An Interview with Bruce Ecker, MA, LMFT on Memory Reconsolidation and Psychotherapy
Published May 2, 2010
45 min
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    Interview: Bruce Ecker, MA, LMFT on Memory Reconsolidation and Psychotherapy Mental Help Net ( presents the Wise Counsel Podcast (, hosted by David Van Nuys, Ph.D. In this episode of the Wise Counsel Podcast, Bruce Ecker describes the core treatment method of Coherence Therapy. Ecker relates this method to emerging neuropsychological research on memory reconsolidation, a naturally occurring phenomena through which emotional memories can be dissolved and erased. Reconsolidation studies by brain scientists have shown that under special circumstances, the physical storage of emotional memories is unlocked by reactivation of the stored knowledge and is then reconsolidated back into a stable condition after a few hours. During that window, it is possible for new learnings to revise and even erase the existing emotional knowledge and the behavioral responses that it drives. Ecker maintains that the same reconsolidation process demonstrated in contemporary neuroscience research seems to be at work in coherence therapy and accounts for clinical observations of profound change and lasting relief from longstanding symptoms of many kinds.
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