loud. I would be willing to even deal with a couple commercials. Just fix the feeds.
Love it
Just download it. We all know how great it is.
Love the show w/ 3 issues dragging it down
I love this show. Really is smart, witty and an excellent host. The show commentators are opinionated, smart and provide excellent commentary. I know several of the commentators attract strong opinions for or against, but they are all good and lend something to the show. Overall, the show itself I would give 6 out of 5 stars. But 3 main issue with it that I give individually 1 of 5 stars: 1) whoever does the editing for the show needs help. Yesterday’s show was 16 min long with 1/3 of it being a different show entirely. This happens WAY TOO OFTEN. and, they don’t go back and fix it. Figure it out, please. 2) Sound leveling - different show segments are at different volumes which are very different from the commercials. fix this! 3) WAY too much ESPN cross-promotion. Every commercial is for some other ESPN product. We are listening to an ESPN podcast, we know what ESPN provides. Enough already.
Thanks, but why is it often out of sync
I've always enjoyed listening, but why is the show often out of sync (starts in the middle or cut short)?
Get rid of Plaschke
This show is great except on the days when Bill Plaschke is on the show. His analysis is so far off and his dislike for anything not LA/California is just ridiculous. I don't understand how he even has a job and shouldn't be allowed to express he biased views on a national level. Keep that garbage in LA.
John Cardinal
I love this show, but I listen to it with headphones or in my car. WHY ON EARTH DO YOU DOUBLE THE VOLUME OF YOUR COMMERCIALS!!!!!!!!!!!!! It hurts my ears and damages my speakers. I actively skip your ads and commercials whenever I can because of this. STOP DOING IT.
Great Even W/O Video
Love the podcast version. Haven’t received any new ones since 8/19/15…are they on vacation or something?
would be enjoyable
if every espn podcast would stop saying playback feed failed.
Solid show
J loves catch
I like the guests and it's entertaining.
Sports podcast
Used to watch the show but due to time constraints I have picked up the podcast version. The only sports podcast I listen to currently.
ESPN is awesome!!!!
This is the best sports news on the planet from bowling to football it's the best of all time lest go ESPN
I love the show!
Ikea Ike
This show has become an essential part of my daily routine. I love to hear you guys debate and the format of the show.
Tony Reali for Pres
I'm gonna propose by an airport bathroom too
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